Donald Trump told this person “you’re fired” and then all hell broke loose

Donald Trump was elected to shake up Washington, D.C.

The President keeps making good on that promise.

And Donald Trump told this person “you’re fired” and then all hell broke loose.

Donald Trump always had an uneasy relationship with National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Bolton was a Bush Republican that opposed Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy.

That conflict came to a head after Bolton protested the President’s policies in Afghanistan and Iran.

President trump finally had enough and fired Bolton.

Politico reports:

President Donald Trump ousted national security adviser John Bolton on Tuesday, saying he and the hawkish aide had “disagreed strongly” on many issues and suggesting that Bolton had collided with other Trump advisers, too.

The decision came after widespread reports that Bolton tried to stop Trump from inviting leaders of the Afghan Taliban to Camp David for peace talks. Trump ultimately scrapped the idea, but multiple people familiar with the issue said the news reports about Bolton’s dissent — believed to have been planted by Bolton aides — infuriated Trump

Bolton’s ouster leaves yet another vacancy in the upper echelons of the Trump administration, where many roles are either unfilled or filled on an acting basis, including several that deal with national security issues. Bolton’s departure also means Trump could hear fewer dissenting voices on major moves he wants to make on the national security front, such as talking to the leaders of Iran.

The president himself didn’t get too specific in his tweets announcing Bolton’s departure, though he indicated it was not a spur of the moment move.

President Trump has faced more internal sabotage on foreign policy than on any other issue.

That’s because “The Swamp” benefits from the endless wars that past presidents began.

Donald Trump wants to end those conflicts and put America first.

This helped him win the presidential election, but Trump soon found out that even his supposed “Republican” allies were working against him to support the failed Washington, D.C. consensus on foreign policy.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Those who won’t put America First are traitors and should not hold any position of trust at any level of government.
    Thank you President Trump for being a true patriot!!

  2. Bolton is a hot head plus a hawk. This is not the first time he has chosen to show his ass. The adviser works for the President not the other way around.

  3. Amen !!! Bolton GONE !!!
    1) Establishment
    2) Neocon
    3)WarMonger ( bush/irag etc.
    4)LEAKER to Press.
    5) Now he will make ’rounds to msm’
    & 0pen his ‘big mouth More’ / BUTT NO
    MORE ‘privy’ To ‘Classified’___

  4. I do not care 1 iota what the democrats say there illegal keyen that they illagley put in office did more harm to Our nation than carter, bush and clinton did all together and they the democrats are the reason things are not getting done and there judges that are overreaching their authority I am hoping that when the supreme court gets back is season that they will let them know that their power is not national but but in their districts and that these 4 horse buts are gone because they have cometed everything from treason on down

  5. Don’t care for Bolton or Trump. Bolton got into army reserve to avoid Vietnam. Mr Trump used bone spurs that a “doctor” vouched for. Both talked tough but they refused to serve their country when they had the opportunity. Two chicken hawks cannot coexist.

    • Jonathan Conover, What a “puke”! News flash, nobody gives a flip who you like or don’t like, or what you think or say. Plainly speaking, nobody likes you Jonathan, we don’t have time for your childish behavior!
      When you can speak “adult” come back until then, get lost!

      • Real M I caught the results of the 2 special congressional elections in North Carolina. THE REPUBLICANS WON!!!!!! It was supposed to be a crushing of the Trump agenda. Hey libturds!!! Shove that!!!! The fake news media is saying that he’s way down in polls. Interesting that he packs his rallies while the democrat idiots can’t even fill a building. Whoooeee!!!!

        • Dan T., Celebration time, come on……. (remember that song) Yeeha!
          I read an article this afternoon, a TTN article, about the Dems had a poll done and President Trump is killing it in some of the upper Midwest states he did not win in 2016, Penn and NC that he of course did win, were among the states polled. DJT was polling 60% approval. Just scanned and don’t remember all the details but that was a Dem poll, they own it! I am sure the MSM will be keeping that poll result quiet so it is a good thing that TTN got that and reported it.
          Those fruit loops can say what they want and I am skeptical of any polls because they are so easily manipulated and slanted but, that sounded good…….
          So glad we won in NC today!

        • Dan, seriously, no surprise. your dear leader won by double digits in those areas in 2016. No one really expected any other outcome. Celebrate while you can, there buddy.

        • Con-over. YOU Have 2 rows of
          ‘bone spurs’ IN Your Mouth ___
          Go see a ‘dentist’. Check ‘political’
          affiliation 1st ___

    • Jonathon, if you bother to check, those bone spurs were real and he was rejected by the military. But just keep living in fantasyland, you jerk.

  6. The dictator want-to-be is at it again. When it will ever stop, no one knows, I predict there will be 4ell to pay trying to get him out of the White House when the time comes for him to leave.

    • You sure are a true dumb idiot you Dems think we listen to your garbage, go crawl back in that outhouse pit you live in that is what you spew!

    • It depends on how it goes down. You commiecrats aren’t going to bully us. If Trump is beaten in an election and there’s no reason to doubt the results there will be no problems. But don’t piss on our heads and tell us it’s raining.

      • Dan Tyree , I stand beside you 100% , there will be No bullying us around , trying to intimidate with lies n fear tactics , it had best be a fair and square election , no cheating , lying , false accusations and absolutely no dead peoples names in the ballot boxes , we’ve got Common Sense , you liberals do lack in that department , as in Zero % 000 , so watch your step , I’d hate to see you go down face first , in a big pile of monkey you know what ” S “

  7. I hated Bolton. He was a war mongering chicken hawk Zio-minion of the worst sort. But, he was just one of the more obvious and obnoxious ones. That said, Trump himself aspires to be a super Zio-Minion.

  8. Trump will eventually be impeached, He will be tried. Unlike Nixon, he will be found guilty and see the inside od a prison cell. Then, there is the fact that treason is a capital crime.

    • LOL Do some fact checking, quit relying on fake sources. Or continue to sprout ignorance and be the spreader of lies! How about some facts?

    • Alaska Woman, Ahhh, you also write fiction novels I see………….
      You should chill before your head explodes from all your TDS hate!

      • Real M the reason these trolls posts this crap is to get us discouraged. That was the function of Tokyo Rose with her broadcasts during ww2. My Dad said he and the other marines would listen to Rose spewing propaganda about unfaithful wives back home ect and laugh at that bitch.

        • Dan T., Yep, these trolls are a bad joke and should never be mistaken for human beings. They are liars and hate mongers reading from a prepared script. They will one day pay for all they are doing!

    • Keep dreaming Alaska bitch as this will never happen as Trump did nothing wrong which was conjured by the left that he did but it will eventually happen to Hillary your messiah with her email scandal.

    • Alaska Hoe , it’s obvious your brain has been piped strait into the Libturd factory machine , No Common Sense whatsoever , as in Zero %, A Troll you are at best and that’s pushing it !!

    • Alaska idiot…You are WRONG!!!!! PLEASE name ONE THING that Pres. Trump has done that he should be impeached for. You CAN’T!!!! He has done NOTHING wrong!!!! You have no clue about the truth. That is very obvious. You just hate. You need lots of help for your hatred. Please get it.

  9. This was a superb move on the part of our democratically-elected U.S. President. I had written President Trump on at least one occasion, just the other month; wherein I called for the firing of neo-con Bushevik John Bolton. This is good news that such a war-mongering neo-con has been shown the door, permanently.

  10. Bolton is a SWAMP CREATURE!!!!!
    Look into his finances, I bet his portfolio is full of war enhanced monies!
    He should have been down the road a long time ago!

  11. The Swamp has been bloated and over filled for many years. One of the worst parts there is a lot of duplication andserios bloat. It really carries a strong smell of waste and corruption. The worst those involved like wallowing in their on filth and will fight to keep change from coming. The swamp need to be drain and cleansed and replaced by a cleaner and more efficient bureaucratic service minded people.As we can see it is going to be a long uphill fight

    • Eat five shit sandwiches for lunch commie bastard. The trouble with alex baldwin is that he is just like you, but he can eat eight shit sandwiches for lunch. And I doubt that either one of you puts mustard and mayo on them!

        • My favorability rating for my President just keeps rising. It won’t be long until he figures out the only people he can surround himself with is the ones who have never set foot in our Nations swamp, not even for a field trip as a kid. Wait until he sits down with the Afghan tribal leaders and finds out the only thing they want is our opium buying butts out of Afghanistan. If you think i’m wrong try traveling east of Kandahar after we’re gone and find a poppy field. Won’t be no poppy fields then and I bet old Vladimir Putin can’t wait until we’re gone either. The addiction rates will start falling in Southern Russia once the Taliban wipes out the poppy fields again and when we’re not there to protect the farmers. Bolton proves one point. You can’t keep reusing the same old people from different regimes and expect to have a better result. Take for instance the fence straddler Bush. He was a politician, not a conservative. Politicians can’t be conservative but are perfect candidates for Satan to hide demons inside.

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