Donald Trump was just betrayed by this Republican on impeachment over Ukraine

The Fake News Media and the Democrats are frothing at the mouth over impeachment.

Anti-Trump forces in Washington, D.C. seized on a fake scandal about a phone call to push the nation toward a crisis.

And Donald Trump was just betrayed by this Republican on impeachment over Ukraine.

Never-Trump Republican Ben Sasse viewed a so-called “whistleblower’s” complaint about President Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian President.

Sasse walked out of the secure facility where he read the complaint and raced to the press to stab the President in the back.

The never-Trump Senator declared that Republicans were “wrong” to “circle the wagons” around President Trump.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Everybody in this whole process should slow down, this place is terrible at deliberation. Democrats ought not to be using the word ‘impeach’ before they have the whistleblower complaint or before they read the transcript,” Sasse told reporters after viewing the whistleblower complaint.

“Republicans ought not to be rushing to circle the wagons to say there’s no there there when there’s obviously lots that’s very troubling there,” he continued. “The administration ought not to be attacking the whistleblower as some talking points suggest they plan to do.”

Sasse added that getting to the bottom of the Ukraine issue “is going to take a lot of time but there’s obviously some really troubling things here, but I think the partisan tribalism that is always insta-certain is a terrible idea.”

The Nebraska senator was one of only a few Republicans to break with the administration over the Ukrainian issue.

Sasse’s comments gave hope to the Fake News Media and the Democrats that “the dam would break” and Senate Republicans would stampede to support convicting the President on the Democrats’ fabricated articles of impeachment.

Mike Murphy – a former Romney advisor – went on MSNBC and predicted 30 Republican Senators – more than would be necessary to remove the President – would vote to convict on articles on impeachment.

Sasse’s betrayal gives the Fake News Media and Democrats hope that it will be the case.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



    • Conservative Republicans need to encourage Nebraska to seekout a good conservative man or woman to run against Sasse. All rino need to be unelected and replaced by good conservative Americans. MAGA

  1. So, set loose a guy, who “fights back”, with $3 billion, and 60,000,000 supporters. It’s my second choice, with second term being first choice. I kind of look forward to reading about it.

  2. Trump is and was right, Drain that swamp! these charletons of Congress are nothing more than self centered bags of shit who could care less about the American Public, finally a President who wants to give back to the American middle class with jobs, tax breaks, and putting America back in Control. What a waste of time by Congress to try and get the power back, the american people will be silent no more, they work for us and it’s about time they showed some balls and stop the nonsense and tackle the real issues facing America. GO POTUS and thank you for your hard work. Hey Liberals Newsflash you LOST the 2016 election, get over it ! Cry Babies.

    • The real reason they want Trump gone is he is stopping them from getting rich from foreign powers and lobbyist. Just look at Cummings and his wife

    • Trump is turning the “swamp” into his personal cesspool. Violates the Emoluments clause in the COnstitution every day. HE is the one raising membership rates at Mar-a-Lago, his DC hotel, and FOREIGNERS FLOCK to make sure they stay there, so they can gain influence. Even Zelensky, in the famous “transcript”, made sure to mention his stay there. Trump as openly solicited/extorted foreign leaders into looking for dirt on his personal political opponents, both in the Zelensky call, and more recently, OPENLY, on video asking the Chinese to investigate the Bidens. THOSE. ARE CRIMES. Inviting ANY sort of foreign influence in our election process is ILLEGAL, per the Federal Election Commission chairperson, on TV last week.

      • And now this latest G7 fiasco, a blatantly self serving ORDER to fill Doral (in south Florida-in June) next year, where Doral’s occupancy rate is 40%. Hmmmm, 100% sounds a LOT better, don’t you think? Just ANOTHER violation of the emoluments clause.

    • Many anonymous sources have claimed that Trump has committed all manner of atrocities without offering ANY proof whatsoever. This is apparently good enough for almost all Democrats, but, for anyone actually using their brain, it is totally unbelievable and unacceptable.

      • Just a bunch of bullshit from a so-called whistle blower running his/her mouth about 2nd hand lies. And you commiecrat morons are stupid enough to believe it. You people just show how stupid you are.

      • I put a couple up, just above this. The proof is self evident. Trump is on tape suggesting the Chinese investigate the Bidens. The Zelensky call (if you dare read the transcript) was clearly a shakedown. Right after Zelensky says they are getting ready to buy more Javelin missiles is when Trump says “but I need a favor”, and launches into the DNC server thing, and then later goes into the Biden thing. Here, because you folks seem to be so underinformed, or intellectually lazy, is some of the wording right from the transcript:
        Zelensky:We are ready to continue to cooperate for the next steps specifically we are almost. ready to buy more Javelins from the United States for defense purposes.
        The President: I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say Crowdstrike… I guess you have one of your wealthy people… The server, they say Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things that went on, the whole situation. I think you’re surrounding yourself with some of the same people. I would like to have the Attorney General call you or your people and I would like you to get to the bottom of it. As you saw yesterday, that whole nonsense ended with a very poor performance by a man named Robert Mueller, an incompetent performance, but they say a lot of it started with Ukraine. Whatever you can do, it’s very important that you do it if that’s possible.”
        And your “bullshit whistleblower” turned out to be spot on in their complaint as to how the conversation went. Wallow in your ignorance if you want, but you are the one who believes Trump (man of 13,500 Lies since taking office) and that would make you his FOOL.


      • Excuse me but when did GOD say he put the lying bastard in office. If he did it was to see how many HYPOCRITES there are in the USA.

        • And on what basis are you calling Donald such names. His Father and Mother was married, so he definitely was not a bastard in the 1930s, 1940s definition. And when or how, do you know the lies. Just because Democrats say that, does not make it so. It just means they don’t what he is doing, and democrats have never been accused of telling the truth. Not even in my youth, when I thought I was a democrat. I just thought my family and I was the exception, since we were solid believers in Church of the Brethren (also called Dunkard church). Start paying attention to what Rep. Schiff says, and what he does, and you will find out who the hypocrites are. He does not know what truth is, but then he is a California trained lawyer, so I am being redundant.

          • Any one associated with Romney should be considered a threat to Trump. Romney and Rubio both lost at becoming president.. of course they will be jealous and cause as much trouble as they can. Remember that when either of them try to run again for president..

          • Sorry Steve, God called me and asked me to tell you to SHUT UP! HE HATES YOU For what you did when you were only 16 . Don’t worry God is NOT a snitch. He’s just joking

    • Dave, during your tirade against Trump, you forgot to mention the Kenndys, the Clintons, and Lyndon B. Johnson as being criminals. If there is a more ruthless, vicious, lying person than Hillary Clinton let said person rise from Hell and reveal themselves. If ever a politician was more vicious, more calculating, and more dangerous than LBJ, it would be one of the Clintons, with Hillary at the top. In not recognizing what is happening here, are you blind, ignorant, or just a fool?

  3. Sasse is not a corn husker but he is full of it! Republicans need to follow the song and “Stand By Your Man” and purge the GOP of these traitors. Sasse can declare himself an Independent but he is not Republican!

    • Traitor?????? He seems to be the only gop member to have a spine.Unlike linda graham and ted cruz who were totally turned into little sissies by trump in the primaries and who now are shameless bootlickers to the fraudulant Potus,Sasse is a patriot.

      • Please note, Sasse called on his fellows to read the transcript. Frankly, having read the Memo that Trump’s minions prepared, its had to see how the transcript to be better for Trump. Otherwise, his own staffers would not have specially secured it. The memo was be enough it read like a early draft of the script for the Godfather, but without the class.
        Wonder what the chat with the Australian was like? I too was specially secured as being too sensitive for normal efforts.

  4. This is for truth and facts. You do whatever you want to. But know this. You commiecrats sling your insults too. You think you can shout us down. Why don’t you call out that asshole called redman? Oh right. He’s one of your crowd. If you want to come and look for me, bring it on. I’m almost tempted to give you my address. But I don’t want my family exposed to an idiot like you. But know this. I’d bust knuckles with you just for fun, and then buy you a beer even if you kicked my ass. I’m really peaceful, but I’m a mean mfer if I get riled up. So do whatever you want. I’m here.

    • One more thing truthy. You posted that you would let me make threats to your face. Now here’s some truth for you. I’ve never threatened anyone on this site. I’ve even called out Trump supporters whom made reference to shooting liberal politicians. If anyone can say Dan Tyree threatened anyone, post it.

    • I hope you’re not being threatened, or feeling threatened, in any way. Yes, Redman’s comments are offensive and diminish his political position.

    • Read the Trump White House’s own memo. It, naturally would be most favorable to Trump. But, its damming it reads like a early draft of the God Father.

  5. I am very distressed that Senator Ben Sasse has fallen for the left extremist histeria. President Trump was going to give Senator Sasse his endorsement. I can’t in good conscience support him when he shows so little backbone. l am a proud Cornhusker who loves God and country. I am ashamed of a fellow Cornhusker who has forgotten who he represents. I guess he has backfloated in the swamp too long.

  6. What would be good is to have the names and faces of those Republicans. And I suggest once you have them people, write them down. We need people that are for the people of this country.

    • So true Jo. May Republican replace this idiot. We do not need him. If he cannot wait until investigation is done then he does not deserve to serve this country. Why not wait until the investigation is complete?

  7. All these little garbage politicians that are unheard of need to make a name for themselves. Some need attention more than we can bear. Maybe Nebraska will grow some balls and do what’s right. All it takes is one person to change Sasse’s future. Just one person to step forward and silence his ignorant ass.

  8. Expect there to be many, many more as Trump begins to unravel and his standing in the polls will show he has no chance to either win in 2020 or help others in their area. More and more evidence comes forth and many Republicans don’t have any excuses for the president now.

  9. When will you damn never Trumpers wake the hell up and realize how evil these Demon Rats are. They will do or say anything to get President Trump out of office He won get over it, and start working with him for us people, or get the hell of government all together

    • Truthy you might look around amherst co va. Maybe you will find me. But you will write yourself a check that your ass can’t cash. Look around bear mountain or buffalo ridge.

          • What I said I would do,give you the opportunity to say that to my face and make your Bull shit threats to my face.

          • What then truthy. Because if we met, l damned sure would. I’m not afraid of you. I’ve had my ass kicked before. You wouldn’t be getting a cherry. You have thrown your insults too. What’s the matter snowflake? You can dish it out but can’t take it.

          • I’ve taken a lot more than I’ve given,but I get fed it with. The problem is you far right nut jobs have bought into Trump who has done nothing but lie and deceive the amer ican people. If you were to fully research the truth and facts you would realize it. Trump knows that telling people what they want to hear they’ll support him. I’m not a liberal,not even a democrat, I just want people to wake up to his tactics before we have a civil war. Do you REALLY want that Dan Tyree?

        • When you look at Trump, try to ignore the man and just look at the good things he’s accomplished. If you were willing to overlook all the corruption and crookedness of the Clinton then you should offer the same for Trump.

          • Steve, Could you clarify the proven issues with Clinton’s administration? And, because people are opposed to Don doesn’t mean they support Clinton. She was an awful candidate. What exactly are “the good things he has accomplished”?

          • One more question. Why give anyone a pass? If Clinton did illegal things while in office, he should be held accountable. Unfortunately, no President has ever been as bad as Trump. Of course time will tell if he actually accomplished anything or was simply a disruptive influence.
            There have been millions spent investigating both Clintons without much of a result. Investigations of Don have just begun. His stonewalling of every inquiry has to be a matter of concern for all of us. What is wrong with being open on all these issues? Clearly he has a lot to hide.

          • Just tell me what he’s actually accomplished. Don’t give me the welfare for the rich tax giveaway, all that did was line his pockets with millions of dollars leaving the middle class to foot the bill.

          • For all of you people asking me questions, notice the “reply” button has been removed so I cannot respond.

          • You may have removed the “reply” option but you cn still read. It would be great if you would respond to the questions.

    • This kind of bullshit tells you how deep the swamp really is and an exterminator must be brought in to begin cleaning it up. Trump is getting screwed from every angle as he tries to serve America in the best possible way. I would not blame him if he said F-it and let the savages eat each other alive until there is nothing left.

      • You do realize that it was the Democrats who put Sasse in office? The Democrat
        (unConstitutional globalist) party (they) took control of Washington D.C. during the Wilson administration and began selecting and supporting “Republican” (aka, RINO) candidates during the administration of FDR. Thereafter, the so called
        “two party system” became a one party system with two different names. The two party system is an illusion design to give We the People a “choice”. No choice. They select, we elect (what they select). The exception? Donald J. Trump, who is neither a Democrat nor “Republican”. He is a Constitutional nationalist. Today,
        there are two and only two political positions (not parties) for We the People
        to assume: UnConstituional Globalist or Constitutional Nationalist. Which one
        are you?

    • Sasse will never get my vote or support. He is a disgrace on multiple levels and issues. He does not represent my conservative views. Sooner he is gone the better!

    • Truthy no, l don’t want a civil war. I don’t even want to fight with anyone. But I damned sure will If need be. I have no intentions of hurting people because of different opinions. But I do have concerns about people being attacked for taking a stand on what they believe in. Like the damned idiot shooting at the congressmen playing baseball. And the antifa thugs beating on people wearing Trump caps. I’ve carried concealed for over 20 years and haven’t shot anyone yet.But if I do, it would be within the laws. If you and I faced off, the gun would be put aside unless you came at me with a weapon. But I can’t stand what the current dem candidates are offering.

  10. Time to invoke the military to rid DC of all demoncoRATS. The military has sworn to protect the people from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

    • I agree with you 100% Joseph g however there are a few Republicans that need to go as well. This is no longer a country of the people by the people and for the people it is now a A Democrat loony bin and our for fathers put in place the 1st and 2nd amendments so that if necessary we can take our country back. By force if necessary it’s time to start for me state militias if we have to do it privately secretly to do this so be it. We need to honor our fore fathers what they died for during our revolution against England now it’s our revolution against the Democratic Party we need to bring honor back to our country and bring honor to the president that was elected honestly. We can no longer allow this to continue its going too far way outta control and the amount of tax payer dollars that have been spent trying to put a coup on our country and our president It’s absolute insanity and for us to stand by and do nothing and pass this down to our children and our children’s children I know if it was me in my parents allowed Mr. Happen I would completely disrespect them for not standing up for what was right and this is completely wrong with the Democratic Party is doing I can’t take no more. We are to have a March on Washington call the constitutional March and everyone that believes in our constitution and our Declaration of Independence should all join hands and demand that every Democrat involved in this be put on trial convicted and put to death for espionage trees any any other law breaking tag we can put on them. And have them all drowned right in front of a Washington monument by hand

      • You are certifiably crazy. Don, the draft dodger is an insult to any person that has worn a uniform. Would you want that egomaniac in your unit? Have you paid any attention to his constant lies and half truths? Do you think he has gone to such great lengths to hide his taxes and to stonewall Congress (speaking of Constitutional rights) because he has nothing to hide? Or do you think, as he seems to, that he is above the laws of the land?

        • A federal judge just determined he does not have to release his tax records so go suck on it 11 Bravo you sissy valor fraud. It’s real simple pick you the 11 Bravo everybody knows that’s straight infantry grunt but you never passed basic training Sissy

          • Releasing tax forms isn’t required for any candidate. But they do it as aa show of transparency. If someone has nothing to hide, they release the information. If they do have something to hide they stonewall the process. Don has plenty to hide. That is why he is challenging every subpoena from Congress. Not releasing taxes even though he said he would. As I asked before, would you want Don in your platoon?
            All I was, was an E4 Infantry grunt in 1968. No hero like you.

          • Hey coward behind the name 82nd. Your the 82nd asshole that I had t to that you are a traitor for supporting a traitor, it isn’t about just tax returns, it is about fixing one election and trying to fix another. You’re just some racist Civil War yearner redneck, you insult people because you don’t have any facts or basic intelligence. Trump is a draft dodger like most well known Republicans like Trump, Cheney, Gingrich, Trent Lott and most of the Vietnam era right wing bigshots.

          • Ahhh, those Federal Judges..
            ‘Bout the only real work that self-styled “Genius”
            in the Oval (Offal?) Office can claim he’s done – along with his fellow traitor from Kentucky – is packing the Federal Judiciary (including the Supreme Court).

        • You are just another liberal fool on a fools errand. There is no law requiring anyone to show their taxes except to the IRS which has already reviewed trumps.

          • You defend Trump for that which is sick but you are also defending him for being a draft dodger, scam artist, kissing Putin’s butt and being a traitor for fixing one election and trying to fix another. The only thing knight about you is that you are a nightmare to the country, you and your right wing thugs.

          • Is the IRS audit completed? I recall Mr Trump promising that he would release his taxes after the audit was done. Being that he is a man of his word I look forward to seeing his tax records soon.

          • Of course there is no law. Maybe there should be? It is one way to see if these politicians are real or are they manipulators of the system. Do you think candidates should release their tax statements?

          • Of course, Black Knight, we know there is no law. But seeing the taxes of an individual who is seeking a high ranking civil servant gives us some insight as to their honesty and prior integrity as a private citizen. Why have you and so many others on this blog thrown honesty, abhorrence to lying–the basis of our law and which has sent some of Trump’s cronies to jail–denial and acceptance of our President denigrating our citizens and fellow human beings because they look different? Do you really feel that you are a bigger person? Please explain!!!

        • Yeah but besides all the self-aggrandizing and lying and bullying, Trump is still doing a great job on delivering on his promises, which is what got him elected.
          People care more about the issues than the person. Why else would so many people vote for a proven crook like Hillary Clinton? Because they didn’t want change. They wanted 4 more years of the same.

          • What has Trump actually delivered? Except keeping our brains in constant turmoil in how he continues to operate beyond the norms of a civil democratic government! With the help of Mitch, there are two more conservative SC Judges. (I personally prefer more middle of the road type judge, who can weight both the originalist view as well as the living constitution view in any decision that affects all of America.) Trump has not solved anything with China or No. Korea. Now a mess with Iran. Pays no heed to the climate change threat. And the Wall? The great MX Wall? Just repairing the old wall. Taking $$ away from Vets in order to keep you! happy. Now he’s shelving projects in Europe and telling our NATO allies to bear the cost. Seems we’re going back to our pre-WWII attitude of isolationist nationalism. Is this change?

      • 82nd Air Borne Vet I 100% agree, it appears this is going to be the answer and I think there will be many millions agreeing with and supporting this idea.
        Our fore fathers saw a situation such as this happening and was sure that they included the answer in OUR CONSTITUTION.
        Our country has been invaded by illegal aliens supported by democrats and RINO’S that swore to uphold the SOVEREIGNTY OF OUR COUNTRY and OUR CONSTITUTION.

      • You may have the opportunity to kill some people. The Chosen One has retweeted about the possibility of an upcoming civil war and hanging the whistleblower spy and stringing up Adam Shiff. Clean your guns and be patient. Murdering people could well be on the horizon.

        • Fake news Jonathan. “The chosen one “ has not posted anything like that. Is spreading propaganda and bullshit the only weapon that you commiecrats have?

          • Dan, with all due respect, Mr Trump mentioned what we used to do to spys back when we were smart. His desire to find the identity of the whistleblower has made it necessary to place him in federal protection. He claims that Congressman Shiff should be tried for treason. Retweeted about a possible Civil War. Never heard of any President talking like that.

        • Your showing your ignorance, but that is probably your normal. Did you even go to high school? If you did you either sleep or failed Civics and American History. The United States of America has NEVER been a democracy! You are still crying because Hilly LOST! Go back to your safe place in your momma’s basement and cry your self to sleep little Lymon If President Trump and his family are criminals, which He and they are not, then you belong on death row. Such a dunce.

        • Democracy is mob-rule. Democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what’s for dinner. We are a republic – not a democracy.
          Democracies lead to dictatorships.

    • Sasse didn’t say anything that wasn’t true…and I doubt he ever will. His allegiance is to this nation and all he did was tell both sides to slow down to investigate thoroughly and reminded the “right: our allegiance is to this nation first and foremost not any man or woman and we should want to get to the truth in order to ensure we don’t lose our way as the left did many years ago. Personally, I realize Trump is not a savvy politician nor a lawyer who knows where the lines are drawn all the time…his attorneys should not allow him to step over any lines–ever! But, I guess they were not present and he may well have stepped inadvertently over a line and that’s all the subversives need for impeachment.

    • President Trump is absolutely right in that all of this is treason! I just don’t get why the courts are letting all this garbage and no dem has to pay. Nice to be a whistle blower without ever being in the room? But Biden can threaten to hold funds from Ukraine to get his son off and nothing done!

        • Come to Fayetteville North Carolina home of the 82nd Airborne Division in say that and I promise you you’ll never leave the Room alive

          • Why would anyone in the 82nd respect the draft dodger, Don? Would they really want him in their unit? Could you trust him in your foxhole?

          • The 82nd is a top notch unit alright but they can’t stack up to the Alabama National Guard. Now them was fightin men especially during the Vietnam era.

        • Absolutely NOT true at all! The Dems spied on his campaign and him illegally before he was even elected! They are the one who have broken the law and attempted a coup against him. Every one of them will be punished legally, unlike the Dems who just have the ones they don’t like mysteriously killed. How can dozens of bodies be called suicides with bullets through the back of their heads! All people who threaten Dems in any way!

        • The Dems are taking away we the people’s constitutional rights. They think they have the right to decide who our president is and not me and you.

    • Ben Sasse is an ass….He should leave the Republican party and come out as the lefty he
      is… he would do well alongside AOC an Omar…The people that elected him must be
      proud of this fool…

    • Agree with you David, but I would add Romney, Rubio and a few others to the list of Republicans who needs to be taken care of next time they are up for reelection. They are a disgrace to the Republican party. They have no balls and would sell this country out and will not stand up to the Demrats. Traitors.

      • Scott and Rubio are both traitors to the US and the State of Florida. They must be replaced with people who honor the 2nd Amendment.

        • You are so o o right.. about these two also. I’m stunned and confused just about every time Scott or Rubio speak! They always seem to be siding with the democrats. Can’t stand Romney either!!! They seem to think with their brains closed or turned off! Oh, what’s that maybe their heads are completely EMPTY….????

      • Barbara, when it comes to selling out the country, no one will do it better than Don. The draft dodger has no idea what the country is. If it isn’t something he can use and abuse, he ignores it. He calls himself “the king of debt” and he is running up the deficit in an unprecedented way during a time of prosperity when most administrations would be reducing the deficit. Obama reduced it by an average of 11%/year in his final four years, Don has increased it by an average of 15%/year. Please understand the difference between the deficit and the debt.

        • You’re dam liar 11 Bravo when Obama took office our national debt was at 7.45 trillion dollars when he left it he tripled down it was almost 20 trillion go pound sand you lie and sob come to the 82nd Airborne Division in Fayetteville North Carolina 11 Bravo and say that I promise you won’t make it out of the bar alive

          • As I suggested, understand the difference between debt and deficit. Remember that W introduced the first round of debt to keep the wheels from completely falling off the world economy. Obama kept the mill running for the same reason. But in his final four years, he reduced the deficit (annual spending) by 11%/year. That reflected the ongoing improvements in the economy. When Don cam in, he increased the deficit 15% in his first two years when the economy was thriving. That is unprecedented. Don has no sense of fiscal responsibility. Self ordained “King of Debt”!
            I promise to never go to any Fayetteville bar. But I would ask any person in uniform why they feel an allegiance to a draft dodger coward like Don. A real American was drafted to take his place.

          • The day Obama took office, the Dow closed at 7,949 points. Eight years later, the Dow had almost tripled. General Motors and Chrysler were on the brink of bankruptcy, with Ford not far behind. Obama reduced the federal deficit from 9.8 percent of GDP in 2009 to 3.2 percent in 2016.

          • Well Dr, the Dow started moving in March of 2009. And has been great ever since. You are absolutely right about GM and Chrysler. And GM paid their loan with interest. Obama did a good job with the fiscal recovery and Don is squandering his opportunity to do an even better job. He will make as big a mess out of the economy as he did with his casinos. He got kicked out of them just as he will be kicked out in 2020.

  11. We have the names of these Rhinos and you can bet that they will not be in office come the 2020 elections or when ever their re-elections comes up!!! We can thank Trump for exposing these unconstitutional politicians!!!I can tell already that a civil war is going to break out if the Democrats succeed in their impeachment of Trump and that isn’t just talk it is a fact!! For these Democrats have been asking for it for a long time now and they are going to get it period!!!

      • They usually get what they want. Make your lists and be ready. Antifa’s coming for anybody and everybody they don’t like. Dry powder works best.

        • Antifa??? Lol there is not enough of them to fight one day. What are they coming with?? It’s the right who has all the guns and ammo. You can believe the military will be on our side.


        • They stand on their city streets and sidewalks, with their soft manicured hands, and threaten the folks that live out in the country.
          Wait until they have to leave the paved streets that their used to and bring their fight through the hills and valleys, through the cow pastures, through the pig lots, through the creeks, ponds, and lakes, to find the country people. These country people are well armed and used to hunting for what they eat. I really don’t know what liberal IDIOT tastes like, but if they come I’ll find out.

          • Rose you are one sick mofo that should be put away for a long time, you speak of evil and if you look in the mirror you will see it.

          • Wow, David, that is some sick stuff. Get help soon before you do something really stupid. Don, the draft dodger, would throw you under the bus in a second.

      • Dewey, do you have all your AK15’s ready, or are you taking out one of your Civil War rifles that didn’t win the war you are still fighting.

        • Lefties hatred is boundless & they can’t help continually sticking their diseased foot in their diseased mouths. Theses zombie commie trolls are here to incite hatred & that is as all they do. Same as Antifa. Lies lies lies. All lies cultural marxists. The more hatred & violence they incite the more Soros pays them.


    • depends on if someone runs against them that can win….Mitt should never have been elected to begin with and Sasse is a RINO and always has been. I’m praying for President Trump and our country. I think we’re in big trouble.

    • I just wish the Republicans had jumped on this Biden corruption thing when that Biden video came out. You know if that had been Trump, the Demoncrits would have been all over it. That’s the trouble with the Republicans, they are too laid back and let stuff like this slide when they should be as aggressive as the scummy, slimy demoncrits.

      • this is why they all hate trump. he’s a fighter and both sides of the aisle are just as happy to keep the status quo. none of what the far left commie leaning libs propose will ever affect their corrupted lives. a few good people are inside the beltway and it amazes me that there are any at all. the only thing middle America can do is go on strike. yes, it’ll be difficult and it’ll hurt, but, not nearly as much as turning us into Venezuela. This is what we are facing and no one should kid themselves. They’re coming after our guns and that’ll seal the deal. ALL conservatives must start to think now and then act accordingly.

  12. We have the names of these Rhinos and you can bet that they will not be in office come the 2020 elections or when ever their re-elections comes up!!! We can thank Trump for exposing these unconstitutional politicians!!!

    • I agree!! I and my husband are taking note…believe me!! I would give our President the support he needs if I were them…only because nobody likes a traitor…and nobody likes a hypocrite…which is what they would be. Especially when they (Dems) did worse to this President in investigating him than any other President….and that should not be forgotten. How does it feel, Dems??

        • You were the one who thought himself clever. Go on now and find some other grammar mistakes on this thread…then, like I said, get a job.

        • And yet Trump draws huge crowds Mike.
          I wouldn’t go so far as to say Trump is the best con-man in the game though.
          Trump isn’t even a politician. There’s much better con man in the government as we speak. Take the democrat clown car for example.

          • If you read many of the comments on this blog, you can easily understand the crowd he attracts. No doubt the Democrats are struggling to establish traction. Personally, I don’t think anyone over70 should be allowed to hold office. I would like both age and term limits on all politicians. But neither will ever happen.
            Do has cultivated the idea that he is not a politician but he is the consummate politician. Has been all his life. Sadly, too many people believe him and support his angry, bullying life style. They bought into his birther game, his “say it until they believe it game”, his “i am being picked on game”, his anti-media game. The guy is a master manipulator playing to a crowd that loves to be manipulated. As he would say “Sad”.

        • Maybe what you say about Trump being a master manipulator is true but what is our alternative? The democrat clown car of FREE this and FREE that with some New Green Deal for dessert? Do you not think these people running against Trump are con man in their own right? Flim-flam is a better description, IMO.
          They can’t deliver on their promises and they all know it.

          • The alternatives are not too attractive at this time. Keep in mind that Don has his own version of “free this and free that”. Big tax breaks for property developers, farm welfare to offset his goofy trade war, changes to environmental policies that benefit big oil and coal, sucking up to the NRA, small stuff like Pence staying at Doonbeg and spending $500,000 on limos to get back and forth from meetings in Dublin…..As for the Democrat’s promises. it seems that some of them are, at least, trying to look to the future. Don’s legacy for our future generations will not be looked upon kindly. It will reflect mostly self enriching, short term efforts to get re-elected.
            I am not sure how a concept for free education can be a con. Or how health care that is available to everyone is a con. The Green New Deal might be a bit over the top but it does have the future in mind. I don’t think any of the candidates owns a solar panel factory so there isn’t much opportunity for self enrichment.

        • Free healthcare is most certainly a con. How can you offer someone something you have no idea how to pay for? If you leave out the part about losing your doctor or your private insurance than isn’t that a con? Or not telling them they will have to wait for service because of the limited resources to treat everyone? That’s not a con?
          Same thing with FREE college. Nothing is free. All they are promising with that is that some people will pay for other people’s kid’s education.
          And what kind of education are those kids getting on my dime? – well don’t ask that.

  13. Aren’t you racists proud of your traitor Trump and all his crooked cronies, Giuliani, Barr, Cohen, Manafort, Pence, his sons, and dozens of other criminals? I have been telling you this for months, he is a mobster, a crazed egomaniacal greedy thug, who never cared about anything except for his ego, greed, sick admiration from others and lust, even if is by sexual assault which he admitted as he cheated on all 3 wives as well.

        • Heard this bit from news – – – Fox board is being advised by former GOP VP candidate and speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, that it is time to make some changes as the “end of the Trump era is happening.” Watch for changes in Fox News, and for them to stop being the voice of Trump campaign.

      • My job is to make sure Trump doesn’t get reelected me too, the most important job in the world right now and this country’s history

        • Hey there you SCUMBAG LEFTISTS LIBERAL JERKWAD, Yeah I am talking to you there you RACIST dog ????eater!!
          Take your ????-4-????’S self and Go play with yourself like all your leftists scumbags traitors like to do while waiting for your mutant other half come home to you and keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself, you moronic Communist bastard!!!

          • No words to say except that you are a disgraceful, white trash punk crane. Your language and capital letters show your ignorance and violent mind like many right wingers and white supremacists. You don’t deserve to live in this country that I helped defend and my uncle died for and my father flew his 50 missions as a Torretta Flier.

        • But you will fail at your job you stupid asshole. And if you succeed, how will you commiecrats get us to fall in line and comply? It won’t happen.

    • Whenever libtards cannot win an argument or an election for that matter, they resort to calling Trump supporters racists. Its not working anymore, more hispanics and blacks at Trump rallies than ever before. This impeachment cr*ap is just going to backfire on them. More and more independents coming over for Trump. GO TRUMP 2020!!

        • A racist come to Fayetteville North Carolina and say that in any bar just pick one in the whole town of Fayetteville Carolina and say that in a bar. I promise you you’ll be in hell before a lot of people cause you won’t leave the bar alive we protect our commander in chief so bring it bring it I pray to God you bring it so I can let you meet your maker before he cast you straight to the fire you piece of crab

          • Did you protect Obama Mr. Bigshot ex-military. Read my response to the other asshole leapingcrane. You are just a white trash thug now without your uniform.

          • You are coming off as a thug, 82nd Airborne, not as a professional and thoughtful person. Your job is to protect the constitution, not a person who violates the constitutional laws and his oath of office.

          • You are a great representative of a fine unit. Maybe you should have gone to the same Dr that Don went to for his bone spur diagnosis. You wouldn’t have been an embarrassment to the 82nd if you had. But, company clerk is an important job too.

    • talk about lame…why don’t you try to support yourself instead of depending on the white folks. BTW if you knew anything about history you’d know that the demoncrats are following the model of hitler, you ignoramus.

  14. There’s God Damn Traitors around every corner , well , the firing squad is at the ready for you bunch of back stabbing communist liberals and RINO’S , Ben Sasse , you suck Camels and Hump old Goats you damn worthless pile of you know what , Chicken ” S “

    • So if we don’t agree with your politics we should be lined up and shot. Hum that sounds like a good fascist to me Will you would have fit right in Nazi Germany you are the type that would have goose stepped all the way home.

      • Just like your goddamned antifa crowd attacking people over their views. Or monkey Maxine Waters instructing people to get in our faces. They had better be careful. Them bastards might f—k up and get in my face someday. I’m not hard to find. I wear Trump caps sometimes.

        • Antifa and BLM have never killed anyone, unlike your idols and friends, the white supremacists Tyree, starting with the Klan, the lynchers, Tim McVeigh, Aryan Nations, Nazis, have killed countless hundreds, they are sick like you, Mr. Punk

          • The groups this person named should be moved to his Antifa and BLM…. KKK was and is created by Dems. Look at the destruction they leave behind them. Funded by Geo Soros.

          • Well Dan, your comments would indicate you don’t read very much and the fact you are not familiar with those mentioned would reinforce your lack of exposure. Buy a newspaper once in awhile. It will be enlightening.

        • Dan, it isn’t necessary to use racist slurs. I suppose among your crowd, that kind of thing is really amusing and generates high fives around the bar. Comments like yours are why people refer to Don and his supporters as racists. Don’t you get it?

          • Yeah I get it I’m racist against valor frauds like you 11 Bravo you probly Didn’t even get auto basic training you Sissy. You probably wore a baby blue uniform when they dismissed you from the military you poke sob

          • Gee 82nd, why do you pretend to know someone’s military experience? Demeaning comments like yours are so inappropriate. I don’t know what a “poke sob” is but I was one of the guys who was drafted and went to Viet Nam. I didn’t buy a Doctor’s report that I had bone spurs like your hero Don. Lots of draftees could have dodged the draft but we took our chances knowing we were going to Viet Nam. Did that make us great Americans or some sort of hero? NO. But it did confirm our commitment to the country. We did our duty, used the GI Bill and had pretty great lives. A few hid behind their daddy, paid off the medical profession and had a party for a few years. As Don said, his personal Viet Nam was avoiding sexually transmitted diseases.
            Then, when it was politically expedient, they put on a flag lapel pin, talked about their amazing patriotism and reeled in the suckers who believe them. Don is the ultimate fake patriot. He is the classic politician who would give up your life for his country.

          • Bravo l don’t give a shit if someone thinks I’m racist. I’ve seen enough to form educated opinions. Wanting me to pay buckwheat and rastus because of slavery is racism. If you commiecrat assholes would stfu we would have better race relations. And I have 12 percent African in my DNA As well as other minorities. So kiss my mongrel ass.

      • Yes, even before this latest Trump expose’ , these people are intolerant for expression of any views other than what fits their right wing propaganda. If even a GOP person DARE express another point of view on 1 issue of 100, he becomes considered a “traiter RINO”. Trump has continually shown a disrespect for the rule of law.

    • Will, if these allegations were about Obama you would be screaming for impeachment or worse. Do you really think that all the allegations about Don’s misdeeds are “fake”. What Sasse had to say seemed like some pretty rational thinking. You may find out, eventually, that the only traitor was Don.

    • Will Penny – I know how you feel, but using that kind of language just makes you seem to be more than a bit on the radical side. We both know that you are not a radical, but just really angry and I can’t blame you!

  15. This is exactly how we find out who the trader’s are? And who needs to be VOTED-OUT in 2020. GOOD JOB! We have quite a few Rino’s that need a new HOME. It is Our Job To Make Sure They Find ONE! … Run them out of Political Office for Good. 2020

    • The “traders”? Maybe you meant the traitors in the White House? Did you read about Pence spending $500,000 on limos so he could stay at a golf course Don owns in Ireland? When he could have stayed in Dublin? And this whole deal in Ukraine? You are fine with that? You people need to stop your rhetoric and start reading about what Don is really doing. He has created a whole new version of “the swamp”.

  16. I can not believe that the American people are going to sit back let these moronic Democrats run wild with all their bullshit accusations! It is time to stop the nonsense and get Congress back on track to help Americans live a better life and get rid of all these Muslim assholes, Antifa thugs and illegal immigrants who are draining our money and services especially California and New York.

    • You have a Jewish name and for you to back the mobster white supremacist Trump is disgraceful Nadler. Go back to the synogogue and talk to the rabbi about your misguided hatred. Antifa and BLM have killed no one, but Trump supporters in the KKK, Tim McVeigh types, Aryan Nations and a group you should fear, the Nazis hate jews, didn’t you follow Charottesville you idiot.

    • Come to Virginia and find me truthy. And bring some beer. I’ll need one after we meet. So I can piss in your commie face. And be sure to bring your antifa thugs with you.

  17. Are you kidding me? When does all the bullshit end. When do people start going to jail for false accusations against a duly elected President. When are the conservative right going to start pushing a agenda of their own and sart fighting these idiots. I am sick and tired of my tax dollars being spent on frivilous crap with no end in sight. Start proscecuting liars and this will end. If you do not have solid proof and accuse someone when you are not even the one with first hand knowledge of a conversation but base your innuendos on heresay, then you should go to jail.

    • All well and good, Marvin, except for that nagging little fact that the whistleblower report, so far, has been corroborated and available to you in black and white. Hardly lies. That’s your leader’s department.

        • Who will you be laughing at when it is all proven to be true? I would imagine though, that you will be in denial even after Don says “yes I did do that”. Remember Nixon? He denied everything and tried to stonewall Congress too. How did that turn out?

    • Marvin, Don is spending your tax dollars on his frivolous activities. Like having Pence stay at Doonbeg and spending $500000 on limos to get back and forth from Dublin. Or his army of lawyers trying to keep all Don’s crimes confidential. Do you really think that he would fight every subpoena if there was nothing to hide? Or tell people to not cooperate? Just imagine your reaction if it was Obama wasting money like that or stonewalling Congress? You would be really irate. As we all should be.

    • Marvin, Trump is a serial sexual assaulter, serial liar, serial thief, serial insulter, a serial braggart, a serial money launderer, and a serial traitor. Smarten up if your brain works.

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