Donald Trump shut down gun control with one amazing answer

Liberals were salivating over the tragic killing at First Baptist Church in Texas.

So-called “journalists” and politicians couldn’t contain their glee at being able to promote gun control.

But one reporter made the epic mistake of asking Trump to support new gun grabs and he shut her down with one amazing answer.

While in South Korea, NBC News reporter Ali Vitali demanded to know why Trump wouldn’t use the same “extreme vetting” standard for Islamists looking to enter America for gun purchases.

Trump teed off with a pitch perfect answer that left the gun grabbers regretting ever bringing up the subject.

First, Trump pointed out that the shooter obtained his weapon illegally while the hero who put an end to his carnage legally owned his firearm.

He moved to say that gun control only would have kept the hero who obeys the law from owning a firearm while murderers would just ignore the law anyway.

Trump also noted that Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country and the city is a “total disaster” with gun crime through the roof.

In the Texas shooting, gun control failed.

The Air Force – which was headed by Obama appointees – failed to submit the killer’s conviction for domestic violence to law enforcement.

This allowed him to illegally purchase a weapon.

Only a Good Samaritan who was armed with a rifle ended the senseless slaughter. As Trump pointed out, gun control only disarms the law abiding and renders them sitting ducks for deranged madmen out for blood.


  1. I have a clean record and so does my husband, but we carry to protect ourselves, our family and our property. We have a license to carry, it is our right to defend ourselves.

  2. Maryann -Buy yourself a birthday present, the next time that rolls around and sign up for training on “how to safely” handle your weapon AND maintain it; maintenance and “cleaning” are just as important as safely using it. If not properly maintained and cleaned, on a regular basis, it will not perform well; just like maintaining the vehicle you drive – -if you don’t, it doesn’t perform well either.
    I did this, about 5 years ago and I’ve never been sorry. Thankfully, I’ve never had to use it and don’t really want to have to, but you have no idea how comforting it is to know it’s close by if I ever do need it. If you “fear guns”, the training course will remove that fear and give you the confidence to handle it safely.


  4. I’ve never owned or even shot one, but I sure hope and pray my neighbors have one and ready to use them if necessary.

  5. More guns less crime. It’s a fact jack. All high gun control states have mucho more crimes especially violent ones. Only a dumb ass would have supported a do nothing Hussein Obama. He divided this Connery along racial, gender and class lines well before Trump came to town. He has already done more for the middle class in nine months than Obama did in 8 years. Obama is a distant memory with almost nothing left of his presidency. Thank God that corrupt Hillary didn’t get in. Make America great again. Last greatness was when Reagan was in office.

  6. Take an inch leads to total ban of all firearms. No to the out of control left when it comes to legal gun ownership. You want gun control go after those who are obtaining guns illegally. Do something about the Chicago carnage. Why does the left including Obama never want to talk about the murders in Chicago?? Obamas territory. That man was worthless when it came to eliminating gangs in Chicago . Trump is the only president willing to talk about eradicating these senseless murders. A black POTUS ignored his city for 8 years. Takes a white POTUS to take charge in this area. Obama was all about Obama.

  7. Also the left owns 2 group who are evil and terrorists who regularly call for and perform attacks on Trump supporters white police officers. Where is the DOJ declaring both BLM and Antifa hate groups.

  8. Right on and it needed to be disclosed. Thank you for your input. Makes total sense now. Perhaps the congressional oversight committee can invite the Reid inquiry to begin asap so that the proper info an be disclosed on an official basis. ON CAMERA.

  9. Or the criminal would just use a bomb or vehicle as has been proven by other crimes that are the same except for the TOOL the criminal chose to misuse.

    Where are all the ANTI TRUCK/ANTI PLANE people in the wake of the other terrorist attacks? That one attack that used planes as the weapon killed more people than all the “mass shootings” combined in a single incident and if we go by their logic “I never use one so no one NEEDS one so they should be banned to prevent the crime from ever happening again” we need PLANE CONTROL beyond what already exists. Fact is the only time most people ever hear of a plane is when someone is killed either due to an accident or criminal act involving one just unlike when a gun is involved the media brushes past it as fast as possible instead of HARPING on how if CIVILIANS could not use one the ACCIDENT/CRIME could never happen.

    Also there is the fact that even the founders understood that if you wait until you NEED something it is to late.

    All one needs do to see the truth in this is to look at all those who wait until they NEED disaster supplies scrambling to try and get them AFTER a disaster happened instead of being ready for the tornado, hurricane, earthquake, etc.. The same applies to PROTECTING oneself and family if you wait until you NEED the tool for protection it is to late to try and get that tool. Having locked in a another room or blocks or miles away when it is needed it is the same as not having it all.

  10. Why does it matter where all the illegal firearms in Chicago come from. The important fact is that they are there illegally and the criminals who have them do not care. The important thing is that they are used in Chicago against citizens who are forbidden to arm themselves in defense of their own. The important fact is that the laws against ownership only apply is you follow the law, which criminals do not do!!! Only a TRUE Dumpf would not know this rather obvious fact.

  11. Well then, Howard, you need to pay much closer attention and then you will know exactly who it is that wants to take every ones guns. Catch up with all the info and you will no longer have any questions.

  12. Actually they are using technical semantics when they say that they meant they want to allow their bodyguards and supporters to still have them they just want everyone who might oppose a total takeover of this nation by them disarmed.

  13. Only a delusional east or west coaster would think as you do. The rest of the country suffers from rationality.

  14. The number of cartriges in a magazine is immaterial. Someone wanting to kill as many people as possible will just have to carry around more 10 cartrige magazines than if he had 30 cartridge magazines. Actually, the 10 cartidge ones would be more easily carried. The only upside to smaller magazines would be if some brave soul confronted the gunman in the few seconds between the criminal ejecting the empty magazine and loading the new one. What sort of an upside is that you ask? Well, with a 10 cartidge magazine there would be more pauses in the carnage, than with a magazine of highes capacity, right?

  15. All one needs to do to see how much more horrific the crime would have been if civilians were disarmed is calculate how many victims he harmed in the time had before the civilian reacted to stop him and how much longer it took for police to arrive who would then have had to do the same to stop the crime to know how many more victims gun bans would have caused.

  16. Yes, Howard, that is exactly the lie they want you to believe. The Democrat Party wants exactly no guns in civilian hands and have called for outright banning of firearms numerous times. Are you really trying to say, for example, that Cryin’ Chuck Schumer does NOT want to take them all? You better listen to your own party’s propaganda. I could create quite a list of 100% gun ban advocates: Hillary/McAuliffe/too many to list….

  17. CPD does not use revolvers.
    You don’t know your subject matter.
    Rifles account for .01% of the crimes committed with a firearm according to the latest FBI statistics.
    Do you cry as hard when people are run over by a terrorist in a car?
    Of course not, you HAVE a car, right?,

  18. I think he meant by control he was talking about what the founding fathers were thinking when writing the 2 amendment. Remember they fought the British government and the British government was trying to control their every day lives; not only with taxes. The countries where leaders were able to turn their nation into communist dictatorships, i.e. Cuba and today Venzuela, residents are unable to fight back against the government controlled military. Remember the Bundy’s and those in the militia fighting off the government officials trying to kick them off the range. Very little, if any, was reported on why the government was kicking a rancher off the land that his family had for over 100 years. No one realized that Harry Reid’s son made a multi million dollar deal with a Chinese solar company to erect panels on that land and provide energy to California. Instead all you heard was that the cattle were a threat to the endangered turtles. These turtles were moved off the range, so why would the cattle be a danger? In fact the senior Bundy said that the turtles and cattle co existed for over 100 years. The truth was that the so called endangered turtles were dying in their new habitat. So that is one example why we need our right to bear arms. Unfortunately the second time armed government agents went to obtain the land, a militia member was shot and killed and they ultimately surrendered. I am not an NRA member; nor do I carry a gun. I do have family and friends that do and they are the most generous people I know.

  19. Nick; It is NOT an assault weapon! Only machine guns (fully automatic) are “assault weapons” because the very first one, the Nazi Sturmgehwer ’44. Go Google it to relieve ignorance. No military is equipped with AR15s for a good reason: the difference between the M16 and AR15 is directly analagous to the difference between a hatchet and a chain saw. BHO called them “weapons of war”. LIAR

  20. Funny Geri, but one of your kind does want to take them away. That would be the id10T female from CA. DiFi. Who if DC enforced the laws on their books, would be a convicted felon for holding in her hand a 30 round magazine for an AR-15/M16/M4 type firearm.

  21. Geri, the divider in chief departed the oval office Jan 20th 2017. President Trump ( don’t you just love saying ” President Trump ” ) is having to clean up the racist mess that 0bozo created.

  22. Yes, Geri. The way to do that is to attack the roots of all violence, namely broken families, generational dysfunction and crime but not your parties’ phony “gun violence” category.
    Violence is violence no matter the hardware that is used. Funny you should bring that up since your party never seems to actually do anything about that at all. Does it?

  23. Ken Sparrow, I do not agree with you on this one. An AR15 is an assault weapon and not necessary for protection. Limiting this weapon is NOT a bad thing. Think about it with your brain, not your gut. In Chicago, a police officer killed someone with the use of 16 bullets from his service revolver. Put that picture in your mind and change his weapon to an AK15. Thank you and have a safe and healthy day.

  24. We the anti-Hillary voters feel your pain, comrade. You invested serious money on that gold-plated frame with Hillary’s portrait – now gathering dust in your garage.

  25. Troll or stupid? That is the question about you. I want all gun/magazine grabbers banned from voting because you are more of a danger than a gun owner.

  26. Come to the table and discuss what we can do to stop this? Really? The man that shot all those people in Las Vegas “LEGALLY” owned his firearms. He passed every background check there is. You will NEVER legislate the hate out of someone’s heart and mind. If someone attacked you or your family, are you going to stop them with your cell phone? Something in your pocket? Unless it’s a gun you and your family just get to be dead. They’re bad guys, they don’t care about the law, that’s why they’re bad guys. So you’re a liberal, you don’t like Trump, that’s fine, I didn’t and never will like Obama and I don’t think anyone likes Hillary the Broom Pilot Clinton, not even her family. But you go right on believing that gun control will fix our problems, but if a bad guy kills you or a family member, you’ll know first hand that no law in human history ever stopped a bad guy from breaking it. By the way, you are aware that murder is already against the law aren’t you? If a bad guy kills someone in your family with something other than a firearm, are you going to stand over their grave and think to yourself, “Well, at least they weren’t killed with one of those evil guns.” I highly HIGHLY suggest you wake up to the realities of this thing they call life. There always has been, always wlll be, bad guys that are going to kill innocent people with whatever they choose to do it with. Wake up wingnut, bad guys don’t give a damn what you think or how you vote, they will kill you graveyard dead and never lose a wink of sleep over it.

  27. But, but Geri, Dems blame EVERY NRA member and gun owner for every shooting ever committed (Rose McGowan, Barack Obama). How does it feel to be on the receiving end for a change? Not to mention, you party does not really want the crimes to stop. They would lose a large reason for their very existence. They don’t want poverty to be wiped out, either for the same reason. Open your mind. You have been lied to your whole life.

  28. Let us say I am an idiot and maybe I am, but your post makes NO sense to me. You state, “… how do we ( the libtards ) control the masses if they can protect themselves”. There is no use of a question mark to tell us if he is actually asking a question, or spouting a conflicted idea.

    President Trump and those who support him are conservative people who do NOT need to be controlled. Those in “power” in this country who are for gun control are those who are protected by body guards 24/7. It is NOT about control. Being able to own a gun is about obeying the laws and doing what is good and right, while having the security of knowing you can protect your family and others who may be in danger of being killed or seriously wounded.

    I live in one of the better neighborhoods of Chicago, which is mostly filled with immigrants (Sanctuary City lunacy). Most of these people barely speak English, if at all, and are unhappy living in this country. Two weeks ago a neighbor, with an ugly beard from who knows what country, shouted, “I am a RESIDENT living here and you are AMERICAN RACIST” simply because I tried to have a polite conversation with him. He had NO CLUE of what I was saying, but somehow felt threatened.

    And Joe talks about CONTROL? Apparently, he is a resident of the United States, as his post makes ZERO sense. Living a good Christian life and helping others is not control – it love for one another. I have come to learn that he who screams RACIST is someone to fear.

    Here is a news flash. The United States of America is ALREADY overpopulated. There are not enough good jobs (immigrants hire more immigrants), housing is overcrowded (as there are as many as 6 or more people living in a 2 bedroom dwelling0, the roads are backed up with traffic, there is limited parking for homeowners due to overpopulation, the price of food is forcing many elderly people to go with little or nothing to eat, etc. This is basic Economics 101 – supply and demand. Note, it is economics not EEEkonomics as taught by Obama.

  29. I don’t want gun control. I want control of all the peripheral parts of the gun. A bump stock is not a gun. Banned it. Cartridge clips are not guns. Limit them to 10 shots. You don’t need 30 or 50 shots clips. No one should be that lazy. No one I know of is trying to take anyone’s guns.

  30. Trolls everywhere…
    When will you liberal communists learn? Before you post, at least become familiar with which end of the weapon to point away from you. Or better yet, don’t.

  31. You make about as much sense as an idiot! Many, many things can be traced right back to OBAMA. His overall goal was to take away all the weapons to make Americans vulnerable to his MUSLIM and BLM brothers. He ignored the constitution, federal laws, had a DOJ that was as crooked as those countries run by dictators. OBAMA, was anti-American, illegal, crooked and the worst president America has ever had.

  32. Are you ever going to get over the fact Scumbag Hillary lost to a great person, President TRUMP. If you still believe in the Democratic Party with all the lies, cheating, subversion, back stabbing and out right crimes committed, you need help! You are wrong, Chicago does have and they do have more killings than anywhere. 80% of the deaths are by illegally purchased weapons, bought on street corners. No gun control can stop that.

  33. Totally agree. Last Nov 8,2016, not only we the people went to the poles but the Holy Spirit draped America with a Trump Pence victory!!! As evil as the world is now , proof positive that secularism doesn’t work in a Judeo/Christian Marjory republic. Praying for Gods love continues for USA AND ISRAEL.

  34. NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY!!!! Come to the table and discuss what can be done to prevent these tragedies from happening. The next time YOU, YOUR children, YOUR family may be next.

  35. This was a great tragedy. But to try and blame President Obama is ludicrous and insane. A grievous error was made but not by President Obama. HE did not cause the error. A person who was supposed to be entering information did not enter it. To blame every single citizen that for made an error in 8 years and making President Onama responsible is beyond stupidity.

  36. Only an ignorant person would think that Dumpf is doing “great” things.
    He talk off the top of his poof head without any knowledge. Chicago does NOT have the strongest gun control laws in the country. NY has more. Indiana, which has barely any gun control is where most of Chicago’s guns come from.
    Dumpf is dangerous to our GREAT country – causing more hate crimes and divisness. He will reward the rich with BIGLY tax cuts which we the people will pay for. He lies – blatenly, without any remorse. And when his lies are proven, he will not retract. We have a ???? President.

  37. Amen! Oh, that’s a Christian comment. My God bless you! So is that; if you don’t like it go read something else.

  38. President Trump speaks and me and mine love the guy.Only the misled and stupid people would go against something SO in their favor. May God continue to bless the USA and our awesome leader.

  39. I want to emphasize the shooter got his gun during the Obama administration not the Trump administration. If the pioneers had no guns the west would have never been won.

  40. Trump then nominates DoD Winslow for a top job that thinks that AR15 should not be available to civilians like myself. In other words another gun control nut. You would think that Trump would nominate people that support his policies? Unless trump has decided that the AR15 should be banned. That will tank his approval rating.

  41. POTUS said it all. But that’s not really the point is it? The point is how do we ( the libtards ) control the masses if they can protect themselves. Remember this is not about protection, it’s about control.

  42. At a Pearl Harbor anniversary, a Japanese admiral was asked why they did not invade the west coast after their successful engagement. The response was the because they knew they could defeat the American military; but the citizens had too many firearms which they could not defeat. Every weekend the news papers reported results of firearm competition, proving to their military the citizens were well armed.

  43. President Trump is right and these that want More Gun Control just want to take our guns for a nother reasons.

  44. Yes, sensible people like us already KNOW this. You’re preaching to the choir unless you can drill that ABSOLUTE truth into the thick skulls of the Democrats! I’m just glad that Trump summed up what you said and delivered it to them. I’m sure they couldn’t come up with ANY argument against that, but I’m sure they’re scrounging the bottom of the barrel to come up with some other excuse.

  45. All the ice cream on the store shelf won’t make you fat….the spoon on the table won’t make you fat….but.. .if you choose to buy the ice cream and dig into it with your spoon….YOU can make
    Yourself fat….blaming the ice cream or the spoon is simply denial of the facts….A gun does not kill…a person who chooses to use it does. Law abiding citizens follow the law and DON’T kill….CRIMINALS, madmen and terrorists do and they DON’t abide by any laws….so, the whole discussion on more laws is moot!!!

  46. President Donald Trump is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, we Do Not need Gun Conyrol, we just need to Stop these IDIOTIC FOOLS who think Gun Control is going to solve anything…. It makes things much more Worse…. The
    statistics show it solves NOTHING to Stopping crimes….and makes matters worse for Law-Abiding Citizens…. Somewhere these IDIOTIC FOOLS have LOST their thinking caps or its Screwed on backwards….. Armed Citizens who are Law-Abiding are the BEST Defense we ALL have and Our Rights shall NOT be Infringed…. The IDIOTIC FOOLS who want Gun Control, let them go to any other Country of their choosing that has such Gun Controls and let them see themselves how much Gun Control does NOT work, if they can Survive being there even…..

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