Donald Trump turned the tables on Adam Schiff with this impeachment blockbuster

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff led the Democrats impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives.

Schiff is also expected to be one of the House Managers Speaker Pelosi selects to try their case in the Senate.

But now Donald Trump turned the tables on Adam Schiff with this impeachment blockbuster.

Adam Schiff has a lot to answer for with regards to his role in impeachment.

Schiff’s staff colluded with alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella before Ciaramella filed his phony complaint.

And then Schiff lied about his interactions with Ciaramella in an interview.

On Sunday President Trump repeated his demand that Schiff account for his actions by testifying in the Senate impeachment trial.

Breitbart reports:

Trump tweeted right before and after Pelosi’s appearance, in both instances using derisive nicknames. He said both she and Schiff should appear in the Senate for testimony.

“He must be a Witness, and so should she!” Trump tweeted.

The president also rebutted Pelosi’s suggestion that no matter what the Senate does, the House vote last month means Trump will be “impeached forever” and “for life.”

“Why should I have the stigma of Impeachment attached to my name when I did NOTHING wrong?” Trump tweeted, calling the House action a “totally partisan Hoax.’”

Democrats have long demanded Trump advisors like John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney testify because they supposedly have firsthand knowledge of the President’s decision to withhold military aid to Ukraine.

But no one in the case has more relevant firsthand knowledge than Adam Schiff.

Putting Schiff under oath could help the President’s defense by proving Ciaramella was a politically motivated hit man that conspired with one of the most partisan members of Congress in a scheme to overthrow a duly elected President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Demon Craps are out of control. They started kkk wv govenor head of kkk 20 years ago. The Demon Craps started planned parenthood to kill off the black race .blackface kkk bum govenor Ralph nothing wants to kill living babies!!!!!! Murder

  2. Wisdom comes from Application, Experience and Knowledge after a some education. Lies and Fake thinking does not give much wisdom as is being proved in Congress. news media and Washington today. Read and think by reading, studying, and applying the Constitution, the Bible, truthful newsmen (if you can find one) and our problems will disappear.

  3. Actually I believe these three treasonous commies should be taken out and hung in the public on the day Trump gives his state of the union address

  4. The 3 dimwits Schiff , nadler , pelosi , should be shackled and sent to prison for treason, against the President of the United States of America. Being hateful violated ethics laws and misrepresentation of their dulled appointed positions. We the people,have decided to remove the unbalanced haters of their seats. Their lies obstruction false testimonials proven to be an outrageous, they decide just want they want and demand support from you. Their way isn’t my way , and we the people demand their resignation.

  5. Ii am glad Schitty Schiff and NoGood Nadler will be at the trial. They MUST be put under oath and testify why they are so against our constitution and our President. We have enough facts from their own televised dirty mouth idiocy to help them commit perjery and hang them with their own nooses. They and Nacy “Pew”losi must be tried as terrorists and traitors to our country and constitution. The putrid taste and smell of the SWAMP participants ass finally taken over their brains!

  6. Yes put the Democrats on the stand and then we can find out what lies are being told. When they lie on the stand hold them in contempt of court. Show all proceedings open to public.


  8. Pelosi is almost totally laughable when she states the Democrats want to protect our Constitution, if that were true they wouldn’t be going after our guns and the 2nd amendment. The fact that these leftist commies have totally gone forward with an impeachment without a crime. Fact is they are tampering with the Senate rules accusing the Senate before even a trial begins that if the Democrats don’t get the decision they want then the Senate is a tool of President Trump not to mention they are trying to disrupt the next election with again another Russian hoax. These people are criminals and hopefully in 2020 they will all pay the ultimate price with being booted out of our house of representatives. It’s a sick fact they don’t care about the American people we do not want an impeachment of a President that has accomplished more in three years than eight years of an administration we still don’t know if Obama was born in Kenya or Hawaii, in fact a manchurian candidate!

  9. I do not understand why people are so overwhelmed by the term impeachment. Impeachment is nothing more than an accusation of a person committing high crimes and misdemeanors. And for Nancy Pelosi to say that President Trump will be impeached forever is juvenile. It’s like little kid saying you’re a liar you’re a liar. In this instance, the trial will reveal who the real liars are. It’s highly unlikely that Donald Trump will be proven a liar.


  11. Delores, I don’t know what your sniffing, but you need to stop. Your brain is going down the tubes like the demorats. Nobama is the POS, not Trump. He hasn’t lined his pockets with anything, he doesn’t need to. Quit listening to the fake news network and do a little investigating on your own.

  12. Pelosi continues to tell the biggest lie, “We’ve done our job. We have defended the Constitution of the United States.” While Pelosi and the democrats have tried every trick they know, they are trying to impeach the President without having one single misdemeanor that rises to the level of an impeachable crime. Yet, she has the balls to say “We’ve done our job. We have defended the Constitution of the United States.” It’s beyond belief. A lie so obvious, proved in their (democrats) court for all to see, and yet she keeps telling the lie, over and over again.

  13. Delores you are suffering from the Trump derangement Syndrome AKA brainwashed by the dems. God help you.

  14. Delores, you have described OBAMA!!! You attack Pres. Trump who has done NOTHING WRONG!!! Pres. Trump loves this country and has done only good for us. Take your sick hate somewhere else. muslim traitor Obama hates everything this country stands for and lied his way into our White House. Wake up!!!!!

  15. Until she delivers the articles to the Senate and declares in that Chamber that the President is Impeached the word does not and will NEVER apply. She is just mad because in her most SENILE EVENT to date she allowed Schiff and Gonadler’s FARCE get voted on. She knows that this act of TREASON won’t go where she wants. She will lose everything and she knows it. She will do and say anything to stay relevant till 2020 when her reign of TERROR on America and Americans will end for good.

  16. Everything that Trump does is unconstitutional, he is a Lyer, he is corrupt, he is a bully, he is gross, not class, does not care about the country is all about him, and it does not matter how, but he will continued selling the country to Russia, kisses Saudi Arabia butt, money ? ??? for his bank account is his reason to be in the government, should be impeached

  17. Please, please, please Nancy name Adam Schiff as a manager. Then when he gets to the Senate, put him under oath. He can’t help but commit perjury. Have the Senate vote to send perjury charges to the DOJ and make sure that AG Barr makes sure that it goes to a trial. That would solve two problems once he is in prison. One, we wouldn’t have to see his face on TV. And second, it would get him out of the House.

  18. what do you expect we have let special interest take over our government you can buy most senators . or representers democrats are all liberl, don’t give a dam about you only there self and the people that bought is time to clean house { the swamp} remember what they have don at the poles .we need Trump at least he is straight up Russ

  19. Pelosi talks around in circles, on the one hand she states that the House has done there duty to the Constitution, and it is now time for the Senate to do there duty. Then later Pelosi states if additional witnesses are not called then it is a coverup. If additional witnesses are required to prove there case, then this proves that the House Impeached Trump with out adequate proof to Impeach. Just a partisan vote based in nothing more than hate. High time to send Pelosi, schiff, Nadler, and Schumer packing. We do not need violaters of our Constitution in positions to pervert our Constitution for their personal hate.

  20. Adam Schiff should be in jail along with crazy Nancy and not manager
    now here are some facts. President Trump did nothing wrong. The only thing
    President Trump is guilty of is winning and getting elected in the 2016 election.So if any other Republican won the election it would of been the same hoaxes going on. The left and the power brokers wanted Hillary. Now those nutty imbeciles known as Demo-Rats are calling for a fair trail in the senate.
    Mean to tell me and the American citizens and voters the impeachment
    proceedings in congress wasn’t fair. What a hoax this charade was. Was his a kangaroo court or worse. Those Demo-Rats should be thrown out of congress
    for creating this farce. If it wasn’t so scary it might just be funny.
    This might make a good comedy movie called “HOW TO SCREW AMERICA”

  21. As mad as I am at the ENTIRE LEFT SIDE of the House, Schiff being forced to testify would smooth over “some” my aggravation. RIGHT after HE does, have the “Whistle Blower” in the same chair. THEN WE’LL KNOW who’s lying about what. Hunter Biden will be #3 ~~ if ANY OF THE DEMS, want to hear more, let’s call Sleepy Joe. THEN if the Dems don’t RUN to vote for aquittal…OR they can hear from their constituents

  22. I would not be surprised if the whole world is laughing at what is going on in America.Peloooooooooosi being brain dead ,schit head is the same way.TRying to take our President down,is about the craziest thing since,Hector was a pup.All of the commie crates need to spend a lot of time at gitmo.But then the tax payers would have care for the ignorant a$$holes.

  23. Adams Schiff is a big time liar! I wonder what have to the oath he put his hand on the Bible. Swear he would tell the TRUTH SO HELP ME GOD! We KNOW OBAMA REFUSE TO PUT HIS HAND ON THE BIBLE. HE WANTED THE KORAN BOOK! That should have told everyone he was not an honest man! Pelosi need to RESIGN OR RETIRED! BEFORE SHE END UP IN FRONT OF A FIRING SQUAD! She took an oath to be HONEST WITH AMERICA CITIZEN! BUT LATELY WE ARE SEEING EVERY DEMOCRAT GOING AGAINST AMERICANS CITIZEN. GOD HELP US TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY AND GOVERNMENT OFFICE ?

  24. They would probably lie anyways. There doesn’t seem to be any comprehension of being honest in these people but maybe it should be done any way.

  25. We patroit AMERICANS need to keep following this! It our duty elect president, the one we voted for! There are enemy in our White House. We already know that the DEMONcrat party is our ENEMY! BUT we also need to keep our eyes open and ear open toward some of these republican. Some who will stand with DEMONcrat! Trump is NOT THE ONE WHO SHALL BE GETTING IMPEACHED. THE ONE IS NO LONGER PRESIDENT! BUT GOING BEHIND OUR ELECT PRESIDENT AND LYING TO OTHER LEADER IN FOREIGN COUNTRY. TIME TO BRING JUDGEMENT TO THOSE WHO ARE TRYING TO DESTORY AMERICA!

  26. If democrats are demanding that certain “witnesses” be brought forth for the impeachment trial in the Senate, the President and republicans should be allowed the same opportunity. That is if the whole impeachment debacle isn’t deemed to be illegal, as a result of the totally unconstitutional actions of Schiff and the rest of the democrat pack of vermin, which occurred during the House’s impeachment inquiry.

  27. With Pelosi.These low life people (Schumer and the 4 idiotic women included needless to say Waters) should all be put in jail.Fraud,money laundering,lying,paying their lovers with campaign money….I am getting sick and tired watching these idiots.Republicans should stick to their guns.Pelosi is talking about a fair impeachment?What the f…did they do?Talking to witnesses in the basement?

  28. If peelosi and shifty refuse to testify, then that will prove once and for all that this was a hoax. Also, they should be brought up on (and charged with) obstruction of justice, filing a false report and violating their oath of office.

  29. Any democrat that testifies needs a mega dose of The famed chemical sodium pentothal, which is commonly known as truth serum. Sadly, I would still find their responses suspect.

  30. Adam Schiff is a pathalogical LIAR he couldn’t testify for 30 seconds without commmiting perjury….they’ll do anything to keep him off the witness stand even though he and Pelosi both need to show up and defend their hoax….

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  32. Asan American citizen born in the United States, a Viet-Nam Veteran, a career soldier for 26 yrs, a Customs and Border Protection officer< florida State Notary a member of the VFW/American Legion Member and board member, I want to know what is going on with this individuals that do not want to be witness to President Trumps impeachment Senate hearing. I want to know the truth deserve the truth and anyone involved in this Impeachment hearing needs to testify and be present. I want to know the truth, i'm a legal voter and deserve to know whats going on. I was in Viet-Nam when congress and all senators did not let us fire our weapons and many of my comrades in arm were killed, Please, Please, Please I want and answer??????????

  33. Pelosi and Schiff should testify and show the American people how they have lied to ALL. This will END all this crap. It’s all political. They have not abided by the Constitution!!!!

  34. Somehow I get the feeling that the Republicans are just as eager to remove Trump from office as are the kommiecrats. Otherwise, this coup would have been stopped years ago. Save for Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows and Devin Nunes, traitors all.

  35. not only this shrimp neck and palefacelosi should be on the witness stand, but they and the 229 domorat reps wage should also be garnished to compensate WE THE PEOPLE and all the taxpayer spent on this hoax from the Russian witch hunt to this impeachment hoax. if they refused, trump can have military tribunal in GITMO as the commander-in-chief. the two main culprits will be thrown to the Carribean Sea for shark feast.

  36. In all likelihood Pelosi and Schiff both would refuse to testify before the Senate because they know that they would get tripped up and commit perjury and cause the Democrats bigger embarrassment than they already have. But as of the present it appears that perhaps the Democrats don’t really care because their reckless continuous actions and abuse towards the President haven’t ceased nor have they lessened.

  37. Stop them, get on the offensive side of them, why are the Republicans letting this fake oath of office continue. All democrats are unconstitutionally in office, they need to be removed now, not during their cheating elections.

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