Donald Trump will be seeing red after he finds out about votes being changed in this key state

Donald Trump argued he lost the 2020 election because of fraud in key states.

Trump spent the last eight months relitigating the 2020 contest.

And Donald Trump will be seeing red after he finds out about votes being changed in this key state.

Joe Biden won the state of Georgia by 13,000 votes.

Biden looked to be the first Democrat to carry The Peach State since Bill Clinton in 1996.

Georgia – and specifically Fulton County where Atlanta is located – became one of the focuses of Trump’s claims of voter fraud.

The vote counting process in Fulton County received new scrutiny when Just the News published a story about how votes were credited to Joe Biden and other candidates after voting machines rejected them.

Machines properly rejected the votes because voters marked the box for multiple candidates in the same race.

But election officials used the process known as “vote adjudication” to award votes to candidates based on who they think the voter intended to vote for.

Just the News reports:

The image of the ballot, obtained by Just the News, shows the voter messily scribbled a large blob in the box to select Trump as president while also putting a thinner check mark next to Biden’s name.

At 6:10 p.m. ET on Nov. 4, 24 hours after the ballot was first scanned and rejected by Machine 5150, a panel of humans decided the vote should be awarded to Biden, with the notation “mark removed for Donald J. Trump.”

Scores of additional ballots that same day had checks manually removed next to Trump’s name as well as many other candidates up and down the ticket — Libertarians, Democrats and write-ins alike — and the votes awarded instead to other candidates.

This process is all legal and it’s done in states around the country every election.

But it’s receiving new attention as the election infrastructure in America received unprecedented scrutiny following the November election.

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