Donald Trump smacked Schumer and Pelosi with the bad news they were dreading

The government shutdown standoff is now in its third week.

Democrats dug in on the position that they will not provide any votes to fund the border wall.

But then Donald Trump stepped up and smacked Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi with the bad news that they both dreaded.

President Trump is fed up with the Democrats’ obstruction.

And he’s ramping up the pressure on Democrats to secure the border by funding construction of a wall.

Trump will address the nation in prime time on Tuesday and travel to Texas to tour the border on Thursday.

Fox News reports:

President Trump is considering delivering a prime-time address before traveling to the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday, as he seeks to highlight border security and presses Democrats for wall funding amid the protracted standoff that triggered a partial government shutdown now stretching into its 17th day.

Trump is considering making the prime-time address on Tuesday night, Fox News is told. His travel plans to the border were revealed earlier in a tweet by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

“President @realDonaldTrump will travel to the Southern border on Thursday to meet with those on the frontlines of the national security and humanitarian crisis. More details will be announced soon,” Sanders tweeted.

A law enforcement source told Fox News that Trump plans to visit the border by McAllen, Texas.

These two developments dramatically increased pressure on the Democrats to come to an agreement with the President on wall funding.

Trump is using every tool at his disposal to create a public uproar about the Democrats’ indifference to border security.

Now all that’s left is to see if Trump’s public relations campaign works.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. To Lola and Dr.JD, you two are two of the most absolutely insane, lying, moronic ASSHOLES I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. You morons parrot shit that everyone knows is complete libturd/communist BULLSHIT. No president in history ever took more golf trips and vacations than O’Kenyan. Everyone (conservatives) also knows that the elite communists’ protect their own, VIGOROUSLY. You Dr.JD are exactly as I’ve said before; an educated moron who believes he’s more intelligent than anyone else. A little book learning and college does NOT equal intelligence. I’m extremely well traveled. I’ve lived in many different places, known many different kinds of people and seen the effects of different kinds of “government”. You obviously haven’t, or you’re just to stupid or blind to see. You’re extolling the virtues of a system that has no virtues. You hate President Trump simply because he isn’t politically correct and actually conveys what’s really on his mind without obscure bullshit getting in the way. By the way morons, my I.Q. is 165. I doubt very seriously you can top that. If you can then I’m at a complete loss as to how you can possibly be fascist/communists. Intelligence and communism do not go together.

  2. The best way to get what he wants is for Trump to order that ICE place all the violent ILLEGALS they capture and drop them in the walled off Democraps home. I bet in 5 minutes they not only give Trump money for the Wall at least ten times what he wants. Not only will they give Trump that money namely $50 Billion vise $5 Billion but will hand dig a footer for the wall 40 feet deep and 50 feet wide. Then mix every bag of cement to fill that footer. But not only along every inch of the Southern border but along every inch of the Northern border as well.

  3. People if you know your history fine, but for those that are not pivy to it, go Google how Rome fell. Read it, most of it ,is exactly what the left wing nuts are doing to our country! I tried to post, but it would not let me!

    • Rome was never conquered, it fell from the sin and corruption within… just like what will happen to America unless we change course…. turn the ship around and get on course or sink.

  4. People I’m telling you, if we don’t stand up now, we will never be to stand up. Some how we have got to take a day in the near future, stop everytime we are doing, even if it means work, and march in the millions ,and tell them bastards no more, enough is enough ,and we will not allow you thugs to rule our country with tyranny! We come first, and if you can’t take care of the poor, the hungry, and the homeless first with ” Our Money” before you put everyone in every country, and illegals before our own! We demand you step down are pay the the Piper one way are the other! We can pull money out of the banks across this county, stay home in the millions and shut this country down! With us they are all nothing! The people in France just did that, banks are screaming and their political leaders are in panick mode! Don’t worry most Democrats and liberals do t even work, ever notice how they have all the time in the world to protest, and yet you don’t see conservatives protesting? That’s because we work our azzes off to support their sorry azzes, and then they bite the very hand that feeds them? It’s time peeps let’s rock and roll, for our country and our sovegity!

  5. After Last NIGHT “REBUTTAL” void of FACTS and credibiity as USUAL…..Pelosi and SCHMUCK-o pathetically appeared as a “” painting of out of touch OLD CREEPS… and a remake of a classy movie ” DUMB AND DUMBER” and may be giving credibility that the (D) for their party stands actually for the (D) of “THE DUMBASSED PARTY”

  6. First the Curly’s 3 Stooges movement on face, we voted a President who does things and kept a lot of the promises to the “Americans”- We, the People. What part of the Constitution does Pelosi or Schumer not understand? OR they just want to throw it in the trash, knowingly there was blood shed on this land called the ‘Revolutionary War’

    • PIGLOSY and UPCHUUCK gave credibility that WE ARE RUN BY MORONS in COMNGRESS…. Trump lives rent free in their EMPTY HEADS hitting GOLF BALLS

      • Trump has taken hardly anytime off, and the two times he did it was Mirallago in Florida where he has his own golf course! Your Obama and his he/ she wife and kids took several eral vacations at the expense of us tax payers, and he played golf every week at the expense of the tax payers. You need to get your story in order! Trump refuses to even get paid as President, and takes one damn dollar, and has to deal with this crap from you left wing nuts day in and day out with all your damn lies!

        • Sharon, you are both ill-informed AND delusional! Trump has already gone golfing (which he said he would NOT do) more in one year that Obama went his first term. In addition, Trump has taken more time off than just about any modern president, and when he does, he takes it at his private resorts, which costs Secret Service millions of dollars more than if he went to Camp David or actually stayed in DC.

          And his Florida resort is “Mar-O-Lago,” which, as Trump fights climate change, will probably be underwater in less than 20 years.

          • I’ll bet you my life savings Mar-A-Lago is not underwater in 20yrs. Out your money where your mouth is Doc. I propose you stay in your neighborhood and refute any desire to vacation. One word “STUPID”

  7. Beto went down to the border on Christmas Day and took out more than 100 illegal aliens to the American soil and then said for us to donate …

    He was asking us to donate. That was the first step to enter in our ever-increasing welfare.

    Beto is not a hero. He must have had some help from one of the activist judges. He went down to grab this political gain for his 2020 campaign.

    He and his billionaire father-in-law should take these aliens to their houses to feed, clothe, and shelter them.

    The US taxpayers are not responsible.

    • In a way we are because we pay for border security and the Border Patrol. I’m going to claim 1 illegal alien on my 2018 tax return and see what happens. I will gladly pay a fine if audited. If enough people did this, maybe someone would get a clue as the anger of those who want our laws to be enforced, illegals deported, and the WALL, FENCE, whatever you want to call it, BUILT.

      • that is not a bad idea. my thought was to invokes citizens arrest and send Pelosi, schumer , waters obamas ,and the Clintons to the southern border for a week on there own then deport them to a third world country. we confiscate there property and sell it to help pay for the wall. most of the money they got is actually ours.

      • Why bother with only one, there so many illegal aliens in the country now Taxpayers should be entitled to claim at least three on their tax forms.

      • Build the wall. Steel fencing near the the gate to make it easy to supervise and solid concrete wall for the rest of the wall. At some point there will be a suitable place to write the history of this wall and our immigration system. Create a tourist attraction maybe we can drive money out of this.

        At some point maybe there could be a resort area where hotels and casinos will sprout. This can be a revenue source.
        The road that will run throughout this distance can used for marathon like tour the France or a speedway since there is not much traffic in this area.
        I hope Ted Cruz will proceed with a bill to use the el chapo’s money to build the wall.

      • We are confused – -if America is great then HOW can Trump MAKE America Great AGAIN? And when did America STOP being great so that Trump has to “Make it Great AGAIN”? Certainly, when did we STOP being the greatest nation militarily and economically since WWII and the greatest nation on earth.

        Your simplistic slogans, like “Drain the Swamp” – – don’t make much sense, because most of Trump’s people for his campaign and even his own lawyer, have been the greatest number of corrupt people in the history of the USA.

        • And even “lock her up” did not and does not apply to Hillary, maybe it refers to Ivanka because she and Jared are corrupt and should not be involved in making decisions without security clearances . . . . . ?

        • Lola. Eight years of Obama weakened our country and our economy. Trump is repairing the damage done by that administration. Doing a great job. Oh. Let’s not forget he cares enough not to fund terrorist and instead fund a border to keep them out. Hope this informatuom helps you to understand MAGA.

        • LOLA where have you been?? Obama and the democrats took down this country, brought it to its knees. If Hillary had won we would be a communist 3rd world country by now. Make America Great again after what the Clintons, Obama, and their rich elite friend and relatives have done. The swamp is all the “elected”
          Congress who make deals to stay in power they crave so much.
          To them little LOLA you don’t count because they’ll have the money and power. They won’t care one bit if your head gets cut off or you get raped by those flowing across the border. Trump is fighting for us. Wake up and pray!!!

  8. Tonight, the President should announce either that he is declaring a national emergency and will build the wall under that authority, or is closing the southern border entirely, and that illegal border crossers will be shot. He needs to stop f**king around.

    • Build the Wall and, if the military doesn’t wish to comply because of the damage done to it by that treasonous troll predecessor to THIS duly elected President, here is one Vietnam vet willing to go and protect the borders with deadly force to defend and uphold all that we were NEVER allowed to in Vietnam thanks to these miserable and sorry excuses for Representatives of AMERICAN CITIZENS allegedly calling themselves Progressives when they are both UNAMERICAN AND REGRESSIVE! A LARGE MAJORITY OF CITIZENS IN EVERY POLL I HAVE SEEN INSISTS ON THE WALL BEING BUILT FOR OUR PROTECTION BUT, THE MARXIST, NEW WORLD ORDER ORIENTED SWAMP SLIME ON THE LEFT WILL NOT DO A DAMNED THING FOR THEIR TRUE CONSTITUENTS. They should be impeached, NOT Trump, since in acting as they are, they are in violation of their sworn oaths of office to defend and uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic,; making them malfeasant in office and derelict in duty and obligation to their AMERICAN CITIZEN CONSTITUENCIES, their sole reason for being in elective office in the first place. Every career thieving Congressional parasite and prevaricating pundit to whom this applIes are those who should be IMPEACHED; NEVER TRUMP!

    • I lived in El Paso from 1977 to 1992 and my first thought was lock and load and after a bit the rest will turn around and go home. No more birthright citizenship. Would cross Rio Grande river in labor and go to county hospital, give birth and hold other hand out of medicaid, food stamps and low income housing. No free phones way back then. If not here legally, not one red cent in benefits.

    • Trump said he is no longer f**king around since he paid off both Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. But of course, he also said he never f**ked around with both of them and paid one $130,000 and the other one $150,000. How has he stayed rich since he is giving money to women he claims he never had sex with?!

      • No, just like the schelacking the right gave to obama during his mid-term elections and the repudiation of Crooked Hillary. Don’t you know that elections have consequences and President Trump apparently does have that ole magic wand after all. All obama had was a phone and a pen.

      • Oh please, you act like it was Tsunami when in fact it was a trickle effect outcome. The leftist idiots cheat and lie. It’s the reason why they don’t want an effective barrier and no voter ID laws in place. Yes, you are a dimwit, but then again, you fit right in with the rest of the leftist loonies. You’re pathetic.

        • Nancy – Picking up 40 seats in the House is a “trickle” to you? Shows what an idiot you truly are. Talk about pathetic….maybe take a math course or something. And perhaps deal with reality.

          • No, just like the schelacking the right gave to obama during his mid-term elections and the repudiation of Crooked Hillary. Don’t you know that elections have consequences and President Trump apparently does have that ole magic wand after all. All obama had was a phone and a pen.

            obama lost 63 seats in 2010! 63!

            It looks like the dems will show their cards and seal the deal for President Trump to win in 2020, especially if he faces that sqaw. The Walkaway movement is growing each and every day. Dems are exposing their real warped agenda and the American people are tired of being railroaded by the illegal invader lovers. I hope 2019 brings indictments against the top dems for their blatant crimes.

          • Nancy – 2019 will bring indictments for Jared, Ivanka and Donnie Jr and perhaps the big fat slob himself (they think he’s already been indicted, under seal) in New York. 2019 will also bring his resignation as a deal for his adult children’s indictments to keep the Trump Crime Family out of jail. . He won’t be running in 2020. Thank God for small favors. He’s an incompetent moron just like most of you dimwits on this stupid website.

          • LOL, we’ll see oh feckless c*nt. I can tell you listen to the fake news pundits and probably believe every piece of BS they feed you daily. GFYFC.

          • Nancy – I’ll bet you call yourself a Christian, don’t you? If you do, you’re a fake one, just like most of these nitwits on this site.

          • Diane, go find your brain if you ever had one, sure don’t have on now to believe lies of communist democrap party.

          • Good to hear from you again, Diane. Would have been a LOT more seats overturned but it was mostly Democratic senators up for re-election (opposite in 2020), and many Republicans have gerrymandered districts to unfairly slant the process. Plus you had republican fraud in Georgia, NC-9 and other areas.

    • We can only pray…THey need to be on a slow boat to a remote island and stop taking up space and the microphones with their rhetoric.

  9. Those Democrats have heard, same as I have, I’m sure , that there is another Caravan from another South American Country getting ready to make a mad dash to try and cross our Southern Border , in the near Future, just like this last large Group. Maybe those Democrats need to read about the History of China and the ” China Wall “. It took three Dynasties to build the 13,170.7 mile Wall and many , many years to complete, and, by the way, it is called a Wall , and not , a Fence or Barrier. Call a National Emergency Mr. President and build the Wall that is needed for America’s Safety and Protection. ” WE THE PEOPLE ” know that the Wall is Needed as quickly as possible. TSgt., USAF Vietnam Vet. & Systems Analyst, Retired.

    • EXACTly, and China did not go through the crap our President is having to deal with …Let some of these losers bother pelosi or her family and see how fast the retard gets on the band wagon.

  10. Shame on the democrats. It makes more sense to build the wall than not to build the wall. Read the Bible on how many times a wall was built for protection from evil killers. We do not want those kind in America so with the wall those kind of evil ones can be weeded out!! IS THIS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?

  11. Did ya see the looks on those mugs? She looks like she had a mouthful of pelousy vinegar wines. Maybe a bad season? He looks like he always does. Like he’s talking down to everybody. He’s a guttersnipe. Should be looking up to everyone else.

    They are desperate and now asking for ‘equal time’ to President Trump’s announcement.
    They will tell us again about immoral walls. They need a trip to the woodshed.mM

    • Holy Shit Marlene, George & Merida. Those DEMORATS are traitors to our country and should be hanged or put on a boat and dropped off in the middle of the ocean. They rather have the illegals come into our country than to protect the American citizens who are the US taxpayers that support this country and pay their salaries. They make me feel sick to my stomach.

      • Don’t fool yourselves … these people are Communists not liberals or democrats. They are hell bent on taking over America and advancing their agenda.

  12. The bottom line to any problem is,you cant keep doing the same old thing and expect better results. ITS TIME TO BUILD THE WALL.The people that enter our country thru our back door,are not even welcome in there own country.Those who enter our country thru our front door,are welcomed with open arms. AND THATS IT IN A NUT SHELL.

    • You said it! I might add the big reason is also WE(the Americans) are way to generous. In their country is no welfare (free money) our elected democratic officials know how to pluck it of the tax payers back to give it out freely in foreign aid. Wouldn’t it be something that if those folks that are so in rage to crush our borders made a turn around and storm their own country/government and bitch about their own countries miserable condition instead. They would be shot on the spot no questions asked. They are in Mexico were they speak the same language so you may ask why not stay there to settle (they are even welcomed there) but no it has to be America where everything is free Except for their own citizens.

  13. tell it to her Wendy, let us hear from our other Trump friends what this idiot is babbling about screwing in the oval office, again good answer Wendy,k go trump 2020
    this is not a duplicate, are you trying to block me?

  14. tell it to her Wendy, let us hear from our other Trump friends what this idiot is babbling about screwing in the oval office, again good answer Wendy,k go trump 2020
    this is not a duplicate, are you trying to block me?

  15. another idiot loser lib making comments about the President and his beautiful wife, i would like to see what this idiot looks like, what do you folks out there think about this dem loser, she belongs on the view with the whoopster , may be when trump wins again in 2020 she will really leave the country, you ought to go with her nobody will miss you.\ this is not a duplicate, are you trying to block Me>?

  16. another idiot loser lib making comments about the President and his beautiful wife, i would like to see what this idiot looks like, what do you folks out there think about this dem loser, she belongs on the view with the whoopster , may be when trump wins again in 2020 she will really leave the country, you ought to go with her nobody will miss you.\ this is not a duplicate, are you trying to block Me>?

    • Here is a thought: Why don’t Schumer and Pelosi join Trump at the border to see the situation and the facts rather than closing their eyes and ears and continuing the resistance and obstruction!

      • Oh no, they might catch a few of their communicable viruses that could be ending their run in Congress. In the mean time we regular folks….ah who cares about us that live right their and close to the border. What do Schumer and Pelosi care. Just as long as they do not tent out in their yards and leave all their garbage in their rose bushes.

        • Rite Pete. POTUS (if he has to) Should ‘drag’
          the ‘mortician mannequin glued together twins’ W/ him
          To Border.
          + a ‘Free ride’ 0n Air Force 0ne. ‘In the Tail’.

    • Trump is a lot smarter than you’re giving him credit for. He is trying to protect the American people, why can’t all the Dems and libs see that!

    • Speaking of dumb Betty and no offense to you your entitled to your opinion but take a good look at Pelosi in the picture above she looks like shes sleeping and her toungue is sticking out and most importantly in her latest speech she did a roll call on all the justice systems in the United States as follows the FBI,CIA,DOJ and last but far not the least the DNA since when did the US get a justice system known as the DNA i think she meant the DNC and if thats a justice system this country really is in trouble even though she thinks Bush is still President. Now after you check that out Betty look up the most important speech Schummer gave durning the Obama Administration quote We have a very dire situation with illegal immigrants and it is our priority to take care of this situation as soon as possible we cannot allow immigrants to come into our country illegaly because it is against our laws ( hypocrite) for the security of our country.With that said its not a question of Pelosi being Speaker of the House the bigger question is who is going to be Thinker of the House because these two seem to have a serious issue in that category.

    • Betty have you ever asked your mother if she dropped you on your head when you were little your brain seems to be a bit rattled as does your filthy mouth are you a sailor in disquise i bet you are.

    • this is so stupid . just get rid of pole head and shitso shummer , and get in some new democrats that can help the American people . by getting along and taking care of the American people, instead of there selves , we know there are good demarcates out there, start by saving your party, get rid of the ass holes , and get your party back on the same page as the American people. and our president . …. these people are making your party very unpopular and the are making us real American people sick of these ass holes. get real

  17. to the phantom, you want to know when the last time trump told the truth, i think its been going on since willy billy told the truth about not having sex with that girl, he was playing hide the weenie in the oval office under the desk and he wants you to believe it was whipped cream on the dress, they were having a birthday party, but hiliary was not invited.
    this is not a duplicate first time i said that, this is not a duplicate, are you trying to block Me?

  18. to the phantom, you want to know when the last time trump told the truth, i think its been going on since willy billy told the truth about not having sex with that girl, he was playing hide the weenie in the oval office under the desk and he wants you to believe it was whipped cream on the dress, they were having a birthday party, but hiliary was not invited.
    this is not a duplicate

  19. mr donald trump screw the dumbacrats they just want open boarders so they can get votes because everybody in america won,t give them the votes they need to win at anything, MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN WITH OUT DUMBACRATS HERE.(TERM LIMITS). KEEP THE BOARDER CLOSED TILL WE GET THE WALL BUILT.

    • Here’s a better idea. Instead of screwing in the Democrats, Screw that Oval Office republican Retard & every one of his Retarded republican Asshole Kissers!

      • to Betty, do you mean the oval office where willy billy was playing hide the weenie?

        go trump 2020, talk about retards think about that idiot in the senate calling Trump a MotherFk, she said that because thats what they do in her country, and look at her she is the look alike of Maxineface.. Go Trump 2020

        • Besides having a potty mouth Betty seems to have an azz fixation may be because she happens to be the biggest one on this comments page Another IDIOTS R US graduate . Someone who thinks DNA is an office of the Justice system like Pelosi probably failed thier hooked on phonics course as well .

        • You have to over look Betty. She has TDS. She was the one kneeling in the street screaming like an idiotic banshee when Trump won. That just shows how sane she isn’t.

        • tell it to her Wendy, let us hear from our other Trump friends what this idiot is babbling about screwing in the oval office, again good answer Wendy,k go trump 2020

      • Betty,Betty,Betty,are you still off your meds and running around loose? I don’t mean to be judgmental,but mental illness is not something that should be ignored,there is help out there,all you need to do is be willing to accept it.
        Your silly,rambling,anti-Trump,posts do indicate some sort of mental imbalance,but,as I said,there is help out there,do you want it?

        • Freddie – You should know as we’ve been listening to mentally ill 45 ramble and babble (not to mention his lies) for 2 years now.

          • Most intelligence, educated people know that the first step to wisdom is realizing what you don’t know. Trump is not there yet. True geniuses are disinclined to proclaim their gifts, and perceive the infinity of what they can never know.

            By contrast, Trump is a classic exemplar of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, named for two psychologists who demonstrated that the less knowledgeable and competent you are, the more you believe in your own superlative abilities. Such benighted folks not only “reach erroneous conclusions and make unfortunate choices, but their incompetence robs them of the ability to realize it.”

          • You ph.d jd, Described Yourself.
            & support your small minion of
            Diane/Betty.ricB/tit, etc.
            >Get a ‘room’. Plot w/ ‘ocasio-cortez’/
            Rasjida Tlaib etc. & ‘fulfill your wish(es)
            The big ‘P’/jellyfish impedes ‘thinking’.


  21. Close the border and keep it closed until the WALL is finished, and we gain the upper hand in the mess that the Demon-Craps have created. No one gets in without having a United States Passport.

    • Sorry Sir Raymond I have to set your straight here !…I am a legal immigrant. I came in through the front door with a visa and a Dutch passport. I could not wait to become an American citizen, “yet” by LAW I had to wait 5 yrs and here comes another “yet”..the immigration Law requires 2 souls/friends to swear that they know you/me for 10 years. So it took me 10 long years before I became a citizen and finally could get an American passport. So it bothers me to no end that others just crush the border and get more rights given by this stupid democratic congress then the ones that do it legally.

      • AMEN, sister !!! Many Years You persevered.
        WelCome. Finally. & it gripes me as well, that
        ppl like you Are Insulted. Stay Strong. Help your
        ppl To STAND UP w/us & Fight to SAVEUSA & SUPPORT
        POTUS. Thank you.

    • Look up ‘Adrenochrome’ & Then ‘Ambrosia’.
      ‘seems, they Do this ‘stuff’. THAT is Reason
      for PPH (plannedParenthood) + ALL the ‘trafficking’.
      & 0pen Borders, 1000’s of ‘unaccompanied’ children/youth.
      USED & ABUSED. Then ‘disappear’. Connect the dots.
      POTUS ‘knows’ All ‘This’, but Cannot SAY ‘it’.
      >Yes, Just Look at plastic mannequin Schumer/Pelosi +
      Quite 0bvious, 0nce you ‘know’ WHAT you’re looking at.

        • ps. After POTUS Tues eve. re
          Schumer/Pelosi appearance.
          Glued together like 2 plastic mannequin
          mortician twins. E’0ne saw ‘it’ & Lots
          of comments, E’Where. MANY were
          ‘uncomfortable’ & didn’t Know ‘why’.
          Well, can’t say AnyMore, than i already have,

          • Ms. Nancy Pelosi & Mr. Chuck Schumer are displaying their character & personality while telling the USA that they could care less about the American people, or the USA & their safety, but they do care about covering up for themsleves and all of the career politicans who got a paycheck past for not doing their jobs & those who did not do their jobs but collecting a pension from the American people, while telling the American people not to vote for them at the same time. Because they are in poltics just to get rich I would check to see how much side kick money they get aside from their tax payer paychecks from big corporations for hiring Illegals to betray Americans for a decent wage,especially low skilled American workers.I also would like to see how much money The Clinton Foundation gets from the Mexican Billionare present & past, and Obama Foundation as well& others as well for allowing them into the country. I am very curious to know these things.

          • Fortunate. Well, info IS there re answers to your ‘q’s.
            Just have to ‘know Where’ to find it. googie google’
            ‘scrubs & disappears aLOT of info. Cannot give sources
            here. msm WILL NOT/ DOES NOT Report. Look up A & A
            mentioned above. THAT IS ‘plenty’ ‘food for thought’.
            & ‘fortunate’ Reality, for ‘them’. AT tax payer Cost.

  22. I still say let’s load up all the illegals and deposit them at the residences of Schummer and pelosi and any other senator/representative/congressman/woman they are so in love with them let them take care of them. What idiots we have that don’t like or respect our country or President. Let them pay for the food, medical, housing and any other perk they want to pay for, not the taxpayers.

    • I have said his all along.Move them in next door to these idiots so they can take care of them.
      Do they even realize they can be a thread to their grandchildren.The diseases they bring with them? TB and MMR will pop up like crazy.

    • great idea and take whoopster,jesse,al,moore,all of the clintons,baldwin,bernie,and ginsberg women on the supreme court and get another Kavanaugh appointed, build the wall go trump 2020

    • Nancy, I agree 100% Along with that I hope that if anybody gets killed by the illegal people coming in I hope it is them or their family members, not yours or mine.

    • Nancy, I like this idea but, how about we do this. Round up all illegals, pelosi, schmur etc. and dump them in el Salvador, Honduras wherever???

  23. These two assholes are from different parts of the country and I hope they don’t truly represent New York and California. Neither of them have any idea that there is a great big country between them. They need to be put down. Don’t want to put them in the same group as all the other assholes in D.C. they are very special assholes

  24. Hey, I replied to Mike W, where did my post go? Mike I applaud you for the research you did to share that with us! Most of us would not know where to find that info…especially laws that obummer made to set the dems up to have complete power and control over all the people of the U.S….never even DREAMING that a Republican would take the White House!!! It sure backfired on them!

  25. President Trump does not need Pelosi or Schemer’s support and they have their hero Obama to thank for it

    The directive, No. 3025.18, “Defense Support of Civil Authorities,” states that U.S. commanders “are provided emergency authority under this directive.” The directive, which outlines the Obama administrations policy regarding military support, was issued on Dec. 29, 2010. THE TWO CONDITIONS SET FORTH TO UTILIZE THE MILITARY IN A DOMESTIC SITUATION ARE: “TO PREVENT SIGNIFICANT LOSS OF LIFE OR WANTON DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY AND ARE NECESSARY TO RESTORE GOVERNMENTAL FUNCTION AND PUBLIC ORDER,” AND WHEN FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES “ARE UNABLE OR DECLINE TO PROVIDE ADEQUATE PROTECTION FOR FEDERAL PROPERTY OR FEDERAL GOVERNMENTAL FUNCTIONS.”

    Other than get elected and re-elected can ANYONE name ANY of either Schemer or Pelosi’s accomplishments? They are nothing but obstructionist puppets for someone else.

    • can anyone tell when the last time trump told the truth, is that why pelosi had got an bill passed the house but trump made and agreement not to pass anything without the wall funding,and as of today the wall standing is 49% for the wall 51% against the wall, when they came back dems passed a bill to reopen the government with extra funding in all department including 1.3 billion for upgrades to the wall and to renegotiate the wall but trump wont hear of anything but democrats total surrender and has done nothing but lie sofar

      • to the phantom, you want to know when the last time trump told the truth, i think its been going on since willy billy told the truth about not having sex with that girl, he was playing hide the weenie in the oval office under the desk and he wants you to believe it was whipped cream on the dress, they were having a birthday party, but hiliary was not invited.

      • Hey Phantom, Thank God that someone out there & you are not the only one also out there realizes the truth about that LYING LUNATIC, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & His Equally WORTHLESS White House WHORE.

        • another idiot loser lib making comments about the President and his beautiful wife, i would like to see what this idiot looks like, what do you folks out there think about this dem loser, she belongs on the view with the whoopster , may be when trump wins again in 2020 she will really leave the country, you ought to go with her nobody will miss you.

        • Betty, you are so Ignorant when it comes to our Political Spectrum. You must be one of those DEMON CRAPS who put in office the WUSS who was a LYING MUSLIM, trained to take us down. BTW, He is NOT legally the past Potus because he FORGED the Birth Certificate then paid over $300,000 to keep all his records sealed. He has many Aliases, Social Security Numbers, addresses one is from a DEAD MAN. We do not know what his REAL NAME IS! What we do know is that he is GAY and “married” to a MAN, MICHAEL LaVaughn Robinson. The “girls” were on “loan” from their parents in order to deceive people and believe they were a REAL Family. Their REAL Parents are suing BHO to get their girls back home.

    • It seems to me that both clauses are no-brainers, the first based on serious crimes committed by some illegal aliens, and the second based on sanctuary policies. They won’t cooperate with ICE? If those criminals weren’t here, they wouldn’t have to.

  26. Chuck the Schmuck and Botox Pelosi have no idea who they are up against. Or, if they do…they are showing how dumb they are. They think it’s business as usual. Well…not the case. MAGA

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