Donald Trump shut down Nancy Pelosi with just four words

Nancy Pelosi tried to sandbag Donald Trump.

The Speaker thought she could accuse the President of a crime and whip up the furor over impeachment.

But then Donald Trump shut down Nancy Pelosi with just four words.

Donald Trump was scheduled to meet at the White House with Democrats to discuss infrastructure.

However, an hour before the meeting, Speaker Pelosi met with reporters after a closed-door meeting with the Democrat caucus where rank-and-file Democrats berated her about moving on impeachment.

Pelosi came out of the meeting needing to shore up her left flank and accused the President of a cover-up.

That led to Trump leaving the meeting and the Fake News Media and the Democrats all began parroting the same line that Trump was in a rage.

At first, the President called out Pelosi for her lies.

Trump then described his behavior in the meeting which was calm, cool, and collected.

Trump wrote, “I was extremely calm yesterday with my meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, knowing that they would say I was raging, which they always do, along with their partner, the Fake News Media. Well, so many stories about the meeting use the Rage narrative anyway – Fake & Corrupt Press!”

The media loves to play up the narrative that Trump is mentally ill or insane.

Pelosi’s comments allowed them to run wild with this fake news.

But Donald Trump stepped up and shut it down.

We will keep you up-to-date on nay new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. The Liberals are in deep you know what ” S ” , the Dems are screwing themselves with all this fake crap , there beat and they know it , when one resorts to lying , cheating and making up false accusations , well , they can Kiss there Butts good bye , there finished , so all of you Liberal trolls on this site , can just take your comments and Go Stick Them Where The Sun Don’t Shine , Up Yours You Liberal SIMPLETONS

  2. Gun Nuts Of America should change his name to Numnuts Of America which is a more fitting name for that ass****

  3. Pelosi made mincemeat out of Trump, he does need an intervention from someone, he is a crazed loon. The right wingers ever doctored a tape to make Pelosi sound drunk when they slowed the audio. Of course Fox aired, admitted it was an error but had no apology because they are apologists for a renegade dictator wannabe.

    • My Friend, you suffer, like sooo many of your colleagues, from PTDS. (President Trump Derangement Syndrome) We who are on the Right, can say nothing to change your unsettled, misguided, views of Life. So, I’ll just say, you really DO need to Listen, Learn, and Leap into a new frame of reference…indeed, a new paradigm of thought. I know you will not listen, I know your mind is solid in its acceptance of the views you’ve been GIVEN. I simply challenge you to “think for yourself” rather than accepting your current ideology en masse. Just look into whether your beliefs are wholesale propagandists’ views, or if they are well thought-out, reasoning of Scholarly persons with leanings toward FACTS & TRUTH. I left the Democrat Party over the wholesale use of “bumper sticker statements” built on half truths, lies & hatred. Try & look past what’s been a steady diet of these unfounded statements & search for the Truth. As its been said by other Truth-Seekers, “the Truth is out there” and “the Truth will set you free”. (Mulder and Jesus…with apologies to Sculley)

      • Bill, this cigareete butt is not worth your time, although I applaud you for your literacy ,maturity and patience.

      • Truth? You wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face.
        Pelosi is a ‘Poster Granny’ for Term Limits!! Pelosi is a LUNATIC!!!

    • Whoever you are, Guns Nuts, you are delusional and extremely impressionable by the leftist liberal press. Trump is a lot of things and I do not like some of his “antics”, but he has kept his promises to the American people. Can you say that of Obama, Bill Clinton, Bush?? The answer is a resounding NO. As for his mental state, you are incredibly naïve as this is his game to play and he is playing it very well! He has got the Dems in an uproar and the new investigations are going to prove most interesting. Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strock (sp?), Page and others are getting very nervous and are starting to snipe at each other, all running for cover, as they should be.

      But, back to point….mental state? You have to be a complete JACKASS idiot not to notice that Pelosi is having increasing difficulty speaking and her gesticulations (hand / body movements) are very telling. She is having mental and emotional difficulties and, I suspect, is near a nervous breakdown. She is having extreme difficulty speaking in public and sounds, almost, drugged.

      And all you can see is Trump? OMG, you are blinded by….who the hell knows, but you are not in the Realm of reality or you are just a jackass that likes to spout off because you have no life!

      • her 60s and 70s party till you drop better living through chemistry is catching up to her. The druggies from the past slowly get more and more separated from reality. They have to hang on to their reality and stature by creating a make believe enemy. Name call while looking down their nose feeling smarter and higher class then us. Made their millions being bought by the established money people buying elected officials to have laws made for them the lobbyists. You can dress a pig in a suit and it is still a pig. Pigs have a better standard of living. They do not lie, look down on other pigs, but do wallow in the mud.

    • She always looks drunk or unhinged, and she acts as though she is one or both. That’s nothing new. When it comes to lying the liberals have cornered the market.

  4. Hey Batty Betty, you are an expert at screwing the story around to fit your beliefs. It is you who should see a psychiatrist for your twisted warped mind and better yet, turn yourself into a mental institution as you won’t be missed here.

  5. The DEMS better hope they can make it to 2020 cause at the rate they are having health issues they may not make it alive to 2020.

    • I learned a great strategy from Pat Robertson. Pray that the enemy will be filled with a spirit of confusion. He used his right as a child of God to plead thus during the Kavanaugh hearings. It worked. I’ve been praying the same prayer for all Deep State actors ever since. You are seeing the results. Pray with me that their insanity will be obvious even to the most brainwashed victims of their deception.

      • Prayer is always essential but I was working on this issue for weeks: gathering evidences that proved that lunatic was connected to Google a liar and a democrat operative. Once I had all my investigative information lined up, then I prepared a well crafted letter asking the Congress to use their conscience when voting. Work, work work because –you will be surprised, as I was–to know that Congress is so busy that often they don’t know what is really going on… WE just heard from this Gun Nuts of America and the unbelievable disinformation she brings to the table. She or he truly don’t know what is going on. She probably doesn’t even know that what Democrats are doing is illegal and the simple fact that they get away with that proves that there is corruption. It is not a matter of partisanship, it is a matter of morality, anyone with any sense of decency can’t support democrats but I accept the fact that even some simple reasoning can be obfuscated when you have the Media pounding and repeating the same lies over and over. Fortunately, most brains realize that this simple repetition is not enough to make lies turn into truth. She probably doesn’t even know that McCain was executed by lethal injection in a military tribune. She probably thinks McCain is a hero and doesn’t even know that Obama is also awaiting a trial at GITMO and I pray that they would not spare that bastard and definitely kill him.

  6. The Democrats are going to get killed in the 2020 elections because of this BS investigation crap, but most of all for their doing nothing about the invasion on are countries borders which so far has already cost us over 100 Billion dollars and costing us more and more every day!!! The president got elected to end illegal immigration and to fix are immigration loopholes and to build our wall!!! But the Democrats just don’t want to do anything and it is going to cost them big time, for they aren’t even listening to the citizens of are country about anything, for they haven’t become representatives, they have become dictators and it is now the time to let these Democrats know that it is the citizens that rule this country not them!!!

    • Good Comments. I agree with Tom Curry. It is the Citizens that Rule this country and NOT the Democrats. The Democrats have done NOTHING in terms of Legislation other than Harassing President Trump for the last 2 years on “Russia Collusion” and “Obstruction of Justice”. However, with the “Muller Report” made public, there was no Collusion nor, Obstruction of Justice. If he (President Trump) fired “James Comey” then Director of FBI, it was for a reason and not Obstruction of Justice. James Comey was a Paid for Play, by Hillary Clinton. He worked for the Clinton Foundation and told the world he made $6 Million dollars for just one year. Then she got Obama to appoint him Director of the FBI so they had him in their POCKET. Such is the EVIL of the Democrats. DISHONEST !!

      Please fellow Americans, VOTE Conservative, Vote for President Trump. He has done a lot for the Country in just 2 years and he is continuing in building the WALL on the Southern Border with the Financial help from the Pentagon and the US Military despite Democrats refusal to accept like Nancy Pelosi saying “the Wall is immoral”. They just want all these illegal immigrants to come in so they could Vote for them. But it is an expansive Financial burden on us US Tax Payers to support these illegal migrants.

  7. Michael Hughes, wouldn’t it be interesting To go through pelosi’s district, mad max’s district, heck just ALL the dems districts & ask how they REALLY like their representatives… might be VERY interesting the answers you’d get!! Personally I’ll bet you wouldn’t find many people who’d actually vote for them. But they are getting better & better at rigging eke yionf.
    For the life of me I truly cannot understand WHY soros & MANY dems aren’t already behind bars.

  8. I would love to tell Pelosi and the rest of the Demorats to GROW UP, it looks like these people are the ones throwing a TANTRUM. President Trump is the Grown up in the room . It’s good to see President Trump calling the Fake news on out . People are so FAKE in this day and age, it’s Pathetic !

    • I think the perfect analogy for the democrats right now is that with the Mueller report finished, they are like little kids trying to start a fire with burnt out matchsticks.

    • I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist but by the actions of the political entities involved, it is clearly much more likely that the liberals are, by far, the more mentally unhinged.

      • Exactly. What kind of moron makes a nutcase statement attacking the person they will meet with in minutes. Nuts and or stupid. She pee’d in her wheaties and then tries to pawn it off on the President She needs round the clock care.

    • This Eric guy has got to be a stupid brainwashed libtard asshole.. you shitbirds disgust most good American citizens.. take your friends the illegals and get the hell out of this great country. You assholes dont deserve to be here

      • I understand that you don’t like eric…I’m not fond of him either. But please don’t cuss so much. That puts you on the same level as the dems. We can & should rise above that low rung on the ladder.
        Thank you,

      • BING,

        If any one is stupid and brainwashed it is you and Trump’s supporters. You believe every lie coming out of his mouth and the lying format that supports his lies. Guilty of OBSTRUCTION and lying Barr cannot save him anymore.

    • Are you a medical doctor (psychiatrist – VS a psychologist which is not a medical doctor)? You are not qualified to call anyone mentally ill. As an RN, I have trained in a psychiatric ward and I can tell you that President Trump is clearly NOT someone who belongs there.

      • Really, Laurie?!? You call out someone a Medical doctor or not, and then go on to say you are neither and offer up a diagnosis??? You are totally ignorant, my friend!

        • She gave her credentials as a nurse trained in a psych ward. Sounds like she’s qualified to me. Read the whole text before posting. It will keep you from looking stupid.

        • jbd…from someone else who’s worked in a psych ward… I’d say you have zilch knowledge about the clients that are there, what their problems are, what kind of treatments they receive since they are all different & have special needs.
          You actually owe Laurie an apology. But I have a feeling it would be so fake if you gave her one, so why bother?!?! What are the selfless jobs YOU have done in your lifetime?? A nurse goes through college, they pretty much knows as much as drs. do but don’t have credentials to perform surgeries. A nurse works LONG hours and stays as long as she’s needed. She puts a lot of herself into her job. Plus, they generally treat EVERY patient with COMPASSION & CARE. Even people like you.

      • Your as delusional as little Eric ,laurie!! Quit stealing pharmaceutical drugs from patience and using them! Quit watching Clinton news network CNN and believing there lies!

    • You couldnt be more wrong eric! Pelosi is the scatter brain who’s totaly in la la land, hasnt a clue in whats shes doing, definitely has no place in politics like most democraps! All they know how to do is play games! They do nothing for america buy make it worse and blame someone else for there downfalls and failures, imigrates are coming here because of democraps! All they do is corrupt goverment by doing what Sorry ass Soros tells them to do! Quit watching CNN and join the real world! Democraps are a sinking ship! Trump plays Chess while they play checkers!! Gitmo is coming for the corrupt dems.

    • Eric, You are nuts. You must be a dumd ass commy demogog. All off you demoogogs hate this great nation and you need to get the hell out. SEMPER FI. USMC

    • I think those other four fingers are proving another truth!
      Accusing others of doing what you are really doing is only saying, ‘you do this , therefore I can do it back’! That actually is a mental/psychiatric problem! You need a work up and or an intervention! Better see your psychiatrist.

    • No, he is NOT mentally ill. He is only in his early & 70″s. And has all his mental faculties functioning at high competence. It is Nancy Pelosi who is mentally ill. She is in her Mid-Eighties. It’s time for “Term Limits”. The Congress has No Term Limits nor, Retirement Age. So it make a lot of these Elderly Congresswoman like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters just hanging in there for the Big Salary while being Dysfunctional.

  9. Should have said, shut the f *** up, she/ they may have then realized he isn’t going to put up with it any longer.

  10. I find it strange that people address President Trump in these comments! Do any of you really believe he is going to get these comments set before him? Is Trump going to read your comments? I think not!

    So, if you really want to send him a message, do it the right way . . . go to and message him there!!!

    • I sent him an email that camel toe harris that I saw her in a picture with former governor moonbeam brown camal toe and john Podesta also I advised that larry klayman sent a video of omar meeting with terriost homeland security did nothing so mr klayman filed charges on his own and frankinstein called irian pm did she violate the logan act yes she did

  11. Way to go Mr. President!!! Getting really tired of the Democrats ridiculous accusations enough is enough!!!! They really need to get to work on what they are put into office …

  12. Lets take a look at some of Trumpty’s promises: I’ll just throw out a few at a time: Mexico will pay for the wall????? If it gets built I guess there must be 300+ million new Mexicans in this country, as the USA taxpayers will pay that freight. Tariffs are not taxes to the consumer, what is he smoking????? Even this one a true Trump minion would have to chuckle at: at his Pa. rally this week, Biden deserted Pa.?????? He was 10 years old when his family moved. The man didn’t come from the “elitist” upbringing that Trumpty Dumpty did. He is SO far out of touch with what the average person deals with. Not where he came from, after all he was born with a “golden spoon” in his mouth!!!!

    • Well mr tire eee, give us the pleasure of reading YOUR list o f all the good things the little halfbred faggot porch monkey did FOR this country. Come on now, print out ALL of them! 😒😥😰😞😪

    • Right on, Dan. And “trade wars are easy to win”?? Not only are we paying more for a lot of things, with this second round of subsidies we are paying farmers some $27 billion to cover for the markets they’ve lost. Any other group, that would be called welfare.

    • Trump would have fulfilled a lot more of his promises IF Congress would have cooperated in even a small way. The three branches of our government limits the extent of what one branch can do on its own. Trump has done what he can. Congress has done nothing that it was formed to do. Spending all their time trying to get rid of Trump is NOT what the founding fathers expected the legislative branch to do.

      • Michael, but he had the benefit of his party in control of all 3 branches of gov’t for his 1st 2 years and still couldn’t get what HE states done. Remember healthcare was so easy it would be done on DAY 1……He is a “scary con man” Always has been and always will be.

  13. Dear Mr. President:
    Stay the course! We are out here, and we support you. Maybe the libs will finally get the message – there’s a bunch of us, you know! I hope you have a great day!

    • Thanks, Connie Mays. There are a LOT of people who are so adverse to the Schumer and Pelosi rude antics, but they are not as vocal as the radical leftists. But we will let it be known when we vote!

  14. The left and Nasty Pelosky’s cronies with trying to impeach Trump with fictional crimes, will only guarantee Trump’s reelection as the American People are sick and tired of their never-ending witch hunt for nearly three years.

  15. 🇺🇸 Mr President 🇺🇸
    You are the best thing that has
    happened for our Country
    Since // Forever!
    ((((Thank you for your service))))

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California


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