Donald Trump told one surprising truth about the identity of the whistleblower

The spy that filed a so-called “whistleblower” complaint against Donald Trump hid behind a cloak of anonymity.

That may be about to change.

And Donald Trump told one surprising truth about the identity of the whistleblower.

President Trump spoke to reporters after a swearing in ceremony for new Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia.

The Fake News Media could not wait to bring up the spy’s allegations that Donald Trump pressured the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden.

But President Trump turned the tables.

And he revealed that his administration would soon know the identity of the spy that tried to stage a coup against his administration.

USA Today reports:

President Donald Trump said Monday he is still trying to learn the identity of the whistleblower whose allegations over Ukraine and Joe Biden have triggered an impeachment inquiry against him.

“We’re trying to find out,” Trump told reporters after an Oval Office swearing-in ceremony for new Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia.

Trump again attacked Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, accusing him of “making up” words about his phone call with the president of Ukraine – but Trump did not again accuse Schiff of “treason” as he did earlier in the day.

The identity of this spy is one of the most closely guarded secrets in Washington, D.C.

Many experts believe the spy filed a phony whistleblower complaint precisely so they would never have to answer for the chaos they set in motion.

By filing a whistleblower complaint, the spy is protected by law from “retaliation.”

Which in this case means revealing their identity.

But with President Trump’s most recent comments, that may no longer be the case.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Democrats like Chris should know better but they just parrot what they’re told from the MSM. They don’t research anything or bother to check if what they’re being told is the truth. Just like with that picture of children in a cage from 2014 trying to blame it on Trump. These democrats are LIVs (low information voters). They are willfully ignorant. They prefer to be that way because its easy.

  2. Scott27 is a moron. If Trump had asked the Ukraine to look into Hillary instead of Biden Scott would claim Trump is trying to interfere in an election even though the election is over and she lost.

  3. Scott27 no. Trump hasn’t asked foreign countries to interfere in our elections. Trump is looking into political corruption by any party. Trump promised to try to clean up our swamp of rich criminals who use taxpayers money as their own pocket change. The Biden’s are only 2 of the corrupt criminals. Drain that Swamp!

  4. Scott 27, the Democrats changed the rules for whistleblowers just after the july call so they could claim that their guy is a real whistleblower when he’s a deep state spy trying to get Trump out. Eric Caramello was in Ukraine helping Biden get the prosecutor fired who was looking into his son’s corrupt money from Burisma. You think it’s normal to get money for doing nothing? Hunter Biden doesn’t speak Ukrainian, has no skills and was a drug addict before dad Joe got him money for his name. It’s called kickbacks or pay to play.

  5. Mike R. if you think that letting people come here illegally is good for them, you’re crazy. Good people only need to apply legally to get here and wait their turn. Only criminals must sneak across our borders, violating our laws to get in because they won’t be allowed in legally. The Democrats claim that sanctuary policies make cities safer, but it’s not true. Phoenix, Arizona ended their sanctuary policy in 2006 and their crime rate went down afterwards. The cities that end sanctuary policies have their crime rates drop. When criminals are allowed to go free to commit more crimes, it creates more crime.

  6. Redman, the racial divide was created by 0bama when he claimed that police are racist for enforcing our laws. FBI statistics show the truth, most black people are killed by other black people. More white people are killed by the police than black people. Our police aren’t racist, they enforce the law. Many police officers are Hispanic, black, Asian or other minorities. They care about enforcing the laws, not race.

  7. No Terry, Trump never said he wanted to stay president permanently. Trump isn’t running the country into the ground. Trump isn’t targeting muslims or migrants. The USA takes in over a million legal immigrants every year legally from around the world. Muslims can come here, if they desire freedom and don’t want to change the USA into an Islamic caliphate. Omar doesn’t want freedom here, she wants to change the U.S. policy towards protecting Israel so Islamics can kill Jews. The muslims in the mid east are constantly attacking Israel with rockets, suicide bombers and knife attacks. Many Islamics from her District went to join isis. She’s not supporting freedom, she’s supporting tyranny – her sort.

  8. Mike R., Trump is married to a legal immigrant and his first wife was a legal immigrant also. Your claim that Trump doesn’t like immigrants isn’t true. Trump has hired and promoted minorities, also women for decades. Trump was never called racist until he ran for president as a Republican. Trump was a Democrat until 2012. He changed parties after seeing 0bama hurt our country, the USA by apologizing around the world and making horrible decisions. Trump dated Kara Young a black model for two years and she says he’s not racist. Trump allowed Jews and minorities into his clubs when others were still discriminating against them. Trump has an I.Q. of 156 and that’s genius level.

  9. Redman the earth has been warming since the last ice age and will continue to warm until we have a magnetic pole field shift. Then the earth will move slowly towards an ice age cooling again after the magnetic pole field shift. This is the science. I earned my first degree in science. This climate cycle lasts 28,000 to 29,000 years before a magnetic pole field shift. People aren’t causing this warming cycle. CO2 isn’t a pollutant, plants use CO2 to grow and put off oxygen. The Sahara desert may be greening due to warming and that’s great. 0bama bought a home on Martha’s vineyard and if it was going tl be underwater, I doubt he’d be buying it. Get facts & truth of science instead of biased baloney.

  10. Mike R. President Trump didn’t call people animals, he called the many criminals sneaking in illegally “animals” like Ms-13. An illegal serial killer killed 4 elderly people in less than a month in Nevada. An animal loving woman was killed by an illegal who stalked her. She was killed in her home in California. Visit to see the citizen victims of illegal crime. Over 7,500 people have died due to violent illegal criminals inside the USA.

  11. Your correct, Steve S. the 325g law to separate children from their parents was hailed as a victory in human rights, 1992. The children were fed, clothed, housed, educated and cared for medically, also psych care by professionals. The Clinton’s admin. did it for 8 years, Bush did it for 8 years and 0bama also separated children from their parents for 8 years. Once Trump got in office the Democrats claimed that Trump was being mean, when it was only a year and a half. Trump responded by creating an Executive Order to allow them to stay together. This fake outrage has ignorant people in a rage over Trump following the law and doing what is right.

  12. If the Dem’s keep trying to impeach the president, it will start a civil war and I really don’t think you want to be in the middle of that. Just calling it like I see it.


  14. This rant is stupid and full of lies and misrepresentations. Donald Trump is doing a great job as President and he deserves another term.

  15. Tonton, and now it’s the racist white-folk in the gov that keep blacks in poverty on gov dependence. They tell blacks you need our help which means you’re too stupid to support yourself so you better vote for us or else hahahahahahaha

  16. You, turd-tongue, failed to mention dat white-folks like yo no good not so grand pappy and maw were “slave” in Europe before they came into dis part of the world as greasy headed boat people from the caves. hahahahhahahahahha

  17. Them racist white-folks in the gov keepin the black man in poverty and lettin him shoot up the cities and tellin him he too stupid to have a job.

  18. “The rats are finally jumping ship???” I’m afraid you have been misled and totally brainwashed brother! The “Do Nothing Democrat’s” haven’t accomplished a single thing since they took the majority of the HOR last November! They have been crying “IMPEACHMENT” since the moment it was announced that Trump had defeated Hillary! They are all OBSESSED with overturning the 2016 election and “TDS” (that’s Trump Derangement Syndrome) has completely overtaken their mindless attempts to oust him… Guess what? IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! So, stop your whining and complaining, because Donald Trump isn’t going ANYWHERE, and neither are his supporters!

  19. So let me get this straight. A person who works for the Federal Government can make a whistleblower complaint and they never have to be accountable for their accusations and their identity will never be known? Horse crap! It doesn’t work that way with what the Baby But herring pert wants to accomplish. Idiots

  20. It was RATIFIED by Congress in 2000, a pesky little detail Obama often avoided.

    This is the closest anyone has ever gotten to investigating Soros. He has been the money behind every destructive thing that has happened in this country for over FIFTY YEARS!

  21. Your rants are purely mindless.Trump has supported legal imigrants and all minorities from day one. It’s the illegals he is concerned with, all Americans should be.
    Now our presidents are expected to deal with all world leaders in order to make this planet safer for all or do you want your enemies to all have A bombs, which they will some day use? Trump is worlds only hope He is trying to free millions of muslims in China that have been placed in labor camps.

  22. Same ole trump-butt-bump babies whining for more farts from their god, trump-the-bump on americas bottom. There will be lots of em shooting their on big greasy heads when he leave them behind for Russia. hahahhaahhahahahha

  23. Stupid white-folks have kept the black-man in poverty by tellin him he cant make it without whitey help and if you vote for them they gonna give you more free sh/t and maybe even reparations too hahahahahahahaha

  24. Mama, dont listen to dem white racist dat tell ya the world is gonna end from climate global warming if you dont vote for dem. Lyin POS evil white folks are responsible for all this pain hahahahahahahaha

  25. Since white racists have been in government poverty has continued and the black man is no better off hahahahahahahaha

  26. “Since” trump has been in the white-folks house, America has had many earth quakes, and a huge race divide because of his lying, and racism. hahahahhahahahahahaha

  27. Once an election is over All parties are to come togeather and work for the good of the country and people. Since this last election we quit paying most Dems as they all hve quit working for the people are helping anyone other them themselves to a fat pay check for doing nothing but create problems. Trump has done more for this country in the time he’s been in office than any of the Dems have done in their lifetime. They all just keep looking for more money for themselves for doin nothing where Trump does not take a paycheck and contimues to work for all.

    You said that name callers are full of hate,
    Then that makes Trump “FULL OF HATE” too

  29. &&& All at same time !
    TROLLS. mike r/ cris/ terry.
    To ‘Trolls’ : You ‘convince NO 0ne
    except Yourselves.
    Just remember: Y’ALL GO DOWN as well.
    Your ‘dems WILL NOT SAVE you. Sooo,
    what’s your point ?

  30. Steve Scoutaris, Well, I am waiting, waiting, waiting. I have been dealing with troll Scott27 for a long time, still waiting, waiting, waiting………..oh well.

  31. Cris, if someone wants to follow our laws you call them racists.

    What about the people trying to come here legally? Should they be dismissed because you are rewarded for doing it illegally?

    We can’t have open borders and sanctuary cities. It will bankrupt the country and turn us into a third world country.

    I would say by your comments that u are the true racist and anti america.

  32. To WILL,
    No I don’t really believe that.
    I just didn’t have anything else to do in the moment. So I thought I would leave a comment.

  33. I don’t hate you Chris and I don’t resort to name calling.
    I believe that anybody that names calls like you do is full of hate.

  34. Will, you make a great point. The Doc and Scott are a waste of time. I see that now.
    At first I thought they were capable of being honest, and had some integrity but I see they don’t, and what everyone else on here said about them is true.
    They are trolls. I don’t like name calling but if it quacks like a duck…..

  35. STEVE SCOUTARIS, all you are is one of Trumps racists puppets.

    “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion … People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love … For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

  36. Tonton…guys like you, Dan Tyree, Scoutaris and Skippy, I guess, are all wasting their valuable time, arguing with brainwashed, fools, incapable of accepting any other view. I love your posts, and the others I mentioned. God save our country!

  37. Scott, don’t be dishonest. You know full well Trump had legal authority to ask the Ukraine government for assistance into looking into Biden’s corruption with his son and Burisma Holdings Company. You saw the treaty Bill Clinton signed because I posted it to you, and Doc, and other people. Everyone has seen it now.
    Show us all you have some integrity.

  38. What’s wrong with Trump chipping away at Obama’s legacy?
    That’s what Trump was elected for. Haven’t you been paying attention?
    If voters wanted more of the same Obama crap then Hillary would have won.

    And children must be separated from their parents at the border.
    You can’t put children in criminal detention with their law breaking parents because it’s illegal.
    Children were being separated from their parents under Obama also.

    These illegal aliens that cross through one or two countries to claim asylum know full well their children will be taken from them before they come here.
    They also know they have a better chance if they bring children with them even if they are not their actual children.

    Never mind the drugs, and MS-13 gang members, and cartels, and rapists, and repeat offenders that sneak over with the caravans of parents and children.

  39. No that’s called fighting back against false accusations. The reason you’ve never seen this type of fight is because we’ve never had a POTUS who has such a strong backbone and won’t take being falsely accused ‘lying down’. That’s what you’re not used to seeing. Pres. Trump is a fighter and believes deeply in what he’s fighting for. You should be thankful that he doesn’t rollover and let the false accusations take over.

  40. To Mike R, I agree.
    Trump supporters in congress are Begainning to jump ship.
    Those who don’t will be going down with Trump.

  41. You still won’t admit that the large majority of slave traders then, and now, are black Africans. The slave trade of the 17th and 18th centuries was dominated by Black African slave traders who raided black African villages, enslaved and then sold their human cargo to other Black African traders throughout the World. So, you can get off your moral high horse, put you ill gotten guilt to rest and be thankful that at least in the USofA that period in history is finished. Although, slave trading in Africa is still alive and ‘well’. There’s your battle!

  42. Terry, You are too low IQ for anyone to even bother replying to you! Your very long comment is full of lies and the entire thing has no credibility. When you present something like this you had better be prepared to back it up with proof and evidence and of course you can’t prove lies even though Pelosi, Schumer, “Schit”, Nadler and the rest of the Dem thugs and criminals think they can.
    You can take your comment to the bathroom with you, great for toilet paper but, nothing else I can think of……………..

  43. MJ, If you had been abused, lied about, harassed, falsely accused, the Dems in Congress refusing to work with you, had every word you say twisted into another meaning, hundreds of thousands of illegals pouring across our southern border expecting full welfare benefits and all the rights of American citizens, all the other things that he needs to be working on and does not have time and I could go on listing things to frustrate and stress out any human being and if it had been you instead of DJT in D.C. today you probably would have become violent with some folks! This has been going on for three years and what you saw today was not a meltdown, it was pure unadulterated anger and I wish he could have stayed calm but the thermometer reading on his anger is totally understandable.
    DJT and we know the Dems never intended to work with him from day one and they certainly did not. Also, from the minute he was elected a plan was set in motion to find a way to get rid of him and they have certainly tried with lies and false allegations.
    So, you be as judgmental as you like but, DJT is a better man than you are on his worse day!
    Now, I’m tired and bored and have had enough of the likes of you…………..

  44. President Trump is running America into the ground.

    He is supporting brutal dictators, targeting Muslims and other minorities with hateful policy, and bringing out the very worst divisions in us.
    It terrifies me to see President Trump make America more like those corrupt dictatorship regimes through out the world.
    I have watched him fire officials investigating him, launch a full-scale attack on our free press, and even call for his political opponents to be locked up in jail.
    He has praised the world’s most violent dictators — and he has even suggested his term as President should be made permanent.

    I have never seen the kind of all-out assault on democracy that the Trump administration has unleashed over the past year.

    His administration has targeted immigrants and refugees and separated children from thier parents.

    Hundreds of children – some as young as 18 months – have been taken from their parents at the border at an average cost to American tax payers of $327 million per year.

    Every time I turn on the news I am hit in the gut with another way President Trump and his supporters are derailing our country.
    They are eliminating our environmental protections in order to sell our oceans and national parks to oil corporations.

    They have abandoned the American people. They have relentlessly chipped away at President Obama’s legacy. And their only concern is how to help themselves and enrich their friends.

    Trump has spent the better part of the last year undermining the special counsel’s independent probe into Russia’s interference in our elections. He has fired his advisors that disagree with him. He has pardoned a convicted racist in Arizona and someone who leaked classified information in the Bush administration.

    And now, Trump is walking a fine line on whether or  not to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

    These attacks go beyond battles over civil liberties and civil rights; they are attacks on basic tenets of democracy — checks & balances, the rule of law, and separation of church and state.

    Trump said while he was campaigning that



    Lawmakers in any political party who are doing NOTHING to stop Trump MUST be voted out of office.


  45. I believe you are right Dan he will be impeached but Senate will not convict. But Dan neither you or I want a civil war. To have a president to call out if he is removed there will be a civil war and then to call the ranking member intelligence committee is committing treason. In all my 63 years I have never heard this kind of language from a President not even Nixon was not this bad.

    Dan did you watch his news conference honestly he is beginning to meltdown. I could deal better with Vice President Pence aleast he is disciplined and would soften his language.

    Dan unfortunately tRUMP is beginning to meltdown. Ask yourself if he was doing this at a public traded company he would be gone in 5 minutes no question asked. If you watched his conference today he had a meltdown.

  46. Built on the backs of the indigenous peoples and the Africa Americans slaves and don’t say otherwise because the whole economy of the south was built on slavery. I know because my family owned them racist that they were.

  47. Mike R, Oh you poor baby! Donald John Trump, President of The United States of America has driven you completely out of your “rabbitass” mind!
    Call the guys in white bearing a strait-jacket, Mike R is ready for the funny farm! Took a little longer than I thought but, good riddance to bad rubbish! 🙂

  48. i guess part of reply going thru,
    is better than nothing.
    To Mike R. The Problem IS YOU.
    & i’m being ‘nice’ in my word.

  49. To Mike R.
    > A 1 way ticket outside USA, to a country
    of your choice Will be easily funded.
    (“fairness/compassion” ) ___
    > FYI: your mail= Deleted by ‘screeners’ At WH.
    & went NOWHERE.
    > RR blocks Dem policy listed.
    Let’s se if this gets thru.

  50. Might I suggest that you move yourself and your family (if you have one) to either San Francisco or Los Angeles so you can experience first-hand what it’s like to live with these fine upstanding illegal aliens.

  51. President Donald J. Trump NEVER called Illegal Aliens as ANIMALS. He called the M13 Animals and that is what they are. They Rape, murder people. They cut out the hearts of people while they are alive, they cut of heads and other parts of people. WHERE ARE YOUR COMPASSION OF THE PEOPLE and where are you compassion when they Gang Rape Girls and Woman?

    He was NOT TALKING about Immigrants that is decant people with families. He was talking about Criminals and law breakers, people who kill, bring in human bondage, drugs, ect.

    You are part of the Problem about America and not the solution to the problem.

    With all of your smart words you do not have any command sense.

    Yes! I am going to vote for President Donald J. Trump again. God had him voted into this job. God takes people off of throngs (head of government/state) and put them on.

    God allowed Obama to be voted into office to show the people the evilness of many people that run the U.S. Government and the State Government.

    If Trump loses in 2020 then Destruction is coming to American sooner. If Trump wins the Destruction is be proponded.

  52. Mike R, WOW! You know the easiest thing for you to do is to pack your bags, call the airport for a ticket to anywhere, and leave this terrible place and a President who has done more for America and her citizens than anyone has in a long time!
    Dems are so stupid they can’t get beyond their hatred of President Trump! His accomplishments just fall by the wayside and get lost in all the Dem waste matter they have eliminated and regurgitated!
    Why is there not a single Democrat who understands “accomplishments not personalities are what REALLY matter”?
    The whole lot of you don’t deserve this country and what it has done for you yes, even with DJT as President!
    You are a blind fool full of hatred and anger………………

  53. Correction: Trump called MS-13 gang members animals. Even Pelosi understood his comment.
    Correction: Trump said rapists and drug smugglers were entering WITH the illegals.
    Correction: Trump campaigned on curtailing illegal immigration and won.

  54. I Sent this to President Trump,

    Donald Trump

    I’m disgusted by your actions.
    It is abhorrent that you referred to immigrants as “animals.”

    Your ignorance and bigotry don’t represent my views.

    Your comments show an extreme lack of compassion.

    I WON’T tolerate your hatred for a single second.

    I’m making on-going donations to support pro-immigrant Democrats.

    Our country was founded and built by immigrants.
    But you’ve done nothing except INSULT them:–You called Mexicans rapists and drug smugglers.

    –You said we shouldn’t take immigrants from “sh*thole countries”

    –You want to build an expensive, ineffective Border Wall.

    I can’t let your xenophobic, racist agenda stand one second longer.
    So today I’m making another on-going donation to help elect Democrats who’ll treat immigrants with the decency and compassion they deserve.

    History will remember the things you say.

    That’s why I’m standing with Democrats, who will lead with fairness and compassion.

  55. You are right I believe. Why would radical leftist people be on a conservative website every day??
    It’s called “trolling”
    The Doc, and Scott are trolls, no different than The RedMan, and the Alaskan Woman.

  56. Steve Scoutaris, So sad but, you cannot reason with the unreasonable! These little liberals have tunnel vision and closed minds! Since they are unwilling to consider what is stated on these conservative sites and they are limited by what they are allowed to know, by their leaders, why, do you suppose, they are on these sites?????
    They should get a life! 🙂

  57. Steve Scoutaris, LIBERAL DEMOCRATS DOES NOT DO RESEARCH. They only listen to Talking Points.

    To do real research that would take to much out of them.

  58. Except Bill Clinton signed a treaty with the Ukraine back in 1999 to mutually investigate corruption and share information. You know Trump violated no laws.
    You know Trump did exactly what the treaty was designed for.
    You know this Scott, and everyone here knows you know it
    We’ve covered it many times.

  59. SCott27, Oh Scottie I just can’t tell you how underwhelming you are! You make my day, insult you, never! You don’t matter enough to anyone on this site to bother with spending time considering you one way or the other…Lord knows, I don’t! You are a liar, propagandizer, a would be passive bully, and so many negative adjectives, I won’t bother with any others. I do want to add that you are a proven pseudo intellectual!
    And no, you don’t know my circumstances or world experience and its none of your business however, you would be surprised at how blessed my life has been and still is. I certainly would not trade places with you.
    You and your liberal cohorts are the ones to be pitied because you are so limited in so many ways.
    And, that’s all the time I have for you…………….

  60. Scott, you know Trump did not violate any laws or do anything unethical when he asked the Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son for corruption. That is his job as president and it would be a dereliction of duty if he didn’t. Bill Clinton signed a treaty back in 1999 with the Ukraine to mutually investigate corruption and share information between our two countries. We know Biden is corrupt.
    You know this Scott. I’m sure you’ve researched it yourself.

  61. Dan T., You are so right, in fact I wish I had thought of and used that line! Size 27 shoes would be clown shoes, right? Hmmm….figures! 🙂

  62. So Scott, when Obama made deals with his phone and pen with foreign governments, like Iran, he sold us out…you didn’t cry foul over that, did you? Give the sworn enemies of Israel and the USA $150 billion to use against us!! Are you so messed up that you did not see the clip of Obama when he thought the camera was off…saying to the Russians that after the election that he’d have more “flexibility” to do whatever the hell he pleased? Did you never hear of Operation Fast & Furious where Obama covered up the gun running over the Mexican border which got 2 American agents dead? You are such a fool, sucked in by the lying media and the Dems who will throw accusations of wrong doing at Trump. but in fact, it is exactly the same thing that they themselves have been doing, and like Biden, boasting about it in front of the cameras to boot!! Wake up man.

  63. Shredding the constitution, Hatch Act violations, emoluments violations, lied 12,000 times, on and on and on and on……..

  64. Scott27, you say that PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP has lied 12,000 times.

    Now you are a BIG LIAR!!!


    Come on, it will take awhile but you can do it, for you are better than any one else. Come on, give me the list!!!!!!!!

  65. Redman, I will just remind you that ‘white-folks’ have built this country to the highest standard of living the world has ever seen, and these same ‘white-folks’ created the best democracy the world has ever seen. I will also remind you that ‘black-folks’ were selling their ‘black-folk’ slaves to black slave traders during the 17th and 18th century (and it continues into the 21st century). If you are black, you should be extremely grateful for the good fortune to live in the USofA. If you are black and still lived in your native homeland, there’s a good chance that another black person like you would be looking to separate your head from your body with a machete.

  66. Scott, I don’t trust anybody. I take everything with a grain of salt. I research and study things to see if people are telling the truth or making stuff up. I don’t listen to anything Trump says. I just watch what he does.
    And so far, I like what Trump is doing – not everything he’s doing but a lot of it. I don’t like how Trump acts with Rocket Man for example. But for the most part he’s doing a decent job as president. Certainly a lot better than the last one.

  67. Scott please don’t lecture, you talk about historians, isn’t it your party that likes tear down statues because they don’t like history? And scientists, propagating a phoney climate crisis that doesn’t exist? Intelligence agencies? Lol, do you mean like Carter Page and Peter Strzok? Professors who indoctrinate our children to be mindless lemurs that can’t object in class? Come on Scott, do you really believe yourself?

  68. Scott27, do you think about what you write, & say? You wrote, PRESIDENT Trump, was a deceiving, lying, fraud, that has done nothing, for the American people. That he has no knowledge of science, or anything, of value, to help us, just stop and think, for yourself, for one minute. Do you know simple math? When a person comes to DC, to serve as a congress person, a senator, or President, & they don’t have a lot of money, & when they leave the job, they are multi millionaires, where did the wealth come from? President Donald J. Trump, had all of his money when we elected him our President, he did not sell us out, it was all of the others, that did that. Scott, did you know that this so called fraud, has not taken a salary, the entire time he has been our President? He has given his entire salary, to charity, like our Vets, our State Parks, & others, so you really need to do a little research, before you start mouthing off, about President Trump. I suggest you pray, as you do the research.

  69. What’s pathetic here, M and Dan, is that you think you’re insulting me. Quite the contrary. I’m guessing neither one of you has much world experience outside your little circle and that’s sad. I don’t know your circumstance or much about either of you, but it’s evident you live in a relatively small bubble and, in spite of your efforts, you don’t insult me at all. I understand.

  70. ok. post goes thru. Now – Yes,
    POTUS IS ‘supreme’ W.B. on Telling the Truth
    re globalism & takedown USA.

  71. Dan T., Or maybe a girly brain in a girly head! Scott’s name may actually be Scotlynn or Scotann, or whatever and we are just being kidded and told the name is Scott27!
    I am not too concerned because Scott’s number of lies went from 12000 to 11000. When you tell so many lies like the Dems do, they can’t keep them straight! If they would tell the truth, they would find it much easier to tell the same story twice…….

  72. Real M he sounds like he needs to grow a pair. And now he’s saying that Trump has told 11000 lies. I thought it was 12000. I guess a girly brain in a guy’s head could get confused.

  73. Monica Lewinsky was hauled in and terrorized by the FBI on the second hand word of Linda Tripp. No Republicans were whining back then.

  74. Maybe the whistleblower doesn’t feel like being murdered like Jeffrey Epstein. It ain’t easy to hang yourself with paper bedsheets.

  75. Scott27, Oh Scottie, you are such a girl! I’ll bet you have a big old man bag/purse, don’t you? Come on now……………….

  76. President Trump is the whistleblower.
    He did it in order to get himself impeached.
    He thinks that if he is IMPEACHED that it will start a civil war in our country.
    And now he keeps bringing up “CIVIL WAR” in his tweets.
    Trump loves this kind of stuff.
    It gives him a lift.

  77. Dan T., Go back and scan through some of Scott27’s comments, his last one to you is a good starting place, he referred to President Trump as “your dear leader”. That is one example of what I am about to tell you…..Dan T., how many men do you know who actually talk like that? My guess is NONE! In looking back check the words used and speech patterns….I am telling you Scott27 is either a girl or a girly man! Not only that but, sometimes when I am reading a Scott27 comment “it” feels like I am reading a JD comment and I actually look back at the heading to be sure which one of them I am reading! What does that tell me……you know what it is screaming!
    Scott27 and JD will both try very hard in the future to be sure they “sound” like men! Too late…they are busted!
    That’s just a little food for thought! 🙂

  78. His “lies” have been corroborated and so far proven correct. Can anyone corroborate any of your dear leader’s 11,000 documented lies?

  79. It’s a travesty, Steve, when you and many many others here can be convinced that scientists, scholars, historians, our intelligence agencies, our law enforcement agencies, retired military generals and journalists all devote their life and work to deceiving you but rather you believe in one man who has a history of fraud, exhaustively documented lying, no real knowledge of science, the government, or the institutions that have made this a wonderful and strong nation for more than 200 years… Such complete indoctrination is a travesty. As George Orwell said, the further a society drifts from the truth, the more they will hate those who speak it. Just look at the hate on these pages for others, particularly the whistleblower.

  80. Stupid white-folks, Democrat, or repub-licks have done nothing but caused america to fail from really becoming a great country. But jes look at the posts dat these trump butt bumps put on here. Nothing butt ignorant losers. hahahahahahhahahahahaha

  81. Snott27 a 2nd hand liar is your hero. You really do want America to be taken apart. You are a damned fool.

  82. Snott27 we will win this battle. Yes, that’s what it is. A battle for the heart and soul of America. And you idiots will never remove Trump from office.

  83. That’s just not how it works, Lyudmila. Such a complaint would go nowhere if it were not credible, verifiable and corroborated.

  84. Not sure where you’re getting your information, Richard, but that’s not what’s happening out there in the real world. For one, they don’t need an agreement; protecting the identity of the whistleblower is the law. Collusion between Congress and the CIA; a coup, a stooge of Brennan’s…. all of that is mere conspiracy nonsense being thrown out to protect a man who has now twice asked foreign governments to interfere in our elections. Period.

  85. Scott, really? Come on, the president is a decent man and he has a wonderful family. He didn’t have to leave his life of luxury and face this terribly difficult task. He has done so much good in his short time in office. He has a heart for the people,he has helped so many people, (including me), I didn’t like it when the world looked at us with contempt, he has restored this country by giving power back to the people who work hard everyday. Our tax dollars have been squandered by previous administrations. The DNP, (do nothing party), hasn’t passed one bill or done anything positive, they say, “I can’t work with the man that beat our candidate”. They forget why they are there, the president represents all Americans and so does the Congress.

  86. Dr. JD, you are totally wrong. It is the duty of the President to engage with other countries to find unlawful actions by American citizens with tjhe foreign countries. The laws were signed into effect in 1998 by none other than Bill Clinton. The DOJ is part of the executive branch and AG Barr is on it. Don’t believe me? Look it up.Duke

  87. Scott, I never said anything about a whistle-blower being qualified.
    What I was trying to point out is how you, and the Doc chose ignore the fact that the whistle-blower wasn’t even there, and on the flip-side, the Ukrainian president said he was not coerced. When I pointed that out you claim the Ukraine president must have been lying then. WTH!

  88. For you Steve…. And this just in from Senator Grassley, the most senior republican in the senate and chairman of the Senate Whistleblower Protection Caucus: “When it comes to whether someone qualifies as a whistleblower, the distinctions being drawn between first- and second-hand knowledge aren’t legal ones,” Grassley said. “It’s just not part of whistleblower protection law or any agency policy. Complaints based on second-hand information should not be rejected out of hand, but they do require additional leg work to get at the facts and evaluate the claim’s credibility.”

  89. And this just in from Senator Grassley, the most senior republican in the senate and chairman of the Senate Whistleblower Protection Caucus: “When it comes to whether someone qualifies as a whistleblower, the distinctions being drawn between first- and second-hand knowledge aren’t legal ones,” Grassley said. “It’s just not part of whistleblower protection law or any agency policy. Complaints based on second-hand information should not be rejected out of hand, but they do require additional leg work to get at the facts and evaluate the claim’s credibility.”

  90. There you go again Scott. Using words like “travesty”, and “shredding”.
    You do realize that without any substantive dialog you just come across as someone with an opinion? Like the Doc. Nothing there but opinion.
    Notice how I don’t engage in name calling?

  91. Exactly whoever did this was definitely setting up the president and this was a coup to over throw a duly elected official. The people are seeing first time how dirty the Dems are.

  92. Why is it so hard for you folks to believe there are still people with integrity and honor out here. Only thinking of the dollar is the republican way, over and over.

  93. The Doc nailed it.
    When Biden was bragging about blackmailing the Ukraine it wasn’t to save his son but because he had the best interests of the Ukraine at heart. Biden knew the investigator wasn’t doing his job investigating corruption.
    That’s it. The Doc nailed it.
    Way to go Doc.

  94. Dear Former…. that’s an absolute lie. The law was not changed. Just another blatant lie, discredited yesterday by the IC inspector general, spouted by mr. t and believed by you.

  95. With a guy like trump in the white house, and people like you out here, his life would be in serious danger. He’s a hero in my book, for speaking truth to power.

  96. I’d like to think it’s because they still have at least a tiny shred of dignity, integrity and soul left; and in their heart of hearts, they know what a travesty this administration has been with very few exceptions.


  98. I’m convinced that the Republicans are invested in losing to avoid retaliation from the media, when they are in the minority there is no push back from the media and therefore no confrontation. This is what Rush was talking about today and it makes sense to me. When do they ever go on the defensive? Mitt won the general election by
    fighting tooth and nail against the other candidates, then went on to lose to BO without a fight. The president is basically fighting this battle alone, none of the Republicans are taking advantage of this opportunity to fight back right now. The Republicans should jump behind Trump and take this opportunity to put this corrupt party out of business by winning back the house, the Senate, winning governorships and Supreme Court judges, why don’t they?

  99. Trump will end up with another win here, because the case against him is falling apart as we comment here. At present the whistle blower and Congress, Shifty, Pelosi et al are trying to get an agreement of sorts protecting the Whistle blower. But at the same time things are falling apart because of possible collusion between Congress and the CIA. Simply meaning its a coup, Pelosi and Shift knew all about this prior to release of any documents, the whistle blower is a stooge of Mr Brennan’s, and it looks like a political hit.

  100. Why would anonymous care about being responsible for the chaos they created? He is ANONYMOUS – try, catch the anonymous man! In this way, the anonymous person can file any complaint that the Democrats order him to. He is ANONYMOUS!

  101. No Doc, you’ve got that upside-down again.
    It was Obama on the hot mic that told Medvedev he would have more flexibility to work with the Kremlin after he got reelected.

  102. JD, You are behind, a letter from Australia has appeared in an article online today denying the allegation against DJT regarding Australia!
    Oops, another Dem lie debunked!

  103. Steve Scoutaris, JD is nothing more than a liberal biased statistician (pollster). Some people get all impressed with that “Dr” prefix on his name and that’s why it is there and is intended to do!
    JD is an elitist liberal troll with an opinion just like the rest of us have! I will match degrees with him anytime but hey, people are people and we all put on our pants the same way, one leg at a time! 🙂
    Only people with a neurosis need to impress people because it makes them feel better about themselves……….poor babies!

  104. ABC, Oh you little immature Dem, you are finally learning the alphabet and so proud of it, you made “it” your name!
    joeupyours is no more crude and classless low life than 100% of you Dems…..
    With the treatment DJT gets, it’s a good thing President Trump can attack with venom, it seems to be a very effective tool to use on you Dems! Yep, it works really well and Dems don’t seem to be able to neutralize it!

  105. I’m beginning to realize the Doc is not interested in being bipartisan.
    He / she pretends to be honest and fair but is obviously extremely biased.
    Just my opinion.

  106. Cris, Well now aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine!
    I wish Republicans in Congress would stand up also but, to the crooked lying deceitful treasonous Democrats! Republicans in Congress are a little slow learning to give as good as they get!
    DJT is not a racist! I almost stated he was no more racist than you but, we have all found Democrats are the worse racists and haters of all! The Race card and term racist is a worn out weapon you Dems use to try to control and quiet us conservatives! You use it without any success, you may have noticed, or not!

  107. That so-called “whistleblower” is a coward for not revealing his or her identity, which fits the Democratic party to a “T”

  108. Real M the left likes to make it up as they go along. I’m not buying anything these people say. I do my own research.

  109. Dr. JD
    You obviously didn’t read the transcript to compare against what Schiff said was in it.
    Schiff read off phrases that he completely made up and completely different than what was in the transcript!
    I heard Schiff make those statements claiming it was directly from the transcript. But I also read the full transcript and it is completely different than Schiff’s fabricated words!!
    Schiff is a liar and a traitor!

  110. I am not impressed with the doctor either. One of his followers said he is too smart to argue with and he’s some kind of political scholar but I don’t see it.
    The doctor like to throw stuff out there but if you ask him / her about it they either ignore your question or try to change the subject.

  111. JD, You can forget it! Not one conservative on this site believes for one minute that you are in any way, shape, or form, a fair and neutral liberal! Not sure if a fair and neutral liberal even exists! It is all a part of your elitist façade trying to “lead” conservatives…………you are a piece of work!
    It is actually easier to deal with dark angry mean Dems, at least they are obvious with their deceit!

  112. “…right to confront his/her accuser…” ONLY IN A COURT! It hasn’t gone to court (Senate) yet. Neither Trump nor Giuliani (his attorney) have that right until it goes to trial. Even if there’s “discovery”, the law specifically exempts the identity from being disclosed. Trump has NO rights in an investigation.

  113. JD. You try so hard to make everyone think you are “the authority and the last word” on all things! What you are is a biased liberal with an opinion, no different than anyone else and your opinion is certainly not worth more than anyone else’s! And, you are certainly no legal eagle!
    The fact is, Nancy Pelosi decided to declare a formal impeachment inquiry BEFORE the transcript was released! This could just as easily be “birthed” from yet another “leak”, (this time of the phone call) to the Dem leadership, they took the leak, got with the Dem lawyers and concocted this whole entire disgusting dirty allegation and magically turned it into this “oh so damaging transcript”! I mean after all, if the Dems made the whole thing up Pelosi already knew what was in the transcript when she announced the inquiry because, she helped “author” the damn thing!
    One more thing, you misrepresented the law, it is not illegal to solicit help from a foreign govt. or official. If that was true, an American President would not even be able to ask foreign countries to form a coalition to defend against enemies, would he?
    Hopefully every American is remembering the debunked Steele dirty lying dossier and how it was “birthed” by the Dem leadership, HRC!
    At this point, untold millions don’t believe a word the Dem leadership and especially from old “I have concrete evidence and proof” (we heard about for over two years AND no evidence every surfaced) Adam “Schit”! Here he is again at the forefront of yet another highly suspicious investigation!
    President Trump gets himself in trouble because he is not seasoned at choosing his words carefully enough so that “past masters” at deceit like the Dems leadership can’t twist his words into an entirely new meaning. If DJT’s every word was to perfection the Dems would find a way to twist them into a different meaning!
    Mark my words, one day a Dem in power will mess up and you can get ready for a BIG SURPRISE when it goes nuclear……………paybacks are hell!

  114. It’s the elephant in the room that nobody notices or cares about!! I am in shock that people seem to not care!

  115. I agree Michael….Soros is the boil on the butt of the American people and also of the world! The anti-Christ.

  116. It DID happen and has been ADMITTED by Trump that it did (besides being confirmed by the OFFICIAL transcript.

  117. The evidence for Biden stopping the investigation is on video. There is NO DOUBT about what he did as VP. He stopped the investigation, irrelevant of the actions of the Ukraine investigator! VP Biden bragged about it! Apparently you have not see the video! Trump did not bring up the Bidens or the investigation , the Ukrainian President did! Read the Transcript!!!!!!!!

  118. The Harvad Law Professor is full of himself. I can accuse anyone of anything. Accusation is not a crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. It seems awfully convenient that the whistle blower law was changed August 2019 and instead of requiring first hand knowledge now only requires second hand knowledge so in less than 30 days someone used the new law?

  120. And of course when Schiff was called out for his FAKE version he blamed it on us and said we should have known he was joking. What a P.O.S. this man is.

  121. Thanks doc. But do we not have a treaty with Ukraine to enlist their help in criminal investigation? About name calling, one guy has threatened to find me and kick my ass. I told him in what area to look. But myself, I’m not interested in that. That’s how civil wars get started.

  122. Oh OK get it. Now the president of the Ukraine is lying.
    And what is this something illegal thing you mentioned?
    Is this what you mean by shredding the constitution?
    Do you have anything specific to share with us? What law was broken specifically?

  123. Adam Shifty Shift started reading his interpretation of the unclassified report. He did, as attorney’s do…he tried to set the stage in a negative light…making up the story to sound as though the President was in the mob. Laywers do this all the time to try to make the person look guilty before a through investigation. It was wrong. He acted like a child. I don’t know about treason, but it was definalty wrong what he did. Very unprofessional, probably because his own back yard if filty, just like Pelosi and the rest of the Demorats.

  124. Steve there isn’t any whistleblower. It’s all about wagging the dog to divert attention from the killery crowd being investigated

  125. Of course he wasn’t. Peter Schweizer has documented ample evidence of Joe Biden’s illegal activities. This Dr. J.D. person is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Don’t buy into his well-worded and seemingly ‘sweet’ music. He/She is a phony.

  126. There is no requirement for the whistle blower to be on the call or have heard it him/herself. It’s been corroborated. What the heck would you expect Ukraine’s prez to say when he’s sitting there with the man who can withhold much needed funding assistance?? And there is something illegal about it when he’s asking for dirt on his political opponent. Not to mention, other Ukranians involved have said Guiliani left no doubt he wanted dirt on Biden.

  127. Do you think Biden was lying when he bragged on video about bribing the Ukraine government to fire the investigator by threatening to withhold one billion dollars?

  128. The whistle-blower wasn’t privy to the actual phone call, and the Ukraine president denied there was any coercion or blackmail involved. That’s pretty much the end of it. There is nothing illegal about a president asking another country to investigate corruption.

  129. No I did not read the transcript but that does not mean what Schiff did wasn’t despicable.
    But what law are you referring to that says its illegal for the president to ask another country to investigate something? I know of no such law.

  130. If all your list of people can be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, I would agree with you they all should be imprisoned. With that many, they can form a baseball team and play other prison baseball teams.

  131. Show us in the text of the phone call transcript where Pres. Trump mentioned the word ‘favor’. The one time he referred to it was in reference to helping uncover what happened in the 2016 election.
    Furthermore, there is a ‘treaty’ between the US and Ukraine signed by Bill Clinton that gives exclusive cooperation between the two countries in a criminal matters.

  132. Becky, exactly what “facts” would you dig into about the person? Fact is, what that person reported continues to be corroborated, even by the white house. So it makes little difference what you think are pertinent facts about that person. He or she told the truth. If I saw someone breaking into your house, would you want to dig into facts about me before I reported, or after I reported it?

  133. Steve, I downloaded both the phone call transcripts and 9-page complaint and read them both, did you? I do agree with you, most people won’t do that.

    No, Steve, you are missing the point. There does not have to be blackmail or coercion to make it illegal. The law reads that it is illegal TO SOLICIT THE HELP OF A FOREIGN OFFICIAL OR GOVERNMENT . . . .and from the words used by Trump, we know that Trump clearly did this, by bringing up the “favor he requested” EIGHT times. If verified by intelligence reports, the whistle blower complaint indicates that Ukraine had come to believe because the aid was being withheld, that if they did not “play ball” and give Trump what he wanted, they would not get the aid. Withholding desperately needed funds amounts to extortion, if it did happen.

  134. How in the world can you introduce hate into this conversation without mentioning the hate the democrats have for this president. They have been on a witch hunt during his entire tenure. Do you really believe that there is not outright hate in Pelosi and Schummer for this man and that is the reason they would deny $5B to build a wall when previously they had approved a budget of $150B to care for illegal aliens but didn’t address the needs of the homeless. Shame on you.

  135. DEM777, I re-read what you posted and think you made a good point. You said “IF” the whistle blower lied, not assuming he did. So, to answer your question, I would agree that if it is proven that the accuser deliberately LIED, in this and in cases of say, sexual assault, the penalties should be severe. Actually, the penalties DO come in when the whistle blower testifies, because lying under oath does lead to prison time.

    What comes out in the 9-page whistle blowers complaint, is that there is a team of people upset by Trump’s behaviors, and this one whistle blowers is just the author or “point person” on filing the complaint.

  136. And you have the exact opposite bias, don’t you! I agree with you in one respect, let’s get the facts. I believe that the democrats are going to suffer a massive case of blowback. As to jail sentences, why restrict it to Trump and Biden. Why not Obama, Hillary, Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Lisa Page, Peter Struck, the IRS lady , etc etc etc. No one has ever been held accountable for anything and those jailed by Mueller were for perjury and tax fraud, i.e. nothing to do with obstruction and probably will be pardoned. BTW, I will take the Republican version of fairness over the Democrat version of fairness any time. I also happen to believe that the democrats invented hyprocrisy as per example the phony FISA warrant to spy on the president. What have we come to????

  137. Why do you, Dan, rush to judgement and assume the whistle blower is a liar? This person, whom we do not know, could be telling the truth. Second, why do you continue to twist up people’s name to ridicule them – – is that not a juvenile gambit you have surpassed by now. Third, calling Scott27 a dumbass is absurd, because he is one of the best educated and intelligent persons I have read in quite a while. You are not a dumbass either, Dan, but a very dedicated person who stands up for what he believes.

  138. Harry, you don’t read very well, do you? Even Trump does not know whom the whistle blower is, so who are you rushing to judgement?

    Second, could you give some of your Harry Balls to Pence, because I think his wife took his away soon after they were married. The guy just sits there and acts like a dummy waiting for the ventriloquist to put words into his mouth.

  139. Most people won’t read the transcript and Schiff knows that, and that’s why he made up his own version. Schiff knows that his FAKE version is the only version most people will hear to form their opinion.
    Its also interesting how the democrats believe this whistle blower who was not involved with the phone call over the Ukrainian president who was and said there was no blackmail or coercion.

  140. True Dr. or fake Dr.?
    To set the record straight, the whistleblower was not actually on the phone call and a summary transcript is by definition taken out of context. And what Trump said does in no way rise to the level of an impeachable offense. Thanks to the first amendment, Adam Schiff has been able to claim all sorts of things about evidence which was later disproved by the Mueller report – remember Shifty claimed to have direct evidence of collusion but then had to eat his words. I happen to agree with Trump – anyone who lies to get a president removed is guilty of treason and should be tried as if participating in a coup which is exactly what the dems are doing. They hate the president more than they love this country. MAGA and KAG, Donald.

  141. They have been working for months to get not only dirt on Bidens, but also two other areas, having the Ukraine involved in our election (which is illegal), but also secondly, to somehow take the blame off RUSSIA for interference in the 2016 election.

    The second area is very puzzling – – just why would Trump be working so hard, like trying to get Ukrainian and Australian government to vindicate Russia . . . especially while Putin already stated in Helsinki that he did take steps to get Trump elected president? The only thing that makes sense here is that Trump is again working yet another angle to get the sanctions removed from Russia (which he tried on day one as president and failed). This continually confirms that Trump is still compromised and puts the interests of himself and/or Russia ahead of the interests of the USA. Just like Trump did trying to get Russia back into the G-7 (out because of aggressive attack on Ukraine) . . . Trump continually does the bidding of Putin. Folks, the evidence shows Trump is COMPROMISED.

  142. What a crude and classless low life you are joeupyours. It is humorous you like a president who attacks people with great venom just like you. You must be fellow snakes with lots of venom to spew.

  143. DC, you have mixed up two cases, and are already convinced, without the evidence being fully presented, that the Democrat is guilty and the republican is innocent. What bias!?! You also omit that the investigator in the Ukraine was fired, but did not mention it was because he WAS NOT INVESTIGATING CORRUPTION AS HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN.


  144. True, Dan, or is this fake Dan?
    Just wanted to look at a couple of issues here – – one is that many people posting to this site have already started a “character assassination” of the person, and yet, as this article indicates, we do not know who the person is at this point.

    Second, just HOW can Trump blame Adam Schiff for distorting his phone call WHEN THE SUMMARY TRANSCRIPT OF IT IS ALREADY OUT?!? Did some of you know that by what Trump said ALONE, accusing Schiff of “treason”, he has already committed an additional impeachable offense, according to Harvard law professor? Trump is up to at least five just on this Ukrainian activities.

  145. Currently we have and so does Trump: Someone said something about the someone who had suggested that someone said something about what Trump may have said to someone. aka anonymous “whistleblower” — who did not hear Trump’s conversation directly… . now needs a lawyer? Why would she need legal defense? Was she lying? Making stuff up?

  146. It is so blatantly obvious that the Ukraine phone call, is just a diversion tactic by Democrats who are experts at Distracting and Confusing the American People. They needed a way to take the FOCUS off the BIDEN’S, who are the REAL POTENTIAL CRIMINALS WE SHOULD BE INVESTIGATING. How in the HELL can any sane person with half a brain and absent of any common sense, WATCH the VIDEO of Joe Biden BOASTING TO A SMALL CROWD, how HE THREATENED UKRAINE WITH WITHHOLDING A BILLION DOLLARS IN AID IF THEY DIDN’T FIRE THE UKRAINE INVESTIGATOR… He’ll it only took six hours and they FIRED THE INVESTIGATOR .. who coincidentally was investigating the company his SON WORKS FOR for corruption. Funny how Joe’s SON with zero experience in the field he was going to work in was paid a paltry $83,000 per MONTH… yes MONTH! So HOW CAN ANYONE NOT SEE WHO THE GUILTY PARTIES ARE…. certainly NOT OUR PRESIDENT…. ????????????????????????????????❤️

  147. Trump supporters in Congress are COWARDS

    THEY  KNOW EXCATLY  what  kind of person Trump is and
    THEY KNOW EXCATLY  the injustice that Trump is thrusting upon  our country and the world. 

    But they are too afraid of Trump and his threats to tell him to STOP.

    So they are allowing Trump to do anything he wants to do without any regard for the Law.


    “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion … People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love … For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

  148. I would think that it should be against the Law not to be able to face your accuser! Why isn’t it?

  149. Who needs protection if you don’t know who they are? Using the protection cover for no retaliation they are making it impossible for anyone to dig into the facts of the person because they don’t know who the person is. I agree with the comment by Sherrad that a law firm put it together, but someone had to give them the date of the phone call. I have also read where they are going back to calls in Jan 2017. That alone should exonerate the President because Joe Biden was NOT a political opponent at that time. President Trump was just trying to stop the corruption in American politics.

  150. In the U.S. of A. a person has a right to confront his/her accuser. We have the right of atty./client confidentiality. Mere hearsay is NOT admissible in a court of law. So…w/ NO VOTE brought to the House floor, the likes of Adam Shiff & Nancy Pelosi, can say that NONE of those things apply to the POTUS & leader of the free world!! SAY WHAT??? (By the way…can anybody out there explain to me what the hell Adam Shiff has to do w/ intelligence”?) Just sayin’…

  151. TontonB… he or she has not been put under federal protection. Their identity is protected BY LAW. And you should be glad it is.

  152. Anyone can make an unnamed Whistleblower charges. And then time to teach someone to fit the Whistleblower. This is just another DumbocRAT way to keep attacks on President Trump in hopes of creating doubts in the minds of AMERICANS ON REELECTING HIM.

  153. It is 0bvious that the Dems will not stop the lies and corruption to take Presidents Trump out of office.Pelosi and the rest should be vote out, they are doing so much damage to this country it is so bad and shameless

  154. This whistleblower stuff is the same as the Red flag laws, i.e. a total disregard for due process under the Constitution. A person has the right to face an accuser in open court.

  155. That’s the truth, no whistleblower actually exists.
    I wasn’t sure at first, but now I am more convinced that
    person(whistleblower) is just another fake attempt to delay the election.
    Thanks for pointing this out Tontonb

  156. This whistleblower stuff is the same as the Red flag laws, i.e. a total disregard for due process under the Constitution. A person has the right to face an accuser in open court.

  157. Have no doubt, the identity of the so called “whistleblower” will come out and I would not like to be he or she. What about the re-writing of the “whistleblower” contact form? Something really stinks about this whole thing.

  158. Continued shifting of attention away from the real issues by the Democratic part. Where is the attention to the continued attack at our southern border, lack of a balanced budget, an insurance plan for Americans(not illegals) that we can afford, care for the elderly, youth and veterans, and finally taking care of America first! In every state that is run by Democrats, they are passing or attempting to pass laws to allow ILLEGALS to vote in all elections so they have a say in our country. If a state allows illegals to vote, their results should not be included in the results. This is our country and it’s time we take it back! God bless the USA!

  159. It’s a Democrat in the house or Obama and Hillary Clinton. Traitors. Hang them high from a tree in front of the white house. So unamerican. Nazis in our government.

  160. Why has this so-called ‘whistleblower’ been placed under government protection? Why such reluctance to bring the ‘whistleblower’ forward into the public eye? Why hasn’t Pres. Trump been allowed to ‘meet’ his accuser?
    It’s all a scam once again folks. There’s no physical ‘whistleblower’. This person doesn’t exist!!!

  161. Obama’s “coup” is not over. I still say they need to follow his “Czars” and find the Depts. Obama planted them in. Then….clean the entire Dept. out.

  162. I believe that Schiff and Pelosi set the whistle blower up to begin this fiasco
    of trying to remove President Trump. The dems are totally corrupt.

  163. Pretty sure this BS was put together by a Law Firm. Once found out, the whole firm should be disbarred.

  164. I AGREE But Unfortunately it seems to be a necessary trait for a Politician. Thankfully Donald Trump is not a POLITICIAN.

  165. Whistleblower, if she/he lied should be convicted of treason and sent to prison or worse.

    People should not be allowed to LIE and get away with it.

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