Donald Trump struck one blockbuster deal that could win him the 2024 election

Donald Trump took another step towards running for President in 2024.

This latest move is the one that terrifies the Left the most.

And Donald Trump struck one blockbuster deal that could win him the 2024 election.

When every major social media company de-platformed Donald Trump following the events of January 6, Democrats breathed a sigh of relief.

Democrats believed that without access to social media, Trump could not run for President again as Big Tech banning Trump deprived him of the ability to communicate directly with the voters.

Trump being kicked off social media meant Trump would depend on the corporate media to “communicate” – meaning lie – about Trump’s message to the voters.

But Trump had a backup plan.

Trump recently announced the formation of a new social media platform called TRUTH, where Trump could communicate directly to millions of Americans.

TRUTH received a major boost when the online hosting company RightForge announced a deal to host the platform which will prevent any tech companies, like Apple or Amazon, from taking down the site the way hosting companies colluded to kill Parler following the events of January 6 by kicking them off their servers.

RightForge CEO Martin Avila told Axios that his company believed in free speech and that America ceased being a free country when the internet became regulated and one side policed and censored all content they disagreed with politically.

“If you believe that the president should be de-platformed, we believe that you’re not really interested in living in a free country,” Avila told Axios. “And that’s really what we’re all about is making sure that America stays true to its core ideas, and that the marketplace of ideas stays open.”

Donald Trump won the election in 2016 because social media allowed Trump to avoid the biased filters of the corporate media.

Soon after Trump’s win, Big Tech companies began clamping down on conservative speech, culminating with Facebook and Twitter censoring the New York Post’s accurate and truthful reporting about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Democrats know in an environment where free speech can flourish, they cannot win.

And if Donald Trump possesses a social media platform that allows him to reach tens of millions of Americans free from Big Tech and corporate media censors, the Democrats are in big trouble in 2024.

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