Donald Trump will not be happy when he finds out Republicans just folded in this huge fight

Donald Trump taught Republicans how to fight.

But not everyone paid attention.

And Donald Trump will not be happy when he finds out Republicans just folded in this huge fight.

Donald Trump blasted Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate as wrong, counterproductive, and unconstitutional.

Conservative Utah Senator Mike Lee tried to push Republicans to defund Joe Biden’s illegal federal vaccine mandate.

Since multiple courts ruled the vaccine mandate unconstitutional, Mike Lee expected it to be a layup for Senate Republicans to block funding for an immoral and un-American mandate that forces people to choose between a job and the jab.

However, 20 Senate Republicans double-crossed Lee, Trump, and the conservative base by joining with Chuck Schumer and voting to fund the government, including Biden’s vaccine mandate, through February.

“The Senate passed an 11-week stopgap spending bill in a 69-28 vote, sending the measure on for Biden’s signature. The legislation, known as a continuing resolution, will keep government funding at levels set almost a year ago, when Donald Trump was President,” POLITICO reported Thursday evening after the bill cleared the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gloated over the GOP surrender.

“I am glad that in the end cooler heads prevailed. The government will stay open,” Schumer boasted.

“And I thank the members of this chamber for walking us back from the brink of an avoidable, needless and costly shutdown,” he added.

All 48 Republican Senators that were present voted for an amendment to defund the vaccine mandate.

But when that amendment failed, 20 Republican Senators turned around and voted for a funding bill that included money for a vaccine mandate that they previously wanted to defund.

This type of two-faced behavior from establishment Republicans is what opened the door for Donald Trump to run for President in the first place.

Establishment Republicans refusing to fight Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate is why the overwhelming majority of GOP voters continue to stand behind Donald Trump.

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