Donald Trump told Sean Hannity one important thing about the FBI

Joe Biden weaponized the FBI to carry out his political dirty work against Donald Trump.

But Trump fought back.

And Donald Trump told Sean Hannity one important thing about the FBI.

In an interview with Sean Hannity – Trump’s first appearance on Fox News since April – the former President explained why he alerted the public to the fact that the FBI broke into his Mar-a-Lago property as part of a Biden administration witch hunt against him.

“I was in New Jersey, I got a call in the morning from somebody that’s here [who said,] ‘Sir, the FBI just came in,’” Trump began. “I said, ‘What, the FBI who?’ And they go, ‘The FBI,’ and I said, ‘How many people?’”

Trump said he instantly did not believe the FBI’s false claims about wanting to keep the raid “quiet,” as the Bureau’s acts of vengeance against him and his supporters the last six years have been anything but quiet.

“And [the FBI] wanted to do it quietly – silently. And I said, ‘What do you mean silent? They’re not silent,’ because I watched the way they were so horrible to so many people that you know and that I know that are good people, where they just attacked them at the house,” Trump added.

Trump said even though the FBI claimed they wanted to keep the raid quiet, he began getting calls from media outlets clearly indicating the Biden administration and the Bureau tipped off the press to the fact that agents barged into his home.

“They want to do it quietly, and by four in the afternoon we started getting little strange calls, like from a group called the media, if you’ve ever heard of them. And they said, ‘Something strange is happening in Mar-a-Lago. There are people standing at the gates with AK-47s or some kind of very sophisticated gun. And what is happening at Mar-a-Lago?’” Trump continued.

Trump said he decided to put it out to beat the media and get the story out on his own terms.

“Well, let’s put out a notice that we were attacked or raided, or broken in by the FBI. I couldn’t believe it,” Trump concluded.

The FBI does not want to do anything “quiet” with regards to Donald Trump.

The FBI is 100 percent part of the Democrat Party carrying out Joe Biden’s whims to destroy his top political rival.

If the FBI meant to keep the raid “quiet,” it was only so the Biden administration could leak news of the raid closer to the Midterm elections as an “October surprise” to boost the false narrative that the election is a referendum on Donald Trump.

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