Donald Trump shut down Nancy Pelosi with just two words

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats thought they had a whistleblower lined up that would deliver the smoking gun that would lead to Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Democrats were already planning their victory party.

But then Donald Trump shut down Pelosi’s impeachment scheme with just two words.

Democrats demanded former White House counsel Don McGhan testify before Congress.

McGhan spoke with Robert Mueller’s investigators for 30 hours and played a starring role in the obstruction of justice claims of Mueller’s report.

But White House counsel Pat Cipollone said Donald Trump would put a stop to this by invoking executive privilege.

The Hill reports:

The White House has ordered former White House counsel Don McGahn not to turn over documents to Congress because President Trump may exert executive privilege to block their release.

Pat Cipollone, the current top White House lawyer, wrote a letter on Tuesday asking the House Judiciary Committee to go through the White House to request documents related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

“The White House provided these records to Mr. McGahn in connection with its cooperation with the special counsel’s investigation and with the clear understanding that the records remain subject to the control of the White House for all purposes,” Cipollone wrote to Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), chairman of the Judiciary panel.

“The White House records remain legally protected from disclosure under longstanding constitutional principles, because they implicate significant executive branch confidentiality interests and executive privilege,” Cipollone added.

Executive privilege dates back to the Eisenhower administration when the President asserted the right to block White House aides from testifying to Congress about discussions with the President.

Democrats contend the White House waived executive privilege when he allowed McGhan to testify to Mueller.

This issue is sure to be litigated in the courts and it may end up being the most high stakes legal battle of the Trump Presidency.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Democrats are running scared, they know Barr is going to investigate thier curruption, and investigate the lie that they started about Trump. Karma is coming to all of them, and I can’t wait! 😁

  2. Two words? I could have done it with two letters: “No”. At age 53, I am a confirmed curmudgeon, and love the word “no”. It’s also habit-forming.

    Executive privilege probably works as well, but only under more limited circumstances.

    If some real-estate speculator calls on the phone demanding to buy my house (not even listed for sale at any price), I can save my breath and just say “no.” If a panhandler asks me whether I have any spare change, I don’t have to explain that my wife and daughter get all that; I can just say “no.” It’s addictive, and very satisfying.

  3. Nancy XXXXX You know who this is Right ? She is obviously either mentally ill or sexually Frustrated for her to attack our BEST president ever the way she does. Our
    President has accomplished more positive changes to our well being in America than those Demorats seem to totally ignore. AND President TRUMP has done these things in RECORD TIME. Hey DEMS ……………Let the man do his job……stop this Civil War !!

  4. The democrats must not understand that the investigation is closed. They want to call in witnesses that have already testified for many hours, so they can grill them again to see if they can get the person to perjure themselves. It’s the game they have played all along. Many democrats are going down and they are in a panic.

    • Howdy Bob. With very few notable exceptions I hope any that are guilty of treason hang and those guilty of using their elected positions for graft, extortion or other like crimes receive a minimum of twenty years at a medium or maximum security federal prison depending on the seriousness of their crime. These are crimes against our nation and we who put our trust in them. The crimes and sentencing need be treated with utmost gravity, that these crimes are lightly perceived and readily repeated.

    • THATS because the demonrats are nothing but a conniving bunch of LYING, THEIVES, that will not quit obstructing!! THEY NEED TO BE TAKEN OUT!!! I PRAY THAT GOD WILL OBLITERATE THE DEMONCRATIC PARTY!!! EVIL, is their middle name!!

      • YUP! And the queen herself Hillary Clinton is LUCIFER in all her glory. She and Soros are doing everything and anything to get Trump out of the way. We all know she has “killed” many many people to protect herself and of course let us not forget about Bengahzi!!! The Democrats are fake, lying, thieving, ignorant, selfish, bunch of clowns who are so stupid with their thumbs up their ass and have no clue to be in a government position.

    • For BETTY
      It is easier to climb a mountain than to educate the ignorant and unwashed. In your case we add extremely vulgar. Three strikes bitch you’re out.

  5. Wow! Betty! It’s obvious by your demeanor you feel the truth is finally coming out! I’m a former democrat, and can no longer affiliate myself with a bunch of liars and anti-American, left wing non-patriots! Your description of the “worthless worm and his White House legalized WORTHLESS WHORE,” are so like the Dems accusing others of what they are guilty of. Barack and Michele fit your description exactly!

    • The Democrats are so afraid that AG Barr is going to expose them and they will try to stop him and President Trump at any expense. It’s time we take Democracy back and expose them for what they are. Jessie, I had to laugh with your comment, that the cornered rats (Demorats) will fight to the death and even turn on their own. I too will pull up a seat to watch that. Stay strong President Trump and family and AG Barr. Don’t let the bastards get you down!

  6. Betty your a troll, quit being a mouth piece for the lying media hacks. And while your at it do something positive with your brain before it starts gathering dust. Democrats want total control of the American people. President Trump is the only person stopping them from taking total control of us that I can see. Get your head out of your buttocks and get a life. maybe you should have been aborted come to think of it.

    • Recon Ron it’s you’re like you’re an asshole here and an asshole on other sites that you hog with your crap. You’re stupid, as is Cass your sick friend

    • He’s smarter than them…. He not a bumbascrap… Reported today on FBN that these dumbascrap’s haven’t even read the muller report.. (NO PICTURES)!!!!

  7. She is worst of the worst politician in our country.
    Bad -very bad person in all aspects.
    She should be retired for now.

  8. Karen I’m sure the Lord knows the pastor’s heart & he meant no disrespect to Him. The lower case “him” (because God looks at the heart & we know to honor Him above all) is in no way as disrespectful as these people are to the office of this President, & that is the fact/point that this pastor is making. Take note as I have made corrections before hitting send & when I see the text, to my surprise😳 some words that were corrected were mispelled. Once you hit send “sometimes” the words revert. I’m just saying. His point is taken.

    • When I saw the title of this story, I was hoping it was something like.’you’re done’, or you’re fired’, oh well we all can hope!

  9. This dog and pony show is going to last all thru 2020. The Dems HAVE to keep piling it on or Trump will be able to take the initiative. If they keep attacking no matter how inane the charges are they can keep him on the defensive. They are just praying they can silence and discredit Barr in the meantime. They will keep this up hoping for a new administration and AG they can control. Otherwise there will be a lot of indictments and testimonies under oath coming their way. When cornered, rats will fight to the death and even attack their own. I’m buying box seats to watch the.latter.😁😆😆

  10. She following Hilary Clinton idea, behind close doors. Guess wait see what real happened.???? We’re lots talks back 2016 election because could trust Bill Clinton cover up. From the past???

  11. Iam a pastor and seer for the Lord Jesus president trump is a Kingman pick bye God to clean up this nation that the past president made a trash out of his 8yrs in the white house now God has his hand on Mr trump and nobody can remove his hand but God himself as long as Mr trump stays in line with the Lord he well never be remove bye the Nancy and her rats evil dems I saw in the spirit many times when I have pray to stop Nancy from turning against Mr trump and the spirit of God said she is a pharoh and if she doesn’t stop with her evil control something bad well happen either with her or a family love one I saw a coffin with a flag over it so that says someone in power because the u s flag so she better watch out Mr trump is like king David he stand over the nation because God put him in power not men but God pick him so keep a eye on Nancy and her family

    • Dear “Pastor”, I am a conservative and I do love our President. I just wanted to make that clear and while I’m not in the habit of correcting people it seems to me that a pastor should be able to write correctly. When you say “his” referring to our Lord/God it should be “His” with a capital There were other things, but that one stood out. Even if you were “texting” come on!!!! God bless our President!

      • Karen I’m sure the Lord knows the pastor’s heart & he meant no disrespect to Him. The lower case “him” (because God looks at the heart & we know to honor Him above all) is in no way as disrespectful as these people are to the office of this President, & that is the fact/point that this pastor is making. Take note as I have made corrections before hitting send & when I see the text, to my surprise😳 some words that were corrected were mispelled. Once you hit send “sometimes” the words revert. I’m just saying. His point is taken.

        • Are you kidding me?! Is this spelling B class or serious conversation where most people could care less with mispellings or . Or , who freakin cares

    • People better recognize that. But the demoncratic party think that they are above God. They are totally disrespectful to President Trump & this office. Had obamanation been done like this the race card would’ve been called. Nasty pelosi & the demoncratic party better wake up. She is like pharoah proud & arrogant like she is above the law. Take heed be not deceived God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows that shall he also reap.

    • Pastor, you laid it out very well, and I am in total agreement. Please continue to pray for President Trump. I also believe him to be an instrument of God.

    • Wrong, greg, the only thing that Oval Office Blond Haired, Brain Dead Orangutan Ape is doing to America is seeing how throughly & how soon he can flush it down history’s sewer!

      • Oh Betty, insults, very low class. I believe that the prior president decided to flush this country down the sewer. Obama was nothing but a good speaker, the elites were controlling the puppet strings on the way to the One World government that the United Nations, NWO, the European Union, and the top elites strive for. Obama put his foot on the gas pedal, and Hillary was to finish it. When Obama stated that, ” “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”he meant it. When he insulted middle America by saying, “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” He meant every word that he has said. Obama has transformed this country, and it wasn’t for the better, he divided with his rhetoric of identity politics, war on cops, and his complete bitterness to the middle of the country. So, if you want to point fingers, point them at Obama. I cannot in my lifetime, think of a President who has insulted American citizens as he did.

        • Agreed, Cheryl. I can’t wait for all information to come out on the Democrats, starting with Obama. I want to know, what, who, where, when and why the plot started for Obama to run for president.

    • Hey, man from grey. Just How Much of a Free Ride will your vote get you on one of that INSANE IDIOT’S Supposed Million Dollar Gravy Trains?

      • Well, Betty looks like you’re waiting for a reply of some kind. Move on to your libtard site and make your comments there. . . . . PLEASE ! Trump 2020

      • Wrong, dan. It’s CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump who is so used to plenty of Asshole Kissing like the SHITHEAD CRAP He is, Always Has Been & Always Will Be!

        • Betty… get a grip with reality, and stop letting MSNBC, and CNN do your thinking for you! Do you know how to research the truth for yourself, are do you just let others do your stinking thinking for ya? Make yourself useful, and go Google Trumps accomplishments in 2 and half years. Then when you read it, come back and tell us true Americans, exactly what it is you don’t like? Because if you find one thing you hate that he’s done, then your not a true American, are even love this country. Your lying media is never going to report anything good about the best President this country has ever seen. Because they are being paid off by George Soros to “try” and take Trump down at all cost. Now be a good little girl and go read the truth. The only people being dicieved is people like your self!

      • Betty…sounds as though a few of you democrats are nothing more than jealous. Trump is worth billions, so he is not worthless, as you well know. He doesn’t take his Presidential paycheck. His wife is a gorgeous, drop dead, intelligent, woman with a great marriage and beautiful son. Many women don’t have these attributes to flaunt. She doesn’t flaunt, but is well mannered and soft spoken. Yes, jealously shows often with spite. Probably doesn’t feel very well either, does it?

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