Donald Trump told the truth about Mollie Tibbetts’ murder CNN doesn’t want you to know

Mollie Tibbetts murderer

Donald Trump took a wrecking ball to the fake news media.

Speaking in Ohio, the President brought up an illegal alien murdering 20-year old college student Mollie Tibbetts.

And Trump told the truth that CNN and the rest of the fake news media don’t want you to know.

The fake news media loves open borders and amnesty.

Immigration is one issue that animates so-called “journalists” to reveal they are nothing more than Democratic Party operatives with press passes.

President Trump was speaking at a fundraiser for the Ohio Republican Party.

During his remarks, Trump pointed out how the media tried to sweep the Tibbetts murder under the rug because she was killed by an illegal alien.

Breitbart reports:

Speaking at a fundraising dinner for the Ohio Republican Party, Trump said the mainstream media “didn’t want to cover it the way it should be covered” when “they found out that it was this horrible illegal immigrant that viciously killed her.”

“Just this week we learned that Iowa authorities have charged an illegal alien in the murder of a college student—Mollie Tibbetts,” Trump said, adding that “everybody was talking about Mollie,” who the president said was a “beautiful, wonderful, incredible person.”

Trump said that “everybody that met her loved her” and added that when he saw Tibbetts’s father hoping that his daughter would come back alive, Trump said he thought to himself while watching television coverage for the last month, “maybe he’s right.”

“This went on for a long time… when they found out that it was this horrible illegal immigrant that viciously killed her, all of a sudden that story went down. They didn’t want to cover it the way it should be covered,” Trump said. “What happened to Mollie was a disgrace and our hearts go out. We mourn for Mollie’s family.”

Fake news reporters hate covering stories that show the consequences of illegal immigration.

It interferes with their push for amnesty legislation that will net the Democrats millions of new voters.

Donald Trump retains the support of his base because he stands for American citizens while the fake news media and the Democrats don’t care about the costs of illegal immigration, even if it means Americans are murdered.


  1. People get off the democrats plantation their only interested getting you to vote even if it’s illegal. Do your own research on the homelessness problems in the blue States. I’m America citizen for 70 years and not much has changed. Democrats only want your votes!!

  2. Really. Of course, you can offer links to credible evidence of this, right? Or, you just want to believe this is true…

  3. Dan T., There is not a question in my mind, Diane has mental problems. I don’t know if DTS has driven her over the edge or if something else has but, man, she is extreme. I guess I should not torment her with silly stuff but, she is such an easy mark, I can’t seem to help myself. I just got so tired of her trying to bully, abuse, and intimidate people.

  4. M even the libs can’t stand Diane. She’s too loony for them. I wish I could share pictures of my grandkids learning to handle my guns. Even my AR15. She would probably say they are being equipped to be killers. Assuming Diane is female, she’s equipped to be a prostitute. I she could find a bag to put over her head.

  5. What Paul does not realize is that most murders occur in Democratic Party states and Democratic controlled cities. Also most killings in this country is black on black crime and Obama did nothing. It is also true that most Moslems kill Moslems (look up the statistic). More Moslems have been killed by Moslems since 1948 to 2015 than Jews were killed in the camps. Please Paul look at the larger picture.

  6. The demo-rats, their liberal minions, and complicit media want to present these ILLEGAL aliens, as “honest”, “hardworking” immigrants “just looking for a better life”, but these ILLEGAL aliens kill over 4,000 citizens, DOUBLE that if you include vehicular mayhem, with another 7,000, as young as infants or as old as 93, raped, molested or robbed EVERY YEAR by the 30 MILLION ILLEGAL aliens already here! Dead and maimed citizens that demo-rat minions all but completely ignore to further their failure agenda. Sen. feinstein made a big hoopla about the Kate Steinle killing by a FIVE time deported ILLEGAL alien but, then refused to vote for a bill that would have stopped such atrocities. Sen. (Pocahontas) warren’s pathetic answer on Mollie Tibbets murder by this ILLEGAL alien was basically; well too bad about that, but we have hispanic kids being separated from their ILLEGAL alien parents.
    June 14, 2018 – ILLEGAL alien Miguel A. Ibarra Cerda fatally struck 14-yo Justin Lee, with a minivan and drove away. Lee is now “Permanently Separated” from his loving parents. Yeah but, you don’t understand. We have these hispanic kids separated from their ILLEGAL alien parents.
    Seems that demo-rats don’t care about raped or murdered US citizens but, only about hispanic kids that are ILLEGAL aliens, that were brought here ILLEGALLY by their ILLEGAL alien parents that would vote demo-rat.
    Build that WALL, build that WALL, build that WALL.

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  11. they are not only commiting crimes but they exspect to get everthing that the american people has worked for while a lot of which belongs to those who worked and raised their fami[ys if they want these things let them go to work and earn them just like we didi recent them very much.i am old and i want what i worked for.

  12. Man from Grey-
    “As you know, the liberals began to include the alien votes at local election level in Maryland and California. They argued that the alien families have the right to voice their concern for their children at the school environment. Well, they are pushing an inch by an inch until the dam burst wide opened[sic].”
    Well, actually not quite. In Sacramento there was a ballot proposition to allow certain non-citizens to vote in school board elections only. These would be limited to Green Card holding legal residents.
    California now has automatic voter registration when obtaining or renewing one’s driver license. But in order to get the license to start with, one must offer proof of age. The vast majority of applicants use birth certificates or passports which also indicate citizenship or legal residency status. Non-citizens do not qualify for automatic voter registration.
    In the case of College Park, Maryland, the ballot measure to allow certain non-citizens a vote in local elections did not pass and thus no one in Maryland who is not a citizen of the United States can register to vote. (The local officials were somewhat embarrassed by their first inaccurate announcement that the measure had passed.)
    If or when passed, any voter registration measures that involve non-citizens will likely be challenged in the Courts on Constitutional grounds.
    The dam has hardly burst wide open, and it is likely that the Courts will plug any leaks.

  13. But illegal is in Iowa. Just execute him quickly and solve the problem and make the next one think twice.

  14. The inescapable fact is she would be alive today and her family would not be going through this pain and anguish IF this illegal alien had not gained entrance into our country. It is also a fact these illegal aliens find comfort in the justifications offered by extremist liberals who put the welfare of these illegal aliens above that of their countrymen.

    Below are some additional facts for you to try to justify that originate from the Texas Dept of Safety regarding how tens of thousands of Texans have suffered at the hands of weak immigration laws and the failure to stop the flow of illegal aliens pouring into our country. (source of info provided).

    “According to DHS status indicators, over 261,000 criminal aliens have been booked into local Texas jails between June 1, 2011 and July 31, 2018, of which over 175,000 were classified as illegal aliens by DHS.

    Between June 1, 2011 and July 31, 2018, these 175,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 273,000 criminal offenses which included arrests for 505 homicide charges; 30,408 assault charges; 5,396 burglary charges; 34,555 drug charges; 365 kidnapping charges; 15,100 theft charges; 22,213 obstructing police charges; 1,569 robbery charges; 3,212 sexual assault charges; 2,022 sexual offense charges; and 2,754 weapon charges. DPS criminal history records reflect those criminal charges have thus far resulted in over 112,000 convictions including 225 homicide convictions; 12,540 assault convictions; 2,967 burglary convictions; 16,762 drug convictions; 152 kidnapping convictions; 6,741 theft convictions; 10,720 obstructing police convictions; 950 robbery convictions; 1,567 sexual assault convictions; 1,076 sexual offense convictions; and 1,194 weapon convictions.”

  15. Good point. However, there are people who will work in the fields…. they are called inmates….. non-violent inmates can work in the fields and for
    every day they work the get two days off their sentence. Money earned would be split between state and inmate, therefore, the inmate would be contributing
    something to his keep and inmate money would accumulate in an interest bearing account and when release they would have something to start a new life.

  16. M – You have a very short memory, my dear! First signs of Alzheimer’s……poor thing. First I’m a male, then a black male, then a gay, then a black female, then a millennial…..must I continue? You’re the one who comes up with these inane conspiracies, not me. If you think I’M a serial liar, what must your opinion be of the Liar-In-Chief currently in the White House? Now that’s plain hysterical! The a**hole couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it! No wonder he’s not allowed to testify! I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess you want me watch Breitbart or Faux AlmostNews as my primary news source. No thanks, if I want to be misinformed and get ignorant views, I only have to read these posts.

  17. The main stream media can not afford to tell the truth, because the truth does not support the fairy tales they like to tell. The fairy tales like: all illegal aliens are simply misunderstood, hardworking, family people who just want a better life. That is the biggest fairy tale of all. Now I will say this, ALL illegal aliens are not murderous thugs, BUT, all illegal aliens are CRIMINALS. The moment you cross the border without the proper clearance from border patrol, you become a CRIMINAL. Everyday that you stay here illegally, either without documentation or beyond the date of departure for your documentation, you are committing a CRIME! If you work illegally, either using someone else’s name or SSN, that is a CRIME. And when we continually hear that the msm is covering up crimes committed by illegal aliens, what else are we supposed to think? The msm is a big part of the problem, they need to be a part of the solution by reporting the actual truth, without their opinion, with only the fact. They used to do that. A very long time ago. But until they do it again, I will not watch or read them. Oh and I am married to a LEGAL immigrant, so, yeah, I love immigrants. Legal immigrants!

  18. He probably would sneak back in the country, however, if you shipped him back in a body bag…… case closed…. no more sneaking back into the US and also sending a message. Come legally, or face the consequences……

  19. Defending this murderous idiot would be ridiculous and stupid, this guy is terribly sick minded, just as much as all the white mass murderers, and murderers of any other race.
    My deepest sympathy to The Mollie Tibbetts family; who has endured this unnecessary pain caused by a sick minded idiot.
    The ugly thing about all you ignorant sick minded corrupt idiot morons, blinded with bigotry, hate, selfishness, greed and lack of self pride and dignity is that you are trying to make all Americans stereo type one race because of the actions of one sick minded individual, and you are doing it with insensitivity and disrespect to Miss Tibbetts family. There are enough sick minded people in all races, colors, and creeds that have and will always do atrocious acts; from treason, murder, theft, abuse, and mass corruption to hidden execution of bigotry and hate. I am not sure if it is good or bad that all you sick puppies or should I say sheep feel safe to now show your true colors because you feel that the rump is now your leader, but you should give that some re-consideration. The rump is for himself, he has no respect for this country he is in the russian mafia’s pocket. He has filed bankruptcy many times allowing the US Government to bail him out and did not pay honest Americans for the hard work they did for him. He is certainly not a good businessman as he claims, banks have refused to lend him money because of the risk of his incompetence, the russian mafia has had to bail him out, he has what he has because of the russian mafia including luttin, and he is now your cherished leader because all you sick minded people thought he was going to liberate you bigotry, hate and corruption. This can only be temporary but your exposure is permanent and you will not be able to erase it later.

  20. Paul, I would like to address your comments. I don’t know that there is more violence in the US than other countries. We have very liberal media here and because they are antiguns they broadcast all to advance their agenda to overturn our Constitution’s second amendment. Countries whose citizens are not armed have turned to other methods of violence, knives, bats, stones, vehicles, etc. I believe the percentage of violence per total population is line with other countries. Your guns were confiscated in Australia and I wonder, does it ever concern you that radical factions domestic or foreign might overthrow your govt. and your citizens are unarmed and unable to save your country or help save it? We think about things like that in my political party. Remember Hitler’s first item on the agenda was to take away citizens guns then, the rest was easy! You need to consider, I’m just saying….. The term locked and loaded, you mentioned. The Republicans have played fair or tried to, and the Democrats have pushed, insulted, talked down to us, called us uneducated, unintelligent, stupid, ignorant, etc. They cannot and will not accept that their candidate lost the Presidental election and they are hell bent on impeachment. Some of us are so fed up that there may be danger at same point. There are radical groups such as Antifa and blm that have rioted, hurt people and done terrible property damage and law enforcement has been told to stand down, this could go on and but I will stop. Unfortunately people are hearing only what media wants and it is not nearly the whole story.

  21. I look at it this way. The Democrats always say that imigrants are here to work in the fields and do jobs americans don’t want to do while paying them wages they still can’t live on becauae it is cheaper for the American business owners. So arent the Democrats treating these people like slaves to get votes?

  22. Man From Grey..You are so right, with help from the Left these Illegals, find a crack in the wall and with the help of the Left they chip away at it until it becomes a “chain” where they drag the rest of the crap into the country. With all this that goes on this hammering of President Trump, where is that Left Wing Republican AG, Sessions, he is now flipping on Trump, allowing the Leftist Mob to do as they wish. Time to make it difficult for him, another cause to take up is to have him fired, along with the other slime that flaunts their resilience that no one can touch them. The RINO’s and the Left are in the same bucket of puke, smelling up the country.

  23. No Paul violence is not my way of life. But sometimes the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants. And the communist left in this country is becoming that. People get hurt just for a pressing an opinion. Shoot your mouth off all you want , but don’t get physical. I don’t shoot people, but I refuse to be a victim. Y the way, I’m keeping my guns.

  24. I agree, but that governor is John Kasik. He is for amnesty and sides with the democrats on the immigration issue. He also has no love loss for President Trump. So what does that tell you?

  25. A. We have a disproportionate group of people that have a violent genetic heritage that have not embraced civilization and feel the’re owed . B. We have Hollywood that glorifies violence and criminals C . We have ill informed liberals, democratic party and a media that continually cover for this criminal element .

  26. The long term agenda is to natralize illegals and get them to vote Demonic. It’s like making wine but enhancing the process by letting thousands in to become our newest liability and put them on EBT, Welfare and free healthcare and dental. The Demonics are trading taxpayer sponsored benefits for the future votes from the illegals they hope to natralize. In the mean time the Demonic politicians skim and get kickbacks for the taxpayer funded deals they close. You see they don’t even try to do honest business they are all about sratching each other’s backs and meism. Of course meism is first.

  27. “It”, is helping the resistance against our True President and family, while we are resisting the whole Leftist CArtel on their Fraud Coup. She does know about hosesh*t, she/he throws enough of it out.

  28. Remember, the only way we could keep El Chapo behind bars was to get him prosecuted up here, sentenced and keep him behind bars. Sad but true fact.

  29. Dan, one obstacle for the wall, can be ruled out, he will only be able to rule his own 4×6 plot, where he can go on hating Trump by his lonesome.

  30. Republicans tried to pass the “Kates” law. Which read, if you get deported back to México for committing a crime and come illegally back to the US you go o jail for five years. Democrats would not vote for it. So it never passed.

  31. Thank you cliff, I believe you to be a veteran. I’m not a vet, but will defend me , family, and the U.S.A.

  32. Deanne…you know that venereal disease threatens the brain, time for a checkup to protect yourself..the Left must be passing it around. Just a thought.

  33. you can always count on the demos to twist and turn the Presidents coments around to fit there storys. election time is drawning near, and we wont forget your treatment of the President. the demos as you knew them are done for.

  34. Do not send him back in one piece because he will come back. Blow both knee caps off and then send him back.

  35. What Americans do not understand is that these Mexicans and Central Americans have a culture of machismo and will rape and kill if you refuse their attempts to have sex…this is how they operate…macho vermin…it is not like they are going to take the time to flirt and seduce…no they will rape and kill…

  36. The big question is when did CNN report this crime? What exactly did they say? Did they stress this murderers illegal status in depth? CNN and MSNBC takes facts then manipulates and twists their content and then reports their “half-truths” are factual truths based on anonymous sources.

  37. Because he would sneak back in again….safer to put him in the general population behind bars…let them take care of him….

  38. Diana
    Can you make a point without calling someone a name or attacking their character. A review of your comments suggests not. Go away.

  39. If I were the Governor of Ohio I would send him back to Mexico never to return to the US. I would not allow the citizens of Ohio to feed, house and give him free health care after he is convicted. Why should they have that burden.

  40. Amen. The bloody democrats were the party that opposed the civil rights amendment. They are the party that supports open, unfettered immigration to fill the nation with Democratic voters. They are so bloody and so power mad that the whole family of a crazed Democratic leader could be murdered by an illegal alien and they would not change their position. Losing Mollie was like losing the American girl next door. A grotesque tragedy. The Democratic and toady media response has been a shame.

  41. First of all Australia, rightly so, is very strict on who can come in to the country….not like here where the democrats welcome all scum that approaches…we take in Australia’s garbage from the island used to put undesirables thanks to our former( Muslim )President ! Take for instance Chicago’s very stringent gun laws…doesn’t matter as if the law abiding people were responsible ? No Black Lives Matter is only if a white cop chooses to protect himself against a thug…Black on black shootings are ok…

  42. what needs to been done is over hall the immigration laws. Make them so tough on illegals they will not dare come over illegally. Slap on the hands is not sufficient.

  43. Mike, Well duh, let’s not get too complicated for liberals to understand! Also, I cannot believe liberals have totally dismissed the fact that our First Lady is an immigrant. The immigration situation is political and all about the Dems getting more votes, they don’t care about these criminal illegal aliens as people, all they see are votes to keep them in power. Liberals are so dishonest!

  44. It’s all about power and lifetime tenue for the Democrats. It makes no difference what kind of scum cross the border as long they vote demo-rat. Just keep up the fake news and out and out lies if you want to see this country divided. Then we really would have a Russian problem.

  45. You are being picky. This article is about the murder of the college girl done by a Mexican illegal. That is what the author of this article covered. You should know that writers write about some things and not necessary everything. He left out a lot of things Trump could have said. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been on Trumps mind.

  46. Diane – you are too funny – a left wing loon with no concept of reality. Get back in your box – take a toke or a pill whatever a try to get yourself together. Quit crapping on the sidewalk though at already 16,000 complaint calls aw week the city is already overwhelmed. FYI snowflake did you know :

    “How to Vote in Mexico
    Mexican citizens are indeed required to have government-issued photo ID cards in order to vote in federal elections. ”

    And you think it is unfair to make them do that here after they sneak in? You are a real nut-job!!

  47. You will find (if you research it) that wherever there are mixed nationalities (as there are more and more in Europe), there is more crime. There is no way to raise up people who were NOT raised in law-abiding countries. Every last country that has taken in hordes of ‘foreign’ nationals is experiencing more murders of their “hosts” since THEY want to RUN things and the people who made that nation wonderful are overcome with murderous intent. Jealousy and greed…not a winning combination for ‘integration’.

  48. As an “AMERICAN BORN” , have YOU noticed that 99.9% of the shootings are done by disgruntled DEMOCRATS or their offspring? Check it out for yourself.
    BTW isn’t Australia going through INCREASED bouts of CRIMES and STABBINGS after those “EVIL” GUNS were taken? (kind of the same as the UK?)
    Remove the only defense you have against “government” tyranny and career criminals, and you reap what you sow. ME, I am armed, locked,loaded, and TRAINED, to protect MYSELF, FAMILY and country AGAIN if called upon.

  49. Why just white people? People of color should vote for Trump too! They need to realize that the Democrat party has ALWAYS been their enemy, from slavery, to Jim Crow laws, to standing against civil rights, and to fostering the welfare state. Democrats are the party of RACISM.

  50. Dan T., I know Diane will not address questions as a rule. It is like I told her though, she is a serial liar and cannot be believed. I guess she could at least give some kind of an answer. I saw that she did not ever answer the HRC question, typical. I didn’t get a response on welfare paying for a Canadian border wall either.

  51. The MSM can’t possibly report the ugly truth, it hurts their agenda of aiding the left libtards in open borders and illegal voting. Thing is…. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE WHO HAVE CLEARLY HEARD BY NOW THAT MOLLIE WAS KILLED BY A LOWLIFE ILLEGAL DRAINER.
    Even if the MSM refuses to tell the real news, how can anyone learn of this tragedy and not see what’s really going on? I suppose they would feel quite differently if THEIR loved one was murdered by one of these thug illegals!!

  52. Oh, I did see it on ONE news report! Then it was dropped like a hot rock! They also dropped the terrorist training camp in New Mexico the same way! They didn’t want people to know it was Islamic Muslims training the kids to be school shooters! I saw Much more about it on Social Media than on the News Networks!!!

  53. What is he ? A Jew and a commie ( they invented communism)…just look at the Jewish democrats with their knives out for our elected president….Nadler ,Schumer,Schiff ,Swallwell,Garcetti,Blumenthal,etc….uber liberals all…

  54. Dan I have a question to ask. First off I am Australian born, raised and lived my entire life here but have travelled to the USA many, many times during my working days. Do you ever sit back/reflect and ask yourself why there are so many more shootings, killings and violence in the USA compared to the rest of the world and does that concern you? Just wanted to ask that as I have noticed on numerous occasions you mention that you are locked, loaded and ready. May that just be you or is that a general consensus in your country that violence is a way of life??

  55. We should be deporting all the illegals and muslims
    from America! Are you listening President Trump? Do
    it and really MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. On top of all the crimes they bring, and disease from their 3rd world sh!tholes, they rob decent people of spots on the legal immigration queue. Haters and pond scum all not worthy to be call human.

  57. Of course they vote for the evil-doer democrats. Why, because they harbor evil in their hearts and want to ensnare the rest of us. NO alt-left liberal democrat is a stranger to hatred, bigotry, murder, rape and pillage. They excel at it.

  58. This murder and the BLOOD of Molly Tibbetts is on the hands of every Democrat in the House and in the Senate for fighting the President against the Border Wall. President Trump is 100% right about these criminals that are endangering every American’s lives and the security of our Homeland and allowing all kinds of Islamic Terrorist to enter our Country.

  59. Diane you’re like most commie liberals. Won’t stand for resistance. My resistance is also public. I don’t just mouth off in a blog. Some people are afraid to offend libturds. Afraid of some retaliation from you people. But I’m not. More of us are feeling that way. Also I work on my land. No gym. Nothing against gyms. Just don’t need them. I’ll bet you get a lot of laughs at the gym You probably look natural on monkey bars.

  60. Do you remember Trayvon Martin? Between the time he was kiled and the time his trial went to court 10,000 black people were murdered in the U.S. Name one

  61. Yes, a wall is the beginning of the answer. Betcha YOU have a lock on your front door you hypocrite.

  62. I thinks it’s more like Nancy Pelosi’s famous statement : “We have to pass it to see what’s it.” Instead of doing it the old fashion way of immigration where people were checked out before they came in – background checks – diseases – etc. The Democrats just want to let them in to vote – and we’ll have to worry about rounding up the criminals and whatever diseases come in with them later. The dumbest thing the left wing loons have said is President Trump hates immigrants – HE IS MARRIED TO AN IMMIGRANT!!! NO ONE is against immigration – only keep it like it is LEGAL immigration NOT ILLEGAL.

  63. Yes, we hate what liberals stand for: injustice, hate, lying, murder, abnormality – every social ill their rotted brains have foisted on law abiding citizens.

  64. Hmm, George. I went to read the CNN fluff-piece on that wetback animal who killed the college student Mollie Tibbetts. They called him a Mexican man, not the illegal alien that he is. They did not fully report that he worked using a fake ID he stole, and some reports mentioned he was DACA having been here for awhile – although he could speak no English and required an interpreter. Another report indicated he was a good father to his 2 year-old child. Now that is interesting: a child probably on welfare from a single mother he failed to marry before making a baby. TYPICAL ILLEGAL ALIEN here only to suck the system teat while displacing others trying to come here legally.

    So no, CNN did NOT accurately report the facts and it begs the question as to why you are defending fake news and an animal who came here illegally?

  65. PRESIDENT TRUMP was talking about how FAST the TELEVISED NEWS shut the story down. Yes it CAN be found on the internet, but many people do not have computers and rely on TV “reporters” to tell them the ‘news” . The LIBERAL “fake news” channels will cover up, change, “spin it” and do NOT report if the “story” doesn’t fit their ANTI_AMERICAN, PRO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT AGENDA. OPEN your LIBERAL eyes..OUR PRESIDENT is correct. All the DEMOCOMMUNISTS want are MORE “voters”,(and YES they ARE “allowed” to vote and ENCOURAGED to do so). They CRAVE MORE “power”, CONTROL and those all-precious TAXPAYER DOLLARS to fund their cushy lifestyles, and if LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS get KILLED in the “process”, (too bad)

  66. M Diane will not give direct answers. Someone recently posted a question if hillary could possibly be guilty of some if not all the aligations against her. Diane ducked and dodged as always. I wish we could hear from Diane on that matter. The double standard of the left would be exposed. It’s interesting how stupid liberals come across. Diane is probably Kuching back on welfare and don’t want to offend the cash cow.

  67. ABSOLUTELY AGAIN….. the Lib nut cases are again defending illegals criminals coming to our country killing our citizens and then play thier BS race card. Hey you F’n Lib Nuts what next defending the drug smugglers and drug dealers. So STFU

  68. Because the truth NEEDS to be reported. The truth and liars will eventually come to light. You Can’t hide the truth from GOD. HE IS ALL KNOWING EVEN BEFORE IT HAPPENS

  69. All white people should vote for Trump and the Republicans for their own survival before It’s too late and you become extinct like the Liberals commie Nazi party want you to be. Post-haste!Refer to Fake News CNN and MSM for details!

  70. CNN=Clueless Network News! Centralized NAZI News! Communist Network News. AKA: Fake News! MSM=Fake News! The Pravda (enemy of the people) Commie newspapers and their propaganda machine at full throttle! Vote republican to save the country from swamp news! No RINOs, please!

  71. Turns out the killer was a snowflake from Baltimore and a member of the “resistance” group of morons.

  72. Diane, What conspiracy theories are you referring to? I am just asking questions and you, as usual, are dodging and weaving. Also, I will state without reservation, you are a serial liar and we cannot believe anything you say. The man who killed his family has gotten just as much coverage as the criminal illegal alien murderer on the news I watch. Maybe you should consider changing your news sources, in fact, I am sure of it.

  73. Oh brother…..what a load of horse sh*t you’re trying to peddle! I see you’re sitting on your fat a** again today! Sad. Just got back from the gym. Bet you haven’t been there in decades. Your resistance to liberals is laughable. But our resistance to the Trump Crime Family is tangible. You’ll see come November!

  74. M – There you go, again, with your inane conspiracy theories. No, I’m not an illegal immigrant. I just find it very interesting that there is a small amount of coverage about the white guy but plenty about the brown one. Think maybe you’re trying to make a bigger deal about this than is warranted for. Guess you hate liberals as much I hate Trump supporters. So be it.

  75. M Diane was born stupid and has lost ground from day one. Misspelling words? Shows OUR resistance to libturds is working. For once they are failing to bully people. Trump has made us patriots hard cats to clean after.

  76. Diane, They could fly to Canada if they only had $300. If and when the need arises, we will build a big beautiful wall on the Canadian border. Of course, we may have to stop welfare benefits to pay for it. Whoa back Nellie! What would that do to your pocketbook?

    Oh, you misspelled “once” in the second line of your comment. If you are going to be perfect and the school teacher, you have to do better than all of us peons. We expect nothing less than perfection from you, oh Lordy, what am I saying???? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  77. Diane, As Dan T. said, we have enough bad people/legal citizens in the US without adding criminal illegal aliens. The man who killed his pregnant wife and 2 children has been all over the news I watch. What news are you watching anyhow? Also, are you a criminal illegal alien? Why are you defending criminals anyway? Hmmmmm…..

  78. Dan T., For a logical person, your statement is on the mark! I will make it simpler for liberals. Liberals, if you had a rotten orange, would you buy another rotten orange? I think you would throw the rotten orange away and buy a big beautiful ripe orange????? Liberals, substitute criminal illegal aliens for rotten orange, now you got it!!!!!

  79. Dan – They can spend about $300 more and fly to Canada and WALK across the border. Your ignorance is, one again, rearing it’s ugly head, if you think a stupid wall is the answer, but it doesn’t surprise me one bit that you think that. You’re being spoon fed by the greatest con artist around and sucking it all down. Sad.

  80. Paul – And what about the WHITE guy who killed his wife and 2 children in Colorado? This whole website would just like to ignore that. The news coverage of him is little compared to this one…..wonder why? No need to even ask that question.

  81. Preach it Dan T. BUILD THAT WALL NOW! VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER, SAVE OUR COUNTRY, MAGA, #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need you! Do it now, please!

  82. What about the killings in Jacksonville yesterday???? Guess there is no issues with that, after all, a white USA born male. There surely are a lot of “bad” American born people here but Trump thinks everyone that comes from somewhere else is a criminal. After all his family like all of ours (tracing history) we are ALL immigrants!!!!!

  83. His whole agenda in my opinion is to push the New World Order into place even faster. I believe that he is behind these shootings also. It makes the libs crazy for gun control. Without our weapons we are like ducks in a barrel for the Demoncraps to turn this country over to the U.N. with their soldiers who will come in and disarm the citizens of this country, and kill if they have to, because they are not Americans. Our soldiers would hesitate to kill Americans, but not the U.N. so-called “peace keeping” army.

  84. Now the media is showing that murdering scum holding a baby and telling everyone that he has an “anchor baby” with a former classmate. Big WHOOP. Does it say he MARRIED that girl. NO. Because he didn’t. He just had a baby with her. They should drop that anchor baby nonsense right away. I can feel sorry for that girl and her child, but not an ounce of pity for that murderer. He says he “blacked out” and killed her because she told him she was calling the police. I don’t believe that for a minute. If he was afraid she was calling the police on him, he could have turned around and run. But no, he killed her. Then hid her body and didn’t tell her family or anyone so they could stop hoping she was alive. That is cruelty on top of murder. He should spend the rest of his life in prison if Iowa doesn’t have a death penalty on murder. If less than life, then after his prison sentence, automatically deport him. We need to get TOUGH on these ILLEGALS. If they come here through a Port of Entry we at least have a chance to vet them. Sneaking in, we have no way of knowing who they are. He was living here under a false I.D.

  85. As you know, the liberals began to include the alien votes at local election level in Maryland and California. They argued that the alien families have the right to voice their concern for their children at the school environment. Well, they are pushing an inch by an inch until the dam burst wide opened.

    It is against the constitutional law. Millions of aliens are already here but we only deport a handful of them each day, aren’t we? George Soros is spending billions of dollars on his open border agenda. Why is that Soros butting in our cherished national sovereignties? How can this aggressive push benefit him?

    Perhaps we should arrest him for violating our laws. Clearly he violated our rights. Is he a secret communist? If not, what is it?

    The difference between him as a billionaire and a politician is that Soros has no term limit in politics.

  86. And you dumb asses still vote for these Democraps. They dont protect you and you still vote for them. Not one Democrap voted to give YOU a tax cut. When the hell are you going to wake up. With “friends” like that you dont need an enema. Wake up and vote for the people that are helping you. It sure as hell not those Democraps.


  88. I have absolutely no problem with LEGAL immigration. It’s the sneaking into our country that I have issues with. There are illegals that have been deported multiple times. They should not be allowed to immigrate here legally. They broke the law multiple times. We should help our own citizens first. Kuwait has the right idea. The government supports their widows and orphans. They first have to provide proof of residency dating back to 1967. (My brother-in-law set up the computer tracking system) It stops the government from bilked out of billions of Of dollars. Get,you papers and migrate here legally.

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