Donald Trump turned the tables on Adam Schiff with this impeachment blockbuster

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff led the Democrats impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives.

Schiff is also expected to be one of the House Managers Speaker Pelosi selects to try their case in the Senate.

But now Donald Trump turned the tables on Adam Schiff with this impeachment blockbuster.

Adam Schiff has a lot to answer for with regards to his role in impeachment.

Schiff’s staff colluded with alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella before Ciaramella filed his phony complaint.

And then Schiff lied about his interactions with Ciaramella in an interview.

On Sunday President Trump repeated his demand that Schiff account for his actions by testifying in the Senate impeachment trial.

Breitbart reports:

Trump tweeted right before and after Pelosi’s appearance, in both instances using derisive nicknames. He said both she and Schiff should appear in the Senate for testimony.

“He must be a Witness, and so should she!” Trump tweeted.

The president also rebutted Pelosi’s suggestion that no matter what the Senate does, the House vote last month means Trump will be “impeached forever” and “for life.”

“Why should I have the stigma of Impeachment attached to my name when I did NOTHING wrong?” Trump tweeted, calling the House action a “totally partisan Hoax.’”

Democrats have long demanded Trump advisors like John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney testify because they supposedly have firsthand knowledge of the President’s decision to withhold military aid to Ukraine.

But no one in the case has more relevant firsthand knowledge than Adam Schiff.

Putting Schiff under oath could help the President’s defense by proving Ciaramella was a politically motivated hit man that conspired with one of the most partisan members of Congress in a scheme to overthrow a duly elected President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Wisdom comes from Application, Experience and Knowledge after a some education. Lies and Fake thinking does not give much wisdom as is being proved in Congress. news media and Washington today. Read and think by reading, studying, and applying the Constitution, the Bible, truthful newsmen (if you can find one) and our problems will disappear.

  2. Actually I believe these three treasonous commies should be taken out and hung in the public on the day Trump gives his state of the union address

  3. The 3 dimwits Schiff , nadler , pelosi , should be shackled and sent to prison for treason, against the President of the United States of America. Being hateful violated ethics laws and misrepresentation of their dulled appointed positions. We the people,have decided to remove the unbalanced haters of their seats. Their lies obstruction false testimonials proven to be an outrageous, they decide just want they want and demand support from you. Their way isn’t my way , and we the people demand their resignation.

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