Donald Trump took a look at one poll that just changed everything

Something is happening in the 2020 Presidential election.

The ground is shifting beneath both candidate’s feet.

And Donald Trump took a look at one poll that just changed everything.

In 2016, the state battleground polls were wrong.

They missed Donald Trump’s win in the Midwest by not sampling enough non-college educated voters.

In 2020, polls show Joe Biden with around an eight point lead on the President.

But the pollsters who were most correct in 2016 are telling a different story.

The Trafalgar Group, which correctly called Trump’s 2016 wins in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan shows those races a toss-up with President Trump leading in Michigan.

Nationally, the IBD/TIPP tracking poll was the second most accurate pollster in 2016.

Their latest survey shows Joe Biden in a statistical tie with Donald Trump 48 to 46 with a margin of error of 3.2 percent.

That is a six point swing in Donald Trump’s favor over the course of a week.

Because of the way voters are distributed with Democrats running up massive, but electorally meaningless margins in big blue states like California and New York and the fact that states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin tend to vote to the Right of the popular vote as they are trending Republican, Donald Trump stands a strong chance to win another Electoral College victory while once again losing the popular vote.

When evaluating polls, one of the best ways to look at who to trust is which pollsters have a track record of getting races right.

Trafalgar and IBD/TIPP both got 2016 right and their polling data is showing a completely different race than the corporate media pollsters who are painting a picture of an impending Biden landslide.

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