Donald Trump shut down CNN with this jaw-dropping video

Donald Trump just turned the tables on CNN and their Fake News Media allies.

So-called “reporters” in the White House press briefing room were left speechless.

And that’s because Donald Trump shut down CNN with this jaw-dropping video.

CNN and the rest of the Fake News Media are rooting for the coronavirus to inflict as much damage on American life as possible.

The media wants Trump to fail because they think it means the President will lose re-election.

As part of this effort, the Fake News Media began painting a false picture that the President spent January and February tweeting, playing golf, and holding campaign rallies rather than preparing for the coronavirus to spread in America.

But the truth of the matter is, the President took action to ban travel from China, establish a coronavirus taskforce, try to get testing up and running, and establish a surveillance system to monitor for any outbreaks.

And it was the Fake News Media that spent months downplaying the virus.

President Trump brought that essential truth to light in the latest coronavirus taskforce meeting where he played a video highlighting all the times the fake news brushed off the virus and told the American people not to worry about it or its impacts on American life.

The Fake News Media’s latest hoax doesn’t jive with the facts.

Dr. Fauci admitted during the press conference that the taskforce didn’t take any recommendations to impose social distancing guidelines until mid-March and the President instantly agreed.

There was no delay or pushback because the President wanted to keep the economy open.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. And the MSM wonder why no intelligent human beings believes anything they say.
    Democrats and the MSM have abused and broken American citizens trust. What they will soon come to understand is that trust is fragile, once broken, never regains full integrity, if any at all. Trust is what allows leaders to succeed. Democrats and MSM have, by their own devises, caused the inevitable demise of their organizations. KAG 2020

  2. didn’t the exusurper blackyOB play golf during the SARS and HINI when 4000 died? he didn’t even know what to do and didn’t blame Chi-Com for spreading these for nine months. yep, no shutdown, no distancing. this chimp just ain’t got what it takes to lead. he can lead a group of ape trooper from the planet of the Ape.

  3. So much misinformation. Please take the time to find the facts. Mindlessly believing the substance of this article divides the country and sows confusion and hatred. Bottom line – Trump was guilty of the charges he was impeached for. Look it up. He was about 2 months late reacting to the COVID-19 threat. Look it up. He is responsible for many deaths due to his inaction. Now he is pushing to re-open the economy before we have a handle on the virus which will cause more needed deaths. Please guys don’t mindlessly believe this crap – research. The facts will enlighten you.

  4. Its interesting how all the democrats and all the trolls on here like to point out Trump is a liar, and a crook, and abused women, and their answer is to put up a candidate that is a liar, and a crook, and abused women.
    Instead of being hypocrites, the democrats should just say they don’t agree with Trump’s policies and be done with it.

  5. Phil, I gave it some thought and came to the conclusion that you are correct except that you left out lying and hateful

  6. One day Jesus will return and shut down CNN, the dem party, Hollywood, atheists, and all others who deny Him. We will never have to deal with them again

  7. Larry, you have described Obama. Obama hates this country and is a muslim traitor who tried to bring it down. But that is all fine with you. Repent??? You obviously have no clue who Jesus is or what He teaches. God gave us Pres. Trump because He knows how evil Hillary is. Pres. Trump is on the side of Christians and has done a lot for us. But just keep wallowing in your sick hate. Jesus forbids your hatred. And it is you who has been brainwashed by the left. They threw God out and satan controls their party. saran loves your hate and lies

  8. justicefortrump…It is very obvious that you have no clue at all of the truth. What you said is impossible. If you bother to actually read the Bible you would know that Pres. CANNOT be the anti-Christ. And if you bother to actually pay attention you would know that Pres. Trump is on the side of Christians and has done a lot for us. But just keep being the hate-filled fool that you are. When Jesus returns we will be free of you

  9. James A…You are extremely sick and vile and need a lot of help with your sick hatred. You will meet Jesus one day and be judged by Him. That will be a very sad day for you.

  10. Those that have such sick degenerate unreasoning hatred for pres Trump have no comprehension of truth. They like (larry) accuse US of being brainwashed but it is they that have lost all touch with reality.

  11. How anybody can like, let alone worship this ‘less than human’ President is beyond comprehension. Nobody can deny that this President is not nice and lies more than all of our other Presidents put together! Reminds you of a certain other German leader, eh? Hope you all repent in time before you meet your maker, Trump will take you down with him! Good Luck To All! Maybe you can’t bring yourself to overcome your brainwashings but at least try to remember the Golden Rule AND try being nice, for a change! Have A Nice Day You’All!

  12. Pelosi, Schiff, and, co-hosts should justly be charged with manslaughter, abuse of process, fraud. The sham impeachment proceedings diverted the nation from Communist China’s subterfuge regarding the truth of COVID-19. President Trump was under vicious slanderous attack — for Pelosi&Schiff& allege outrageous accusations against President Trump are deceitful fraudulent acts. They held the nation hostage with the House and Senate hearings. Pelosi even extended the distraction by unreasonably and arbitrarily withholding the Articles of Impeachment. Pelosi&Schiff&Etc. should be immediately removed from public office, criminally charged, and, sentenced to jail. The hoax is the collusion = Pelosi&Schiff&Etc. + Communist China. Evil.

  13. It is Democrat Governors shutting down our Liberty and Freedom way beyond any guidelines! NOT Republicans. Remember in November!

  14. James Langham you’re a moron. You should really get away from CNN for your news source educated yourself on things. I do however wish you would do what you say republicans should do and do us all a favor. You are the problem shooting off your mouth when you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.Liberals and their stupidity never cease to amaze me.

  15. Julio. Since you can’t read and comprehend. Neither CNN nor Trump disbanded the team. He MOVED them in with another task force. They are still doing their job. Your TDS is in full view.


  17. Hey James, we will all pray for you. Your anger is very scary. Please ask the Lord to come into your heart…. one day you will be in front of the Lord almighty and he will judge you. Please be in the book of Life, hopefully you will be my brother in heaven for all eternity!!!!

  18. SUCH REPROBATES!! PLEASE ALL you REPUGLIKKKAN DEPLORABLES DO US ALL A FAVOR.  Go back to work NOW.  Go out to the malls, go eat in the food court. Go out to concerts/movies. Sit as close to each other as possible.  Go out to parks, play basketball or any other contact sports. PLEASE!  DO US THAT FAVOR!!  By all means go to restaurants and bars. Go to the beaches, lather each other with suntan lotions.  PLEASE DO THAT FOR US!  And by all means, go to your holy-roller churches, greet each other by hugging and kissing each.  Roll around on the floors, convulsing, spewing unknown, unintelligible languages out of your mouthes, don’t forget to lay your hands all over each other.  YOUR Dear Leader, his cronies and Fox news has encouraged you to do so, because of course it’s a democrat HOAX.  CONTINUE BELIEVING THAT. PLEASE DO THAT FOR THE REST OF US!!

  19. JULIO: “Claims that streamlining NSC structures impaired our nation’s bio defense are false. Global health remained a top NSC priority, and its expert team was critical to effectively handling the 2018-19 Africa Ebola crisis. The angry Left just can’t stop attacking, even in a crisis.” ( here ) TRUMP STREAMLINED THE PANDEMIC RESPONSE TEAM, ACTUALLY MAKING THEM MORE EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT THAN WHAT OBAMA/BIDEN CREATED.

  20. You know, it wouldn’t suprise me a bit if 2 or even 10 years down the road, we discover that Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the gang had something to do with the release ovlf the Covid’19 virus just to “F” up Trumps reelection or to start another bogus impeachment. I’ve been a Dem for over 45 years and I WILL BE voting a straight Republican ticket this year and probably the rest of my life. I’ve never in my life seen such underhanded hatred for someone as the Democratic party has for Trump.

  21. W BUSH before Obama era on incompetence had asked Congress to appropriate 14 Billions for developping new anti Pandemic vaccines etc to safeguard the Country…..Obama DID NOTHING but allow the empty shelves to CURE America from new Pandemics>>>>THE TAPE from c sPAN is Avaulable for anyone interested in the TRUTH of WHY cHINA VIRUS caught the USA unprepared

  22. Its too late for the media and all anti Americans
    Most level headed people who love their country know the truth
    The media are commies who support China because they are on the payroll
    The swamp is global deep and dirty…….
    they will lose in November and hopefully never recover

  23. I just HOPE that this video keeps getting played and covered as much as RUSSIA!! People were constantly being lied to, even when PROOF came out. Impeachment, please. Here’s a tidbit…CNN Turk (Turkey) it the propaganda arm SUPPORTING that government, as much as it is the propaganda arm SUPPORTING the LEFT~~AGAINST THIS GOVERNMENT! Pelosi speaks and the media parrots, it’s nauseatingly wrong.

  24. Was it Trump or bathhouse Barry who did not replinish our medical supplies after the last pandemic. Just keep watching CNN to see what you should be upset about next

  25. Reply to: Will Penny. I dure do agree with you. These people are disgusting. President Trump is the best president we’ve had in a long time.

  26. The wanton greed motivating these people formerly disguised by the “redistribution of the Wealth” alibi seems to be making them insanely jealous exposing the inherently antisocial nature of their pseudo political inclinations. In reality they have none.

  27. CNN can’t bully and intimidate Trump like they did George w Bush He chose to ignore them and let the fake news brain wash people and it gave us 8 years of bathhouse Barry. But the alternative of McCain and Romney was the same difference.

  28. I cannot believe i just watch a bunch of crap, trying to watch the video of President Trump shutting down CNN. Please stop sending this stuff to me!

  29. China on Zero Point…MacArthur had a plan for these zipperhead scum bags. Some asshole Democrat screwed that up too, now look where we or at.

  30. julio, you are truly brain dead. We have already told you NO!!!! He did not. But you have no clue of the truth. You just keep proving yourself to be a total fool

  31. Here we go Dan, Hajji gets his little feelings hurt and it’s impersonating time. Like a little girl on the high school drill team. FODA Culio…

  32. CNN and the rest of the fake liberal news stations should be banned for TV PERMENTLLY for there lies , false accusations and for just plain old disrespect for our country , We the People , our PRESIDENT Donald Trump , and for being TRAITORS to our Constitution . Better yet , get a Rope and Hang ALL THE DIRTY SWAMP RATS AT THE NEAEST TREE !!

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