Donald Trump was just betrayed by this Republican on impeachment over Ukraine

The Fake News Media and the Democrats are frothing at the mouth over impeachment.

Anti-Trump forces in Washington, D.C. seized on a fake scandal about a phone call to push the nation toward a crisis.

And Donald Trump was just betrayed by this Republican on impeachment over Ukraine.

Never-Trump Republican Ben Sasse viewed a so-called “whistleblower’s” complaint about President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President.

Sasse walked out of the secure facility where he read the complaint and raced to the press to stab the President in the back.

The never-Trump Senator declared that Republicans were “wrong” to “circle the wagons” around President Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Everybody in this whole process should slow down, this place is terrible at deliberation. Democrats ought not to be using the word ‘impeach’ before they have the whistleblower complaint or before they read the transcript,” Sasse told reporters after viewing the whistleblower complaint.

“Republicans ought not to be rushing to circle the wagons to say there’s no there there when there’s obviously lots that’s very troubling there,” he continued. “The administration ought not to be attacking the whistleblower as some talking points suggest they plan to do.”

Sasse added that getting to the bottom of the Ukraine issue “is going to take a lot of time but there’s obviously some really troubling things here, but I think the partisan tribalism that is always insta-certain is a terrible idea.”

The Nebraska senator was one of only a few Republicans to break with the administration over the Ukrainian issue.

Sasse’s comments gave hope to the Fake News Media and the Democrats that “the dam would break” and Senate Republicans would stampede to support convicting the President on the Democrats’ fabricated articles of impeachment.

Mike Murphy – a former Romney advisor – went on MSNBC and predicted 30 Republican Senators – more than would be necessary to remove the President – would vote to convict on articles on impeachment.

Sasse’s betrayal gives the Fake News Media and Democrats hope that it will be the case.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. And now this latest G7 fiasco, a blatantly self serving ORDER to fill Doral (in south Florida-in June) next year, where Doral’s occupancy rate is 40%. Hmmmm, 100% sounds a LOT better, don’t you think? Just ANOTHER violation of the emoluments clause.

  2. Trump is turning the “swamp” into his personal cesspool. Violates the Emoluments clause in the COnstitution every day. HE is the one raising membership rates at Mar-a-Lago, his DC hotel, and FOREIGNERS FLOCK to make sure they stay there, so they can gain influence. Even Zelensky, in the famous “transcript”, made sure to mention his stay there. Trump as openly solicited/extorted foreign leaders into looking for dirt on his personal political opponents, both in the Zelensky call, and more recently, OPENLY, on video asking the Chinese to investigate the Bidens. THOSE. ARE CRIMES. Inviting ANY sort of foreign influence in our election process is ILLEGAL, per the Federal Election Commission chairperson, on TV last week.

  3. Sorry Steve, God called me and asked me to tell you to SHUT UP! HE HATES YOU For what you did when you were only 16 . Don’t worry God is NOT a snitch. He’s just joking

  4. Any one associated with Romney should be considered a threat to Trump. Romney and Rubio both lost at becoming president.. of course they will be jealous and cause as much trouble as they can. Remember that when either of them try to run again for president..

  5. And on what basis are you calling Donald such names. His Father and Mother was married, so he definitely was not a bastard in the 1930s, 1940s definition. And when or how, do you know the lies. Just because Democrats say that, does not make it so. It just means they don’t what he is doing, and democrats have never been accused of telling the truth. Not even in my youth, when I thought I was a democrat. I just thought my family and I was the exception, since we were solid believers in Church of the Brethren (also called Dunkard church). Start paying attention to what Rep. Schiff says, and what he does, and you will find out who the hypocrites are. He does not know what truth is, but then he is a California trained lawyer, so I am being redundant.

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