Donald Trump used one word to describe Barack Obama that had all hell breaking loose

Americans are waiting on the investigation into the Russian collusion hoax to wrap up.

For years, the public demanded answers on how the Obama administration and the FBI concocted a conspiracy theory about Russian collusion to spy on the Trump campaign.

Now Donald Trump used one word to describe Barack Obama that had all hell breaking loose.

In an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody, President Trump accused former President Obama of “treason.”

“Treason. Treason. It’s treason,” Trump told Brody in answering how he would describe the Obama administration spying on his 2016 Presidential campaign.

Trump referenced his famous March 2017 Tweet where Trump revealed that Obama spied on his campaign, which the Fake News Media falsely claimed was a lie and a conspiracy theory.

“They’d been spying on my campaign,” President Trump added. “Turned out I was right. Let’s see what happens to them now.”

In fact, the FBI did send an undercover spy – Stefan Halper – to gather information from Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos.

The FBI also used false and misleading information from the fake news Christopher Steele dossier to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

Since the warrant was retroactive, it allowed the FBI to snoop through Page’s texts and emails from his time on the Trump campaign.

The President is clearly looking forward to the results of United States Attorney John Durham’s criminal investigations into the origins of the Russian collusion hoax, but otherwise told Brody he wanted to stay away from commenting on the investigation.

“I want to stay out of it because otherwise it’s going to look political,” Trump stated. “Let’s see what they come up with.”

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. There is so much proof, that Obama, Biden, WH Staff and the FBI are corrupt. But nothing will be done about it. People do not care. Since people do not care, it will not be long until America is a nation controlled by dictators. We will lose all our rights.
    When America is controlled by dictators, it will be too late to save our Constitution. We will all be slaves.

  2. julio…If you can’t see the truth, there is no hope for you. Obama is a traitor in far more ways than you can count. The proof is right in front of your willfully blind eyes

  3. Pres. Trump is right on. Obama is a traitor in so many ways. Either we stop the destruction he started NOW or we will cease to exist as a free nation

  4. vasu…John Bolton is a liar. TRUTH. And the Russian collusion was Hillary’s. Wake up and see the truth that you deny

  5. Cecil…You have no clue of the truth. Please name ONE THING that Pres. Trump has done that makes him a traitor. You CAN’T!!!! Pres. Trump has done nothing wrong. Take your sick hate somewhere else. We don’t need it

  6. If I have learned ANYTHING about this President…it is that the media tries to make him look foolish (on purpose, to suit their agenda) but in the end, always comes out that he was telling the truth and knew exactly what he was talking about!! Love it!! And I love that he only has one agenda…fulfilling his campaign promise to those who elected him and not wasting tax payer money. I find that refreshing!!

  7. Treason for sure. The biggest Red Flag was that he (Obama) was a community Organizer and are known to create havoc and division in the community so Communists can move in. Precisely what they have done in the 8 years of Obama’s reign of terror. They don’t like Trump because he is trying to stop that movement.

  8. Neither Obama or Joe Biden will be indicted or tried. The Progressive’s and the swamp rats will see to that. Obama still thinks that he runs this country, and will keep on if Joe Biden gets in. Joe will be removed by day one if elected and replaced by whoever is chosen by Joe, if he is the one to actually chose the Vice President. Moreover, the Vice President would follow the advice of Obama and the Progressive party. I agree with the majority, that Obama was not born in Hawaii, but in Kenya because of what his brother claimed. However, that will never be proven but hidden if true from the public view.

  9. I for one would like to see Obama questioned on this on national television, wsill it happen, I hope so

  10. I never did think obummer was birn in this country. He was the worst president ever. He tried ruining our country and is still at it. The demon rats are still going along with it. The American people had better eake up ir we’ll lose our wonderful country!!


  12. What happened to the “most scandal free administration” in history. We are finding out that Obama and Biden are a bunch of cheating scumbags. And liars to boot.


  14. THERE ALSO WAS THE ISSUE THAT BARACK OBAMA WAS NOT A U.S. CITIZEN WAY BACK WHEN IT STARTED. He was supposedly born in don’t quote me but Kenya. How he ever got elected was beyond a lot of us.

  15. “Treason” ?! What do you call Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and John Bolton’s claim that Trump asked China to interfere in the 2020 U.S. Presidential election?

  16. When the democrats again loose in 2020, the coloring book and crayon companies will need to stock up for the inflex of people just to keep them comfortable from their stress issues.

  17. The disrespectful juvenile Trump haters are still out in force. Nothing will satisfy them, but they are only fooling themselves. Their heroes will be removed from power, and then they will start acting like criminals and call themselves protesters. They are really brainwashed spoiled brats. The best thing to happen to these brats is a time out, sitting in a jails cell for a couple of decades.

  18. Bad parenting,Liberal school teachers and a government with corrupt politicians who will sale their soul to the devil for the almighty dollar & power. I hear the troll saying we won’t win the battle, be cautious real Militants are watching and waiting underpass troll…

  19. If Trump hadn’t been talking about Russia so much All through his campaign, none of it would have happened! And now he wants to play the pity card like the big baby that he acts like.

  20. The demrats are going to continue their dirty work until they are stopped!!! Odummer needs to be hung if you start making them pay the piper maybe they will think twice before they committ any more crimes against America,time for the coddling to stop!!!!

  21. Commiecrats , especially blacks are allowed to commit treason. They get a pass on every corrupt thing that they do.

  22. Obama needs to be toppled from his fake pedestal and erased from history the same way they are trying to erase our American history. I am a black american and I say let our monuments STAND. We need to remember where we came from, otherwise we won’t know where we need to go.just my opinion.

  23. What else do you call it? The President is correct. Now you have Senator’s of the Republican party slamming Donald Trump for the correct words of describing former demoncratic force of Obama. No matter how we look at the big picture, Barrack was not and is not for the USA. It is treason. I hope and pray that God will remove the scales from peoples eyes and expose the truth of the Clinton- Obama administrations. The truth will prevail. It always does.

  24. I think the president is right in charging Obama of treason. Clintons and any of those he used to spy and do ANYTHING against Mr Trump and anyone else in his office that was against him was against the American people putting us in a position of harm. Harm physically, mentally and spiritually. You Go Sir.

  25. Trying to interfere with a U.S. presidential election is treason and that is exactly what the Obama administration did, and to cover their tracks democrats tried accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians, and started the entire Mueller faux investigation.
    The Russian collusion accusations were false, the investigation was faux, the fisa application was fraud, and the impeachment was faux.

  26. It’s pretty hard to sugar-coat Treason. Then again, you have communist domestic terrorist BLM/Antifa conducting mass destruction and calling it ‘peaceful demonstrations’ LOL!!!!!!!!!

  27. Obama did commit treason but from his perspective he did nothing wrong because Obama is a communist, and that’s what communists do. Communists don’t believe in free speech or fair elections. Communists only believe in power, and subjugating the populace.
    If people weren’t so ignorant they would have researched this guy and discovered his background before they voted for him.

  28. God is the Founder of the USA, thus, His love for the USA is IMMORTAL! See how wonderfully He heled with the FORMATION of this MIGHTY Nation with JUSTICE FOR ALL! “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!” Everyone proclaims it! But, how many abide in IT, especially within all those who KNOW and USE the LAW as their carrer? President TRUMP will locate them all! He is a JUST PRESIDENT! NO ONE can buy HIM nor MANIPULATE HIM! His love for this COUNTRY is BOLDLY TRUE!

  29. Treason is the word I’ve always thought of but if Obama is not a Real Citizen. based on the 3 or 4 different SS Numbers he has used then he would be a SPY and could be Shot ?????

  30. What Obama signed off on in regards to the spying on the Trump campaign is no different to Nixon’s misdeeds with campaign spying. If Nixon had not resigned, he would have been impeached. My question is, if it was an impeachable offense for Nixon, how is it not for Obama? I am aware that Obama is not sitting as president, but it would be a miscarriage of justice if not pursued for the crime it is/was. I don’t know if I would call it treason, but it certainly illegal and must be addressed.

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