What Jeff Sessions is about to do left Donald Trump speechless

Jeff Sessions’ tenure as Attorney General ended in disappointment.

Sessions’ recusal from the Russia investigation set in motion a chain of events that led to Robert Mueller’s appointment as special counsel.

And then Donald Trump was left speechless when he heard what Jeff Sessions is about to do.

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are trying to redo the Mueller investigation.

Chairman Jerry Nadler led his committee to vote to authorize subpoenas for 12 witnesses who testified to Robert Mueller.

And former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is on the wish list.

Breitbart reports:

The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote Thursday to authorize subpoenas for a dozen witnesses of former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation as part of the panel’s probe into whether President Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice or public corruption.

According to Politico, the panel’s targets include several current and former high-level Trump administration officials, including senior White House advisor Jared Kushner, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, ex-Justice Department Deputy Rod Rosenstein, and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. In addition, former Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly, former Tump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and former White House aides Rob Porter and Rick Dearborn, are also on the list.

Politico states: “The list also includes Keith Davidson, an attorney who previously represented adult-film actress Stormy Daniels. Trump’s former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen orchestrated a $130,000 payment to Daniels to buy her silence over an alleged affair with Trump.”

Many Trump supporters wonder what Sessions would say if he appears before the Democrats committee.

Would he be looking for revenge?

Or will he stick to what he previously told Mueller leading the investigation to a dead end?

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Sessions is a wormy little bastard who screwed over our president from the start by recusing himself. I hope the little yodi looking mf’er gets his ass beat. He might as well be a communist….maybe he is!!

  2. JIM…. while I have empathy for ;these people as you say.. the United States is not a welfare office. There are probably 10 million people around the world who would like to come here for safety and jobs. Should we let them ALL come.?? Sorry….we are full up . If they have a legal work visa , they probably do pay some taxes, but most work for cash will Nader the table or with fraudulent social security cards, which is a crime. And that doesn’t excuse the thousands storming our border again illegally.

  3. These people come here for safety of their family and jobs that you and I wouldn’t do cutting cabbage or lettuce picking tomatoes and getting paid by the full crate in the hot sun I drive truck I’ve seen the work they do they do pay taxes also if you don’t know the facts you shouldn’t act like you do

  4. These people come here for safety of their family and jobs that you and I wouldn’t do cutting cabbage or lettuce picking tomatoes and getting paid by the full crate in the hot sun I drive truck I’ve seen the work they do they do pay taxes also if you don’t know the facts you shouldn’t act like you do

  5. Oh plueeze, there is not enough space here to write about the Obama scandals. Pull your head out of you ass!

  6. In my earlier post, I meant to put ‘bonus’. I wish they had an edit button! And, a block button!!

  7. Doesn’t have anything to do with it. If offered a big enough ‘bonud’, most people would sell their own granny! And, I’m a Southern gal!! As many years as he was in the Senate, & rubbed shoulders with Schumer, & other Dims, he’s liable to do anything. If he does, he can kiss his political career good bye.

  8. What world are you living in? If you are unaware of the accomplishments of Trump’s administration I suggest you do a little homework instead of believing what the mainstream media is putting out there. For someone that doesn’t know what he’s doing he’s putting up staggering numbers that everyone said couldn’t be done. Get your head out of your ass.

  9. Correction; Extremely devious people! If they put that much mental agility into helping, just imagine where we would be now.

  10. Why are they at the border? If you liberals really cared you would make sure these people knew they would have to enter the USA the right way. I have no pity for people who purposely put themselves in harm’s way and complain because nobody helps them. And I have no respect for liberals that blame law enforcement for doing their jobs. These people need to go back the same way they came and work to make their countries better instead of coming here and making ours worse.

  11. I actually said the same thing at that time. It seemed really odd to me that someone like Sessions would risk his political career by jumping on Trump’s team so early in the process. Unless it was planned that way from the start. We’re dealing with some pretty devious people.

  12. Have any of you bothered to read the democrat party platform. I would reommend you take the time.it will make you sick but it needs to be published.

  13. You’re part right but the dumb POlack hurts your thinking if you think Trump is anyway good for the country.

  14. Trump is a life long criminal, a thief, a money launderer, a serial sexual assaulter, and stole the election with an enemy’s help. You have no shame for electing America’s Hitler.

  15. I think that we should deport you to Antactica bj, you keep accusing and complaining about how hard you have it yet you have no empathy for people who are refugees at the border, starving, no home, no healthcare, not even room to sleep and children separated from parents and staying in cages. You have it really tough don’t you, just a crybaby, and certainly no real Christian. Don’t you remember Christ’s words. “I was hungry did you feed me, I was homeless, did you give me shelter………….”

  16. God is great! But Trump is just a puppet of the deep state and a perfect actor from his training on the Appretice. Is he honest, no. Does he have any idea what he is doing to the lives of American citizen, probably not. Is he the right person for the presidency, well if he has been preparing his whole adult life to be president and is no better prepared than this-I say he’s out. I hate that he didn’t do a better job for us wien we gave him his opportunity. Disappointed

  17. To answer your last question NO. The ones claiming to support President Trump are just lying to keep their jobs. Most of the idiots in Congress want a one world government to increase their own wealth. But, they would be cast aside so fast they would not even know how it happened.

  18. Since WHEN do the DUMBOCRATS CARE about the AMERICAN PEOPLE??? Their ONLY CARE is for themselves and their COMMUNIST ONE WORLD ORDER!!!

  19. Wake up people. Mueller found no wrong during his witch-hunt. But the Russians did reach out to Trump. He was too smart to take the bait. If he had, him and pence would have been kicked out. And an election do over or automatically given to Hillary. BUT HE’S INNOCENT!!!!!! Ain’t God great? So suck it up commiecrats.

  20. Sessions is afraid of Trump’s organized crime organization. He lied about his two meetings with the Russians in his original testimony. The racist Sessions has no ethics, and that is why even a Republican led Senate wouldn’t confirm him as a judge a few decades ago. He is a true redneck, nothing to fear you Trump idolizing racists.

  21. Sharon if a president declares martial law the constitution is suspended while it’s in place. That means for us citizens that are in compliance with all laws. Under martial law firearms are confiscated and strong curfews are in place. Then duck your head. Civil war is on.

  22. He NEWVER WAS!!! But YOU sure are. You prove it every time you post your sick lies. Please provide PROOF of Pres. Trump’s corruption. You CAN’T. He has done nothing wrong!!! And he is far from an idiot. His IQ is 162. What is your, 30?

  23. jeri…the truth is the truth and what Sharon said is the truth. What is nasty is the whole dem party. They are full of hate and lies. Their goal is to gain control of the government any way they can and KEEP control of it. They have thrown God out and satan is in control of the dem party

  24. jeri…????? You are truly clueless. Obama is a TRAITOR!!! He is MUSLIM and had no business in our White House. Islam is our ENEMY!!! WAKE UP! Obama hates this country and his goal was to have everyone dependent on govrernmet for everything. NO FREEDOM!! There is no freedom in islam. Obama hates our freedom. And Obama had a lot of scandals. Open your willfully blind eyes. If you support the dem party it is YOU who hates democracy!!! And Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a LOT of good for it. DARE to find the truth

  25. Sharon…You are right on. ALL illegals should be sent back where they came from. I am working two jobs and it is a struggle for me to get by. But illegals come in here unlawfully and get jobs and freebies. sick

  26. The Democrats hatred for Trump is impairing their vision for the American citizen. They have to platform except increased taxes, healthcare for all including illegals (who pays for this YOU do with higher taxes… Why should WE THE PEOPLE pay for illegals? They are illegal and should be deported… It is time to eliminate welfare and when we do we will decrease illegals.

  27. It’s time for Pres Trump to declare Martial Law….. it’s time to build the wall/barrier and deport all illegals…. it’s time to start passing beneficial legislature of immigration reform, welfare reform, infrastructure, healthcare reform, etc. I wonder where my Blue Dogs have gone…. As a child, there were conservative/moderate Democrats but they have disappeared.

  28. WE THE PEOPLE need to demonstrate in the Capitol for TERM LIMITS for Congress immediately…. Until we get term limits we will have the same ole people in Congress…. it’s called kickbacks from lobbyist…..

  29. Obama did have scandals….. Fast & Furious, Benghazi (4 American’s dead) Catch and Release…. need I go on Mr. England…. Obama had the economy in the toilet, but Trump has brought America to a greater economical situation and remember Trump isn’t a career politician but a businessman… being a businessman one thinks differently so don’t expect Trump to be your run of the mill politician… not going to happen.

  30. Jeri England, you have been deceived. Want to know what the Trump administration has achieved to spite democratic, RINO, and MSM resistance, go here: http://www.magapill.com/. Be honest with yourself. Research the truth. You will see that you indeed are being lied to daily. Unless you are one promoting the lies and deceit, you should be impressed with what you discover.

  31. Hope these Democraps keep it up. The more they do this more Democrats will join the Trump train. Congress and Trump in 2020

  32. Everyone has an opinion but yours is nasty. Just what has Trump done for our country??? Tell me please! No scandals for the eight years of Obama> Scandals galore even before Trump was elected. I guess you just like misogynists, dictator wannabes, liars and the such. And hate democracy!!!!!

  33. I have said all along that emty suit Odumma was a Bin Ladin plant just so the Muslims could take over America! Ar one time I said the only good democrat was a dead one ! Now, I truly believe. that the only good democrat is one that is ten feet under the white roots of grass !
    Douglas M. Scheel

  34. If America does not wake up to what these horrors are doing, they will suffer under a Communist regime, where everything is taken away from them, they will have very little food, no money, their houses will be confiscated. I could go on and on, unfortunately Americans do not believe this. I guess they should have lived in Europe, or better yet, they should read history

  35. These a$$hbole Democrats just can’t let it go. This is starting to really pi$$off many people, including Democrat voters. These stunts will backfire on them, I don’t think the country is ready to go Communist just yet.

  36. I don’t think these sick Dems realize how much many of us hated the obama’s. They were completely incompetent. No one harassed them like these scum are Trump. What these idiots do not realize is that the reason Trump won the Presidency is because of what they did to this Country. Hope the Republicans are taking notes so we can show them how “what comes round goes around.”.

  37. Nadless Nadler and his nattering nabobs keep doing endless transparently biased and useless investigating instead of doing the nation’s business, but that’s all one can expect from the party of hate, race baiting and open borders.

  38. My thoughts exactly!! Let’s get on with investigating Deep State!! We want to see real justice done there!!

  39. we the people are the only onesthat can stop the demof ks . we have to see that none of them get back in any offices, thats the only way.

  40. I wonder just what does this new investigation is supposed to do also as the Mueller two year job came up with nothing how is this new one going to change anything unless the first was all lies? Time for congress to accept the fact that the people elected Trump for our president and get on board to do the business of our government instead of endless useless investigations that produce nothing but waste of time and millions of tax payer dollars. Both parties have plenty of blame for doing nothing for the country but create friction and distrust.

  41. Let’s face it. The Dems are going to Witch Hunt Trump et al. forever and a day. Dems won’t do anything in Congress other than vote and push their anti-Trump, anti-Right desires, and Judge-shop to stop anything this Administration tries to do. PERIOD!
    Time to do what the Dems are so good at, start endless investigations on Democrats, starting with the Clintons et al. Nothing’s going to get done anyway, so we mise as well start playing by their rules and approach.

  42. When is this witch hunt going to stop. Every one of these jerks need to be put in prison because they are behind the Russia collusion bull. The supreme court or judicial system should put a stop to this because by putting out subpoenas it is a judicial issue. I know that I am not the only one that is sick of the continuing of this bull and the Democrats have been running aloof for long enough. They are like little children that are told no and go and do whatever anyway. It is ridiculous that someone isn’t able to put a stop to this nightmare. No one should have to go through this much crap from the very people that actually did this. I say everyone of them needs to be put out into the street without their pension without their body guards and without a government position ever in their life again. They should not be allowed to ever hold a public office again. It is over it is done. Put a fork in it stupids its done.

  43. Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer, etc etc are corrupt to their core and the reason we need TERM LIMITS in all of congress and all government positions!! Also, who will ever know the damage being done by the Obama hold overs ? Pres Trump has clearly exposed the deep state for the criminals they are! How and where does Nadler get the authorization and money to fund this never ending witch hunt??
    God save America!! Trump 2020 our only hope!!????????????????????????????????????????

  44. Why did we spend millions for a special counsel if we were not going to accept the results? Why didn’t we just have a congressional investigation. This makes no sense. If the dems want this investigation they should pay the millions that was spent on the special counsel.


  46. How can anything get done in Washing for the American People if you are always FIGHTING, Hating the President, Can’t agree on ant issues. Democrats are way out of Line. They’re comments are hurtful to our nation while the world watches this circus. Shame on you all Republicans & Democrats. If you all can’t work together Resign & get new Younger People who have a Brain. Out with the OLDIES & In with New Younger People. Joe Biden should not be running for President, TOO OLD. & NO Democrats are fit to run with their STUPID Ideas for President.

  47. Demorats are such sad people. Still pissed off after losing, pissed off after russia, pissed off because they did mot get their own way. If my kids acted like that. I would swat them on the butt and guide them to be better people.

  48. Demonrats like you does not belong to this country. So much hate in you that you could not think straight. Pity you.

  49. nadler and schiff along with the rest of the sorry democrats in congress, booker, waters, lee, schumer, green, cummings have only wasted time, energy and money in their constant political hooliganism, and hate mongering. All of the democrats proved their sorriness when they all refused to get involved in the badly needed tax reform.

  50. thought all you LOW IQ dumocrats are loving people..OH wait a bunch of hypocrite morons..typical dumocrat fool

  51. The Liberal Crooks are beyond help , they’ll understand one thing and one thing only , A Good Old fashion American Ass Kicking , Courteous of The Red White and Blue , It’s Time To Just ” Get’er Done ” , put a end to there Stupidity !!!

  52. Nancy,Nadler,Shift,Comey,Brenner Obama,Big Mike,Queen,HRC,Humadean All pesos.JE,Winner,Guillbrand involved inNexium Sex Traffic ing I Pray they all have Triabunal.Can you handle the Truth? Sic people.

  53. The Dems couldn’t accept the election results and now, cannot accept the Mueller probe. What is wrong with them????

  54. Time for we the people take charge of this mess After all it is we the people by the people for the people We are the government ,not them Thy represent us ,but not anymore Time to turn the tables on them We need to take charge of our country again and get the vultures out of DC and in PRISON where thy belong ,before we don,t have a country anymore God bless President Trump His courage and strenght does come from a higher up !!!!!!!No man should have to put up whit this kind of abuse God Bless him Thank you President Trump for doing your job America first !lisamains

  55. Naming a few hell-bent Trump impeachment fanatics:

    Sen. Nadler … refused to accept the final Mueller Report results. Subpoenaed many outsiders of fake Trump-Russian dossier crime. He, as the chairman of the committee, began his witch hunt craze so ridiculous that had the GOP Senators filing a demand for his resignation.

    And then the billionaire Tom Steyer announcing his presidential candidacy … he once mentioned that his daddy was the prosecuting team at the Nuremberg trials. Whoopee-doo. What does that have to do with his Trump impeachment stance? Zero!

    Adam Schiff … he’s unquestionably certifiably crazy. Crazy as Nadler.

    Obviously they are all attempting to sweep Obama/Hillary sins under the rug.

    For those that are investigating on the Mueller investigators, don’t stop. Kill the ball rolling. Those who conspired to steal the election must be prosecuted.

    (Chanting) Drain the swamp! Drain the swamp! …

  56. I totally agree with you on this point. The best way to diffuse the situation is to plead the fifth. God willing these individuals have the common sense to do this.

  57. It matters not what Sessions says. If he recants his original statement, that simply means he is a liar or he was threatened with imprisonment, just as Pelosi threatened Comey. It should be obvious to all who can read and comprehend that Pelosi is not going to stop wasting time and tax dollars seeking the answers she wants to hear. As soon as Pelosi finds one person to testify to her satisfaction, she will proceed with impeachment hearings on President Trump. Never mind if she has 100s whose testimony contradicts anyone she threatens enough to lie for her, Pelosi is on a mission, and, like Hitler, this mission has driven her insane. As leader of the House, Pelosi has engineered nothing to help this nation, its people, or its problems. Instead, Pelosi has wasted her advantage in The House chasing a Unicorn referred to as the Trump/Russia collusion theory. Nancy, if it will help you sleep at night, I swear I saw a lone Unicorn playing with a Pegasus in Yellowstone National Park, at midnight on the last ‘full moon’.

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