Donald Trump unleashed this secret weapon to stop the caravan

The migrant caravan marching toward the United States is a national security threat.

That’s why Donald Trump used any means necessary to stop the invasion.

And he just unleashed this secret weapon.

The Department of Homeland Security inserted paid informants in the caravan to track their movements and to identify dangerous individuals.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Trump administration has paid informants embedded within a caravan of Central American migrants who are leaking information about the group’s movements and other details to Homeland Security officials, according to a report published Tuesday afternoon.

An NBC report did not specify how many informants the department had inside the moving group, whether they were migrants or U.S. officials, and how much they are being compensated. U.S. officials on Monday estimated that up to 10,500 people were traveling to the U.S. in a handful of different cararvans.

The government has been reading messages migrants are sending through messaging app WhatsApp to learn where they are headed.

Trump beefed up border security including deploying 5,000 troops to the border to assist in defending the country from a mob of migrants trying to invade the country.

But to know how to best defend the border, the Trump administration needs to know where to deploy their resources.

That’s where the paid informants come in.

They transmit the caravan’s movements back to the administration so they can best deploy the border patrol or – in some cases – shut down points of entry to stop migrants from flooding vulnerable entry points.

That’s exactly what happened at the San Ysidro point of entry in San Diego.

The Trump administration shut down the busiest point of entry in the country because they received intelligence that migrants planned to rush it.

Americans applauded the administration for taking every lawful step to preventing this migrant invasion.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Keep Them OUT! They are “Invaders”, and should be shot if they invade my country!
    I’d be glad to go to the border and shoot any invader myself! We fought and died in WWII defending against Germany and Japan. Now to day the Democrats think they can pay these invaders to come into the USA and then be given everything as long as they vote for the Dems? HELL NO! I swore to defend my country against “ALL ENEMIES”, Foreign and Domestic! So the Caravan and the Dems are now my “Enemies” as far as I’m concerned! I’ll gladly volunteer for the “Firing Squad” that executes all Dems convicted of “Treason”!

    • Bama, first and foremost. Thank you for your service to this great nation and as for your post, I love it. If it was up to me you’d be the first person I called for the “Firing Squad”. God bless…

  2. Yes we are very humanitarian….but Caravan is an abusive act to our safety and security..They can not come to our country. We love our country and we do not require unlawful & disrespectful aliens.

  3. Like I said before. March ’em across the border straight to waiting busses and take them back to where ever the hell they came from. Guarantee this cost would be a hell of a lot less than giving them everything from free housing, free food, free EBT cards, free medical, free college and god knows what else. I’m tired of all this free shit. Keep ’em out of my country.

  4. The govt cannot or will not enforce the law, so it’s up to the citizens. That’s why I am armed and dangerous to anyone who gets in my face.

  5. While such actions as described above lawful, they are also Sneaky & Underhanded But Not Suprisingly There’s No Limit To How LOW That Oval Office Blond Haired, Insane Orangutan Ape Will SinkTo In Getting His Sick Minded Way!

    • Betty, it’s called intelligence, something that you don’t seem to be aware of. Good intelligence will save lives. I think that in the future you should do some research, otherwise you come off sounding like Nancy.

      • James Wilson, Betty is obsessed with DJT. That’s all she ever writes about, using the same words over and over! She is in love with President Trump, there is no other explanation, poor unintelligent Betty!

    • Celebrating the patriotic GOP Christian delusional cowards valiantly shooting teargas grenades against defenseless women and children as usual in the land of the free and the home of the brave…????

      • Hey Dan T., I found the demon D. here in August!

        Check out her unpatriotic, un-American, and as usual untruthful comment.
        What kind of mother would put her children in a dangerous situation like that? Why in hades are they storming our borders trying to illegally break into our Country? What about applying for asylum or a work visa the “lawful” way. Just like liberals, break the law and try to make law enforcement the bad guys! This August is full of “el crapo” as a Christmas goose! Her thought process sucks! Scum of the earth!

      • Augest they should have shot their asses. And leave them to rot. Meaning the rock throwers. Rocks are deadly weapons. The weapons of choice in Old Testement times If some wetback asshole tries to hit me with a rock, an undertaker will wipe his ass. In these dangerous times we live in caused by the commiecrats, I’m armed at all times. I’ll never start it, but I’ll damn sure finish it.

    • No! for too long the stupid Elites and open border politicians have failed to protect our citizens from illegal immigrant criminals, deadly drugs, and disregard for legal immigration policy and regulation! It’s about time that Trump has stood up to these idiots in Washington, the Fake Media, and progressive numbskull hate mongers!

    • Betty, you are the sick minded if you think we should everybody into this country illegally so that we have to support them when they take advantage of the USA.

    • Betty. If the Democrats would act like intelligent humans and help save this country, there would be no need to be sneaky.
      Those women and children are being forced to the front by the people you want in this country.. these men are no good and are dangerous. They don’t care about anyone. I would love to see you open your doors and let them in.. then give them your pay check also. You are so ignorant. Your day is coming…

    • Those are racist comments Betty referring to our President as an Orangutan Ape. You are a disgrace to this country and you should get the hell out of it and go to one of the sh*thole countries.

    • Betty, suggest you take over this problem by going to the border and bringing ALL of those wonderful ILLEGALS to your home; you feed them, clothe them, pay for their medical care, educate them all and YOU pay their welfare money to them as well. That way, you won’t have to be so upset with the president that you have to call him names. Just sayin’.

    • Betty, Betty, Betty, you should never describe yourself on a national platform like this. I heard you sank to your knees anytime you were near Bill Clinton, but that was for a different purpose, we won’t go into here. I am so glad you think the laws that are lawful, they are sneaky, underhanded. I agree with you, so when a rapist comes for you, I think we should not enforce the law. But, I’m not certain you are still on Bill Clinton’s radar. He found several other filthy mouthed, vile old hags to replace you. Besides, your knee pads are totally worn out!

  6. Seal the border! Mexico started by inviting, inciting and encouraging the invasion of the U.S. even printing booklets to tell these Invaders how to invade us! Let them now stack up on the Messkin side and let Mexico deal with these invaders!
    We now have a real American as President who’s playing hardball, not that phony we had for 8 years with Nerf Balls!

  7. These are NOT IMMIGRANTS. They are an invasion of the United States and they must be stopped NOW. The posse comitatus act does not apply to the military here. The military is NOT enforcing laws. They are protecting the nation from an invasion, end of story. So what ever becomes necessary to stop this DO IT!!!

  8. the press committed treason by announcing to the caravan that spies are embedded in the group. Go after the medias that reported this and charge them with the crime of treason or whatever it is called when they endanger our people. We already had one border agent killed last week. Is this why he was killed?

  9. So Homeland Security has spies inside the caravan. Just what needs to be published on social media and the MSM, so the spies can get killed. Wow, way to go people. Oh, I guess those who are spying to save America aren’t worth saving, only the gangs coming up from South and Central America need to be saved. Oh silly me, I should have thought of that. (sarcasm intended here)

    • Cabin 1954, Sorry but, the spies in the caravans was on Fox yesterday, I saw it so people here did not “leak” it.
      I thought about why would they release it but, I think there is a calculated motive behind putting the word out. DJT is smart and he has planned far ahead before most people have thought to ask the question!

  10. To Dan Tyree – you are so right. This is show time for America. If we lose this immigration battle with the way these people multiply, all legal Americans will be at grave risk because they will be the minority and will be shown no mercy. It will come down to a civil war & the foreigners will win because they will make sure they are the majority.

      • Dan T., It has turned ugly down at the boarder. I am sure the Boarder Patrol, ICE, and the military is on high alert 24/7. There are other agencies and people down there “watching”. No doubt “they” will make another attempt soon and will be casualties sooner or later if they keep storming the border. Such a sad thing for the children but it is out of our hands. The caravaners using children as human shields are the scum of the earth!

    • They were voted out in large numbers in the House of Representatives! We gained quite a number of Lefties and “sob sisters” in this latest election. Start packin’ your bags, guns, ammunition and money and be ready to “head out”. The scary part is that there is no better place on earth to be. How about Mars? 😉

  11. What would Obama do? He would let them in of course.
    What would George W. Bush do? He would say this in not right and then let them in.

    What does President Donald Trump do? What he said he would do and close the border.


    • You are absolutely right. We do not need any more bleeding heart Liberals, enough is enough. I feel bad for people that live in these terrible countries but I am 75 years old and we have been sending money to them since I can remember. These countries need to start taking care of their own people.
      We cannot take care of the whole world. Let’s build the wall as planned. Maybe someone that is good at collecting donations should start a fund and we can all contribute.

      • Kink, I’ve been suggesting that from the beginning of this fiasco. How about a “Go Fund Me” fund? We seem to do that for lots of other things, why not the wall? Hopefully, less of the money collected that way would have to to pay for the bureaucracies between the money and workers who would build the wall.


  13. Our government has a tested Heat Ray that is a serious non-lethal deterrent that would remind invaders of our resolve to protect our borders

  14. Personally, I believe this to be a GREAT move on the Presidents part, but not be released to the general public as this could put their lives in danger. Some operations should just be kept covert. But since it is out, GOOD JOB Mr. President. GOD speed.

    • I’m with you on this, Phil. We always give away things that we shouldn’t, whether it’s this story on the invasion force or our military operations. I don’t need to know how they get it done just, that it got/get’s done…


  16. It is so comforting to have a real American as our president. Close the border, cut off all welfare payments to illegals already here and ship every last one of them out of our country and Americans will be so happy.

  17. I once saw a photo in one of the magazines (probably Time) that showed many hands holding up their phones. They, illegal aliens from Africa & Middle East, were asked how they managed to find their way to Europe. They showed their phone. Interesting.

    Now back to the point: about this caravan from Central America countries. They have the phones. Phones are indeed powerful communicator. Apps. Maps. Text messages. And so on.

    • Man From Grey, Hopefully if they have phones they have found their way to conservative sites and see what Americans, at least for the most part, think of the caravans and the caravaners. CARAVANERS GO HOME NOW!

      • How do they keep the phones charged? Someone is supplying some kind of assistance along the way. Like the movie stars raising money to support the caravan instead of giving relief to the firefighters in California that lost everything while they were fighting the fires. The real american heroes suffer and the movie stars only have eyes for the poor old illegal aliens.

        • Sherm, Thank you and of course, they have support, money and otherwise, from the time they leave home! Mothers on TV are seeing barefoot children and with anguish in their voices they say, oh look at the children, they have no shoes. Putting the few women in front with their barefoot children is all for show! They have cell phones (that someone is charging for them) and those barefoot kids have shoes (they wear when the camera is not on them).
          This is all done for sympathy, so bleeding heart liberals will apply pressure to let those poor people come in! They will have a lot more to say about it but, I’ll spare you.
          I just saw Jurealdo Rivera pitching a fit on The Five, his face was full of anguish and he was shaming everybody to high heaven about all those good people want is to come here to have a better life. (I guess they do, they could live nicely off our welfare system. That is what most of them want and the rest will commit crimes and/or join gangs.) Back to Jeraldo Rivera, we all know he is way liberal and he needs to go get on CNN or MSNBC, they would agree with him a lot better than The Five co-hosts! I’m getting angry so I’ll stop!

          • Randy Miller, J. Rivera has always been a little out there sensationlist for me but, I think he is borderline fanatical now. He gets way too intense, over the top, extreme and emotional. I am actually afraid he could be having some mental issues maybe, age related.

        • Mr. George Soros founded the “Open Borders Foundation” back in 1985, and has given almost $40 Billion to it since. It “bought” him the “European Union”, and now he wants an “Americas Union”. So the money for all the trucks, food, water, etc. all are provided by the over 2,300 Liberal Groups in the USA, and the ones in South America. Check it out?

  18. Wait till the criminals in the Caravan start climbing into bed with the Communists in their private homes. I’d pay to see that. Maybe THEN some of those destructive liberal airheads will wake up, but I doubt it — I’m thoroughly disgusted with America’s stay-at-home voters who voted for Trump in 2016 but thought they were comfortable enough to stay home instead of vote.

    Read Terry Rodwell’s recent Post – He said it best.

  19. Wait till the criminals in the Caravan start climbing into bed with the Communists in their private homes. I’d pay to see that. Maybe THEN some of those destructive airheads will wake up, but I doubt it. Thoroughly disgusted with America, and here’s why (Terry Rodwell said it best):

    Everybody’s “bitching” about the Democrats and what they’re likely to do next. But too many polls and voting results indicate that many people who voted President Trump into office in 2016 STAYED HOME IN 2018 INSTEAD OF VOTING IN THE MIDTERMS — and NOW – Look what we’ve got. We LOST the House, which will make it an absolute misery for President Trump for the next two years. He worked so DAMNED HARD for us, and this is the thanks he gets. So – to ALL you “bitchers” who didn’t get up off your couches to VOTE in the 2018 midterms, you have NOBODY to blame but yourselves. You SHOULD have come out of your caves and down from the mountains in DROVES to elect Republicans into the House, but you sat back on your carcases and let this happen. After all, that’s what the Democrats did – they emerged in droves from their rat holes and TOOK (and STOLE) the House from Trump. And frankly Republicans just “squeeked by” in the Senate. My GOD, I don’t know WHY this incredible President still cares about pulling this country up by her bootstraps, OR WHY he still even cares about the lazy American non-voters who cut him off at the knees, yet still continue to “bitch” about the Democrats. He sure deserved a lot better from the people who elected him in the first place.

  20. Why do you have a Fence around your home and property. Vatican has walls/Fences to protect as well. So why is there no border fence. Crazy.

  21. We need to protect our borders from the influx of these renegades coming from Venezuela etc etc. And That Is why We Need To Support Our President So He Can Get The Funding To Build That Wall We So Desperately Need!! The democrats who have no vision and are the deterrent group of idiots who care nothing about the security of nation and the interests or the American people.

    • How about president Trump putting a tariff/tax on only liberals and all the ignorant Hollywood people. That money could be used to build the wall. Problem solved..

  22. There is no question Hilary and all her clan are sitting around laughing and hoping these illegals manage to jump across the boarder and keep on running to the nearest place they can illegally vote in 2020.

    • Yes, they are! They want those people’s votes! If anyone of them could get in, would be one vote for the DNC! Free louders feeding other FREE LOUDERS by the TAX payers’ hard earned CASH!! Satanic Sympathy!
      God bless our President, give HIM al the Wisdom, strength and the Clarity of MIND with his every move…..

  23. God bless President Trump!
    we have to ask JESUS to give President strengthen, wisdom, give him ability to be strong leader he needs to be in America’s time of trouble! place people around him to put Americans first! we have to protect Americans and their property along our southern border to stop destruction these people will do!

  24. Whatever it takes Mr. President to keep the caravans “south of the border”. I saw a Dem from CT say on Fox this a.m. that the paid informants is a lie to keep fear about the caraners instilled in American people. Trish/Fox knew better and was letting him know about it. It is a crying shame that DJT does not seem to be getting support from Congress period, either party. He has the people, (we) who put him in office, standing with him however, conservative Republicans in Congress need to step up and speak loudly in support of him. People have let their personal feelings about him stand in the way of what is best and must be done for the good and protection of our Country!

      • Dan T., Yes, it is a critical time for America. Liberals are dumber than dirt to not support DJT in this border stand off. They must all live in a bubble! “Their chickens will come home to roost” one day, and they will pay the price for stupidity!

        • Dan T. and M. We will not fail. As I read these post it is obvious that people are more and more fed up. I live 15 miles from Tijuana and wish you could see the attitude of the people here. Enough is enough. We are fed up. We will not stand down. Stuff is getting real and there will be casualties.

          • Randy Miller, Yes, Americans are very fed up or half of us are! This half is wondering what the liberals who want open borders are thinking! I guess that means they don’t care about about the safety and well being of their families, extended family and friends. What does that tell us about them?
            Randy, I want You to know there are millions of us out here who are constantly thinking about you super patriots living just north of the border. Stay safe, blessings to all of you!

          • But living 15 miles from t.j. you are in California as am I but are you willing to take up arms against our rogue illegal state first? If not they will soon leave you defence less by disarming you. And now that that coke head hooker chaser Gavin Newsom is given or he’s going to sign any and every anti 2nd amendment law that comes across his desk no matter how illegal or crazy. We all need to take back our state first and as they say as California goes so goes the rest of the country. Only we the people can save our state and country .

          • LHB. Locked and loaded. Wifey is semi trained. 2 of my kids that live in the same town as us are ex military ( Both have seen combat). We are ready. And, as I am sure you know, The Dem’s have stolen the elections for many years. But they are being found out. Hopefully, soon, it will all change for the better.

      • Dan, i think that too, & a Reality thought.
        ” if we fail now it’s over. It’s showtime for the rule of law.”
        > & we’ll send good thoughts to Randy Miller.

    • We seem to be INcapable of organizing the way the liberals do. About 20,000 of us should BE AT THE BORDER RIGHT NOW, ready to take care of business ourselves. Even at the age of 66, I would participate!

      • I’m with you. We don’t seem to get the sponsorship willing to get us down there that the democrats get. There must be people willing to invest in a cause worth fighting for. Getting the word out is the biggest problem since the media is so in the bag for the left.

  25. Since they are attacking our nation they are enemies of the US and should have to face even the most horrible ending! KEEP ‘EM OUT AT ANY COST !

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