Donald Trump was red with rage when he saw what Mitt Romney just did

Mitt Romney has had it out for Donald Trump since 2016.

Now that Romney is in the Senate, he’s taking his campaign to ruin the President to extreme lengths.

And Donald Trump was red with rage when he saw what Mitt Romney just did.

Donald Trump corrected a travesty of justice by commuting Roger Stone’s 40 month prison sentence.

Robert Mueller won a conviction against Stone on a series of process crimes after Mueller and his team of Democrat prosecutors failed to frame Stone and the Trump campaign for colluding with Russia.

Mueller also allegedly tipped off CNN about the early morning raid where armed federal agents stormed into Stone’s house to arrest him.

Trump supporters saw Stone’s arrest and prosecution as the embodiment of everything corrupt about the Mueller investigation.

Senator Mitt Romney – however – claimed commuting Stone’s prison sentence was an act of “unprecedented, historic corruption.”

Romney has never spoken out to criticize the Obama Justice Department or the FBI for documented and on the record criminal acts, lies, corruption, and misdeeds in starting or carrying out the Russian collusion investigation.

That is just Mitt Romney playing to type.

Since re-entering the political scene in 2016, Romney has never criticized Democrats.

He’s only fought against Donald Trump and other conservatives.

The Russian collusion hoax was the worst political crime in American history.

But Mitt Romney thinks correcting the wrongs that flowed out of that corrupt attempt to bring down a President is the real scandal.

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