Donald Trump suffered one huge defeat that left Republicans scrambling on impeachment

Every development in American politics is now seen through the prism of how it affects impeachment.

To that end, Democrats crowed that just passed landmark milestone on the road to removing the President from office.

And Donald Trump suffered one huge defeat that left Republicans scrambling on impeachment.

Some political observers viewed the Kentucky Governor’s race as a key test of Donald trump’s strength.

Republican Governor Matt Bevin took on powerful Left-wing unions and the bruising battle left him as the most unpopular Governor in the nation.

Bevin called in President Trump from a rescue operation when he was down big in the polls.

The President held an election-eve rally in Kentucky in hopes of dragging the struggling Bevin over the finish line.

But when all the votes were cast, Bevin trailed his Democrat opponent by fewer than 5,000 votes although Bevin refused to concede the race, citing voter fraud.

NBC News reports:

In Kentucky, Trump couldn’t save the unpopular Bevin after campaigning with him the night before the election in Lexington, where the president told supporters a loss by the GOP governor would be portrayed as Trump’s having suffered “the greatest defeat in the history of the world.”

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, the candidates were separated by less than 10,000 votes. Beshear was leading with 49.4 percent, or 706,865 votes, to Bevin’s 48.7 percent, or 696,918 votes.

Bevin declined to concede on Tuesday night, citing unspecified “irregularities” in a speech to supporters, while Beshear declared victory, telling the crowd, “My expectation is that he will honor the election that was held tonight.”

The Fake News Media crowed that this was a massive setback for the President because he could not push Bevin to victory despite winning Kentucky by 30 points in 2016.

That was fake news.

Republicans actually won the other five statewide offices on Tuesday night, meaning the voters only rejected Bevin while the rest of Trump’s Republican Party thrived.

In fact, the other five victorious Republicans improved on the party’s vote share from the GOP performance in 2015.

Fake News Media reporters looking for signs that the Kentucky race showed Donald Trump’s base of support was cracking in the face of impeachment will have to look somewhere else.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • Marlene:
      I tried to get him off to no avail. Best thing to do is ignore his racist anti-white tweets as I do and eventually he will go away as he thrives on attention. If everyone did this, he’d find something else to do It’s quite obvious as you said that this individual is mentally disturbed, as he ends most of tweets with that hahaha*** B.S.

    • That is how Democrats work! Remember during Obama first term? The black race voted six time at the poll! These fool who support left-wing union are going to be the biggest loser in life!

  1. Long story short I live in Kentucky, know several players personally and have followed this story since 1975 when the crappy teachers retirement fund was concocted by the teachers retirement committee and Democrat Governor Julian Carroll. Since that time 8-Governors (7 Democrats and 1 Republican) have all underfunded that program, teachers have robbed the program on 100 day contracts after retirement, sandbagged sick days they should have been charged for over the years and used to add retirement time. Gov. Bevins inherits the collapsed program, tells teachers it has to be revamped or it will collapse completely and all hell brakes lose. Teachers in Kentucky with 30 or so years make more retired than working. Really, who else does that? Gov. Bevins props up the program with $3 Billion to 2021 that we do not have. Obama with liberal teacher votes among the herd wiped out the coal industry severance taxes over the last decade which propped up bad management by unaccountable state politicians like everywhere in our country. Now, the cash cow is gone and funds are being cut from every project especially infrastructure. Now, the Mountain Parkway which connected Lexington to Eastern Kentucky area will not be a completed four lane which kills shipping costs into our area which kills industry hopefuls. Quid pro quo! Trump almost pulled Bevins out of a NO WAY IN HELL he had a chance to within 5,000 votes cast out of nearly 5 million. The other five Republican cabinet members for re-election or new won by landslide numbers. A Black Republican won attorney general, one office the incumbent had not won since 1948. Trump performed a miracle for Bevins. Gov. Bevins cited voter fraud, that will never be solved even though I’ve witnessed it for over 30 years. Vote buying, clerks voting for non voters, this is the USA, it’s a way of life. Remember, it’s racist to photo I.D. and make it close to legit.

    • Ricky Caldwell you just described the perfectly executed Description. Of the liberal, SWAMP DWELLER DEMONcRAT’S. Handbook for destruction by buying votes with the, Public’s Own Taxes.

  2. Racist inbred white-folks have ruin america so bad until only God can bring it up again. But, the racist trump-butt-bumps wouldn’t allow His help. Because they’re ignorant subhuman racist like trump only good for stealing, kill, and lying. And copy-catting. hahahahaah

      • Tess it sounds like you are referring to President tRump, the Liar in Chief, bc we ALL KNOW that if ANYTHING is shady it is tRump. Grand Larceny seems to be tRump’s forte. Wouldn’t it be much nicer to have an honest President who does NOT lie 10 or more times a day? Finding that person in Washington DC will be a bit of a stretch but tRump needs to go! The Good Faith of the United States is at stake. We the People, the majority who voted AGAINST tRump, would like to see Truth and Justice be returned to the White House and legitimacy returned to the gov’t in general and WE feel the BEST way to accomplish that is to DumptRump&TheStain2020MAGA

  3. The R Governor would have won but the Libertarian took votes away 4-5 thousand votes…Never Trumpers are trying to pull this in 2020 on Greatest Pres in History at these End of Times.How about that persice take down of Isis.Keep America Great🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Seems that every loser whether they be Republican or Democrat claims election fraud when they are defeated. It’s become the “thange” in modern politics.

  5. So, he was very unpopular before and Trump boosted him up to being almost even to the other person. And all the other Republicans won. Dems call that a failure by Trump.
    They have their heads up their butts.

  6. This is ridiculous you can’t win them all but if you win 5 and lose 1 you certainly come out ahead. Also look at the facts Ky. has had 7 of the last 9 Governors as Demonrats. I would say this turn of events is a problem for Ky. not the rest of the country. Ky. made its bed let them lie in it.

  7. Let me get this right. The folks of KY got rid of the most disliked Governor in the nation(according to them) and the R’s won the rest of the positions and it is Trumps fault an ass hole didn’t win. Y’all are f’ed up.

  8. Well the union is cutting there own throte it the left gets in an they do what they are trying there will be no union an all the money you paid in will be gone as not the insurance you fight is gone so if you are voting a left Dem in you are voting out all that you have been fighting for be misstake someone miss lead you lol that what they want your fault you voted the wrong party in a. You will pay lol

  9. The people in Kentucky was already pissed at the governor They should have nominated someone else. I don’t know what all took place, but I would have voted for him even if I had to hold my nose.

  10. Completely dead in SENATE..THIS IS JUST A SHOW…it will end soon with a defeat in the SENATE and re-election next November.

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