Donald Trump signed one Executive Order about Twitter that had all hell breaking loose

Donald Trump and Twitter are at war.

The President called out the social media giant for trying to rig the 2020 election.

And now Donald Trump signed one Executive Order about Twitter that had all hell breaking loose.

Donald Trump signed an Executive Order on Thursday to address social media censorship of conservatives after Twitter “fact checked” two of the President’s tweets about voter fraud.

Twitter’s “fact checks” were false and conducted by left-wing partisans at Twitter.

In signing his Executive Order, the President noted that social media companies engaged in censorship by picking and choosing who was targeted when Twitter enforced their rules and who they let slide.

“The choices that Twitter makes, when it chooses to suppress, edit, blacklist, shadowban are editorial decisions, pure and simple, they are editorial decisions,” the President told reporters.

“What they choose to fact check and what they choose to ignore or promote is nothing more than a political activism group,” President Trump added.

But the centerpiece of the order was the President ordering the Secretary of Commerce to petition the Federal Communications Commission to regulate social media’s liability protections under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which grants tech companies protection from lawsuits for content posted on their platform provided they act in good faith as viewpoint neutral platforms.

Breitbart reported, “The Secretary of Commerce, through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, will petition the FCC to propose regulations that clarify the provisions of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, specifically the provision that gives tech platforms immunity for ‘good faith’ efforts to filter or remove content that is “obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, or otherwise objectionable.”

Ever since the 2016 election, social media giants targeted conservatives for banning and censorship in retaliation for Donald Trump winning in 2016.

And President Trump is fighting back against tech companies trying to rig the 2020 contest.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Twitter and Facebook are totally different entities per the FCC. They are supposed to be PUBLIC forums for free speech. Not editorials or censors of said speech. FCC #230 protects these platforms as long as the ateeneutral. Thanks to millennial punks, brainwashed to see themselves as ” social justice warriors” they are censoring conservative speech. As such…they can be used and further regulated.
    America is not pure capitalism.
    As the government regulates business. These punks are nothing more than “useful idiots” to borrow a phrase from thier uncle Joe Stalin. The only good communists in AMERICA should be the dead ones.

  2. Conservatives have set up their own websites successfully. Fact checking is one thing but when the content is pulled down because of the words 5G that is censorship. You Tube has suppression techniques that reduce suggested videos, demonitize sites they don’t agree with etc. These social media police just can’t accept the truth.

  3. Well I’ve posted a few comments already, but it seems that I’m not getting through to some of you. So I’ll try one last time. Twitter is a PRIVATE company, and as such IT HAS FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS TOO! It has the right to regulate what it want to post or not. I already alluded to the example of a Christian Church with a public website, and the right for them to censor posts to that site. With little effect. So I’ll try another example, using, arguably, one of if not the first, actual “social medial” groups going. The group I am talking about is “Talk Radio”. They are very much like Twitter: they have someone opine a particular viewpoint, and then invite people to react to this by calling in. Are all (most) of you saying that Talk Radio has no right to screen/censor/ignore all of the call-in listeners? Just like Twitter is accused of? Now I myself was “censored” several years back on a specific Conservative Talk Radio program. Have you all heard of Mark Levin? Well I was listening to him once and he went into his obnoxious voice routine (as if he was talking to third graders) on the issue of “Climate Change”. Well he was going on and on about how CO2 was actually GOOD for the planet because plants use CO2 to make oxygen; using the process, he claimed, was: “OSMOSIS”. Well when I heard this I immediately called his station to correct him. This process is called “photosynthesis”, not “osmosis”. As any bright 5th graded knows. A simple mistake, and he could have just thanked me for my correction and gone forward with his show. But he never even answered my call! I was on hold for over 2 hours, and I soon realize that he had callers responding to people who called in after me, so I was purposely being censored and he was blocking my comment. I guess his ego was so fragile that he didn’t want to hear a Truth-Fact Correction? But guess what? I know that his radio station/show is a PRIVATE organization, and they had every right to censor me, even thought my comment wasn’t even a political argument or anything, just a simple, minor correction. No real big deal. Now think about it: are you all saying that Talk Radio should be forced to accept/air ALL point of view because of the Constitutional “Free Speech” clause? Now Talk Radio has been around 30 – 40 years or so, far longer than Twitter, and I have never heard complaints from Conservatives about these shows use of censorship/screening/etc. In fact, many of these hosts yell “Get off my phone, you idiot!” or some such remarks. But no, when censorship is brought up against Conservatives then all hell breaks loose, and the Cons get all upset about the very same techniques that they themselves have been using for over 30 years!

  4. The President is 100% Correct. All Media is not the Press and should not have any protections at all. I, as a Moderate, have been censured for telling the Provable and Documented Truth. The Media is accountable and Responsible for their Sedition.

  5. Hey NELLIE — you are correct — hackers, probably from Communist China, have enabled Trump’s websites to prevent polls, contributions, merchandise. The malware timing is not coincidental in light of the Trump/Twitter battle. Just evil.

  6. Censorship is bullying, which includes racism, stereotypes, gender orientation, ageism, persecution. Such hypocrisy for Twitter to vett President Trump, but yet, fail to “fact check” the alleged medical opinions concerning the Wuhan Virus, the absurd fiction of COVID-19 originating from wet markets, the ineffectiveness of shutdowns, etc. Pathetic partisan lies and deceit aimed to distort truth. Censorship, disinformation, propaganda, fake news intend to divide and conquer. Communist China has deep pockets and seeks to implode the U.S. via disease, destruction, disinformation, and, deceit. Just look and see. Truth is simple. Thank God for President Trump and his indomitable love for the United States, land of the free.

  7. Scott you’re just another brain dead pathetic loser And it’s president Trump to you ass hole

  8. Trump just doesn’t want to be fact checked. He knows everything he write sir says is a lie.

  9. Trump is our last card, those loving liberal should thank Trump for saving your ass…the sell-out party catering to China, Russia, and Muslim nations. For the first time, we have someone who has the courage to fight for America. Bill & Hillary literally built China’s military advance hardware military and aircraft. Obama not only gave Iran $Billion, he also allowed millions of Muslims to immigrate in his last terms. Denzel Washington said, we dodged the bullets when Hillary failed the presidency.

  10. D.Ann who hit you in the ass with a medical degree? Perhaps you are a doctor. Did you ever personally examine Trump? So what do you think of retard Joe Biden?

  11. Justme:Twitter may be a privately owned company but that doesn’t give them the right to censor comments and violate anyone else’s right to free speech if they want to be publicly published. If they want to be in the social media game then they are subject to the same rules as any news outlet. What are they so afraid of anyway? It is definitely public which means everyone in the public has a right to speak their minds and have their opinions published. If they want to pick and choose what people post and read,they are in the wrong business. Censorship is for communism and dictatorships. Last time I checked the US was a democracy with a Constitution and a First Amendment that everyone must abide by including Twitter. They do not have the right to pick and choose what gets posted and be for public use at the same time. If they want that right then they need to post privately like certain Facebook groups do,then they can control their content.

  12. Think Trump has gotten paranoid…Always thinks the Democrats are out to get him. HE HAS GOTTEN DELUSIONAL. SAD TO SEE HE DOES HAVE SIGNS OF SENILITY. Thinks he can run the people like they do in other countries. Not a king, Just the President. 🤡😷

  13. Gabs like a parrot that can repeat what hes heard without knowing what he said…just to make noise..squawk some more gab. Want a cracker??

  14. Gab,you are a perfect example of what is wrong with this country. Not only is what you post stupid and full of half truths,you never back it up with any kind of FACTS. Just because you say something doesn’t make it true. We country folk are the ones who got Trump elected through the electoral college which stops city living morons from controlling the outcome of all of the elections. And if you want a good example of how piss poor Democrats are at running a city,look at Detroit. It’s been under Democratic control for over 20 years and it is nothing but one big crime filled ghetto with dilapidated buildings everywhere. There used to be millions of people living there and the population is down to 700k because anyone with any good sense moved away. Baltimore is another good example of how Democratic leadership is failing. It is a cesspool of crime,drug use and homelessness. Maybe you should do some research before you decide to troll on a conservative page like this one and make a complete ass out of yourself. Stop embarrassing yourself you lousy little troll and go watch CNN or MSNBC or maybe read the NY Times. Those news outlets are as stupid and wrong as you are so you’ll fit right in.

  15. Fact checking is a must for all posting. Trump has gotten away for years posting false information.

  16. To all the COMMUNISTS/LIBERALS in favor of tweeter or Facebook. Mr Trump is protecting our freedom from walking Secular ZOMBIES who are corrupted to the core. I left both sites years ago. Their CEOs nothing but liars, narcissistic… I learned the real social sites when I was INSIDE.

  17. Gab you’re such a damned idiot you belong in a basement with retard joe. If you don’t like the way the American people vote, get the hell out of here. Many of us will NEVER be governed by a pack of Marxist. And take snott27 and the rest of the commie ass holes with you. You people are traitors.

  18. Those so called uneducated countryside people are the ones that build this nation, you piss poor excuse for an America. See how your living in the city will be when you can’t leave it….

  19. All cities are controlled by democrats. Only small towns and countryside are so uneducated as to vote republican.

  20. Ditto agreed except these things are occurring because of Trump. Anyone not seeing that is truly brainwashed.

  21. No Gabe, I’m not God, but I do pray to him for my family, nation and the things I had to do for this nation to keep it free and safe. Which in some cases I see disappearing before my eyes, due to what I see in the streets now. Kind of funny every one of these cities are controlled by Demorats…

  22. James yes please do that to anyone who disagrees with your perfect points of view. You are God. Don’t forget it.

  23. Dan, it’s your vote own even more radical friends who are making peaceful protests into violent events to commence the looting. None of it would have started if we had a proper president.

  24. POTUS wants to delete twitter’s tax break, because twitter bans any expression twitter does not like. In other words, Twitter is regulating “free speech.”

  25. Yeah Gabe mouth, a doctor at the Dive Medical Officer School said I had some problems with pathological liars like yourself because I wanted to strip them of rank and send them back to their old unit. You know how Chief Warrant Officers are, they hate someone who disrespects the President or United States of America.

  26. Gab you and Scott need to understand that the retard the commiecrats are pushing for president is too stupid to wipe his ass. Just like you two fools. Right now instead of bashing Trump, you idiots should be bashing the lawless hood rats that’s committing serious crimes. People need to rise up and shoot the bastards. And I’m not joking. But you libturds don’t speak about that, you two faced ass holes

  27. Ditto James. You need it badly. What have they said about your condition? Not yet as bad as the presidents so there might be some hope?

  28. Don’t become unhinged Universal soldier…Call the Social Workers Hotline in your nearest village, they meant have one of those physiological doctors you always prescribe for someone else. First step may be a true identity…

  29. Dan, only republicans are lying and stealing more every day than dems can in a decade. Could care less about Astoria when faced with the likes of Koch and Trump himself.

  30. Gab It takes money to fight the lies of you idiots So how much money does George Soros give to the commiecrats?

  31. Yeah we see how Demorats rule. Turn felons and illegals loose to kill America citizens. Burn America flags in the streets and burn their own cities. Not only is your statement Meaningless, it’s down right incorrect and stupid. Go crawl back under a rock super soldier want-to-be…

  32. Thank you just me, you are completely correct. Republican Party is after money and power only and are ruling wrongly.

  33. To answer several questions: Mr. Laredo: Twitter is a PRIVATE company, it is not a Government Institution. The Constitution says, in the First Amendment, “that Congress shall make no law….or abridging the FREEDOM of SPEECH or of the PRESS…”. Twitter is not part of the Government, and certainly not part of “Congress” so, with some notable exceptions, they have the right to regulate their business and various Tweets. In this case they posted President Trump’s tweet and added a comment of their own. They have the right to do that. For example: say a PRIVATE Christian Church has a website with a “comment” section. They have the right to censor/reply/argue-against posts advocating Islam, Judism, Buddhism, abortion, pedophilia, divorce, Satanism, etc., seeing as they are a private institution. Mr. Tyree: Twitter, in fact, did not hinder President Trump’s Free Speech: they allowed his tweet to go through. But it is actually their right to completely block all of Trump’s tweets if they decided to do so. They are a PRIVATE COMPANY, and the First Amendment applies ONLY to the Government censorship, specifically “Congress”. But what President Trump was vaguely implying in his several comments was that he wanted the Government, somehow, to punish Twitter for various actions that they take; and when the GOVERNMENT gets involved then it really becomes a Constitutional, First Amendment issue. As I stated, suppose a DEMOCRAT President wanted the Government to somehow punish FoxNews or Newsmax, etc. for their content? I don’t think that we want to go down that rabbit hole. But, as I said, there are exceptions. For example a new outfit called RT news (short for “Russian Television”) is actually a news outlet controlled by Putin and the Kremlin. Since this is a foreign entity, and an enemy at that, then perhaps OUR Government can “suppress” their Free Speech to an extent. Oh, BTW: I’m a NFL Giants fan so congratulations to your brother David Tyree’s awesome “helmet catch” back in Super Bowl XLII in 2008! I hate New England Patriots!

  34. Racists ? I continue to have the right to like or dislike who I please I surely don’t need CNN,MSNBC,CBS,et,al to pontificate to me what my choices should be.Strange that the news media has appointed themselves to be all things to all people .

  35. Condemnations of Pres. Trump’s stand on Twitter are seen through eyes shaded with misunderstanding. Too bad. As a conservative I stay away from Twitter and Facebook because I believe in independence & truth. FB and Twitter have political views I don’t trust

  36. Justme it seems that Twitter is trying to hinder Trump’s free speech. Nobody, governed or private has any right to do that.

  37. Why is President Trump trying to suppress Free Speech? Twitter, Facebook, etc. are PRIVATE COMPANIES and they have the Free Speech right to print, publish, edit whatever the hell they want. Now Trump wants the GOVERNMENT to somehow suppress their rights? When will it end? Suppose a Democrat is elected President and he tries to suppress Fox News or Newsmax or even this very website, Renewedright? Would that be OK then? Of course not! If the President doesn’t like Twitter then he can start using another service that is more to his liking.

  38. Social media is just an extension of fake news. That’s why I don’t have Facebook and Twitter

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