Donald Trump took the lead in these two key swing states in two jaw-dropping polls

The Fake News Media claims Donald Trump is hopelessly trailing Joe Biden and only a miracle can stave off defeat.

It’s an article of faith in the fake news that Joe Biden’s lead is steady and unshakable.

But Donald Trump took the lead in these two key swing states in two jaw-dropping polls.

In brand new ABC/Washington Post polls of Arizona and Florida Donald Trump held leads with a sample of likely voters.

The Washington Post reports:

President Trump and former vice president Joe Biden are locked in close races in Florida and Arizona, according to a pair of Washington Post-ABC News polls in two Sun Belt battlegrounds the president won in 2016 that are crucial to his hopes for reelection in November.

In Florida, likely voters split 51 percent for Trump to 47 percent for Biden, while registered voters split 47 percent for Trump to 48 percent for Biden. In Arizona, Trump’s margin is even smaller at 49 percent to Biden’s 48 percent among likely voters. Among Arizona’s registered voters, Trump is at 47 percent and Biden at 49 percent. All these differences are within the polls’ margins of sampling error.

So-called polling “experts” and election forecasters for months had marveled at the durability of Biden’s lead.

But many of these polls sampled just registered voters.

Only now, as the campaign turned to the fall, are pollsters moving to likely voters models.

The large split between likely and registered voters in these polls shows why that is important.

Trump and his campaign contended for weeks that their polling showed a much different race with the President competitive or ahead in the key swing states.

Now there is public polling data available that bolsters that claim.

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