Donald Trump was hit with a betrayal that took him completely by surprise

As Donald Trump gears up for his re-election campaign, he is still grappling with one giant problem.

There are still backstabbing traitors in the Republican Party.

And Donald Trump was hit with a betrayal that took him completely by surprise.

Donald Trump made major news when he announced National Security Advisor John Bolton was leaving the administration.

Bolton was a neocon hawk straight out of the Bush administration, whereas Donald Trump campaigned as a Make America Great Again patriot.

The President would often joke that if it was up to Bolton, America would be in four wars at the same time.

Eventually Bolton’s opposition to Trump’s policies and leaking his displeasure to the media led to Bolton’s ousting.

Now Bolton is shopping a tell-all book to smear the President.

The Daily Beast reports:

Following his acrimonious departure from the White House, former National Security Adviser John Bolton has insisted that he will have his “say in due course.”

It hasn’t yet been a full week, but it appears he’s found a vehicle for clearing the air. According to two people with knowledge of the situation, Bolton has already expressed interest in writing a book on his time in the Trump administration, and has been in contact in recent days with literary agents interested in making that happen.

“He has a lot to dish,” one of the sources said, adding it was not clear if Bolton had settled on an agency yet.

Reached by The Daily Beast on Monday afternoon, Bolton only replied, “No comment” when asked about discussions with book agents and his potential project. But if he goes down this path, he’d be merely the latest former Trump official to try and turn their noisy exit into bestselling gold.

The Fake News Media would love nothing more than to parade Bolton around cable news and the Sunday talk shows to promote a book where Bolton lies about the President and attacks him as reckless, incompetent, and even treasonous.

The President resurrected Bolton’s failing career by granting him a high-profile position in his administration despite Bolton having a foreign policy that more closely resembled Hillary Clinton’s than Donald Trump’s.

And Bolton chooses to repay the President by dishing dirt on the Trump administration.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. He didn’t buy them off, he promoted their terrorism! I guess Obama never heard the chants from the Iranians! Death to America, Death to Israel! Obama was/is a stooge!

  2. Rnc most people of the people you named were left over Obama plants who just were not actually part of the Trump team. Obama has plants everywhere in our government part of the reason things have gotten so messed up .In the end the truth will come out and you will learn what treason and sedition is like in democratic government. Believe me it will come out.

  3. That airport you mentioned is the only one open 24 hours, and it had military planes going there before he was in office. As for the rest of your stuff about Mar-O-Lago, I don’t know anything about that. Sounds like your read that in a tabloid somewhere. Too many conspiracy theories to keep track of.

  4. Dr. J.D. Trump is badmouthing what allies? You mean the U.N. or the freeloader countries that profit from our protection. The only badmouthing I hear is from your side about Israel. The Iran treaty was a farce just like the Paris Climate Accord. As for the rest of your rant, it sounds like you read that in a tabloid.

  5. But Steve, the evidence tells a different story about Trump: President Trump has been draining off federal funds to go directly into his pockets. It has been known for a long time that his continual trips to Mar-O-Lago has cost over $102 million for the first two years alone. Now evidence has surfaced that military planes (i.e. from USA to Beirut etc.), instead of refueling, as normal at European military bases, have been diverted to a small, failing airport nearest to Trump’s Scotland golf course. The Trump Golf course in Scotland is already failing, and the closing of the only airport nearby would certainly damage it further. Then, the planes having to pay the much higher commercial rates, have the military passengers stay at a Trump property, furthering money going into the Trump coffers. In a recent trip to Ireland, VP Pence was ordered to stay 160 miles from his destination, completely on the other side of the country, at a Trump facility, bringing even more money into the Trump’s pockets.

  6. If you’re talking about EPA deregulations, that won’t cause a recession. It actually grows the economy. However, a $15 minimum wage might cause a recession though. Will I change my mind? Change it for what? The democrat clown car that is promising FREE handouts to everyone, including illegal aliens? Are you kidding me? Vote for that? Never!

  7. Trump is not doing a great job. His foreign policies are chaos, he does not stand up but defends our worst enemies, meanwhile badmouthing all our allies. He has abandoned the leadership role in many areas, including pulling out of the Iran treaty. Leadership is not left, it has given China more power and influence.

    Trump refuses to address infrastructure (roads, bridges etc.) as promised, and is leading us into a recession. He has doubled the deficit of Obama’s worst year, and has lost several hundred thousand jobs in his trade war waffling. He has managed to funnel millions of taxpayers dollars into his company’s profits – – like $102 million for golf trips to Mar-O-Lago.

  8. It is “fell in love” with Kim Jong Un, but it does make one gag, and he has said it more than he has ever said he “fell in love” with Melania, or for any woman either. How could you “fall in love” with one of the world’s most evil dictators?!?

    And just why would anyone be considering a war to defend Saudi Arabia? Iran did not attack us.

  9. IF Trump had been more diplomatic (which is never true for Trump, unless he is telling the world how he “feel in love” (Gag!) with Kim Jong Un), perhaps he would make less enemies for himself. But Trump always is hardwired to “dis” as in disrespect people, and it is creating more and more people who will write books, be on interviews and tell everyone their experience of what a MORON Trump is.

  10. And yet Trump is doing a great job. He’s delivering on a lot of his campaign promises which is almost unheard of with politicians. All your democrat candidates are making promises they know they can’t keep. Free college, freed healthcare, jobs guarantee, gun confiscation. They can’t deliver on any of those promises and they know it.

  11. Will you change when Trump leads us into another large recession? Seriously, Trump’s deficit spending, his continual deregulations (many are there for a reason) and his trade wars are causing economists to predict a recession soon. Did you know that his trade war with China has already cost America 300,000 jobs and could possibly go as high as 1 million lost jobs?!?

  12. you both sound like you are talking about Donald Trump who is a narcissist and claims he has never made a mistake also! I mean look at all the turnovers in staff – – the greatest in US history! Scarimoochi, Sessions, Bolton, Rex Tillerson, several people now in prison – – it seems Trump can’t either pick a good person OR Trump can’t work with anyone. Clearly, Will Rogers, who said he “never met a man he did not like” never met Donald Trump! Even Melania dislikes him.

  13. RedMan, If you don’t like America, return to your Muslim Country voluntarily; before you get imprisoned or deported. We don’t like people like you being in our Country. And you can take Omar and Tlaib with you.

  14. Jeanne I found that I’m a cousin of senator Jonathan Tester of Montana. We are several times removed, but that guy is a commiecrat jerk. He is descended from my gggrandfather’s brother. That’s far enough away for me. My mother was a Tester and a democrat but changed when bill Clinton showed up.

  15. Back in the 1800’s my ancestors had the name O’Rourke and was changed to just Rourke. Beto O’Rourke makes me ashamed .

  16. I did what you did Dan…only because, as you said, the alternative was Hillary…and NO WAY would I have changed parties for her…plus I voted against abortion when I voted Republican. I am not disappointed in President Trump…I appreciate his work ethic and his concern for Americans. He also has brought God back into the White House where He has been rejected with the last administration.

  17. I don’t think Gavin will be successful at getting Trump’s name off the ballot. That will be challenged in court. But Gavin is already under petition for recall for breaking federal immigration law. So we’ll see where that goes.

  18. The trump brown nose racist white-folks posting on here are some of the worst terrorist in the world, and they all smell like lice shampoo. What a bunch of stupid losers. hahahahahahhahahahah

  19. Steve, I too live in a deep blue state, California. We don’t even have very many Republicans on the ballot. And out governor is trying to keep Trump’s name off of our primary ballot.

  20. They “tire” me too. And when allowed to ascend in unlimited fashion, they may end up “necklacing” their “enemies,” too. John Bolton is a megalomaniac narcissist, with little or no sense of “right and wrong.” As is common with such insanity, the end justifies the means, and all the rest is collateral damage.

  21. Steve we can hope that the crazy attacks on Trump will help with down ballot races. Perhaps some seats in Congress or your state level can be flipped. Never give up. And who knows? Maybe some blue states will flip to Trump. Vote!!!! And good luck.

  22. John Bolton has never made a mistake; just ask him.
    Now tell me how a man who was fired is going to handle rejection.
    My pastor has never made a mistake. It is characteristic of a certain personality type.
    They tire me.
    ‘Nuf said

  23. Unfortunately I live in a deep blue state so my vote doesn’t count, but I vote anyway. Trump is not like other politicians. Trump is not interested in enriching himself personally through politics. I truly believe that Trump loves America and wants to make it the best country on earth. I can’t say that about any democrat, and most republicans either.

  24. Your quite correct, and have seen no evidences that ANY of those personages sought anything but raw power, cabal designs at being rulers, lords, and would-be gods of all the earth: none respected the originalism of our Republic’s Constitution,nor the principles of the Declaration of Independence whereby our amendments are enunciated.

  25. Another paid commentator, and there are so many of them! Statements designed to bring disgrace upon sites, persons, and ideals. Sad how false narratives, phony people, and “wickedness in high places” is used to justify criminal, evil, and totalitarian elitist.

  26. Steve remember that at voting time. I know he isn’t perfect, but America is doing much better on his watch. I voted for Ted Cruz in our primary, but I damned sure wasn’t voting for killery in the general election. And I believe that America made a good choice. Trump makes the commiecrat’s skin crawl, but that’s a good thing.

  27. The RedMan is a troll. It trolls all these websites. Please don’t feed it.
    If people would stop feeding it then it will go away.

  28. If you seriously think that any, and I mean ANY, denizen of the washingstink swamp is “principaled” you need to see a doctor asap!

  29. Bushes, Bolton, McCain, etc are NeoCons. Do you know what a NeoCon is?

    They are the “New Conservatives” that came out of the Democrat Marxist Progressive Party. They are members of the “Uniparty”.

    You missed Motives for the Infiltration. It’s commonly called Globalization.

    Now who do you trust with your Freedoms?

  30. As bad as Trump is the alternative is unthinkable. Trump is by far the lesser of two evils. I don’t look at Trump – only what he’s accomplished, and trying to accomplish.

  31. How could Bolton write a book about his time with Trump Administration? Wasn’t he there about 2 months. Probably didn’t know his way to cafeteria by then.

  32. redman why don,t you get your head out of your ass the name you are using is insulting a lot of good people that are true American Indians so you pice of crap shut your trap

  33. Was that because Trump said that????? Trump, the only person on the planet that has never told a “LIE” (just ask him, he will feed you more BS) The individual is a “COMPLETE PHONY”

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