Donald Trump shut down Omarosa’s treachery with just one word

Former “Apprentice” contestant and White House senior staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman is the latest figure to try and destroy President Trump.

She is making the media rounds where she is given a platform to hurl smears at the President.

But Donald Trump shut her down with one word.

Omarosa made a massive splash when she appeared on Meet the Press and played the audio of a recording of White House chief of staff John Kelly firing her.

The conversation took place in the White House Situation Room which is supposed to be secure from audio and video devices.

This was a major breach of national security protocol.

In addition, Omarosa, is pushing claims in her book that Trump uses racial slurs and that she has heard the tapes.

The President finally had enough and crushed Omarosa – whom he fired three times on “The Apprentice” – with one of his devastating nicknames.

Trump tweeted that she was “wacky” and that no one on the White House staff liked her.

Omarosa made her name as one of the original reality TV super villains.

Now her White House career is ending in disgrace and she may face charges for recording a conversation in the Situation Room.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.



  1. I agree with you Msgt and Maxine. This old Seabee has also had enough B.S. It is time for some people to serve their time for their actions.
    I really agree we need Jim Jordan or Trey Goudy. Put the hurt where it belongs. It would not to hang Muller with the Clintons on the line to dry. Moe

  2. Omarosa is tiring and she just need to go away. There is no where for her in politics. Every time a story is written it is more of the same. She is boring and has no appeal
    Please Omarosa just go away and you attorney also.

  3. Linda only way that will happen is if “we the people” take charge of the situation and STOP cowing down to these thieves.Help our President to drain the swamp !Vote!!Vote Get out and Vote

  4. I Do NOT watch msm At All, get mynews elsewhere, But Totally
    Aware of brief clips. This omarosa story Dies. omarosa ‘chose’
    to walk ‘hot’. She will Not be a ‘happy camper’ in the long run,
    ie ‘Watching her back’.

  5. Well Ann, IF, she had access/or provided w/tech equipment
    INTO the SITUATION ROOM, ‘that’ Begs V. Serious Questions.
    > From whom ??? Yet Another INSIDER Traitor ???
    > In the ‘long run’, this story dies__ but not after she has
    made some millions? in Book. 0f which attorneys Take, if WH &&&
    THEY SHOULD Prosecute, Not for 0ld Apprentice krAAP, But for
    Extreme Violation in SITUATION ROOM. & i Will Repeat: Kelly
    should be ‘smacked upside the head (Italian style) for NOT
    Being Aware of ‘phone’/ bug 0r Anything Else. & that’s That.
    > hmm on Kelly. that’s all.

  6. Projection: (psychiatry) a defense mechanism by which your own traits and emotions are attributed to someone else. The liberals own this play, along with identity politics and victim hood.

  7. Wow Larry, I guess when you speak everyone needs to bow to you, your statement “didn’t I TELL you to stay off (by the way the word is spelled OFF not ORR, read your post)this blog”. The question I would ask is, who are you to dictate to me???? Are you god????

  8. She must have been provided technical equipment.
    This may be beyond a cell phone!
    How did she know ahead of time what was going to happen?
    Did she have bugs elsewhere?

  9. People are forgetting about the “Fraud, Waste, and Abuse” regulation with regard to getting paid while not being on the job, misuse of government vehicle transportation, and misuse of bringing non-vetted people in her wedding Party onto WH grounds for personal wedding photos , in other words personal use! There is probably more, but these are publically known!

  10. Omarosa is a Big time disgruntled loser. Why waste news coversge on this, when there are so many legitimate news topics to air. This gives news a bad name. Dump Omarosa to the curb where she put herself years ago. A no body that no one wants to hear from ever again. She made her bed bed and now regrets it, si she blames everyone else. Typical of a loser, she plays victim. No Sympathy from the working class.

  11. M, the info i read re SITUATION ROOM did not
    report she had phone. so i don’t know.
    Sounds logical, tho. SITUATION ROOM IS
    Serious STuff. Sooo, she walks in w/ Kelly,
    & Kelly/0r No 0ne checks her.(like they don’t know
    re recordings etc especially after Cohen,)
    to say the least. 0k, fine. Well, Kelly should
    be ‘cuffed’ upside the head, Italian style.
    > Anyway, Nothing recorded in SITUATION ROOM is
    detrimental to POTUS et al,. 0nly Herself.
    > 0ther recordings she ‘claims’ to have taken,
    could be Entirely Altered by now thru ‘Voice alteration
    Recognition, similar to CGI’s.
    > Bottom line: omarosa Chose to ‘walk hot’. Why? >>for a minute
    of ‘fame’ or what__ Ultimately, ‘down’ the road – she just
    burned her feet (& more) big time.

  12. Dan T., I leave for one minute and look who is back! Yesterday was so peaceful and quiet without Diane. Diane, Donna, and Lori, are one in the same body. She is a black racist, serial liar, low I.Q., and only knows what her handlers tell her. She is too lazy or doesn’t care enough to become informed about what is really going on in day to day America, so she let’s her handlers supply her with her Dem lib talking points. She is guilty of all the sins she is accusing President Trump of. She has TDS in addition to suffering from multiple personality disorder. She is mentally ill and should not be loose with sane people. Talk about a bully, DJT can’t hold a candle to Diane, Donna, Lori. At least he is not out here trying to bully decent people like D/D/L is. If she wasn’t so angry, mean and a bully she would be pitied but who can pity anybody who is such an evil mean degenerate as she? You make everyone on these websites hate you and I know you smart a$$ you say you don’t care but, I know better. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, THE ONLY REASON ANGRY MEAN LIBERALS COME ON CONSERVATIVE WEBSITES AND BLOG IS TO CREATE CHAOS AND HATE AND DISCONTENT. YOU HAVE DONE A PRETTY GOOD JOB OF THAT TODAY BUT I’M ASKING THESE GOOD PEOPLE TO, IF THEY ARE ABLE, TO IGNORE YOU. YOU ARE NOT WORTH ANY ONE OF THESE FOLKS USING ANOTHER MINUTE OF THEIR TIME ON YOU. YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF HUMAN WASTE. YES, I AM UPSET RIGHT NOW, NOT FOR ME, BUT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TALKED DOWN TO AND BULLIED THESE PEOPLE WHO HAVE MORE BRAINS IN ONE HAIR ON THEIR HEAD THAN YOU DO WITH ALL YOUR LITTLE GAMES. You are an atheist and don’t believe but I tell you this, God is going to get you! When you get to hades, you remember who told you where you were going to end up!

  13. Trump and kind… just doesn’t mix, like oil and water. Might be one of the funniest comments I have ever heard. In an earlier post, you mentioned doing away with chain migration, hmmmm funny how Trumpy’s wife parents got in???? You also mentioned draining the swamp, guess we started with the number 2 swamp monster Scott Pruitt. Lets see we have the “king of foreclosure” still there Stevie Munichin, sold his foreclosure business for billions. Rudy, must escape the home on occasion as he seems to show up out of nowhere… The Koch Bros were once so revered but “1” bad comment about the “great 1” and you are to be attacked with slurs and insults (guess that’s part of the Trump kindness…lol…)Roger Stone, hmmmm more pond scum….. I could write a novel here!!!!!!!

  14. The left are bullies and Trump isn’t??? If you believe that you don’t have an ounce of common sense!!!!!!! Stocking ammo, so who are you going to shoot, the Koch Brothers since Trumpy thinks there scum now. Maybe you out to use that ammo on Scotty Pruitt, he’s a swamp monster!!!

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