Donald Trump took everyone by surprise when he made this major election decision

Donald Trump is running for President in 2024.

He faced a critical choice in this key battleground state.

And Donald Trump took everyone by surprise when he made this major election decision.

The December 6 runoff election in Georgia is the final race of this year’s Midterm elections.

After neither candidate broke 50% in the November election, incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and his Republican challenger Herschel Walker are squaring off once again on December 6.

Big name politicians from both parties, like Ted Cruz (R-TX) and former President Barack Obama, are descending on the Peach State to campaign for the crucial Senate seat.

Former President Donald Trump has been the biggest presence on the campaign trail this cycle for his endorsed candidates.

Former football star Herschel Walker earned the endorsement of Trump and rallied with him before the state’s Primary election.

With another election in Georgia expected to come down the wire, the question became if Trump would hold another rally in support of Walker before the runoff.

Now, it appears that Trump is staying out of the Georgia runoff directly by avoiding any in-person campaign appearances for Walker.

The move was a mutual decision between the Walker campaign and Trump.

Instead, Walker is leaning on Georgia Governor Brian Kemp as a top surrogate on the campaign trail.

Kemp outperformed Walker in the November election by 5 points to win outright and is lending his campaign apparatus to help with the runoff.

“The Governor’s been the most important surrogate we could have asked for,” a source with Walker’s campaign told POLITICO.

While Democrats maintained control of the Senate after November’s Midterm elections, the Georgia race will determine whether the Upper Chamber is once again a 50-50 tie or a 51-49 Democrat majority.

A Walker victory would have major implications next year in the Senate.

A 50-50 tie means shared control of committees between the two parties.

This can slow down radical judicial and executive branch appointments by President Joe Biden.

Despite the decision not to rally in person for Walker, Trump is still working to boost his campaign.

Trump has been helping Walker with online fundraising and encouraged his supporters to vote for the former football star during his Presidential campaign announcement.

Instead of a campaign rally, Trump plans to hold a telephone rally for Walker right before the election to fire up the Republican base.

In an interview, Walker wasn’t fazed by the lack of an in-person campaign rally by Trump and said the former President was going out of his way to support him.

“You know, President Trump has always been in my corner ― he still is in my corner, and he’s been doing other things for me, and everyone has been doing a lot of things for me,” Walker said. “Tonight we just got out of a fundraiser with Governor [Brian] Kemp … President Trump is doing just as much for me.”

A victory by Herschel Walker in the Georgia Senate runoff could take some of the sting out of a disappointing Midterm election for conservatives.

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