Donald Trump was just betrayed by this top Republican and you won’t believe who it was

Republicans claim to profess their loyalty to Donald Trump ahead of the November election.

But some are actively working behind the scenes to defeat him.

And Donald Trump was just betrayed by this top Republican and you won’t believe who it was.

One of Donald Trump’s most popular campaign promises was to end America’s involvement in endless wars in the Middle East.

Donald Trump set about making good on that promise by striking a peace deal with the Taliban that would end the 19-year-long war in Afghanistan and finally bring the troops home.

The President began laying the groundwork to announce he was bringing home at least 4,000 of the 8,000 troops remaining in Afghanistan until Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney – the number three ranking Republican in the House – teamed with Democrat Jason Crow to pass an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would hamstring the President’s ability to bring the troops home.

The Intercept reported that, “The imposed conditions are by no means trivial: for these troop reductions from Afghanistan to be allowed, the Defense Department must be able to certify, among other things, that leaving Afghanistan ‘will not increase the risk for the expansion of existing or formation of new terrorist safe havens inside Afghanistan’ and ‘will not compromise or otherwise negatively affect the ongoing United States counter terrorism mission against the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and associated forces.’”

Cheney is the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and Donald Trump won the GOP nomination campaigning against the Bush/Cheney foreign policy of endless wars in every country in the Middle East.

But now with the election just four months away, Cheney is trying to exact revenge in helping Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump by denying the President the ability to fulfill one of his core campaign promises.

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  1. Shame on you Liz Chaney! I used to be a fan of yours. Unfortunately I had no idea that you were a Rino! Actually, I had hoped in the past that President Trump would find a good job for you in his administration, but those days are over!!!!!!!!

  2. Liz Chaney is the biggest hypocrit since Mitt Romney! Chaney is picking up where her father left off! Not doing very well either! She sleeps with Pelosi, Schumer and AOC. When you sleep with dogs, you wake up with FLEAS!

  3. Well, now you know why Trump is having a extremely hard time as President. This action by Chaney proves she’s just a bad as Pelosi, OAC, Shummer and all the Demoncrats in Congress and the House. He’s had nothing but trouble from the beginning from them so how can he concentrate on everything he promised when he’s constantly being blocked by them and their tantrums for power?? And he’s still fighting for the people! God Bless him! Chaney should be imprisoned with the rest of them for life for being a “turncoat” treasonous person!

  4. It’s common sense that we should only pull out of Afghanistan after guaranteeing it will not become a terror safe haven. It’s why we’re there. We don’t want to go back, right? GWB made that mistake in Iraq.
    The President should be operating with this mentality, so I don’t see how this undercuts his ability to fulfill his campaign promise. He’s had 3 1/2 years to get this done. If nothing else, didn’t he just get an excuse for why it didn’t happen?

  5. This proves commies are also in the Republican party. We’ll weed them out and vote them out with the trash.

  6. So what the writer is saying is: it is ok for the US troops to come back home and leave Al Qaida and terrorists retake the land? Allowing them to regroup and attack the US again later on? Republicans must blindly follow the president in his short term personal victories, which is more important than the safety and security of the American people?

  7. ” Can’t Understand Normal Thinking ” , that’s you Liz Cheney
    > Thnx for ‘that’ Will Penny !!!
    ! Happy 4th ! WILL, & To ALL Patriots. The ‘others’ Ride
    0UR’ Backs’!!!

  8. Justass for Trump you’re still a moron. But that’s ok. Idiots like you make good entertainment.

  9. Congress has the authority to declare war, but Congress does not have the authority to decide how international relations or US foreign troop involvement is managed. This is clearly unconstitutional and can be legally ignored by the President. Liz Cheney can stuff it.

  10. Pres, Trump knew who her father is, how could he not know not to trust her? He,s from NY he should have better street smarts than that. But even after this, I know he will win. My prayers go out to him his family and all of us in the USA. Hope you are all well. Janet

  11. This is why he can’t seem to get everything he wanted done…but I do give him credit for at least trying. He won’t give up without a fight though. The nay sayers will say he did not make good on his campaign promises…but those of us who have been watching, know that he has come through with some mighty good things for this nation. I wonder without any obstruction, how great this nation could really be. Maybe we will never know. For sure, we will not know if a Dem gets into the WH. VOTE RED FOLKS!!

  12. The Cheneys apparently have a huge interest in the Military Complex. Probably a lot of stock in selling military equipment!I always like Dick but these people stay around so long and have huge incomes apparently coming to them after they leave.DC is so rat infested out government is the head of corruption.

  13. And who is surprised that Dick Cheney’s daughter wants to keep this war going? So, ‘yes’, I do believe it.

  14. Liz you back stabbing C.U.N.T.
    ” Can’t Understand Normal Thinking ” , that’s you Liz Cheney

  15. Why are you blocking my comments? You are a garbage fake news website and I am blocking you as “junk mail” and as “spam”.

  16. I just love back stabbers. Some peoples kids? Two faced double edged sword. Let lizzie go lez out with the demoncrates. Everything and anything goes on in their magnificent lives!

  17. Liz Cheney did what she thought is the right thing to do. She was probably looking at a possible resurgence of a tevrorist organization in Afganistan. I agree with her assessment because I beliebe in pervention of anything harmfull. This is another conservative view that I have. As the president said, we must kept our military strong to which I agree to. But to bring our troop home from Afganistan does not favor our military strenth.

  18. Liz Chenney you are a traitor to the Republican party. WHY would you vote for the enemy of all things we republicans cherish? You would allow a dem., who seems to have dementia talking for him at times. Dems. who believe in killing babies. You, Liz Cheney, are a disgrace to woman. So sad so bad are you.

  19. Those that endeavor to profit from war are the lowest of the low. Legislation should be enacted that prohibits anyone holding public office or family members thereof, must not hold or be the beneficiary of profit resulting from war efforts. Certainly a direct conflict of interest, not top mention unethical.

  20. Her father has a huge share (dick cheeky is a part owner of haliburton) that supplies guns and ammunitions and tanks to the middle east, so she does not want the war to end. one of the innumerable member of the SWAMP!

  21. Cheney needs to remember what got her elected in the first place.Being for the people not against them. Wake up liz enough is enough.

  22. I’m not say’n TRUMP is a s a i n t! but loosers of the ’16 election just wont let it BE…..sorry to say…..the talk’n heads…Demoscrats….turncoats….shmuks just cant go-with-the-flo. The ’16 election is a d o n e d e a l bbb but they just keep whine’n, conspiracy theory’n, act’n stupid, continue to have mental-dumps…brain farts even in public at the microphn. These people would make ‘truth serum’ b o i l

  23. Trump is the closest thing to the “people’s president” in decades! No matter the among of manures the DS sling, “We the people” will not be deter from voting for trump in Nov. In fact, more of us see through the BS everyday!

  24. Truly a serious disappointment. Used to be in Wyoming everyone was a staunch patriot. My Gtandma from the same part of Wyoming as Cheney, said, “do not ever mention the word democrat in Sublett County as long as you live.

  25. I’m hoping and praying that Liz Cheney has a candidate that is running against her during this Election year, because, she is just plum evil, just like her dad.

    We need someone better than Liz Cheney in office if she’s going to be against what President Donald J Trump and his whole administration is working towards getting accomplished before this year’s election is up. Get someone in her place that will work with President Trump and his whole administration towards fulfilling his agenda for the next 4 year’s PLEASE NOW PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. RHINO are no different from DEMs. Just more wolves in sheep’s clothing. Term limits in all level of government is the only way to return power back to the people!

  27. JusticeforTrump, sounds like you’re pure evil and completely unamerican! I’ll vote for Trump and so will everyone I know. Biden is a pos he proved that when he was VP.

  28. Rep. Liz Cheney need to be elected out of office. She is nothing but a traitor to our President and to our country and our servicemen and women. She is just as corrupt and crooked as all of those corrupt and crooked Democrats in office.

    We need some new candidates and some new blood in these office’s of these corrupt and crooked Republican’s and Democrat’s. All of these corrupt and crooked people aren’t helping the President or his administration with working towards fulfilling his agenda. They keep blocking his effort towards getting the funding for our Southern Border and our Border Patrol Agents , so that they can be able to continue working towards securing our Southern Border. All of those corrupt and crooked Republican Representative’s and all of the corrupt and crooked Democrat Senator’s needs to be elected out of office this Presidential Election or during the mid-term Election’s. NOW PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need Republican’s and Democrat’s that will be willing to work with President Donald J Trump and his administration to fulfill his agenda for the next 4 year’s.

    Liz Cheney is as corrupt and crooked as her father ever was PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liz Cheney will stab anybody in the back as long as she knows tha tshe can get away with it PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Stephen Hoffman, so called conservatives like you are the problem. Trump IS NOT the problem he has done more for this country in his short time than any other President. So called back stabbing conservatives like you willing to vote for Biden the pos should never call yourself a conservative, you’re a loser!

  30. Follow the 💰 Term Limits!!! They Eat At the Trough!!! BLM IS A Racist Fasious ORG Rich White Men.Act Blue all there Money Goes Democrats..Joe Biden IS a Criminal.Sen.Kamala Harris IS A Anchor Babies.Her Grandfather was Hamilton Brown A Mean Slave Owner.HAPPY INDEPENDENTS DAY 🍒🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  31. When are we going to wake up that Trump is the problem? We need to get our act together as conservatives even if it means 4 years of a Dem. We need to get our party back. Trump is a selfish, stupid con artist, he is not who we are! Get rid of him. Proud of Liz Cheney for speaking the truth.

  32. Good to know who is what! Seems the warmongers run deep. She might as well be a Democrat as she has the same mentality & purposes as do the other R>I>N>Os. They are Traitors to the citizens of USA not just the President. Thankfully, many Legislators and citizens know better and support the Leader they elected and who has done so honourably well in the midst of Subversives! Praise God for President Trump and Vice-President Pence! Shalom!

  33. She is just protecting the Bush Administrations, and her fathers globalist continuous war-making agenda. Not exactly a surprise. The fruit didn’t fall far from the tree. No one in the Bush administration was a true republican. They were all globalists. After all, it was H.W. Bush that told us that “this is the dawning of a new age!!” Of course, for this plan to become an unchallenged US policy they must exterminate all conservatives.


  35. Liz Cheney just became a Traitor Bit-h. She should present her proposal for withdrawing from Afghanistan if she is smart enough to have one


  37. Quoting Dan from earlier; “She’s really disappointed me. I thought that she was better than that.” My words now; she has shown her ‘True Colors.’ She’s a TRAITOR to this country & the GOP !

  38. With that kind of condition put on it, we will be in the Middle East until the end of time! There is no possible way anyone could prove, beyond a doubt that our leaving would not give rise to any terrorist organizations! I understand that we don’t want a repeat of the Obama mistakes but, we don’t want to be there forever! And THAT is what will happen with those kinds of restrictions put on our ability to bring our troops home!

  39. Cheney is right; your opposition to this just proves that you’re a Russian troll, standing up for Russian interests and trying to divide America. Kick out the Taliban and Russians in Afghanistan so we don’t have another 9/11!

  40. Typical R.I.N.O. the Republican party should throw her traitorous butt out the door and not let her back in

  41. Common America, This doesn’t require a degree in rocket science to know that the way to deal with a RINO is to VOTE them out. And get back to the basics of everything. !st off find good Christian conservatives to run for office. Then support them. And VOTE for them. But it doesn’t stop there. ALL Christians must stand with the Christians that hold the offices of elected servants. Satan has a pretty good hold on America. But the Christians have an ace in the hole. Our GOD YHVH is in control and in charge. He has the perfect plan for this world. And it doesn’t include any of Satan’s flunkies. It does include Satan for one reason. That reason is to test ALL of us to make absolutely certain that we are Christians and lovers of YHVH and Lord Christ Jesus. We are getting very close to the return of Christ Jesus. But first Satan has to come as the antichrist at the 6th trump. I say COME JESUS COME!

  42. Honestly, the pettiness of politicians is disgusting! How about putting the country and our phenomenal military first for a change! If you don’t like President Trump I doubt that bothers him.. he has far more important things on his mind and I would think by now he has gotten quite used to obstructions!


  44. Warmongers…We seen all the retired Generals come out and whine. It’s only for the War they want. The only reason the Demorats were mad about an Iranian (terrorist) General getting taken out because they have deep pockets in Iran, just like the Ukraine. The Uranium Clinton sold the Soviets went to Iran…

  45. I knew it as soon as I 1st heard her last name, when she ran for Office. She has lived up to the Chaney name….Deep State. Hey!!! Anti-War Protesters!!! Where the h3ll are you? Why are you not in front of Dems local offices!! People need to be in front of ChickenHawk Jr’s office (Chaney jr) also.

  46. Liz Cheney was a bad idea for the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Her father love to have a warm that kills AMERICANS GI. But never got around to tell the truth why he wanted a war. He was just as bad as John Bolton! Daughter need to drop off the REPUBLICAN ticket and be a Democrat!

  47. I use to think Liz Cheney was a bright young women and a good person who had President Trump back but I guess I was wrong, I hope she changes her mind . God bless her, but weather she know it or Trump will win again God wants him to KEEP OUR COUNTRY SAFE.

  48. Liz: Agree with me or I’ll shoot you in the face with my Pa’s shotgun! RINO idiot, just like her Dad!

  49. Lez Cheney ? Suspend payments to Any Military Industrial complex companies she has investments in…. Including Haliburton and all of them…. and begin an Audit for fulfillment quality, waste, corruption…. and by NO means go hunting with her or family members….

  50. well what does one expect from Dick Cheney’s family the Crooked head of Halliburton for many years that WON Crazzzy contracts to rebuild the War Zones in the Middle East. She doesn’t want this money Mill to stop for them. We the people are paying for this bad business Still and will be paying for it for a VERY long time

  51. Way too many RINO’s in hiding, the democRats hold together and support their side with abandon, Republican’s eat their own, sabotage and cut their leadership off at the knees. Do they really think the Nation can survive a Biden and whoever he nominates as vice president. They are selling American down the road.

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