Donald Trump was stabbed in the back by one person he couldn’t believe

Donald Trump has faced sabotage from within since the day he won the Presidency.

But he figured that over the course of the last two years he rooted out the rats and double crossers.

President Trump was wrong and he was just stabbed in the back by the one person he could not believe.

When Donald Trump replaced FBI Director James Comey with Christopher Wray, the President thought he was getting someone that wouldn’t undermine him being in charge of the FBI.

But it turns out Wray is every bit the Deep State loyalist that Comey was.

During his Senate testimony, Wray said he did not agree with Attorney General William Barr that the Obama administration and the FBI spied on the Trump campaign.

The Daily Caller reports:

FBI Director Christopher Wray told senators Tuesday he would not use the term “spying” to describe the bureau’s surveillance activities, including those used against the Trump campaign.

“Well that’s not the term I would use,” Wray said in a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing when asked whether the FBI carries out “spying” during its various investigations.

Wray’s remarks are a contradiction of sorts of Attorney General William Barr’s congressional testimony that he believes government agencies spied on the Trump campaign…

…“I believe that the FBI is engaged in investigative activity and part of investigative activity includes surveillance activity of different shapes and sizes. And to me the key question is making sure that it’s done by the book consistent with our lawful authorities.”

Wray seems more worried about defending the FBI than the truth.

By any definition, the Obama administration and the FBI spied on the Trump campaign.

They used FISA warrants to access Carter Page’s communications.

They deployed at least two human spies to gather intelligence from George Papadopoulos.

Wray’s testimony gave the Democrats and Fake News Media the talking point they craved – the nonpartisan FBI Director appointed by Donald Trump disputing claims of spying.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. The Globalists by their very nature and name are Traitors. All perjure themselves when they take an oath to the US and the Constitution. They believe in neither and despise both.

  2. Dear President Trump, you hired Wray it seems to me you can fire him. Please do so! He needs to be gone. What a waste of spa e these top echelon FBI agents are. Enough of haggling around with them. FIRE HIM

  3. So is he the one that is leaking to the press information before anyone else knows? Is he like Comey and friend that is willing to leak?

    • Mitch McConnell, the one person that has been behind the President all the while,, has suddenly lost his backbone and switched horses in the middle of the stream.

    • Yep! I agreed, he should not be the head of the FBI, when he first testified his answered was wassy wassy, I can’t pin points my finger however he was chosen by our PRESIDENT TRUMP, perhaps he’ll take a look where mr. Wrey stand?

  4. How long will the traitorous,slave selling, pious, drug dealer be allowed to sit behind her castle walls in California as she swaps her treacherous slanders, slants on truth and lies and with Nadler? When will truth and justice come out on top? Who will see to it that Soros, obama, Clinton and all the money Cartels and mobs be taken down and out? How long will the wicked witch wave her ugly face in our Congress? Do we still have anyone on the right side of Declaration of Independence? The Devil holds a scale of dirty sins and secrets of everyone in our Congress. How low will she be allowed to go? Will anyone step-up to help our President? Every day they keep the sewer swirling, the pornography, dope selling slut ruins our country! Please help take them down!

  5. In the hearing today one of the democrats said all those trying to get rid of Trump were republicans. These people were working under Obama for years why would he have so many damn republicans working for him and not democrats. Yes the republicans turned out to be rinos like Mueller delivering the money for the Uranium to Russia for Hillary. I know fake republicans like McCain vote democrat but doesn’t the republican party vet these people or look at their history before they put these people in places where they can work for the democrats.

  6. Director Wray, Look up “SPY” in “Black’s Law Dictionary” this is the legal standard.
    That being said, it was known on day one, you were an operative of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization.

  7. I agree , get rid of All the leftovers from Obamy the biggest con artist aided by all the Democrats in Congress and the senate, most of them are swamp 🐀 as far as American is concerned 😟!

    • NO MONARCHY!!!
      Jeff Sessions, republican. James Comey, republican. Ron Rosenstein, republican. Christopher Wray, republican. Bob Mueller, republican.

      • Anybody can “claim” to be Republican but their actions prove they are not. they are wolves in sheep clothing which makes them even more disgusting than if they were honest and claimed to be the Demoncrats that they are. We have far too many of these “rats” in our party and need to be exterminated.

    • 91 historians have rated Obama 14th best President out of 45. Almost all, conservative, middle of the road, and liberal historians rate Trump at the very bottom, for corruption, lies, fear mongering, greed for him and the already wealthy, his horrible cabinet members fired or left because of incompetence, and/or thievery. Let’s not forget his constant whining, insulting and sexual assaults and racism.

      • Trump’s greatest strength is also his biggest weakness. . . he is not a politician, he is a businessman. He knows what should be done and how to do it, problem is he steps on a lot of egos and threatens a lot of cushy jobs. He stepped all over Romney in the primaries and is now paying the price. We need Trump, his busness ideas and his directness to make up for the Obama years. Plus, we have to make major adjustments after the Obama years and it will take a tough businesman to get the job done. If we could get away from career politicians and revive the original concept of being in Washington was an obligation to your neighbors we wouldn’t have to step on toes because people would be inclined to work together to get the required work done and get back to their own businesses and their neighbors.

  8. The whole top administration at the FBI should be fired. Any hold over from Obama? Gone. Stop playing with this. Every single one of these people are butt sniffing Liberal lackies of Obama, and Hillary’s

    I’m sick of all this crap that’s going on. Congress under dems is a
    Good example of what would happen to the US if they had control.
    If you think no voting in 2020 is a good idea think again. The dems
    Have lied cheated and yes probably killed to get us in such turmoil.
    Obama has pitted blacks against whites..illegals are getting free
    Education free housing and free medical care..they’re spreading
    Diseases through the US. Who is paying the illegals to come here?
    They say they live on a dollar a day..yet they pay thousands of
    Dollars to travel here. Very few look like they’re going hungry.
    And our country giving and giving. How much really goes to
    The people you want to get it. Dems have totally made a CYNIC
    Of me. I say everyone quit bulling quit closing out others opinions
    Think before you speak or act.. investigate the backgrounds of
    Everyone in Congress..let’s see what happens to a lot of them.
    How many Congress members are righteous and honest.
    I’m just plain sick of it all. But I have never wavered in my
    Support of TRUMP!!

    • Keren, you are so right. Looks like you’ve caught on to them using buzz words and catch phrases to cheapen the offences. “Matter”, “surveillance” among many others in an attempt to downplay the terrible things they have done to our nation as well as Trump, Barr, S. Sanders and several others. They are without conscience or honor. Good catch.

  10. What is Wray trying to say? That any investigation into Obama or Hillary of any of the players is a “matter”, not a crime?????

  11. Give Wray his thirty pieces of silver and send him on his way. Let this be a lesson for future presidents. Clear out all the top ranking old heads and appoint your own. The only way the traitors can stop forthcoming investigations and indictments is to discredit Barr and Trump. I don’t think just Wray’s little sideshow will be enough. If they can keep this up til 2020 they think they have a chance it will all blow over if they can set up a new administration. Another thing we owe the party of traitors. They have managed to turn a separate branch of the government into their political football.

  12. President Trump needs to find a law enforcement person, that’s meaner than a junk yard
    dog and put them in charge of the FBI, with instructions “clean house” leave no Obama
    hold overs.

    • Trump needs to get rid of all the Obama holdovers… he needs to pick people who agree with his agenda…. Trump needs to remember, those who break bread with you will set a trap for you. Choose carefully. I would replace Wray immediately.

    • And wray just redacted a document so it can’t be opened til 2043 I think it was it was some top names listed in it . I agree the President needs to fire him. There are are others out there and they don’t have to be confirmed by congress. But Wray readactind that report and marking it secret needs to be checked out

  13. Didn’t think Wray .was the right person for the job right from his original testimony. Wray is part of the corrupt FBI democrat stooges McCabe, Page, Strock, etc. President Trump should fire Wray immediately for saying “He wouldn’t say it was “spying”. And he is not in this job to cover the FBI, but to say “it was spying on this President. Mr Trump fire Wray immediately, because he is throwing you under the bus.

    • Don’t know if anyone remembers me saying it but…. “The day that MR TRUMP was sworn in, he should have FIRED EVERY DAMNED ONE OF THEM!! The dumbasscrats will NEVER give up, not as long as geo soreass is paying off EVERYONE! 😗😒😥😰

  14. Oh for crying out loud. The DumbDems never quit. Hey Nancy – News Flash – you lost, your party lost. In a perfectly valid election – oh, except for the crap you pulled out of your a– because you were so afraid of Mr. Trump. He’s President, Honey, and you are not. No member of your party is. Go back to counting your money.

  15. Trump should just fire the ass no matter what the media has to say about it, for Trump can fire him at his discretion, for he works for the president and Barr!!! We all should know that there are upper FBI and DOJ personnel that have broken the law!!! We the people should be thankful that we know have Barr to clean house in his department!!!


  17. To every administrator in any departments who’ve been in any prior administration: YOU’RE FIRED‼️

  18. If you look at the definition of the word SPYING in a dictionary, you will find synonyms like “surveillance “, which is the term that Wray used. I’m so sick of the stupidity that exists in Congress.

  19. Wray’s corrupted. How can he ignore the fact that it was Obama that ordered the spying operation on Trump? Perhaps he, at the time, was not a part of inner circle of corrupters such as Sen. Warner, late John McCain, Brennan, Comey, and others that are aware of fake Russian dossier scandal. We are looking at the nation-wide corruption found in many federal agencies and departments.

    If Wray is not for the truth, then we need to find the evidence that he may be corrupted, too.

    • You knew from his beginning that when the Democrats liked him he was a lib all his actions so far have proven it. Wray has nothing on his record to make him capable of running the FBI, I wonder who suggested that DT put this guy for nomination.

  20. President is most likely one of the sharpest Businessman on this Planet. Before He became President, He was dealing with all kind people friends Foes and unknowns! Obama period was for him also for other well known business people were disaster> Most of them went down like a rock, but He came back as a Victor. It wasn’t easy to be billions of dollars in the Hole; it takes a lot of Brain, and will power, of course Experience. He knew who were his Foes and Friends and Colleges when He was a businessman and very minute He moved in to the Oval Office He knew exactly that He was an Outsider and was not welcome, He also knew that anyone He would pick his Administration would be Washington DC Club Member. He assigned the person, and few months later he fired him/her again he did same over and over, finally He made His POINT, ” You can be a spy or Washington DC Member even a hardcore Democrat inside, but you serve this Administration and me, if you want to keep a very prosperous Job and be a Team Player; you stay otherwise you will be fired” Now all those former spies, DC Club Members think twice before they betray President, they ask themselves why should I work for Nancy or Schumer when I have a secure job and title, nice home, kids and wife, all happy; to hell with the Democrats, I serve Trump.

    • We have needed a shrewd business man in office for decades to get us out of debt. If he succeeds in stopping illegal immigration and stops allowing them to freeload on benefits meant to provide for the low income legal taxpayers in this country he will succeed. Just imagine what the billions of dollars spent on illegal immigrants could do toward a cure for cancer.

      • There is a cure for cancer and other illness but Big Pharma is in bed with the FDA and will not approve the drugs… when a person can purchase drugs from Canada and Mexico (same mg and quality) at 90% less than they do in America then something is wrong. It’s called GREED.

    • You clearly haven’t read the most recent news regarding Trump’s business acumen. This man has lost more money (his own and others) than any other person in American history. He’s filed a record 6 (six) business bankruptcies and is probably responsible for the loss of more of other peoples personal wealth than even Bernie Madoff. Some business man.

    • oh BS! Wray is a swamp rat like Comey, Brennan and the rest. He has no interest in protecting the FBI; his interest is in protecting the DNC, killery, obummer and his own butt. To say otherwise is either naive or you are a dem

    • If Wray is protecting the FBI he has a strange way of doing it. Keeping things covered up is not protecting the FBI, He still is running cover for his friend Comey.

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