Donald Trump told this person “you’re fired” and then all hell broke loose

Donald Trump was elected to shake up Washington, D.C.

The President keeps making good on that promise.

And Donald Trump told this person “you’re fired” and then all hell broke loose.

Donald Trump always had an uneasy relationship with National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Bolton was a Bush Republican that opposed Donald Trump’s “America First” foreign policy.

That conflict came to a head after Bolton protested the President’s policies in Afghanistan and Iran.

President trump finally had enough and fired Bolton.

Politico reports:

President Donald Trump ousted national security adviser John Bolton on Tuesday, saying he and the hawkish aide had “disagreed strongly” on many issues and suggesting that Bolton had collided with other Trump advisers, too.

The decision came after widespread reports that Bolton tried to stop Trump from inviting leaders of the Afghan Taliban to Camp David for peace talks. Trump ultimately scrapped the idea, but multiple people familiar with the issue said the news reports about Bolton’s dissent — believed to have been planted by Bolton aides — infuriated Trump

Bolton’s ouster leaves yet another vacancy in the upper echelons of the Trump administration, where many roles are either unfilled or filled on an acting basis, including several that deal with national security issues. Bolton’s departure also means Trump could hear fewer dissenting voices on major moves he wants to make on the national security front, such as talking to the leaders of Iran.

The president himself didn’t get too specific in his tweets announcing Bolton’s departure, though he indicated it was not a spur of the moment move.

President Trump has faced more internal sabotage on foreign policy than on any other issue.

That’s because “The Swamp” benefits from the endless wars that past presidents began.

Donald Trump wants to end those conflicts and put America first.

This helped him win the presidential election, but Trump soon found out that even his supposed “Republican” allies were working against him to support the failed Washington, D.C. consensus on foreign policy.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.