Donald Trump was smiling from ear-to-ear when he saw this brand new 2020 poll

The 2020 race just got turned upside down.

All the experts were left speechless.

And Donald Trump was smiling from ear-to-ear when he saw this brand new 2020 poll.

For months, former Vice President Joe Biden clung to his perch as frontrunner and favorite for the nomination.

Those days are gone.

In recent days a Des Moines Register/CNN poll found Elizabeth Warren leading Biden in Iowa and a Monmouth University survey showed Warren leading Biden in New Hampshire.

The last crack to break in Biden’s candidacy was his lead in the national polls.

And now Quinnipiac shows Warren leading Biden among all Democrat voters.

Politico reports:

Twenty-seven percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents polled by Quinnipiac University said they favor Warren, according to a new poll released Wednesday morning. Twenty-five percent said they prefer former Vice President Joe Biden.

Although Warren’s edge falls within the survey’s margin of error, Biden’s formidable lead over the rest of the field has crumbled since the last Quinnipiac national poll in August, which showed him with 32 percent support and Warren with 19 percent support.

The latest survey reinforces other recent public polling showing Warren and Biden separating from their fellow contenders in the Democratic presidential race. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders ranked third in Tuesday’s poll, achieving 16 percent support, followed by Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., with 7 percent, and California Sen. Kamala Harris at 3 percent.

“After trailing Biden by double digits since March in the race for the Democratic nomination, Warren catches Biden,” Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy said in a statement. “We now have a race with two candidates at the top of the field, and they’re leaving the rest of the pack behind.”

Donald Trump would love to run against Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren.

Warren is an extreme socialist who wants to take away 180 million Americans’ healthcare and give free taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal aliens.

That makes her a very beatable candidate in 2020.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Go to war for the country and you might come back or be messed up for rest of your life.democrats what’s keeping you down not from over 200 yrs ago. Get a job and get away from the hand outs from Democrats. U people need to stop thinking about what happened long ago and stop thinking the country owes you something. Ask not what ur country can do for you but what can you do for your country. Quote from John f Kennedy.

  2. Stupidity Alert Redman and Racists for Trump on here again. One cannot even form a sentence and the other is so brainwashed and misinformed its pathetic. Trump donates his paychecks, already had money so he does not need to extort money from other countries like the Clinton’s when she was sec. of state into her fake foundation that paid for her daughters wedding. Ask Haitians why they hate the Clinton’s?. Racist is too stupid to see that once Hillary lost election, Clinton Foundation contributions dropped by half, her pay for play promises could not be fulfilled. He talks about FOX news, what about the tapes about CNN, how many retractions have they had. Where is that promise the MSM for 2 years spread about Trump colluding with Russians? Why have their ratings dropped drastically. Think logically. Get off the democrat plantation thats buys your votes with welfare and food stamps.

  3. If you think sharia law is what you want. Move to Iran. USA is the greatest country on earth because of our Constitution. That’s why everyone wants to come here.

  4. I hope so. Never had any party going after a President saying he is illigitimate, got it by lying, conspiring with a foreign entity like our President Trump. He ran a draining the swamp, but it got a few alligators (the squad)in it while trying.the democrats are continuously (since day one)impeaching the heck out of him, trying one thing after another. Crooked and swampy, the whole bunch in Congress. Turned their head on spying on a President elect , Hillary letting her off every hook and even sleepy Joe and his son as long as their pockets continued to fill up! Trump must win 2020. We must keep the Senate and get back the house. Although there is a lot of swamp still in Congress!

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    I don’t think he needed to become president to do all of the things you say.

  8. What I see as plain as day is these stupid demorats don’t have a brain to stand on! As we get closer to election 2020 more stupid demorat lies will come out!
    Think about this, what ever you think of President Trump, compare him to all these know-nots have done and you will see President Trump was a God sent for America! Think, where would we be if Killary was elected? All America would be in the same shape as a lot of demorat lead cities and with open borders like they have been pushing for……..

  9. Obviously you rode the short bus to your special needs school. Most teachers are trained to stop children from banging their heads into the wall. So it’s obvious your brain damage occured in the pre school years.

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  17. Donald Trump all the way another four more years in 2020.These Democrats are desperate because they don’t have anything to offer to the American people.God Bless President Trump.

  18. It is a toss up whom the bigger liar is between sleepy Joe Biden and Elisabeth “Iliealot” Pocahontas. They both have a history of telling whoppers to the American. Pocahontas lying about being an Indian on her college entry forms, her Harvard entry forms and very likely she used it to get into Congress. She knew it would be a big boost to her scholastic career and it worked. Her lie let her leap over dozens and possibly hundreds of other people who decided to tell the truth about who they are and where they came from. And then there lying sleepy Joe. He has been in been in government positions for over 50 years and he hasn’t amounted to a hill of beans. All he has done since being there is suck on the taxpayers money like a vampire in heat. He hasn’t accomplished anything noteworthy other than benefiting himself and his cronies. Now these two liars are running for the presidency of the United States of America. Once upon a time ago the office the POTUS had sanctity, integrity and honesty. The office basically followed the same values and precepts that is outlined in the Scout Oath. Not anymore. Instead of it being a office filled with honesty, truth, chaste, benevolent and virtuous people, it has now turn into a den of liars and thieves. God help us if either Sleepy Joe or Pocahontas wins the 2020 election. Our beloved country will be doomed to failure for sure.

  19. Lyin’ Liz, the Liawatha, will probably be the running mate for the Hildabeast who has been watching the Democrat Dumbshow all along. Biden and the rest of that crew don’t stand a chance to get nominated. Donald Trump beat Hillary in 2016, fair and square. Do you think that she has a prayer in 2020?

  20. Po-Co-Hon-Tas may be rising as BiteMe is falling, but what does it actually mean if she’s the most popular Clown in the Demented-Dem-Clown-Show-Primary?

    Should she break out the bulbous red nose and floppy shoes to celebrate as the most irrational Clown in the Show?

  21. you are 100% correct! Problem is the media already influenced millions and the schools are drinking the cool aid as well. Thankfully, the swamp stains are showing up more and more. Even my DEM friends are starting to show a little understanding. POTUS just needs to keep steady as she goes and this will all be over after 2020.

  22. At what point are the Democrats and lying media going to be considered a threat to our DEMOCRACY. Their constant harassment of President Trump and their refusal to do their job has left America without a functioning government. They have done more damage than any foreign country has done. IMO they should all be arrested or removed from office without pay until they are willing to do their job. People like Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer and the squad are disgusting.

  23. Sandra, happen to luck up on a program you would appreciate tonight. Johnathan Cann was on the Jim Bakker show. References were to his new book, Oracle. Can’t recall name from back in early history, starts with “C” that Trump has been referred as. I did not realize that Harry Truman had only been vp for less than 3 months, when FDR died. I knew he had been kept totally in the dark, did not even know about the Atomic bomb. Johnathan brought out that Trump was born during the Truman admin. Also said, that when Truman realized why he was President, was reading his Bible, and started crying. At the end, they mentioned to download get ap PTL, and watch programs, etc. I hope you can locate.

  24. I thought I saw a puddle of tears on the ground. Not sure if it was Joe bite me’s or Pochahontas. After these sham of hearings or as we like to call it a dog and pony show, there is not left for the left to do except sit back and cry. RVN 68-69 MAGA

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  28. I don’t think what you said is true because she took that test you know, and she put it on her application for a job at University of Pennsylvania and again at Harvard.
    Even her mom and grandparents told her about her Indian ancestry.

  29. Warren has very little Native American in her and the Native Americans are furious with her so why would they vote for her> And nobody in their right mind would vote for that crook.

  30. 80% CHANCE Hillary will win presidency in 2016…oh no! Perhaps DJT SHOULD JUST RESIGN AND NOT RUN.

  31. I think Elizabeth Warren will beat Trump in 2020 because she has the backing of all native Americans because of her heritage, just like Obama beat Hillary because he got all the black votes.

  32. The way the dems/libs are acting is horrible. Yet, WONDERFUL at the same time. They are picking on the right man and Trump has all he needs within himself, provided by the Lord who chose him “for a time such as this” to stay strong and he will not give in. He will not fail. He WILL overcome!

    I know that I have shared some prophecy in my previous posts, but indulge me ONE more time! Please get the book “The TRUMP Prophecies” by Mark Taylor. None of what is happening today is a surprise – NOTHING! I have followed prophets for over 20 years and waited for them to come to fruition. Here they are in our day and time since Trumps election 2016. It is exciting to live in these days – “a time such as this” and I welcome God taking back control of our country. Believe it or not, the U.S.A. is *also* God’s Chosen! Yep, Israel first, the U.S.A. next.

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