Donald Trump shut down Mitch McConnell with this massive reality check

Mitch McConnell thinks he can purge Donald Trump from the Republican Party.

But Mitch McConnell never saw Trump’s response coming.

And Donald Trump shut down Mitch McConnell with this massive reality check.

Mitch McConnell thought that because Big Tech banned Donald Trump, McConnell could attack Trump and not experience any blowback.

That turned out to be a big mistake.

Just after McConnell wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed essentially asking Joe Biden to criminally charge Donald Trump with inciting the January 6th riot and pledging to exile Trump-supporting candidates from the GOP, Donald Trump fired back.

Trump released a statement tearing into McConnell as a failed avatar of the Washington, D.C. status quo.

“The Republican Party can never again be respected or strong with political ‘leaders’ like Sen. Mitch McConnell at its helm. McConnell’s dedication to business as usual, status quo policies, together with his lack of political insight, wisdom, skill, and personality, has rapidly driven him from Majority Leader to Minority Leader, and it will only get worse,” Trump declared.

Trump pointed out that McConnell is emblematic of the Republican leaders who defended the Swamp and never fought for the Republican base, which is why the GOP lost consecutive presidential elections until Donald Trump came along in 2016.

“The Democrats and Chuck Schumer play McConnell like a fiddle — they’ve never had it so good — and they want to keep it that way! We know our America First agenda is a winner, not McConnell’s Beltway First agenda or Biden’s America Last,” Trump added.

Trump also promised to take on McConnell-backed RINOs in Senate primaries stating that “where necessary and appropriate, I will back primary rivals who espouse Making America Great Again and our policy of America First.”

McConnell vs. Trump is a lopsided fight.

81% of Republicans hold a favorable view of Donald Trump as opposed to just 34% for McConnell.

McConnell will surely line up big money donors who support open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens to back his candidates.

But Donald Trump has the vast majority of Republican voters squarely in his corner.

Many Republicans cannot understand why McConnell wants to fight with Trump instead of uniting the party around opposing Joe Biden’s agenda and campaigning on a message of stopping Biden’s attempt to impose socialism on America.

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