Donald Trump surprised everyone with one stroke of his pen

The media and Democrats waged all-out war against President Trump and his immigration policies.

Journalists and elected officials fired off one lie and smear after another.

As the fight reached its zenith, Trump surprised everyone with one stroke of his pen.

Because of previous court cases, the federal government cannot hold illegal alien children for more than 20 days.

Rather than release them into the country, the Trump administration transferred them to holding facilities.

Democrats and the media screamed bloody murder.

And squeamish Republicans were beginning to jump ship.

So Trump signed an executive order ending the policy.

Liberals jumped for joy because they believed they had vanquished Trump on his signature issue.

But upon closer inspection, Trump just redrew the battle lines.

The new executive order did not end the zero tolerance policy.

In fact, it ordered families to remain together in detention facilities while the criminal proceedings against the adults played out.

The order instructed the Justice Department to file a legal challenge to the 1997 Flores consent decree which forced family separation when parents were arrested for illegal border crossings.

But now the battle will be fought on terrain that is favorable to Trump and his allies.

The media’s biggest weapon was pictures of crying children being yanked away from their parents.

That arrow has been removed from their quiver.

If the Democrats and the media object to the new policy – and they most assuredly will – it will mean they are committed to nothing less than the complete dissolution of the United States borders.

And that is a fight Trump will win every day of the week.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. You are a fuc…..idiot epiphany! Trump isn’t making anything up but is following the laws that are on the books. The left wing morons, which I see you are a member of, are the ones trying to hold trump to new rules that they keep making up. This is easy to see, except, of course, if you are a moron, epiphany. Like I said, he is following existing laws that Obummer followed when he was Pres. The deranged leftists are the ones trying to change things up. Anyone, informed, would know this except , of course, those with Trump derangement syndrome. Time to WAKE UP epiphany. I know you were dead asleep when you voted for Hitlery but its been almost 2 years now. You’ve had plenty of time to see what is happening in this country but instead you spew your ill informed garbage and embarrass yourself in this open forum. Go to #walkaway and learn. Remember, the synonym for democrats is collective stupid.

  2. Trump is a heartless monster, no doubt. He causes a problem, then takes credit for a fix, except he never fixes anything. I’m getting tired of rationalizing the lies he tells all the time, we know any number he quotes is BS. I hate the fear mongering, even worse is the fact that we fall for it. We have to stop illegal immigration in a more humane manner, what’s happening now needed to have been better planned. It needs to follow existing laws, right now trump is making it up as he goes along, and it’s dangerous. Anyone who is happy about how the illegals are being treated needs to take another look at the bible and it’s teachings.

  3. Yes! President Trump will win that fight every day of the week.

    President Trump didn’t back down on his ” zero tolerance”, he just signed a Executive order for letting the parents and their children stay together until the parents have been through their proceedings.

    President Trump and his administration knows exactly what they are doing for all Americans and for the United States of America when it comes to illegal aliens coming across the border illegally.

    I am proud of his accomplishments since being in the White House, and I am standing and supporting him all the way to finish filling his agenda one way or another.

  4. Glad to read what President Trump just did, it stops any issues of Liberals trying to say he doesn’t care about children. Matter of fact, the true problem is the parents, the illegals knowingly putting their children at risk by being separated from them. But President Trump indeed put the blame where it belongs, with the illegal parents by not separating them from their children. They all stay in detention…. Good for President Trump! The Americans are not to blame but the parents, the illegal parents with children, are to blame.

  5. Build the wall. Then the families will stay together. On the OTHER side of our border. End of problem.


  7. The Democrat Party is 100% (not a single person less) for the New World Order (NWO). This is represented by the UN with the EU being a first step in the NWO progression. Borders will be eliminated throughout the world. It all starts with trading treaties and lack of STRICT enforcement of ANY country’s border. Again, the EU is the prime example of a borderless continent. Involved are treaties and migration to other places. This is the Dems prime reason for wanting to do away with any southern border, and, in particular, why they do NOT want a WALL on the border. NAFTA border-elimination was the goal of the Clintons and the Bushes, too. But Pres Trump has stepped in the way. I pray to God above that the Republican Party stands behind Trump and that we, the American people, remain a step ahead of this international conspiracy

  8. Kenneth V., You are absolutely correct! Trump doing same thing with the illegal adults and children that Obama did somehow okay for Obama but not Trump???? We, deplorables, understand these are campaign talking points the Dem libs plan to use for 2018 and 2020, so wait for it. I predict it is going to be a giant explosion in their faces as usual. VOTE CONSERVATIVE GOP AND VOTE EVERY OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE. NO DEN LIBS OR RINO EVER! Save our Country!!!!

  9. He diffused their direct attack but the democrats were quick to change course. Their primary goal was not about the children but to keep Trump in a bad light.

  10. Keep the Children & their parents away from the demented Liberal Democrats! AKA, The Child Molesters & Child Traffickers! That is where the Real Problems of this Country originates from! The brainwashing of creeps like the Obamas, Clintons, Soros’, Pelosi, Waters, etc., etc.! KEEP AMERICA SAFE! Put the Democrats in cages! That is my honest opinion!

  11. sounds simple doesn’t it susan but they like to make it difficult…..the title of this page was odd…..”president trump and his immigration policies” didn’t know it was his policy…they can’t even get it straight

  12. Coleen, You tell it like it really is!!! Understand the conditions, abuse, etc. were bad under the Obama admin. There were some things brought into court, don’t know the details, heard the end of news report that a judge said children should not be kept in those conditions. Whoa be unto the GOP if that had been the DJT admin. I also just hate this double standard and unfair treatment the GOP gets. The Dems just have a lot more experience in being mean, untruthful, rude, crude, disrespectful, bold, and loud mouthed. Oh enough already!

  13. People have to understand the Alien children are being kept SAFE! They are not starving. They are out of the weather, have A/c, and have fun activities. NOTHING! Nothing! like Nazi Germany! Get off the soapbox Dem/Libs.Stop with the ignorance, Read,research! Open the brainwashed heads, See TRUTH!

  14. immigration laws are on the books and must be fallowed we know Bush would do nothing because Jeb is married to a Latino we know Obama or Clinton would do nothing because they want open borders so they can get more votes….Only person who cares about Americans tax dollars and jobs is Trump

  15. Idiots..are these sheep going to pay for the medical and food rent help them find jobs ? What are they thinking.? Personally I’m tired of uninsured people and having to pay for services I couldn’t get when I needed a hospital and a place to live. They need to stay in the country they are in and change that country”.

  16. We should send them all back. Every man, women, and child. No catch and
    Release. Give them info on how to apply to come into our country legally. Put them on buses and send them home!

  17. I am so sick to death of the MSM beating
    POTUS to death with this separating parents and children when they cross the border in places other than a port of entry. The MSM idiots fail to mention they very well could be undesirable criminals or they would have come through a port of entry. They should not receive the same consideration as people doing things the right way. Am sorry for the children, however. Also, after POTUS signed the EO stopping the separation they are now beating him to death saying how awful and no President had ever done such a horrible thing WHEN IN FACT every single one of them knows Obama did the same thing and worse. There are videos and pics to prove it as well as video with Obama saying he was following the law in doing the separation. So folks, please, every chance you get make sure people you know are aware of the truth. This is probably a election talking point for the Dem libs and we don’t want to help them by keeping quiet on anything. Every election from now on is more important than it has ever been. VOTE CONSERVATIVE GOP EVERY TIME. NO DEN LIBS OR RINO EVER.

  18. I say we have a one day open season on all liberals, and Democrats! No bag limit, and at the end of the day, the person with the most heads gets a one million dollar cash prize!

  19. They need an infusion of new voters. The Democrats AND a lot of the GOP see they are loosing this NWO battle with the American voters. They want everybody they can get as replacement voters.

  20. The Demoncrats and some sissified Republicrats, want everyone to come to America and the taxpayers will end up paying the bill!

  21. Dems and libs don’t know what they want!!! they just know they want something that they CAN’T have….or what the conservatives have already nailed down… So let them play with the “end of the rope” and see where it will get them… dropped off into the bottomless abyss from which they will never emerge. Poor homeless persons…(dems and libs) they don’t have a home in this world so trying to make sure no one else does either…. GOOD JOB TRUMP!!! MY AND YOUR PRESIDENT. thanx.. rich..IN GOD WE TRUST

  22. If an American citizen committed a crime with their children in tow – and illegally crossing the border Is a crime – they would be arrested and the kids put in the custody of child services and Nobody would raise an eyebrow. These people are criminals and shouldn’t get special treatment that our own citizens don’t receive.
    However I think what President Trump did is a great.

  23. The one thing I don’t understand is why these illegals aren’t put on a bus as soon as they are caught and return them to mexico. the Mexican govt, let them into their country, they can have them back. The Mexican government should also be billed for our expenses. There are better uses for my tax money than feeding, housing and providing heath care to a bunch of freeloaders. if they are having problems in their country, they should get the United Nations to solve their problems. I just watched the evening news with lying Lester Holt and the scum bags they call reporters and am more convinced that the loser and his people don’t know how to tell the truth.

  24. The Dems are trying to ruin our country. They don’t care about American citizens just illegals. We can not afford to support all these illegals. We have our veterans, seniors, disabled citizens to care for. .
    I think we should deport all illegals. They had plenty of places to ask for asslylum in Mexico. However, they waited to come in illegallly. We want immigrants thT follow the laws and enter America legally. These illegals must not be honorable people, or they wouldn’t come into our country breaking the law.

  25. From what I have read in Revelation in the holy Bible, if you were to read and look at the progression of the coming of the end times in Revelations and compare them to the different steps that Obama did to demolish our government while in office it is my thinking that Obama is a disciple of the anti Christ or the anti Christ himself. Think about it. It’s scary.

  26. we are with you all the way President Trump..
    that was a great decision you just made..God Bless you.

  27. Get real Marie. That law was just one of several that are in the law books but President Trump was the first to start enforcing them. I can imagine how you will feel when these are enforced…Federal Immigration and Nationality Act Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii) and this part of the law Section 274 felonies under the federal Immigration and Nationality Act, INA 274A(a)(1)(A):
    A person (including a group of persons, business, organization, or local government) commits a federal felony when she or he: * knowingly assists illegal aliens due to personal convictions.
    Penalties upon conviction include criminal fines, imprisonment, and forfeiture of vehicles and real property used to commit the crime.

  28. Why are PARENTS choosing to bring their innocent children ??? They’re USING them !! I lived for about 8 years in Mexico and was horrified when I saw families receiving money from people that needed those families’ children to cross USA borders illegally. They brought with them false birth certificates (forged by people in this Mexican “business”).

  29. Why are PARENTS choosing to bring their innocent children ??? They’re USING them !! I lived for about 8 years in Mexico and was horrified when I saw families receiving money from people that needed those families’ childre to cross USA borders illegally. They brought with them false birth certificates (forged by people in this Mexican “business”).


  31. Our President Donald Trump
    is NOT GENTLE as a lamb, BUT he sure is SLY like a fox…
    by: Joan Lauterbach~6 21 18

  32. I still stand with President Trump. He is only trying to make this country great again after the 8 years that Obama tried to tear it down. It is going to take time and I am willing to wait.

  33. I agree 100%. The Dems are NOT the Party that once supported the workingman and middle America. They have turned their back on the middle class to enrich themselves. Just a few short years ago they were ALL AGAINST illegal immigration. The proof is on tape and has been shown on the “real news”, Fox News. But now, they need voters so, open those borders, let them ALL in and get them registered as Dems. TRAITORS to middle America! Vote them OUT of office!!!

  34. Pres. Trump has the issue correct and has dealt with it. The liberals are just using this issue of immigration as a smoke screen to pull attention away from the crime-ridden FBI and DOJ, and HRC. They had plenty of time to fix this problem when they had a large majority in both houses back in 2009-10. They don’t want it fixed. They just want some type of lying issue to run during mid-terms. They have fooled no one!

  35. He didn’t cause the problem. It was in place with Bush and Obama. they did nothing in the 8 Years each were in office.

  36. The stupid Dims don’t seem to understand that these people are illegally trying to enter this country. They have no constitutional rights. Keep the REAL families together and deport them together ASAP. If they seek legitimate asylum then come through a port of entry. Bild the wall first then reform the laws.

  37. I, with a clear mind, could never be a democrate! What sick ansd deranged individuals they are, control is all that drives them and the thought of losing it, as they have, is making them show their true colors. Just as the media wants to give this country away to special interests and illegals and under mind our democracy the democrates will rant and try and undermine TRUMP. They forget or just don’t understand the power of the deplorables just hold on to your hats as we’re going to turn out and vote them into a minority and save this country from the media and The elites who think it’s their country not ours.

  38. Actually the reason why Trump got “ahead” of Leftist Media and the pathetic,terrified Congressional politicians on this is because Trump is SMARTER than they are.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  39. My only thing on this is the Liberals have been crying about this and everything to try to beat President Trump. He has stood strong and he will stand strong on this immigration issue as well. If there is blame to be had, it is on the parents bringing their children across the border illegally. We need strong borders, and we the legal tax payers are not responsible to pay for these illegals, no matter if they are adults or children. Send them back, enforce the current laws that for years the previous president did not. Trump is enforcing the law of the land and the liberals can’t stand that. Nancy and Chuck are just puppets, Nancy seems to be loosing it, her mumbling and not making sense when she speaks.

  40. Now the children can remain in detention while their parents are being processed through the criminal justice system. Good one!

  41. November is show time. The fight is still on for the keeping of our great republic. Calling the left cute names like commiecrats ect , as I and others have done is not enough. We must crush them at the ballot box. Our last chance.


  43. Yeah, today liberals cannot be reasoned with anymore. That’s for sure, unfortunately. That is to say that we don’t have time anymore for their next agenda. They would lie, kill, and steal for the votes. They recruited illegal aliens to vote. They registered dead people to vote. Anything to get the presidency. Not one liberal feel guilty of doing this wrong. That’s who we are dealing with today.

    Jeff Session recused himself, okay? … he’s not helping to bring the justice to punish the corrupters. Trey is leaving. We need to VOTE the candidates carrying the likes of Trey’s anti-corruption approach.

    Trump 2020!

  44. Under THE SCHMUCK/PELOSI the (D) party has become the HYPOCRISY STUOID party run by Soros and his Puppets which include MSM and BLOOMBERG ………… I was no so long ago that SLOCK the Perv nad Barry the Mens Bath house HO gave speeches to say that Illegal Immigrants needed to be THROWN back to where they came from , and that Border security was a MUST…. Forward t o DA SCHMUCK/PELODSI and these two buckets of human waste “preach” a different STORYWHO CAN WE TRUST???

  45. We still have patriots who believe the Dem libs are honorable and just have a different idea of how to attack the immigration problems as well as the multitude of other huge problems in our Republic. But make no mistake about this, folks. The Dem party of “old” is gone forever. It is moving further left every day and just wait until this new breed has the power and control. The up and coming are of the one world govt. mindset and anyone who doesn’t understand the implication of that, please research and learn what it really means. Our forefathers founded America with a constitution to protect the citizens from the very things it we are facing today. They would all roll over if they could see all the perils they had no way of knowing would exizt today. And so, I digress, the Dems will never be happy with a single thing, no not even one, that POTUS or the GOP does long after he is gone does. The don’t care about the USA and the people because we are unimportant in their long range goal. Global “oneness” is what they are working toward. May sound nuts but research it for yourselves. So, just expect more of the same and worse from them. God bless and protect POTUS and all true patriots.

  46. Since President Trump signed a new Executive order, the Democrats and the media are still not going to be very happy, however, he is only doing what the Democrats wouldn’t do.

    President Trump and his administration will win every opposition that will throwed in front of the faces, and they will stand proud with their heads held high. Now that he has signed this new Executive order where the children and their parents are left with each other until their parents are prosecuted for crossing the border illegally, then the children will definitely go into the Department of Health and Human Services until their parents have served their time and then they will be probably be sent back to their home country, and then the Democrats will still be mad AS HELL!

    The Democrats and the media are going to accuse the President and his administration of still being cruel and heartless towards these illegal aliens. President Trump and his administration is trying to do everything in the right manner, that Obama wouldn’t do.

  47. Well, Trump could do what Obama did: randomly fly these illegals to states that did not request them. Thus, they became the states problem to house, feed, educate and find “jobs” for these unwanted new citizens. Too bad the states can’t legally print money to cover the extra cost, eh? If their are monies to fly these law breakers to locations around the country, why can’t the flights be made to return them to the countries from which they came?

  48. Obama had separated the illegal children from their illegal parents, Trump along with those families, the illegal children are now together with their illegal parents ..

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