Donald Trump will be up in arms after this terrible Supreme Court defeat

Democrats were cheering.

Liberals finally got the legal victory they were waiting for.

And Donald Trump will be up in arms after this terrible Supreme Court defeat.

Liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer dismissed a lawsuit brought by 2,000 Maine health care workers arguing Democrat Governor Janet Mills’ vaccine mandate was unconstitutional because it did not provide for a religious exemption.

Donald Trump repeatedly argued in interviews that America should be a free country where individuals decide if they take the coronavirus vaccine or not.

But the left-wing Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer rejected medical freedom and instead allowed the state of Maine to proceed with a biomedical security state.

Already towns in Maine are suffering the consequences of forcing health care workers out of their jobs because of sincerely held religious objections to the vaccine.

Emergency services face staffing shortages that could cost lives and hospital and first responding crews no longer operate at full strength.

The Daily Caller reports:

Waldoboro, Maine, town manager Julie Keizer says the mandate might cripple emergency services that were thinly stretched throughout the pandemic. Deputy fire chief Cody Fenderson of Fort Fairfield said eight workers quit after Mills issued the mandate, according to NPR.

In Lewiston, Central Maine Medical Center has begun to curb the number of hospital admissions due to an “acute shortage” of nurses, ABC News reported. Dozens of health care workers have also quit, however, according to ABC News, most workers followed the mandate.

Governor Mills not allowing for a religious exemption means this mandate is more about punishing her political opponents and controlling the residents of Maine’s lives than public health.

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