Donald Trump took the lead over Joe Biden in one poll everyone needs to see

The Fake News Media is uniformly focused on polling data that shows Joe Biden leading Donald Trump.

But there are other numbers they are ignoring.

And Donald Trump took the lead over Joe Biden in one poll everyone needs to see.

In 2016, Rasmussen called the election correctly.

Their final national poll had Hillary Clinton up two points on Donald Trump, which was indeed her final margin of “victory” in the utterly meaningless national popular vote.

On Monday, Rasmussen released the first of what will be its daily tracking poll in the Presidential contest.

And the first poll showed Donald Trump up 48 to 47 on Joe Biden and holding a 52 percent approval rating.

The Washington Examiner reported:

As the election season enters its last week, President Trump is on the move, ahead of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in Monday’s debut of the daily Rasmussen Reports head-to-head poll.

In its now daily White House Watch, Rasmussen has Trump at 48% and Biden at 47%, the latest sign that the election has tightened in the 11th hour.

What’s more, the pollster Trump prefers to follow and tout has his approval rating at 52%, a key factor to winning reelection. Former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama were both at 50% when they edged out reelection victories.

Partisans on the Left and in the Fake News Media may try to dismiss Rasmussen as skewing their results to the Right to please a conservative audience.

But in 2016, Rasmussen was rated as the second most accurate pollster according to RealClearPolitics.

They forecast a much closer election than many of the so-called “experts” and were proven right when their final poll came the closest to the final result.

No one knows what will happen one week from now, but you can evaluate pollsters based on their track record.

And coming out of 2016 Rasmussen has a better track record than many corporate media and university pollsters.

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