Donald Trump shut down one major critic with this jaw dropping truth

Donald Trump’s political enemies continue to crawl out of the woodwork to attack him.

The President faces an unprecedented resistance to his election.

But he scored a major victory by shutting down one top critic with this jaw dropping truth.

General Stanley McChrystal led U.S. forces in Afghanistan before being fired by President Obama.

McChrystal is trying to rehab his image and part of that included an ABC interview where he called Trump “immoral” and said he would never work in the Trump administration.

Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham noted McChrystal was a pariah in the Washington establishment after Obama fired him for making critical comments about the President in a Rolling Stone article.

Trump responded to Ingraham’s tweet by ripping McChrystal as a Hillary supporter whose mouth keeps costing him jobs.

The easiest way for anyone the Washington establishment once cast aside to get back in the good graces of the elites is to criticize Trump.

McChrystal took the first step by endorsing Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Now he’s using the resignation of Secretary of Defense James Mattis over policy disagreements with Trump to pile on the President.

But Trump showed once again he will not allow the establishment to sabotage his Presidency by allowing them to use discredited figures from the past to tear down his administration.

Do you agree with Donald Trump?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.




  2. Diane, sorry honey you’ve drank the koolaid & now you are tainted. Sorry kiddo you REALLY don’t know what you are talking about. Are you aware that every war was started when a demorat was in office? Did you know the KKK was started by demorats? And…that there is STILL ‘secret societies’ with a full roster of RICH WHITE DEMORAT MEN & NO, PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NOT A MEMBER. Have you looked back at the National Debt when obummer took office? And do you know how much it was when PRESIDENT TRUMP took office? Unless you can PROVE I’m wrong just quit embarrassing yourself.

      • Thanks, Tom. I notice that whenever you challenge a dem on their rhetoric that they don’t come back with answers. They can NEVER list all the things that PRESIDENT TRUMP has said or done that is wrong, a lie, a sin or is treasonous as they claim. That’s the perk of being anonymous on here.

    • The Jim Crow Era, Slavery, KKK, lynchings, Segregation, and let’s not forget the “Trail of Tears” was all done under the Democrat Administration. It was the Democrat president and followers who murdered and let die, thousands of Native Americans on the Trail of Tears. Also, the KKK and other vileness was due to the democrats in unbridled power. Under them, the people suffered. So, don’t lay it off on Republicans. Wake up and Sober Up from the Devil’s brew.

  3. Dear president trump
    You are the perfect “if man”. You must have known Rudyard Kipling
    In a previous life. His poem called simply “if”, fits you perfectly.
    “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and
    Blaming it on you; if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too; if you can wait and not be
    Tired by waiting, or being lied about, don’t deal in lies….”.
    There’s a lot more but the poem fits you. Wear it well
    We are behind you. Make America Great Again….

  4. You have to remember the General was “Army!” A service that is known for being occasionally clueless. Captain Jim Green, US Navy Veteran and strong supporter of President Trump

    • Thanks to all of YOU who served and are now serving out Country by being in the MILITARY! Anyone who willingly sacrifice whose LIFE for the country is a God Sent to Us the civilians! Thanks be to God for them! We appreciate everyone of our MILITARY MAN and WOMAN! Love our Commander in Chief! It is very hard sometimes to find sensible leaders within any Military! Power often corrupts weak minds and Self serving Egos! Thus, to promote people to High Positions, A Line for HUMILITY with Prudence must be Present! Humility must be present within every person who has any form of Power. The higher the Position of a person, the more humility is required! It is humility with dignity, knowledge, accompanied by Wisdom that is a Prudent Conquering Courage which leads to Victory! Thanks to YOU Capt. James Green and our wonderful President Trump! America is in Good hands!

  5. At least The president shows that he has what it take to stand up and be counted and he won’t take shit from any dumb ass.

  6. hey Scott27 you know that his family receives NO MONEY for the work they do in their fathers administration Or are you a 27 yr old who has been brain washed by the Dems and the liberal so called educators??? I seen more than you and thank you for your lame comments. MAGA2020

  7. President Donald Trump is the best president we’ve had since Ronald Reagan. It doesn’t matter how much negativity is out there about him it doesn’t make it so. Sure just because you say it doesn’t make it so. So just try saying good things because there’s a lot of people believes good things about this president. God put him in office and no man will take him out. So just get over your big bad self.

    • OOOHHH, I like you Ramona!!! I agree completely…GOD PUT HIM IN & NO MAN will take him out!! There’s still enough Christians who came up from being the ‘silent’ voters to become ‘out loud’ voters! And even people who are not necessarily Christians but Republicans and even some NOT Republicans who use the brains God gave them to put PRESIDENT TRUMP into office because he is NOT a shady politician but a businessman who knows how to run a massive empire business and that is exactly what the United States is…a business! He didn’t volunteer his time to become a hated member of society for beating the pants off of madam hitlary but to be the STRONG man who saw what the last 4 presidents did to sell this country down the tubes. I actually liked bush until he pulled all kinds of dirty tricks & lied about PRESIDENT TRUMP…SHAME ON HIM. I lost EVERY shred of respect for him that I once had. I WILL say one thing good about him & that is the way he stepped up to the plate when 9-11-01 happened. He was every inch a president during that HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE situation. But after that he endorced obummer, turned his back on his OWN party and retreated into his private world enmeshing himself in with the secret cults that only the top richest people on the planet are invited into. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

  8. Hi Mysty,

    I think they are the same person. The writing mentality is identical, just different words on the same points. … juvenile etc…

    • Oh wow!!! How could the same person talk SO BAD about PRESIDENT TRUMP & then bash the demorats so badly? She even said she was sticking with Trump when she bashed the dems!
      I hope she comes back to let us know which side she is swinging on!

  9. President Trump should stop paying the Washington Congress and Senate for NOT doing their job. The small people should continue to be paid. Those Political “vampires” need to know that “we” the people dissapprove of their treatment of “Our”President and their treatment of the Citizens of the United States. The POLITICIANS have NO concern of the Citizens that put them in Office.

  10. I support President Trump now, have supported him in the past and will support him in the future. Why? I am so glad you asked. He Is Not A Politician!! Got it. For many years a lot of us would vote for a main stream candidate thinking that they would change the “Business as Usual” political scene. Only once in office it was back to ‘Business as usual.’ I quit voting for MSM candidates many years ago. Then I voted for Reagan. Then Bush lied about taxes and I would not vote for him again. It was back to third party candidates until President Trump decided to run. Whether you love him or hate him, he is definitely changing the “Business as Usual” establishment in the District of Corruption. Am I so blinded by my support for President Trump that I see no wrong he does? Nope. I also realize that he had a meeting with Henry Kissinger (globalist, one world government, federal reserve can do no wrong, International Banking Cartel member) before President Trump announced his candidacy. Yes, Donald Trump knew he had to have permission from the globalist in order to declare his candidacy for President of the United States of America. Still he is not a politician and I will continue to support him because who else is there? Hillary? Obama round two? Biden? Look at all the crooked, evil, treasonous deeds that have come out since President Trump took office. Still not Russian conclusion though.

    • Yep, no corruption at all. Just a couple of his closest advisors now convicted felons. Lies; he and his family all reaping huge profits from their role in the White House; K Street humming like a healthy beehive; selling out national treasures, and more and more. But yep, cleaning the swamp alright… just keep ignoring the stuff behind the curtain.

      • hey Scott27 you know that his family receives NO MONEY for the work they do in their fathers administration Or are you a 27 yr old who has been brain washed by the Dems and the liberal so called educators??? I seen more than you and thank you for your lame comments. MAGA2020

      • scott27, you are absolutely delusional!!!! Do you or do you not know that when the clintons left the White House they STOLE tons of antiques from the White House and took them to their new home in New York?? The FBI & secret service had to go there to collect everything & they had to give it all back! And that, you silly liberal is FACT. You want to find out for sure? Go to ANY newspaper office (big, national ones) and look it up in their archives. Oh yeah, and of course that was AFTER clinton was impeached but refused to leave so the senate let him stay in office as a LAME DUCK PRESIDENT’ where he wasn’t allowed to put through any sort of bill, proposal or law. He just got to run off to play golf, sneakily give classified information to our enemies and set up a whole venue of speaking events in enemy countries and get paid MILLIONS for the clinton bucket that had (and up until madam clinton lost still had) no bottom. You say you do research, but yet you don’t seem to actually KNOW much of anything except to spread liberal lies that you get from communist news network and all other lame-stream media.

  11. Why is it the guy ALWAYS resorts to name calling, like an elementary-school child??? I notice many of you followers do the same. Is that all ya got?

    Secondly, a “jaw-dropping truth” (yes, it should be hyphenated). C’mon, he wouldn’t know or recognize a jaw-dropping truth if it bit him in the butt.

    • Maybe he’s using insults because the leftists are famous for it. Immoral, unfit, etc., but he keeps getting things done, which makes the left/establishment nuts. I almost forgot – he’s also called a bigot, racist, white supremacist & misogynist. Sorry fella, but he didn’t START the name calling – he just finishes it. No it isn’t attractive from anyone, but the left has been doing that for decades. I know – been called all sorts of names by leftists when I answer them with facts. Their ‘feelings’ just can’t take it, I guess.

      • There is a large and significant difference, Kat, between making up and tossing school-yard level names and identifying traits. There is ample evidence for each of those characteristics you attribute to the left using. And getting things done? Where is that inexpensive health care everyone would love? Where is my windfall from the tax changes? Where is the infrastruture we all need? And why is no one concerned about the highest debt this nation has ever known?

          • Apparently budgets and economics are not your strong suit. It’s ok. You apparently have lots of company here.

        • Scott27…Why don’t you ask the libs & the rhinos since it’s THEY that have fallen down on their jobs & refused to allow PRESIDENT TRUMP’S proposals to go forward…just to try & discredit him. But you know what? He HAS DONE AN AMAZING JOB GETTING TONS OF THINGS DONE in spite of them & if you weren’t drinking the koolaid put out by cnn…communist news network… & all the other msm you’d be smart enough to ACTUALLY DO HOMEWORK FOR YOURSELF & NOT JUST IGNORANTLY BELIEVE EVERYTHING THOSE FAKE NEWS STATIONS TELL YOU TO BELIEVE. Have you ever watched C-Span?

          • Mysty, aside from that being a very rote answer, I do more research on all sides in a week than you’ve likely done in 10 years. Maybe, just maybe, you need to step away from the state propaganda networks of Fox and Breitbart.

          • M – You’re wrong, misinformed, and ignorant, as usual. The debt increased with the GOP & Trump tax scam for the wealthy. That had nothing to do with Obama, who, by the way, was decreasing the debt. Do a little research (oh no, you want me to deal with FACTS?) and you’ll see the debt increases with Republicans as presidents and decrease with Democrats as presidents.

        • And another thing young man, when obummer came into the White House he tripled the national debt in no time at all by giving BILLIONS to terrorist countries…which the PEOPLE never got, ONLY the leaders. He gave so much of OUR TAX DOLLARS to ’causes’ that WE THE PEOPLE would NEVER have sanctioned had we known at the time. He sold this country out time after time after time, but you don’t seem to be very knowledgeable about. Have you ever heard about Fast & Furious? How about Benghazi?

    • Hey Scott27. Umm, who are you referring to re – name calling? President Trump or McChrystal? Pretty clear to me who the dumb, loud mouth is. The one who endorsed an evidence-based, inherently morally corrupt ” bitch “, & I’m being ( really polite ).

      What has 8 yrs under a patently obvious, narcissistic former POTUS, with seriously questionable American birthright claims & evidence, done for & to ” The Land of the Free, & The Home of the Brave “? At least 3 things!

      1): Badly unworkable policies & Imperialistic Presidential Executive Edicts that so outrageously burdened ” all Americans ” regardless of political leanings.

      2): Stymied overall economic growth & sent a beautiful Country into such a tail-spin in very short order that;

      3): It found itself on an unstable precipice that a single false step would’ve plunged it into a dark, dank hole far worse than ” The Great Depression “.

      How ironic is it, that The United States now has for its President, ” a rank outsider ” who doesn’t call a spade a shovel or pick-axe. Is not slavishly controlled by corrupt career politicians of either major political party or swayed by massively biased media. Truly loves his Country so passionately he not only wants, but works incredibly hard to gain the very best outcomes for it regardless of loathsome critiques.

      So ” General McChrystal ” just exactly what he deserved . . . Period?

  12. Too bad somebody does not Shut Down d. trump AKA CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump like that Blond Orangutan Ape shut down the goverment just to get his selfish, childish, sick & insane way! Mr.White House WORTHLESS WORM Himself!

    • Gee, what a highly edumacated classy, knowledgeable “lady”………………….
      Yes, folks there are lost of ignorant sheep following the pied pipers off the edge of the cliff. Just listening top this woman talk makes you very very sad to know that Hillary was right,……the dumbest people in the world are the Democrat voters, people who do not look at the facts or know the law,…Sad, Sad, Sad……

    • Good grief. Its ot bad enough for corrupt politicians to come out of the woodwork to harass and use our sitting President for target practice but people like you pile on top of the heap to add insults. If you rrally bothered to fact check you’d realize the Swamp monsters are deliberately spewing lies hoping you’ll behave just as you are doing. Wake up. The coffee is real.

    • Hi again you ignorant traitor!
      Pelosi & Schummer shutdown the gov’t. They both want the wall as does the old school dem party. They voted twice for it pre-President Trump. They won’t support it now or anything else PRESIDENT Trump puts forth because like you they are traitors.

      • Well said, Bob2. I have decided that if Trump offered them each a million dollars, they would bitch because it wasn’t two million, and also that the bills were old. I understand Trump lashing out. If I was under the pressure he faces 24/7/365 and the nastiness/negativity (even to my son/wife/daughters) I would fight back, too. The hate is all from the left, and they refuse to own it, despite overwhelming evidence.

      • The democrats are standing around playing with their HEMMORRIDS while more and more American citizens are being murdered and raped by illegal immigrants.
        But the DEMONCRATS want them here that’s the only way they can get any votes I WILL STAND WILL TRUMP

        • Betty, you obviously are a DIFFERENT Betty from the one who has a 2nd grade education, is a demented lib with a filthy mouth. You should add a number or an initial after your name.

    • As I said to Scott27 (and you just made a perfect example of my assertion) all leftists seem to do is insult and call people names when they have no valid argument. At least Scott27 made a somewhat logical point. You just run your ‘mouth’ spouting childish gibberish. I expect you will next say something like: “I know you are, but what am I” and stick your tongue out.

    • Democrats want fifty billion to protect other people but not this country,build the wall we would save billions. Fact are facts.

    • So, you’re OK with deadly drugs and third-world diseases flowing unchecked across our border? 80% of heroin and fentanyl found on our streets comes from China via Mexico and overdose deaths from those drugs are driving US life expectancy down. Many, if not most, entering illegally have no vaccinations required for international travel and can be carrying third-world diseases into our country.


  13. You guys loved Gen. McChrystal for stating the truth about former President Obama. Now you hate him for telling the truth about so called President Trump. Make up your minds. Or are your lips just attached to Trump by his nether region?

  14. Hillary, Hillary, Hillary all day long. She still refuses to give up and retire. She is mumbling on her return to 2020. People must remember that she has serious health issues including her alcoholic problem and incoherent babbling at times. She’s no good.

    This general bored the hell out of me. Liberal media obviously took the advantage of his 15-min fame. They will dump him and move on looking for another Avenatti that would last longer in their negativity campaign against Trump.

    Make America Great Again!

    • Man from Grey…Her arrogance & narcissism will be the death of her yet. Good heavens she has NO SHAME, NO MORALS, NO COMPREHENSION that she is a has-been & needs to go hide in the woods with the other animals. She is simply unable to comprehend that people DON’T want her anymore. Good gosh the polls all put her at the bottom of the heap of demorats in the running for president. Even old bernie came in above her!!! I say let her take the nomination…and get beat by PRESIDENT TRUMP AGAIN!!#

  15. hey “Phantom” and “You are so Stupid” and anyone else who is afraid to use your name, just shut up and go away….maybe even leave OUR country ‘cuz it certainly isn’t yours!

  16. Thank you Anthony, no one could have said it better. Wish I could shake the hand of an intelligent, common sense patriot. Elwin.

    • Really…McChrystal was fired by Obama for saying bad things about him in a Rolling Stones magazine. Imagine that. But, president Trump is not allowed to do the same.

  17. The Dems make me sick! They just march to the SAME drummer, doing the same things over and over again. Not one of them has an intelligent thought or speaks independently! God Bless Donald Trump! BUILD THE WALL!

      • Wrong Richard. The biggest LOSERS are who like you are Republican Asshole Kissers Of That Walking Talking Oval Office Pile Of CRAP SHIT. Too bad his BODY IS AS NOT AS SICK AS HIS MIND. Maybe than America would finally be rid of that LYING LUNATIC.

        • Betty, I believe your colorful description is aimed at the wrong President. This one may speak with salty sailor speak, but he doesn’t use coiled false documents to investigate and harass or punish free speech. Nor does he claim credit for positive growth that he did not achieve. Nor did he ship billions to a terrorist regime and release Gitmo detainees in exchange for a traitor. We’ve never before ransomed a US citizen.

    • Thank you Janet and Richard for Comments well spoken about , OUR , President. TSgt., USAF, Vietnam Vet & Systems Analyst Retired.

    • Trump has done more for this country than the last 4 Presidents combine. If he was left alone to do his job he would end up being the GREATEST PRESIDENT in history other than George Washington who founded this country. These sick Dems and sick Rinos and SICK MEDIA who tear him down are EVIL to the core and TRAITORS to the people of this nation. GIVE THE PRESIDENT YOUR SUPPORT !! Our freedom depends on it.

  18. I would also like to thank Anthony. That was a great comment. I really feel sorry for the people who do not see what our President is doing. I think they have been so brain washed by the left they do not have a brain left to think reasonably with. But I still love all Americans, even the stupid ones.

    • well i’m a liberal but i shoot back and i never miss, how do you praise a person who doesn’t even know if what he is saying is the truth or a lie, let alone a person who most of the world is a joke and why a lot of countries think we are a joke because of him.

      • Who cares what other countries thinks ,Everyone of those countries want to be like America . You liberial moron ,you arn’t old enough to have an opinion.

      • The only joke is you phantom, you haven’t a clue as to what is going on. Read the FACTS, as stated by Anthony. I think you miss everything.

          • It figures a leftist PoS such as yourself would think FACTS come out of someone’s ass. FACTS are as shit to leftist scum.
            Truth shows them up for the blithering turds they are.

      • Yup that’s obama all they way. Europe is now looking at how well nationalism/patriotism works though it may be to late for them.

      • I see you are describing our PREVIOUS pretend president that ONLY won a 2nd term because of soros-owned voting machines that registered demorat choices instead of the ones REPUBLICAN VOTERS VOTED FOR. MASS amounts of voters in most states tried to complain to the people working the polling stations but they were just blown off. obummer did NOT win, they cheated him into a 2nd term. When hitlary tried to steal the election people were smarter & they turned out in DROVES to keep her out of the WH…and THANK GOD WE WON!!!

      • And by the way ‘phantom’ you think PRESIDENT TRUMP is being laughed at across the world? You OBVIOUSLY have a selective memory if you don’t remember obummer’s ‘apology tour’ he took across the world bowing to leaders of their countries…muslim as well as all the rest of our enemies…and all the photos showed his BUTT as he bowed to them. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DOES NOT…I REPEAT…DOES NOT BOW TO OUR ENEMIES, TERRORISTS, MUSLIMS AND COMMUNISTS.

  19. Fired by obozo, endorsed the Arkansas witch. Who cares what his opinion is on anything? Why does renewed right give the loser any exposure? Why did I bother wasting my time reading or commenting on this article? Guess I’m just bored. Slow work day.



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