Donald Trump suffered one huge defeat in court that is very bad news

Nancy Pelosi was grinning from ear to ear.

The Speaker of the House took on the President’s lawyers in a high-stakes court battle.

And Donald Trump suffered one huge defeat in court that is very bad news.

Democrats scored a major victory when the Washington, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a district court judge’s order demanding financial institutions that dealt with Donald Trump hand over eight years of the President’s tax returns.

The Fake News Media and Democrats were furious that during the campaign the President kept his tax returns private.

There is no law mandating a candidate make their tax returns public and the voters did not care as they elected the President anyway.

But Democrats and their partners in the Fake News Media have long sought Trump’s tax returns because they believe they hold evidence of supposed “crimes.”

Politico reports:

President Donald Trump lost a key court decision Friday in his bid to stop House Democrats from obtaining his financial records, the latest blow to his authority in legal rulings this week.

The 2-1 decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit stems from a case in which Trump sued to block Democrats from subpoenaing one of his accounting firms for a vast trove of materials as Congress probes for potential conflicts of interest and payments from foreign governments to the president.

“Contrary to the President’s arguments, the Committee possesses authority under both the House Rules and the Constitution to issue the subpoena,” Judge David Tatel wrote in an opinion joined by Judge Patricia Millett.

The 66-page opinion against Trump backs Congress by citing a long history of lawmakers using subpoenas to demand information in connection with investigations. The two Democrat-appointed judges in the majority leaned on more than two centuries of history, including Watergate-era precedent that “strongly implies that Presidents enjoy no blanket immunity from congressional subpoenas.”

Democrats claim they need to investigate if the IRS is properly auditing the President’s tax returns.

But what they really want to do is leak any embarrassing information they find to create negative headlines as the President runs for re-election.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I’m sure if you take up an offering you would be surprised at how much money you would receive for Pelosi and Schumer…. you need to add Nadler and Schiff. Of course this would be illegal and someone would go to prison and these people are not worth loosing your freedom. What goes around, comes around and I hope I’m still alive to see Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Walters and others receive what’s coming to them.

  2. I don’t believe the president has anything to hide. I do believe the Democrats will forever be demanding more information on his returns and knit pick every detail. His taxes have been prepared by experienced CPA lawyers and submitted to the IRS. Case closed. Why can’t the Democrats/RINO’s do their job of resolving the issues affecting the American citizens? Why can’t they resolve issues like immigration reform, tax reform, welfare reform, infrastructure, border wall security, healthcare reform? We taxpayers are paying them $174,000/yr for do nothing. DO YOUR JOB… or ELSE….

  3. There is no law stating an elected official must present their tax returns. It is up to the individual. I’m voting on the capability of a person to perform their duties not financial information. Trump has performed his duties as POTUS, however, I see no performance record of the Democrats except hatred, vile, vicious, venomous attacks on the President. Democrats/RINO’s do you job of be replaced.

  4. reality check
    There was no crimes committed by DJT. This is a fact because the mueller report didn’t show any criminal behaviour from DJT. The claim of obstruction is just a fantasy by the left. There was no crime by DJT, So exactly how do you obstruct a crime that doesn’t exist.

    Cohen was charged with fraud of a 20 million personal loan and scamming foreign companies of millions. Nothing to do with DJT presidential campaign.

    The democrats are just fishing for a crime. They have no proof or evidence of any wrongdoing by DJT. The subpoena should have been thrown out of court due to a lack of proof and evidence.

    However I believe that this is all part of DJT’s plan to show Americans the true nature of the democrats elites.

    Watch Serial Brain 2.

  5. I remember hearing about Bengazi and those soldiers being killed, I’ve never been in the military but I remember thinking what’s wrong with these people in Office not protecting these soldiers? I voted for Trump because he doesn’t put up with crap and says it like it is. And he actually cares about America, he’s going to win AGAIN in 2020. Thanks to all who serve in the military for your service so we have freedom.

  6. Illegal aliens aren’t immigrants they are people who have illegally entered the country. If you commit a crime then you’re punished for it.
    Didn’t obama separate children and put them in cages, or have you conveniently forgotten about that.

    The USA doesn’t owe anything to any other country regardless if they are allies or not. How long does America have to keep holding up the Kurds?
    It’s been a decade and billions of dollars. America needs to stop being the world police and focus on America.

    Donald Trump believes that endless wars are a waste of money and resources.

    No American military personnel should be dying fighting a war in a foreign country. You imply that all of America’s allies are being slaughtered. In reality it’s the Kurds and Donald Trump said that they need to stand up and take on the responsibility of defending their own country.

    Exactly who is Donald Trump terrorising?
    Probably the democrats and their supporters. I also heard that a lot of central and right leaning democrats are now attending Donald Trump rallies to hear what he’s got to say.

  7. derek
    The only people who are terrified are the democrats who are complicit in the Russian collusion coup. William Barr and his team have started criminal investigations into the Russian collusion coup. There will be arrests of the numerous government officials in various departments.

    Creepy joe biden will also be investigated for corruption. His popularity has dropped. Must be something to do with the stink of corruption.

    Donald Trump 2020.

  8. Will, hundreds of thousands of us have been preparing for the worst case scenario for quite some time. Plans are in place. When the Schitt hits the fan the Democommunists won’t know what hit them. They’re going to start a war they don’t have a snowflake’s chance in Hell of winning. Hold fast brothers, and don’t give up ANYTHING.

  9. anut
    You democrats keep going back to the mueller report. If Donald Trump had committed any crimes he would have been impeached. However Cohen was jailed for falsifying documents on a 20 million dollars business loan. That’s a fact.

  10. If that so I’m guilty like trump and so is most of the men here that went to a strip bar at onetime in there lives and paid a lady to do a table dance for them so turn over your tax returns tomorrow! You been caught

  11. You just said he paid no taxes for 8 years and went bankrupt in history of USA I never seen anyone pay taxes on anything that is not making them money

  12. Mark the 2nd , there’s a hell’ve lot of us , that agree with your statement . Stand fast , for we true Americans shall prevail over these communist traitors !!

  13. We aren’t “turning away” Jackass, we’re stronger than ever. It’s your ex communist brethren that are turning away. Ever heard of the walk away movement? That’s ex Democommunists leaving your corrupt cabal of murderous liars. We do have the truth and the Constitution is absolutely the law of the land. The rights therein are our God given rights and NOT rights doled out by the “government”. We will remove you Democommunists, one way or another. Your cancerous rot has spread far enough.

  14. Mr “Transparency”????? aka. Agent Orange….The Big Orange…..The Phony?????? is only transparent when it is to his benefit. He is a major league “FRAUD”

  15. dr jd
    What actual physical evidence that exists where the President directly instructed Cohen to lie to Congress or instructed him to pay stormy daniels.

    The ONLY reason Michael Cohen “turned on” the President of the United States is because Mueller threatened to throw his wife in jail for up to 30 years. Period. She was a co-guarantor of a $20M personal loan that Mueller discovered Michael secured back in 2015 by falsely inflating the value of his taxi medallions – effectively making her part & parcel to the federal charge of “Making False Statements to a Financial Institution,” to which Cohen ultimately plead guilty. This is also the reason why Cohen’s longtime taxi medallion partner, Evgeny “Gene” Freidman, was granted immunity.

    By Cohen’s own admission, Trump ceased all interest and communication in constructing Trump Tower Moscow in June 2016. Over a month before officially being declared the Republican nominee for President. To that end, it is NOT ILLEGAL for him to explore – nor deny – any “for profit” construction projects during the campaign, as he was still a civilian global real estate mogul.

    May 2018, Michael Cohen was found defrauding various companies (from a Korean defense firm to a global pharmaceutical company) for millions of dollars by falsely claiming he could leverage his connection with the President to their favor.

  16. dr jd
    I never said that financial institutions don’t ask for tax records, I simply stated that the Deutsche bank claimed they don’t have Donald Trump’s tax records. So unless you worked for Deutsche bank as the loan officer who processed Donald Trump’s loan, you wouldn’t know what documentation was submitted by Donald Trump. you just made an assumption about something you know nothing about. Seems like you still don’t understand my post. Maybe you’re college education elitism is clouding your perception.

    The president or the committee chair just can’t request a American citizen tax records without a justifiable reason or cause. If the taxpayer doesn’t give consent then the tax records can’t be made public. I really don’t like the idea that the president or committee chair can decide to invade my privacy without due cause.

  17. abc
    An obscure 1924 statute includes no exceptions to Neal’s authority to ask for returns and says the treasury “shall furnish” them when requested. It does however require a review be conducted in “closed executive session” if the returns are provided without the taxpayer’s consent. The law also provides narrow exceptions for lawmakers to review tax returns. democrats know what the law is, and they know that one of the fundamental principles of the IRS is to protect the confidentiality of you and me and everybody else who files taxes. The democrats know the terms under law by which the IRS can give them documents, and a political hit job is not one of those reasons.” The tax code guards taxpayer privacy. Requests for returns “must have a legitimate legislative purpose”.
    The Utah Republican senator Mitt Romney said that the Democrats’ attempt to get the tax returns were “moronic”. Donald Trump should release his tax returns, Romney said, but by demanding them, the Democrats are just playing into his hand.

    Trump 2005 tax rate: 25%
    Romney 2011 tax rate: 14.1%
    Sanders 2014 tax rate: 13.5
    Looks like Donald Trump is paying more tax then these two.

  18. Taylor made
    Lynn Patton said she would be the first to concede that IF actual physical evidence exists that the President directly instructed Cohen to lie to Congress then, yes, it would be the ONLY accusation made against POTUS over the past three years that would worry her. Otherwise, it remains the word of one person over another with ZERO evidence. Period. One of whom is going to jail for perjury & fraud. Not Donald Trump ether.

    What many of you may not be aware of is the fact that Lynn Patton can personally confirm that the ONLY reason Michael Cohen “turned on” the President of the United States is because Mueller threatened to throw his wife in jail for up to 30 years. Period. She is the co-guarantor of a $20M personal loan that Mueller discovered Michael secured back in 2015 by falsely inflating the value of his taxi medallions – effectively making her part & parcel to the federal charge of “Making False Statements to a Financial Institution,” to which Cohen ultimately plead guilty. This is also the reason why Cohen’s longtime taxi medallion partner, Evgeny “Gene” Freidman, was granted immunity

    By Cohen’s own admission, Trump ceased all interest and communication in constructing Trump Tower Moscow in June 2016. Over a month before officially being declared the Republican nominee for President. To that end, it is NOT ILLEGAL for him to explore – nor deny – any “for profit” construction projects during the campaign, as he was still a civilian global real estate mogul.

    Michael Cohen always wanted to be famous. Sadly, he has gotten his wish. Lynn Patton personally stopped communicating with Michael when it became known in May 2018 that he was defrauding various companies (from a Korean defense firm to a global pharmaceutical company) for millions of dollars by falsely claiming he could leverage his connection with the President to their favor.

    More notably, it should be known that Donald Trump does not use email and never has. Nor (up until his inauguration at least) does he text. Therefore, the likelihood of some “smoking gun” email or text is slim to none.

  19. Take me off your mailing list. I can’t tolerate fake news. Leving out important informaiton makes it fake news. This was overturned and you didn’t even mention it.

  20. It is called the oversight function of Congress, and you need to realize the Constitution places the first branch of government to be Congress. The entire basis of our government is to balance the three branches to keep one from becoming corrupted.

    If Donald trump has nothing to hide, and he had promised numerous times to produce his returns, then what is he hiding? All president since the 1970s, after the Agnew scandal, have produced their tax returns.

  21. PDW, the president was involved with his lawyer Cohen, in illegal payments to his mistresses which violates campaign laws. Cohen confessed to his crimes, and is spending time in prison for them, and the ONLY REASON Trump has not been charged is that he occupies the role as president (currently). So, it is the law a president can be investigated, and that is part of the oversight role of Congress.

    Your use of the term “coup” is a wrong use of the term. I know, Trump has tried to sell that crap, but it is wrong. Impeachment is a legal proceeding, while a coup is an illegal overthrown of government – – as if a military general overthrew the president and installed himself as dictator.

  22. That still does not change the issue that private institutions can and often do have the tax records of people, and there is some evidence that they actually do have those records.

    The president can request any tax records, and so can the committee chaired by Nadler That must be a right if there is to be the oversight function given to Congress, PDW.

  23. Yes, Joshua. It’s so unbelievable to be experiencing the divided national deterioration the dems and left has caused. Which shouldn’t be. I know that God is watching and those people will pay dearly when they approach God’s bench, in HIS court.

  24. This org, Renewed Right, is clearly a fake conservative org given it with holds critical info it has that casts a positive light on Trump. Looks like the establishment is funding Renewed Right to me.

  25. rc
    We are so sick and tired of you anti-Trumper’s left-wing propaganda. This propaganda is a YEAR old. The numerous boxes belong to Fred Trump. Many decades ago, the IRS reviewed and signed off on these transactions. The investigation drew on Fred Trump’s tax documents but did not unearth the president Trump’s personal tax filings, “

    A lawyer for Donald Trump, said in a statement which denied that his client had a role in devising a tax strategy for his father’s inheritance and disputed the assertion that the president had committed tax fraud. “Should the Times state or imply that President Trump participated in fraud, tax evasion or any other crime, it will be exposing itself to substantial liability and damages for defamation.
    “The New York Times’s allegations of fraud and tax evasion are 100% false, and highly defamatory,” the lawyer continued. “There was no fraud or tax evasion by anyone. The facts upon which the new york times bases its false allegations are extremely inaccurate.”

  26. dr dave and dr jd
    You pair have a severe case of college education elitism. You both imply that unless people attend college they will be nothing more than uneducated know it alls for the rest of their lives.

    What a pair of arrogant snobs.

    Society should thank that there college elite professors like dr jd who will embark on a mission of self-sacrifice to change the ignorant and uneducated know-it-alls college entrants into self-opinionated, self-centred college educated arrogant snobs who look down their noses at the rest of society. A mirror image of himself.

    dr jd
    I think it’s hilarious that you have spent 35 years on a college campus and believe that you know what life’s like outside the college campus. Especially for the ignorant and uneducated know-it-alls.

    Just to let you know, neither of you or your colleagues are doing that good a job of making college educated people aware of what they don’t know.

  27. What kind of a garbage news story is this? Yes, the court ordered him to release his tax returns, however, within 10 minutes an appeals court immediately stayed the execution of the lower courts order?
    Why didn’t you report this in this story? So called conservative news is getting as bad as the liberal when it comes to reporting the WHOLE TRUTH. Reporting only partial truths is really part of being FAKE NEWS>.

  28. It’s a known fact that most all so called , college professors teach nothing but Liberalism . Liberalism is the ruin of all Free Nations without a doubt . Obummer / Barry the Traitor , his mentor in college was Bill Ayers , a Terrorist back in the 60s . Old Hippy Professor Bill Ayers , Obama’s college mentor , imagine that , damn communist that’s what and still is . Now take your college degrees and go wipe your rear ends and flush them down the crapper . Because that paper your degree is written on , isn’t going to save your rear ends . That’s called ” Common Sense ” , which none of you have !!

  29. Dan , the far left wing traitors and Liars , will learn one way and one way only . I’m just waiting for all the BS to stop flying around , because it’s coming time to get down to the Nut Cutting .

  30. dr jd
    Seems like you’re the one who’s doesn’t know what you’re talking about. The Deutsche bank is claiming that they don’t have Donald Trump’s tax records.

    This court case could set a very intrusive precedent and that is the congress can just make up an inquiry based on suspicion, without evidence or a vote to validate it. Then subpoena the financial records of anyone they see fit.

    This can be a firearm club or a rival political party, in fact anyone they decide is a threat. Looks like the democrats are becoming like Adolf Hitler’s Brown shirts, gestapo and the SS.

    I think most people don’t like the idea that congress can decide to invade their privacy without due cause.

  31. Just check out the Nancy, I read that she got most of her wealth from insider trading. It’s time the Republicans got off the pot and started looking at some of the Democrats financial dealings.

  32. Right wing
    Meanwhile antifa is spitting on, spraying mace and gang assaults on Donald Trump supporters. Who are attending Donald Trump rallies.This is a clear breach of the constitutional right of the individual to support any political party they wish to.

    It’s time that military personnel are brought in to shut down and arrest antifa.

  33. taylor made
    It’s not in the constitution that a president has to show his tax records, nor is it a law. The subpoena for Donald Trump financial records should have been thrown out of court.

    Especially considering that Donald Trump hasn’t been charged with a crime. This is a coup attempt by the democrats.

  34. rc
    Donald Trump hasn’t been charged with committing any crimes. Clinton lied under oath about his affair with a intern.

    Obama is currently being investigated for authorising the spying of the Donald Trump campaign.

    The Russian collusion investigation was a monumental failure.

    Stormy Daniels was another failure.

    You like so many democrats, don’t have a problem with a corrupt presidential candidate creepy joe biden. His corrupt behaviour in the Ukraine, has been brought to the attention of the America citizens an the democrat are accusing Donald Trump of being corrupt for investigating corruption by democrats politicians.

    It’s so hilarious that the democrats can’t even see their stupidity and continue to shill about the mueller report and the Ukraine phone call. Despite the facts.

  35. A rotten businessman? My God, he is a billionaire. How much do you have. Have you ever run a business? Even a lemonade stand. He has businesses all over the world. I wish I was a rotten businessman, if Trump is one. He paid no taxes for eight years because he had overpaid his taxes. The IRS has never sued him for back taxes. Do you think they wouldn’t if they could. You can find anything you want on Google, whether you want something good or bad.
    Every person that is close to having the number of businesses that Trump has has had some businesses that were good and some not so good. You should try it some time. Quit trying to put out this same old garbage as the “fake” media puts out. You might actually learn something.

  36. You start with an unproven claim that Clinton and Obama did for “stuff” (unspecified), and then are you saying we should let Trump “off the hook” for his crimes? And haz (short for hazardous?), part of the job of Congress IS EXACTLY THE OVERSITE OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH – – especially since Trump has already said and provided evidence he violated the law when he SOLICITED (does not have to include any pressure) foreign influence in USA elections?

  37. Dan is working to replace Cleopatra as “the Queen of Denial!” If you see Trump doing crimes (like Ulkraine and China in USA elections), hurry and put your head in the sand! And if you start to hear the news that Trump is betraying our Kurdish allies, hold your hands over your ears and scream “DENY! DENY! DENY! and call them names!

  38. President Trump does not have to submit his tax returns to a bunch of idiots in Congress. He has companies all over the world. His tax returns probably are 500 pages long. They would not know what they were reading and have to get one of their crooked lawyers to find something in them they think they could use against Trump. That’s the only reason they want him to do this. President Trump, tell them to go to hell.

  39. Immigrants, some legal, where he had children ripped from their parent’s arms and some permanently separated from them. The Kurds, who bravely fought along side American soldiers in the battles in Syria against ISIS. The Kurds did most of the fighting and lost over 10,000 of their soldiers while the USA lost only 17 soldiers. Trump, even after PROMISING LAST YEAR TO STAND BY OUR KURDISH ALLIES, completely reversed this recently and am allowing them to be slaughtered by Turkey. In addition to removing 50 US soldiers from one region, Trump today 10-13-19, has ordered 1000s of US troops to be pulled from Syria, allowing the slaughtering of our allies.

    Wake up, Pastor, there are children permanently damaged, and our allies being slaughtered because of Trump’s Reign of Terror.

  40. Every President has things to hide and I would like to know why Bill and Obama are not being investigated, oh they did find all kinds of stuff that could put Clinton behind bars when they were trying to trap Trump. They are not doing their jobs the American people pay them to do. Instead, they spend every waking moment looking for something to get Trump with, The Democrats are the most worthless bunch of scum I have ever seen.

  41. Lets get right to it Nancy Pelosi is a crook and a liar she said she would work across the aisle she has done nothing but fight and bicker she comes California and is part of the crime family running the state. If Nancy succeeds to travel down the road she is on now WE ARE ALL DOOMED. Kiss America goodbye or burry her and the rest of the useless BastardOcrats in the next election.

  42. We are so sick and tired of you Trumpers not following anything but right wing propaganda and calling what should be a well known stories to be “false claims”!!
    Are you not aware, Joshua, that numerous boxes of Trump family records were discovered within the last year in one of the Trump family properties, that gives a lot of Trump’s records? Were you not aware that 10 years of Trump’s tax returns (from mid-80 to mid-90s) and that it was found Trump lost over $1.2 Billion in 10 years – – paying no taxes for 8 years?!? Are you not aware that experts on the Trump family financial records have written books on this very thing – – and that when an economist/financial adviser told Trump that the Taj Mahal was a bad investment – – Trump went ahead and made sure the guy was fired? Turned out it was yet another bad financial decision by Trump that almost took down all of the Trump empire – – his airline, steaks, vodka and other enterprises?

    Joshua, do you know how to do a “Google Search”?” Do it, and you will find plenty under “”Donald Trump’s business dealings.”

  43. If there’s no law saying that the president must provide their tax records and Donald Trump was never indicated and charged with any crimes.
    Then what’s the basis for the subpoena?

    Didn’t Maddox get hold of copy of Donald Trump tax return and there was nothing to indicate any wrongdoing.

  44. Tony, sorry but that is not correct. Have you not been aware of the lawsuits to keep he financial tax records of Deutshe bank from being turned over? The financial institutions that would have the tax returns are the ones that gave him loans. Trump did not have to provide the tax returns, but the bank would not have granted him those large loans too. The banks want to know if the person taking out the loan has the financial income to pay back the loan – – and they do not want to lose millions of dollars on that person declaring bankruptcy.

    Sometimes if even a middle class person is making a large investment, the banks want a copy of the tax returns to prove income and outflow are sufficient to risk the bank or credit unions money.

  45. Well said, Dr. Dave !!! As a college professor for 35 years, we watch it happen with people who enter college and act like they know it all . . and then, once they face what they don’t know, they can begin the serious work of life long learning. And even for us with advanced degrees, we KNOW that one person can never know it all . . . about all fields, disciplines and peoples of the world. Kudos Dr. Dave!

  46. Fester, fester, vilify, whine, name call, ridicule and threaten violence. Your cult leader and his cult are sinking like it hit an iceberg. I just love it when a patient with a high school education reads one article from the newspaper and decides medical professionals like their doctors and “simply stupid.: Shows you have not reached THE FIRST STEP IN LEARNING . . . the awareness of what you don’t know.

  47. Maybe you did not say it your best, but your post, Dan indicated that it is total B. S. to think that the constitution is to be changed with time. It is! One of the great wisdoms of our Founding Fathers, is that they were humble and knew no one could write a law or legal framework that would apply perfectly throughout time. That is why they allowed for AMENDING the constitution and allowing the three branches, and for example, giving the president much more powers due to situations our founders could never envision (i.e. thermonuclear war for one).

    Maybe you need to realize that just because some one disagrees with you, that does not mean they are “stupid.” You ultra-right wingers are prone to believe that only YOU have the truth and everything else is wrong and so you vilify those who do not agree with you . . . in fact, often you Trumpers demonize them. It is no wonder the American people are turning away from Trump and the current GOP.

  48. Hit the nail on the head, Jack – – these tax returns ARE NOT – – – – -NOT being used for political purposes but part of the investigation of the crimes committed by Cohen (he admitted to them and is doing prison time for them) and the fact the checks that surfaced in Mueller probe indicate evidence of both state (NY) and federal tax fraud. Most of you are making this into something it is not – – you are so prone to follow Trump like sheeple and repeat his lies, and not to view other sources, that you have failed to see this is about TRUMP AS PRESIDENT IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW. He is stonewalling a legal investigation and obstructing justice because he knows he will be in hot water.

  49. Actually they believe innocent until proven guilty as long as it is them. Everyone else forget it. And how about the damb fact that Rachel maddow aired the president’s ta. Return last year on air. Which is a violation of a person’s right to privacy and confidentiality.

  50. No! Not in this case! You keep acting like Trump’s records are subpoenaed because of the ADMITTED CRIMES OF Cohen “at the direction of Trump.” The acts gave Cohen prison time plus they could involve both federal and state tax fraud plus other crimes. Read the judge’s decision – – the courts are making it clear THAT THE PRESIDENT IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW !!!

  51. Practicing and eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth will leave us blind and toothless. The key here is that these tax returns were legally subpoenaed to investigate crimes committed by Cohen and Trump, and they MUST be provided. If not, there will be legal consequences.

  52. Seems as Trump loses cases and evidence of his crimes are surfacing, the anger and threats of violence are increasing among his supporters. There is no place for violence or threats of violence in this form of government. THOSE WHO ADVOCATE THE USE OF VIOLENCE ARE INVOLVED IN HATE SPEECH AND PROMOTION OF DOMESTIC TERRORISM AND SHOULD BE DENOUNCED.

  53. You are just as ignorant as they come – – there are none so blind as those fools who refuse to see. Obama posted his official birth certificate on the web for the press and public to see. It is sick and sad how you Trumpers deny reality and enable this president to be so lawless. You just drink up the right wing Kool Aid and call all evidence and other thoughts valueless.

  54. If you will check, Stanley, most Senators and congresspersons already submit their tax records – – – in fact, almost everyone since criminal Spiro Agnew’s conviction, INCLUDING THE PRESIDENTS, regularly submit their tax records. IN this case, Trump is involved with crimes with Cohen and possible tax fraud.

  55. Where is your proof I am so sick and tired of you damn libtards making up false claims and no proof

  56. In this case, Pastor, there is a reason since Trump’s former lawyer, Cohen, was convicted of crimes and the payoffs to Trump’s mistresses probably amounted to both state and federal tax fraud. The president is NOT immune to the laws and being investigated is what courts are ruling.

  57. For most Republicans, there is nothing terrifying and most are good, upstanding people who are good citizens and probably good family members. What is terrifying about some is how we are endanger their future and lives by not trying to reduce the damage to the environment that could leave this earth permanently damaged, and their lives substantially poorer. We are not attending to the infrastructure, roads and bridges. And they are terrified of Trump because he is BETRAYING OUR ALLIES LIKE THE KURDS, and damaging the reputation and future of America.

  58. Well, JD, there is now a 3rd whistle blower that has complained that Trump had some interference with his tax records as president of the USA. Seems many people have witnessed Trump’s law violations!

  59. There a Trumper goes again, advocating harm and violence – – which if most treasonous of all. You just violated the law by advocating violence against half of Congress – – – the FBI might appropriately come subpoena your records to come talk with you.

  60. “Democrats scored a major victory when the Washington, D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a district court judge’s order demanding financial institutions that dealt with Donald Trump hand over eight years of the President’s tax returns”.

    Either the author is an idiot or does not understand finances, since when would “financial institutions” have president Trump’s tax returns. Do the authors even think about what they publish? Do the editors proof read the articles? What about the judge, the judge should know this is absurd?

    Trump, his attorneys and accountants, and the IRS are the only ones that have president Trump’s tax returns. Certainly not “unnamed financial institutions”.

  61. I suppose many of you will go back to claiming the court was biased when a decision goes against you, but appropriately “constitutional” when it goes in your favor. You call Dems “snowflakes” while you cannot accept any blame when things go against you. Trump and his cult followers always make EXCUSES.

  62. In addition, this is only one case of FIVE large decisions that went against Trump this week.
    THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT HAVE TOTAL POWER TO DO WHAT HE WANTS!! As covered, this means neither Trump nor his people can refuse a subpoena from Congress. If Trump continues to stonewall, he will have an additional charge against him for obstruction of justice with Congress. Impeachment is outlined in the constitution and no judge worth salt will question it.

  63. Diversion, from the fact Trump and Cohen committed crimes and the courts are checking for both campaign fraud and tax fraud.

  64. Correction, Lew, he is a rotten businessman who has continually failed and been rescued over and over by Daddy Fred. Daddy could not save him on Taj Mahal bankruptcies. Trump makes a lot of his money from money laundering from Russia mafia.

  65. Patricia your right , Obumcrap / Barry the Kenyan Tribesman with all his fake documents . Also the left doesn’t want it known that Obummers mentor in College was Old Hippy Professor Bill Ayers . Ayers was a Terrorist back during the veitanm war during the 60s . Preaching Communism and anti-American hate speeches . Now old Bill was the real deal , you did take him lightly , he was ONE crazy SOB that’s a fact . He was Obummer / Barry6 s mentor .

  66. Yes, lets see B.Hussain O.’s real birth certificate, not one with false typos and his school records and college transcripts. What is he hiding??????

  67. Yes, lets see B.Hussain O.’s real birth certificate, not one with false typos and his school records and college transcripts. What is he hiding??????

  68. “…..being able to use his tax returns for political purposes is not legal, not right, not fare, and nothing but a witch hunt no matter how you spell it.”

    It’s about as bad as asking foreign governments for dirt on ones electoral opponents, right RC?

  69. Estell – Also, if the IRS had audited and found ANY problem, Mueller would have those records also and put it in his report. The IRS was bought and paid for by Obummer. Mueller tried for over two years to find ANYTHING on Pres. Trump and he found nothing! I personally think the Democrat Party should have to pay the bill for that dog and pony show instead of the taxpayers.

  70. tracker – They might post their financial statements but then what? I bet no one looks at them. Have they ever been audited? I bet not since they’re Obama holdovers in the IRS.

  71. Pastor Stronghold – I agree totally. Every elected official should have to submit their tax returns also starting from when they first took office. I would be very interested how some of these Congress people went from rags to riches on $175,000+ per year. Pres. Trump was wealthy when I voted for him. I’m sure that if there was an iota of wrongdoing, Mueller would have found it – God knows he tried. Pres. Trump admitted that he used legal tax loopholes that Congress had voted for. If they don’t like their own laws, then change them. They can’t pick and choose. Also, the corrupt Lois Lerner, the unit director in the IRS, was Obama’s buddy. I think if there was even a hint of misconduct, the IRS would have had a full-blown audit.I don’t think anything prior to Pres. Trump becoming President is our business. That is, of course, if Congress agrees to the same that they’re expecting from Pres. Trump!

  72. I can’t believe America has become such pussy’s and someone hasn’t killed Pelosi or Schumer? We have anarchy at all media outlets with the exception of a handful. This isn’t what the First Amendment was made for. It was not meant to be weaponized as a propaganda tool for civil war and then protected by our founding laws of someone objects to their practices. Since when does any law state that anyone has to turn over their tax records? Where is this found. Better yet, Pelosi says basically we’re going to search your history over and see if we can find a crime somewhere that you ha e committed. I thought they (Dem-wits) had enough evidence to impeach him already with the Ukraine deal.

  73. Why are the majority of politicians LAWYERS . We would be better served if they were ACCOUNTANTS and/or BUSINESS PEOPLE who understand finances, economy , investing ,and the areas that require genuine attention. Lawyers clearly understand the available flexibility of LAWS and how to manipulate them for their own ends and their agendas.
    This President is a business man who has taken America to a high degree of economic balance .Give credit where it has been earned and is due. I say this not to endorse all of the Presidents actions but simply to identify a well-done job for us and all those suffering from previous inatention to things that must prioritized .

  74. Democraps forget one thing about Trump and the laws they wrote. Trump is a smart man and has Accountants and Tax Lawyers who know the Tax code forwards and Backwards. This means they will ensure Trump will only pay the smallest amount he by law must pay. Democraps wrote the Tax laws and HATE any Republican who knows how to use it as good as they do.

  75. That’s the ticket!! Hang all Democrats and members of the media and broadcast it all over the world. Perhaps we can arrange for Pol Pot to be the master of ceremonies.

  76. Dumpy and his clan are petrified! They know they can only come up with so many excuses and lies before they get booted. It’s gonna be nice when the constitution means something again. Hitler’s buddy is sweating! He’s not use to not getting his way. GO BIDEN !

  77. Dan these liberals are just simply Stupid . We know what needs to be done , that’s the only way stupid can be corrected !!

  78. “Democrats claim they need to investigate if the IRS is properly auditing the President’s tax returns.”

    Everyone seems to forget that it was the Obama IRS in charge before Trump became president. Wouldn’t they have found something “improper” while auditing Trump all these years? They just have to grow up already. Enough of this crap.

  79. Lew palmer. That was truly perfectly stated God-bless you I’m God-bless us all except for the democrats. There a godless bunch of heathens. Worse than the gentiles prior to Christ. And the fact that you knew that president trump doesn’t even draw a salary he donates it makes me realize that you’re very intelligent and follow the political timeline. The only other person who is even considering doing that was Ross Perot when he was going to run for president. And I didn’t vote for him but I always hoped when he got elected that Barack Obama would be the man to unite the nation. However all he did was divide us even more that man set us back over 60 years but not only in unification but financially economically And socially. He brought us back to the time when I remember as a child racial riots going on in all 4 corners of the United States. Now we have a president that is trying to bring us back socially were failing miserable but at least hes trying hes definitely bring us back financially and he already brought us back economically we are finally a country to be reckoned with not a country that goes around bowing their heads to Terrorist countries like Barack Obama did. Embarrassing us as a nation and our military as a unified fighting force to be reckoned with. I remember when a marine at the entrance ramp to Air Force one saluted Barack Obama and he didn’t even Honor that salute he just walked right past the marine and the commander Piloting the Kraft demanded that Barack Obama return to the marine that saluted him and returned the salute how embarrassing can a president be to our nation our national security and one of our Marines 1 of our Marines that put their lives on the line everyday like the 2 that were murdered because Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama told the marine force in bengazi to stand down while our embassy was being over run and everybody in the embassy was being murdered this nation deserves and needs Donald J Trump. These Democrat must suffer the most devastating defeat in national history with the election in 2020. Then when trump and an overwhelming majority in the house and senate are elected republicans. The house and the senate need to vote as a majority that there was a treason is coo attempt at our nation and our president use the military to round up every Democrat that was involved in this cool and every media personnel that followed suit with the democrats round them all up take them to Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Start Charging every one of them with treason. Convict them in a military tribunal. And let them all suffer the penalty which is death. And let’s not do it be hind closed door sessions let’s do it open public on national television Syndicated so it goes worldwide. And let the entire world know this doesn’t happen not on our watch not on our soil and not on our time.

  80. All politicians are already required to post financial statements every 2 years. That’s ALL that the law requires.
    Yet most politicians become unbelievably wealthy in spite of it

  81. Yes, Pastor, that is correct. They have no business sticking their noses into his business. Nancy just wants to make sure nobody has more money than she does.

  82. I still want to know what is so terrifying about Trump and Republicans? Nothing.
    They are the grandparents of the population in the US, most often. Really terrifying. Wow.
    The millenials and igeneration are afraid of maturity.
    Maybe the grandparents should remember this when they write their wills.


  83. take it to the Supreme Court. There is nothing in the Constitutional requirements for the office of President that demands tax records.

  84. This deal with the tax returns will drag on for years and Mr Trump will stonewall at every turn. However, since he claims that there is nothing illegal concerning his taxes, he should go ahead and release them just to put an end to the speculation.

  85. Poor lawyers become politicians and become MILLIONAIRES in a few years! Based on their wages it is IMPOSSIBLE to amass that amount of money! WAKE UP AMERICA = They are ALL CORRUPT! I say 8 years MAX = same insurance = Social Security = same retirement scale as the rest of AMERICA! Look at ALL TAX RETURNS of all politicians! Outlaw all Lobbyists! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR MILITARY! Also all politicians should have served and received an Honorable Discharge from the military!

  86. I think it would be quite acceptable to audit any public servant’s taxes begining from the moment they entered that government phase of their career. What their earnings were prior to that is nobody’s business except the tax department and the tax payer.If the whiners could not find anything to moan about with the past 10 years record they would try to enact a law to go back 40 years.It is quite obvious that so many of these politicians became fabulously rich as politicians. This president doesn’t even draw his salary. He donates it to charity every month.What others have ever done that. This is a terrible time in USA history ; and common sense and justice have collapsed into depravity , greed , slander and perhaps Godless Evil . As the President would say ” May God Bless Us All “.

  87. He doesn’t want to use his tax returns for anything!! It’s the wacko left losers whiners, can’t take the fact that the American public likes Trump’s ideas of what needs to be done in this country better than the lying lefts ideas, that want to talk about tax returns. It’s their idea to go fishing day in and day out about all kinds of different subjects, with the goal being to find something negative something that they can exaggerate and misrepresent to make it sound worse to possibly convince the stupid and the 16 yr olds they want to get to vote and the people in prison who they might be able to influence with these lies to go against Trump rather than doing what they’ve been elected to do which is run the country.

  88. I agree. However, this is old news. The Supreme Court has already ruled that Trump does not have to show his tax returns. In addition, Rachel Maddow and the man she got Trumps tax return from, need to go to jail because they accepted stolen property, i.e. Trumps 10 year old tax returns and showed them on the air. That was a FELONY!!! Why does not the the Law go and arrest theses two? REMEMBER, no one is above the law, even news people. Have a good day.

  89. I believe it is none of their business. If the IRS is satisfied that is all that they need to know. Otherwise, Pass a law that every politician MUST present whatever the law requires. Some people in politics have a nose problem.

    The D. C Appeals Court needs to amend their decision

  91. “Truth shall sets us free!” President TRUMP will wins at the END! He hides nothing! Yes, agree with all of the above words that speak the Truth abpupt our President! God is with the JUST and the TRUTFUL! Trump are both! If he is not in the WH, our nation at this mment might be a different country the day after the Election!


  93. This will eventually end up in the supreme court in which he will win due to the conservative majority there as it violates the invasion of privacy laws written in our constitution. His tax returns are a private matter between him and the IRS.and is no one else’s business.

  94. People can think what they want, say want the want, and do what they want as long as it is legal, but regardless of what they think about Trump, being able to use his tax returns for political purposes is not legal, not right, not fare, and nothing but a witch hunt no matter how you spell it. It that is going to be the rule of law then lets see all elected officials tax returns every time they register for any election or reelection. I would love to see Pelosi’s or go back and see Harry Reid’s tax returns. It was not but a few years back Nancy Pelosi made $150K in less then a couple of months, I wonder if she reported her $250K vacations paid for by tax dollars and Harry Reid was a struggling lawyer when he first entered the Elective Office, and retired as a Multi Millionaire, Hmmmm smells strange. These elected officials screw the American people every day and do not even blink an eye doing so.

  95. That is why we have two parties and there you go again telling people how stupid they are just because they don’t agree with your worldview. That sounds like your dear leader tRUMP.

  96. He has had three judges rule against him today and don’t sit there and say that all these judges should be removed and replaced by red team judges. If we go down that road when the blue team takes back the WH and the senate one of these days they will throw out the red judges and replace them with blue judges. That’s what they do in banana republics but of course we are walking a tightrope in the country right now.

  97. Why should he? Every tax return he’s ever had has been audited by the IRS. If they didn’t find anything then it’s a waste of time and our money to re-examine them.

  98. How about the tax returns of those who become multi millionaires AFTER they left the WH, The Clinton and the Obama as an example.

  99. but they won’t go after crooked uncle joe biden and his son or al sharpton who owes millions. they also need to look into pelosi and schumers taxes a little more bet you will find they have been hiding money they gotten illegally.

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