Donald Trump shut down Omarosa’s treachery with just one word

Former “Apprentice” contestant and White House senior staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman is the latest figure to try and destroy President Trump.

She is making the media rounds where she is given a platform to hurl smears at the President.

But Donald Trump shut her down with one word.

Omarosa made a massive splash when she appeared on Meet the Press and played the audio of a recording of White House chief of staff John Kelly firing her.

The conversation took place in the White House Situation Room which is supposed to be secure from audio and video devices.

This was a major breach of national security protocol.

In addition, Omarosa, is pushing claims in her book that Trump uses racial slurs and that she has heard the tapes.

The President finally had enough and crushed Omarosa – whom he fired three times on “The Apprentice” – with one of his devastating nicknames.

Trump tweeted that she was “wacky” and that no one on the White House staff liked her.

Omarosa made her name as one of the original reality TV super villains.

Now her White House career is ending in disgrace and she may face charges for recording a conversation in the Situation Room.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.


  1. I agree with you Msgt and Maxine. This old Seabee has also had enough B.S. It is time for some people to serve their time for their actions.
    I really agree we need Jim Jordan or Trey Goudy. Put the hurt where it belongs. It would not to hang Muller with the Clintons on the line to dry. Moe

  2. Omarosa is tiring and she just need to go away. There is no where for her in politics. Every time a story is written it is more of the same. She is boring and has no appeal
    Please Omarosa just go away and you attorney also.

  3. Linda only way that will happen is if “we the people” take charge of the situation and STOP cowing down to these thieves.Help our President to drain the swamp !Vote!!Vote Get out and Vote

  4. I Do NOT watch msm At All, get mynews elsewhere, But Totally
    Aware of brief clips. This omarosa story Dies. omarosa ‘chose’
    to walk ‘hot’. She will Not be a ‘happy camper’ in the long run,
    ie ‘Watching her back’.

  5. Well Ann, IF, she had access/or provided w/tech equipment
    INTO the SITUATION ROOM, ‘that’ Begs V. Serious Questions.
    > From whom ??? Yet Another INSIDER Traitor ???
    > In the ‘long run’, this story dies__ but not after she has
    made some millions? in Book. 0f which attorneys Take, if WH &&&
    THEY SHOULD Prosecute, Not for 0ld Apprentice krAAP, But for
    Extreme Violation in SITUATION ROOM. & i Will Repeat: Kelly
    should be ‘smacked upside the head (Italian style) for NOT
    Being Aware of ‘phone’/ bug 0r Anything Else. & that’s That.
    > hmm on Kelly. that’s all.

  6. Projection: (psychiatry) a defense mechanism by which your own traits and emotions are attributed to someone else. The liberals own this play, along with identity politics and victim hood.

  7. Wow Larry, I guess when you speak everyone needs to bow to you, your statement “didn’t I TELL you to stay off (by the way the word is spelled OFF not ORR, read your post)this blog”. The question I would ask is, who are you to dictate to me???? Are you god????

  8. She must have been provided technical equipment.
    This may be beyond a cell phone!
    How did she know ahead of time what was going to happen?
    Did she have bugs elsewhere?

  9. People are forgetting about the “Fraud, Waste, and Abuse” regulation with regard to getting paid while not being on the job, misuse of government vehicle transportation, and misuse of bringing non-vetted people in her wedding Party onto WH grounds for personal wedding photos , in other words personal use! There is probably more, but these are publically known!

  10. Omarosa is a Big time disgruntled loser. Why waste news coversge on this, when there are so many legitimate news topics to air. This gives news a bad name. Dump Omarosa to the curb where she put herself years ago. A no body that no one wants to hear from ever again. She made her bed bed and now regrets it, si she blames everyone else. Typical of a loser, she plays victim. No Sympathy from the working class.

  11. M, the info i read re SITUATION ROOM did not
    report she had phone. so i don’t know.
    Sounds logical, tho. SITUATION ROOM IS
    Serious STuff. Sooo, she walks in w/ Kelly,
    & Kelly/0r No 0ne checks her.(like they don’t know
    re recordings etc especially after Cohen,)
    to say the least. 0k, fine. Well, Kelly should
    be ‘cuffed’ upside the head, Italian style.
    > Anyway, Nothing recorded in SITUATION ROOM is
    detrimental to POTUS et al,. 0nly Herself.
    > 0ther recordings she ‘claims’ to have taken,
    could be Entirely Altered by now thru ‘Voice alteration
    Recognition, similar to CGI’s.
    > Bottom line: omarosa Chose to ‘walk hot’. Why? >>for a minute
    of ‘fame’ or what__ Ultimately, ‘down’ the road – she just
    burned her feet (& more) big time.

  12. Dan T., I leave for one minute and look who is back! Yesterday was so peaceful and quiet without Diane. Diane, Donna, and Lori, are one in the same body. She is a black racist, serial liar, low I.Q., and only knows what her handlers tell her. She is too lazy or doesn’t care enough to become informed about what is really going on in day to day America, so she let’s her handlers supply her with her Dem lib talking points. She is guilty of all the sins she is accusing President Trump of. She has TDS in addition to suffering from multiple personality disorder. She is mentally ill and should not be loose with sane people. Talk about a bully, DJT can’t hold a candle to Diane, Donna, Lori. At least he is not out here trying to bully decent people like D/D/L is. If she wasn’t so angry, mean and a bully she would be pitied but who can pity anybody who is such an evil mean degenerate as she? You make everyone on these websites hate you and I know you smart a$$ you say you don’t care but, I know better. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, THE ONLY REASON ANGRY MEAN LIBERALS COME ON CONSERVATIVE WEBSITES AND BLOG IS TO CREATE CHAOS AND HATE AND DISCONTENT. YOU HAVE DONE A PRETTY GOOD JOB OF THAT TODAY BUT I’M ASKING THESE GOOD PEOPLE TO, IF THEY ARE ABLE, TO IGNORE YOU. YOU ARE NOT WORTH ANY ONE OF THESE FOLKS USING ANOTHER MINUTE OF THEIR TIME ON YOU. YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF HUMAN WASTE. YES, I AM UPSET RIGHT NOW, NOT FOR ME, BUT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TALKED DOWN TO AND BULLIED THESE PEOPLE WHO HAVE MORE BRAINS IN ONE HAIR ON THEIR HEAD THAN YOU DO WITH ALL YOUR LITTLE GAMES. You are an atheist and don’t believe but I tell you this, God is going to get you! When you get to hades, you remember who told you where you were going to end up!

  13. Trump and kind… just doesn’t mix, like oil and water. Might be one of the funniest comments I have ever heard. In an earlier post, you mentioned doing away with chain migration, hmmmm funny how Trumpy’s wife parents got in???? You also mentioned draining the swamp, guess we started with the number 2 swamp monster Scott Pruitt. Lets see we have the “king of foreclosure” still there Stevie Munichin, sold his foreclosure business for billions. Rudy, must escape the home on occasion as he seems to show up out of nowhere… The Koch Bros were once so revered but “1” bad comment about the “great 1” and you are to be attacked with slurs and insults (guess that’s part of the Trump kindness…lol…)Roger Stone, hmmmm more pond scum….. I could write a novel here!!!!!!!

  14. The left are bullies and Trump isn’t??? If you believe that you don’t have an ounce of common sense!!!!!!! Stocking ammo, so who are you going to shoot, the Koch Brothers since Trumpy thinks there scum now. Maybe you out to use that ammo on Scotty Pruitt, he’s a swamp monster!!!

  15. Own it Omarosa, you are a sore loser and a criminal. Stop placing blame on everyone else you’ve lost all credibility. So sick of these people leaking confidential information and getting away with it. While we can’t cross the street without getting a ticket/fine.

  16. In the end, omarosa is in deep deep doo doo &
    Not going to be a ‘happy camper’. 0h yes, she ‘thinks’
    she’s having her day ( for now).

  17. Everything out of your Mouth is a LIE! Hate, Lies, TDS, is what Drives you people. Feel sorry for People who have to be around you in everyday life. You Show your what a Hateful Miserable Person you are to Troll the Conservative Boards and Spew you leftist Hateful Lies about POTUS. Gets your Motor Running, Right. You people really are Pathetic. Get some help! Better yet, Go take a long WALK (take all your liberal friends) on a Very Short BRIDE, We would all be happier.

  18. I agree WE NEED A RED WAVE IN NOVEMBER! Take every Conservative Seat we can get and Drain this Swamp. Our POTUS Needs Party to back him to get any BILLS Passed, appointee’s approved. I was a big Supporter of GOWDY, but not so much anymore. He is back and forth and many times has JOINED The Anti Trump Traitors. We don’t need anymore Carear Politicians and Exspecailly in such a HIGH PRIORITY POSITION AS AG! What Sessions has done, is Effecting Everything going on in this Country to DATE. We are not a COUNTRY WITHOUT LAW, ORDER & JUSTICE. Just the Fact that GOWDY wants to Keep backing MUELLER, (which he has done on many occasions) He also has Stated many times that POTUS SHOULD JUST SIT DOWN WITH MUELLER! I would say GOWDY IS part of the Anti TRUMP CROWD. He knows way better then to state something like this being a Ex PROSECUTOR.

  19. Maxine keep telling it like it is. Libturds like Diane has no substance. Only referring to racism and hate when they can’t offer anything to back up their crap. But I won’t fall for it. The left is nothing but bullies ant only the weak will fall for it. It’s going to get worse. But that’s ok. I’m still stocking ammo for when they drop the words and act. Not if but when.

  20. I agree Sessions should have Been Fired on DAY ONE! The left wing Nuts and DemoRats Scream Impeachment all the time anyways. You do not let the Criminals stay in POWER Because of what they might do! Who cares. Like getting Robbed over & over again, and leaving your door wide open because you dont want them kicking in the door. But besides this, I do think with all the Anti Trumpeters, Rats and RINOS who will not back our POTUS, He may be Waiting to see what happens in NOVEMBER 2018! Everyone needs to VOTE. We know our President is not getting the Support from the Pathetic GOP. It is Shameful. Many RATS Need to go. Like RYAN, McConnell, and more. I think the Corruption is so High, dirt on many of them! Been going on for a long time. It has become a Self Serving, all about power and Greed to further their own Agenda. Not the Oath they Swore to take and Work for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. We have this Two Tier Justice System, RIGHT IN OUR FACE. How did this even happen? We are Looking at Politicians as a ‘DIRTY NAME’ At least I am. Our POTUS NEEDS A PARTY TO BACK HIM. This is what is going to MATTER To Get his APPOINTEES APPROVED!!! I do think that is what POTUS is afraid of, (NOT THE LEFT) But they would NEVER APPROVE A Law Abiding Conservative AG, Like JORDAN, JUDGE JEANNE, GROWDY, ETC. AG SESSIONS IS A WHIMP, They new they could get to him and they did.. We should have already had the MONEY FOR THE WALL. IMMIGRATION REFORM SHOULD BE DONE. E-Verify, Voter ID, Chain Migration gone, etc. You have to wonder why the DEMORATS ARE IN CHARGE. The RINO RATS Let them Control all theses ISSUES. Many times the POTUS TOLD THEM TO GO “NUCLEAR” And the Rino’s REFUSED. (They could have Passed much more of the Bills for America but refuse to) This has been McConnell, Ryan, Graham at the top of the ANTI TRUMP AGENDA. I also use to LOVE GROWDY, I would not want to see him as AG, Many times his Views have been Very wishy washy over the TRUMP AGENDA. He is back and forth, Never Consistant this last year, so I do not trust him at all. He is the ESTABLISHMENT FOR SURE. We do NOT Need anymore of them, or those who do not stick with MAGA. GOWDY? HAS BACKED MUELLER WAY TO MANY TIMES, and also have come out Many times saying POTUS Should sit down with MUELLER! This has Shocked me to the CORE, and GOWDY Knows way better then even Suggesting something like this being a Great Prosecutor. So you would have to wonder who side is he really on. It is so sickening to have the House, the Senate, and WH, and the RINO Rats have Stalled our POTUS AT EVER TURN. JUST SHOWS HOW MANY ARE CORRUPT. Our POTUS needs to get the Supreme Court Justice Approved, many other Appointees in the JUDICIAL SYSTEM! Nothing will work, no matter how hard POTUS Works without the BACKING BY THE SENATE, HOUSE! We need a JUDICIAL SYSTEM TO BE ABLE TO PROSECUTE AND PUT AWAY THESE SWAMP CREATURES IN PRISON. Look how many LIBERAL LEFTIST FAKE ROBES We have sitting on the Bench. It will take time to DRAIN THIS SWAMP. I hope all Patriots across America realize this Upcoming Election in November is more Important then the President Race in 2016 now. DO ALL YOU CAN. We need to see a BIG RED WAVE.

  21. You hit the nail on the head!!! It is called “Diversion” The left has been using this tactic for yrs. They always ATTACK The other Party of Crimes of which they are GUILTY, to Divert the Attention away from themselves. The DemoRats, Liberals, Commies are all a BUNCH OF ANTI AMERICAN TRAITORS. They are the enemy of the PEOPLE. The separation which Obarff Caused, We can At least Clearly SEE who the Traitors to this Country are! They will be taken out like the Trash they are. They started this war, Patriots will End it.

  22. I think there is a huge flaw in reporting this omarosa ‘stuff’.
    #1) How ‘in the hell’ Did she get into the Highly Guarded ‘SITUATION
    ROOM’, thru Kelly, w/ a bug.

  23. Larry – Truth hurts, eh? Didn’t I tell you that I don’t answer to any misogynistic a**hole on this right wing website? (That’s a big word so I’ll give you time to look it up, Einstein). I believe i’ve told you that at least a dozen times. Are you that stupid that you just don’t get it? Afraid so. I’m not going anywhere, Larry, so get use to it

  24. What a shameful witch you are to even think that President Trump had to have anyone help him to win in 2016 my gosh The man worked day and night, and since your still listening to the Lap Dog media about the Russians Your side Sugar was the ones conspiring with the Russians and there is no doubt about that and one more thing The commies always blame us for what they are doing and so we have no doubt that when a liberal opens his/ her mouth We know when they say something they are doing exactly that,

  25. Reprecussion couldn’t happen to a more fitting person! She has always been bad news. It’s time she finally pays for her rotten personality and back-stabbing ways.

  26. Absolutely
    I would have fired SESSIONS THE SECOND HE WET HIS PANTS OVER THE WITCH HUNT. He is basically useless but yet still gets paid.
    THE only problem if our President fires Mr. useless the Left Wing Nuts News will be obsessed with obstruction all over again and again and again and again!!!!!
    Beyond BS

  27. The first thing that needs to be done is fire the Attorney General. Then get sen. Jim Jordan or Trey G, as Attorney General, and clean out the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and any other government agencies that have tried to stop the president. Then get all of the democrats that have covered for Hillary, and those leaders of government who leaked classified documents to the press. FIRE those people who don’t have the backbone to do there job. If they can’t find people to do the job in know some crusty retired NCO’s,and officers who gladly get the job done.

  28. Put your Foot In your big Fat Mouth, only proving what a Kind Man Trump is Giving this Trash Bit Racist Woman so many Chances to Make something of herself! Instead her True Colors come out. Can’t change what People really are, can you Diane?? Just like you and Donna. So Full of HATE.

  29. Linda looks like with the Lawsuit Heating up against this Ghetto Trash, her Money greed, She probably won’t Get a DIME! All go to the Trump Campaign. LOL. Turned on the hand that feed her, now she will pay the price. I also see where it will more then likely get way worse for her, On the (National Security Breach) She may just go to the Big Slammer for her Recordings. This Dumb Low class Woman may just pay the Ultimate Price. You can take someone out of the Gutter but Cannot Take the Gutter out them! Trump needs to pay more attention to the story he Told, “The Lady and the Snake” He has good heart man. Seems to help the Less fortunate all the time. A good Quality and then you have the Low life’s like her.

  30. SO true! Put these criminals in Jail where they belong! Stop their living the High Life on tax payers money.
    She had this all planned out from the beginning and still got herself fired! That is how really stupid she is.
    She committed a crime by tapping the conversations in the protected room after the meetings. Dirty disgusting spy. Treason! Throw her in prison!

  31. Kathryn – 45 IS the most incompetent corrupt moron to ever sit in the Oval Office. And if it weren’t for him conspiring with the Russians, he wouldn’t be there. If you knew everybody who “supposedly” didn’t like Omarosa and that she caused trouble wherever she went……would YOU hire her 4 times? He IS stupid fir hiring her that many times. I’m not buying your “kind-hearted” act either. He cares about one thing…..himself…..period, which he has shown over and over again.

  32. I totally agree with Demarree1. I wouldn’t waste a penny on the book she is pushing.
    What a miserable excuse for a human being!

  33. Diane – you and Donna are the ones saying nasty things. Trump is brash and can be a pain, but I think he is also kind-hearted, which is why he gave OMO four chances. She blew all 4 of them and he’s done. I think it is admirable (if not the best idea) that he gave her the chances he did. You call him incompetent, but he has done more good for this country than any president in my lifetime despite lack of political support. Diane calls him stupid for hiring her four times…..he’s anything but stupid. I think sometimes he speaks rashly, but I’d rather have that than the lying Barry did for eight long years, not to mention the destruction he caused this country.

  34. If I fired someone more then once I would learn my lessen but Trump is a kind person and gave her four chances. She must truly be dumb to get fired so many times. What is wrong with her mind to be so stupid. She is i the category with Cortez neither has any smarts. Neither will ever amount to anything.

  35. She is a Other Black Ignorant Scum who has got where she is Thanks to President Trump! This is the Thanks she give him? Sold her soul for Money trash, apparently showing her true Colors. She is Trash, and The fact that she has Been tapping Conversations shows her True Intent since she was in the WH. Wonder what DemoRat got to her? I find a Connection with the Demorats in all these BLACK AMERICANS Who Rise to Either Top Key Positions or a Chance to Do good and go Somewhere. The rats have Enslaved Blacks for Decades and I feel they are still doing it. Why are Blacks like this using the “Race Card” all the time? This is the Typical of what Demorats do! Look at Obarff, Lynch, Holder, Walters, The Black Caucus, And do on!!!! They all Seem’s they have held
    so much hate AGAINST WHITE AMERICANS FOR YRS! The Wrong Black Americans are getting in these Positions which is SAD. Only hurting their own Race when they can be doing so much more to Help. They always trash Any Republican Black Leader, What is Up with this?? Something to think about, what is really going on here. She Needs Arrested and Charged for what she has done.

  36. Exactly! Why are these people not in jail already? From Hillary on down to this Omarosa! They have broken the law and deserve to be imprisoned for their crimes against the United States.
    Hillary leading the way & Maxine Waters following in line. Get her out of that multi million home, out of district that we all paid for. And into a jail cell as she deserves. All of them! DRAIN THE SWAMP!!! Fill the jails with the criminals. Let’s clean up our America!

  37. Agree 100%. Every Trump Supporter, Patriot needs to come out and VOTE 2018! This is the most Important Election of our Lifetime. Need to SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

  38. Dan – Oh that story doesn’t surprise me at all…..I’m sure you even did it yesterday. Did your belly get in the way of seeing your small pickle? Hahahahaha

  39. She has already broken the law and needs to be charged for willfully and intentionally committing a breach of security by taping that conversation which is also unethical and clearly demonstrates that this woman has no scruples and is bereft of any integrity and must accept the consequences of her action(s).

  40. You are right Helga. People who truly know Pres. Trump have attested to his generosity and kindness. The left once again proving who they really are. You will always find vile snakes in the grass who try to hide their true intent.

  41. Wrong Diane. I do not feel anger. I know there are ignorant people like you and always will be. I do think it’s funny that everything is about race. I’m proud of being white and do not apologize for it. As far as you being a virgin, you probably lost your cherry in elementary school. Was it your dad or did you have an uncle pervy in the family? When I was 3 years I used to run around without pants showing people how my Aunt Virgie milked her cow.

  42. Everyone…Don’t get complacent. Get pout and VOTE! Republican across the board. Let’s shut these ignorant Libtard protesters snowflakes up for GOOD……….MAGA TRUMP 2020

  43. Dan – You truly are a poor excuse as a human being. That’s why I laugh so hard when you call yourself a “Christian” You’re as far away from being a real Christian as I am a virgin. You are nothing but a sorry excuse as a human being and a “fake” Christian at best. You need to take a course in anger management because you’re close to losing it and going over the edge. Maybe you already have.

  44. LOL…Diane, You are delusional to the max and need help. You Libtards are the whining, crying, distracting, disrupting, protesting Snowflakes. That’s because you are ALL SORE LOSERS. You are consumed with TDS…Trump Derangement Syndrome…Now go cry yourself to sleep with your popsicle and blanky.

  45. Tank you for your HONEST opinion. Most of their problems are self inflictive.
    They want what most of the rest of of the world works for but they want theirs first.

  46. Omarossa and Michelle Obama belong in the same space,,,,they are both equally talented,,,both being troublemakers and “bitter” women that are not happy with their lives. Michelle, again hates America, (WHICH ONLY TOOK ON A “MASKED” ACCEPTANCE OF AMERICA DURING HER “STINT” IN THE WHITE HOUSE WITH THE BIG ZERO) and I am SO happy that she was not allowed at the “BIG WEDDING”. Now we have TWO women that never should have been in the White House, and they are BOTH BITTER about it!! And NOW, they BOTH feel vengeance against President Trump. KEEP COMPLAINING, LADIES, IT IS OVER FOR YOU BOTH!!! (THANK GOD)!!!

  47. Right, it just shows that POTUS gives second, third or even fourth chances. He got burned with her and that is regrettable. Good friends would never scheme and behave in that way. Omarosa is obsolete scum!!

  48. The opportunist OMO has again proved why she CONTINUES to be one of the nations most DISLIKED persons today. She thinks she will do big things with lies but I see her going down in flames, much like Wolff & his fake book.
    One sure thing we get from OMO… more of the same. She’s so lackluster but so desperately wishes to be relevant. A BIG “NOT”. bye bye omo, hope the door did hit you where the good Lord split you!

  49. Dan – You ARE a racist. Pure and simple. Just go reread your inane posts. So is 45. He has a long history of being a racist. That’s why he doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of White Supremacist…….they are all snowflakes and might cry.

  50. Dan – Sorry, snowflake, most “deplorables” are right wing nutcases, just like yourself! Remember, you guys proudly labeled yourselves that after Hillary called you a basket full of deplorables. That you are!

  51. Dan – Exactly what did I lie about? Just because you don’t like the truth (or facts for that matter) doesn’t make it a lie. Grow up, dear.

  52. Why what did she do? Confirmed this so-called president was a racist? Everybody knows that. If that’s your case, they should also arrest 45 for the same crimes! He’s the one who conspired with a foreign adversary to win an election. THAT’S a crime against the American people! No problem, though, Mueller’s on it!

  53. Donna you libturds are pissed because President Trump pushes back. He’s God’s gift to America. And he will be respected. So build a bridge and get over it snowflake.

  54. Donna – Couldn’t agree more! What the story SHOULD be is that this idiot HIRED her 4 times! What’s that say about HIS judgement? He only hires the “best” people! Hahahahaha What an incompetent loser!

  55. In typical “Trump” fashion, someone says something against him and he reverts to his grade school playground bully mode. If one didn’t know this was a 71 year old, one would think they were reading posts from a 10 year old. He is such a “SAD” excuse of a human being!!!!

  56. All conservatives need to take a page from “D.Hogg from Florida”. Attack the publishers of Omarosa’s book and never ever buy another book from them.

  57. I love everything Trump is doing,but I don’t think he is good at picking people.He fired her three times on his Apprentice show and then hired her again for a fourth?Then when his top adviser says she is a loser he tells him to work things out because she said nice things about him?
    Donald when you fired someone three times there has to be a reason not to take them back for a fourth. I heard she was quite the trouble maker on that show. Keep up the great work though Donald and keep MAGA.

  58. What a Vicious Banshee, Omarosa seems to be, &
    Butt-Ugly to Boot. I’m so glad that she has finally been ushered out of our WH, & soon to Join Wacky Freddy of Florida & Mad Max of Calif, as Buffoons in DC. Look for Wacky Omarosa to make a run for Office, she’s Perfect DEM Material & just Vicious enough to get into the Black Caucus!

  59. I’d say make her take a lie detector test, but she would probably pass…just like other habitual liars can. You can just toss her in the basket of despicables that is currently overflowing…and then indict and prosecute her for recording her firing in the White House situation room…which was about as delicately given by SecState Kelly as one could hope for, especially considering how disruptive she had been.

  60. As long as she denounces President Trump, Conservatives or Republicans, the MSM will keep her in the forefront, in their never ending attempt to over turn OUR VOTE. Fortunately for us they are/have over played their hand and are “P”ing” people off with this BS.

  61. She is just another Stormy Daniels and will end up in the same trash bin of History. Reminds me of Al Sharpton and that person he defended 20yrs ago. Tawana Brawely.

  62. I can see that it is easy to understand that she is an vindictive, racially motivated woman with evil in her heart. Like a dog that bites the hand that feeds it (like the NFL anti America protesters). Too much jealousy and Hate in her!

  63. A Nothing woman trying to become relevant to sell her book

    We are all used to these tell all books that turn out to be wet squibs

    Hope she ends up in court for her ilegal recordings

  64. omarosa is living proof you can take the girl out of the ‘hood, but can never take the ‘hood out of the girl.

    My guess is she has ticked off everyone in our White House with her unbridled mouth, so in a parting gesture she needs to write a coloring book that only Demented-Dems suffering from a Terminal case of TDS will read.

    She’s probably banking on Soros buying thousands of her books to get her on the NYT’s list.

  65. Audie Jordan you are so correct. Why doesn’t anything happen to these scumbags? This is why it keeps happening. They should all be indicted quick and easy. Bet things would change then.

  66. Check her bank account and see who is paying her for this crap. Just another lowlife, no class dirtbag looking for a big payday and 15 minutes of shame.

  67. She needs to be indicted immediately! If any of us had recorded leaking water in that room, we would being sitting in a jail cell w/ no bond or one so damn high we could not post it. I am tired of this crap. Holder got away w/ contempt of Congress. Where I live, if you don’t show up for jury duty, traffic citation, you are going to pay a hefty fine &/or spend some weekends in jail.

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