Donald Trump wiped the smile off Barack Obama’s face with one shocking announcement

Barack Obama thought he got away with the crime of the century.

No one was set to hold his administration accountable for scheming to frame Donald Trump for Russian collusion.

But then Donald Trump wiped the smile off Barack Obama’s face with one shocking announcement.

Donald Trump announced that Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats was stepping down and would be replaced by Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe.

Ratcliffe sits on the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees and helped expose the Obama Deep State’s treasonous plot to try and oust Donald Trump.

And in what may be a hint of what is to come once the Senate confirms Ratcliffe, Ratcliffe told Fox News Channel’s Maria Bartiromo that the Obama administration committed crimes during the 2016 election.

Mediaite reports:

Ratcliffe drew attention last week for the way he confronted Robert Mueller at his hearings before Congress, attacking the way he carried out his duties as special counsel and the Trump-Russia investigation. And on Sunday, he tore into Democrats by saying they “accused Donald Trump of a crime and then tried to reverse engineer a process to justify that accusation.”

“What I do know as a former federal prosecutor is it does appear that there were crimes committed during the Obama administration,” Ratcliffe said. While he said he was “not going to accuse any specific person of any specific crime,” Ratcliffe continued to speak of numerous alleged illegalities involving James Comey, Glenn Simpson, Bruce Ohr, and Obama officials who committed a “felony” by allegedly leaking Michael Flynn’s classified phone transcripts.

“The only place we can get the answers is from the Justice Department right now. The American people want that. Their faith and trust has been shaken in our Justice Department, and the only way to get that back is for there to be real accountability with a very fair process. Again, I are supreme confidence in Bill Barr’s ability to deliver that and at the end of the day, wherever the outcome may be, as long as we know that the process was fair, the evaluation was fair, justice will be done.”

Ratcliffe’s nomination – along with the work already being done by Attorney General William Barr – shows that Donald Trump is finally getting around to vanquishing the last remnants of Barack Obama’s Deep State.

And Trump supporters believe this is happening not a moment too soon.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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    • Why thank you Betty but you left off crazy ass bitch. Because I AM the Crazy Ass Bitch Idiot type person that people usually steer clear of when they start tearing down MY country and MY president. And YES Betty, Mr President Donald Trump IS all of those things when he is going after snowflakes like you and your compadres while y’all are trying to undermine him or while y’all are trying to tear down the greatest damn country on God’s green earth!So babe, you might want to back the hell down and shut the hell up!

    • I’m not sure what the reason for your ugliness and bitterness is…I’m pretty sure that Donald Trump did nothing to you personally, so it must be Democratic derangement mixed in with the “sore loser” syndrome. An intelligent person would perceive that since SO many Americans elected President Trump, there must be some very good reasons for this fact. One is that there was NO ONE else running that was fit to be elected. His democratic opponent is a criminal, as is the rest of her immediate family, because that’s what theft and conspiracy to commit murder makes a person. This, and the fact that as Secretary of State, she made so many under the table deals that hurt America that there was NO WAY in HELL Americans with any brains would allow her to continue to run this country down the yellow brick road to hell that Obama started it on! Maybe you aren’t old enough to remember or maybe you suffer from senility, but WE remember how America was before shady politicians started running it! Patriotic Americans voted Donald Trump into office because we were sick and tired of the nasty swamp that Washington, D.C. had become, and we wanted a change, NOT more empty promises and bullshit! You, along with a lot other people, need to start acting like adults, and stop the childish name-calling – all it really shows is your lack of intelligence! Don’t feel bad – you aren’t alone in your suffering…most of the Democratic party suffers with you! Maybe someday, medical researchers will come out with a vaccine for that – call it a shot of reality! Ignorance, however, can only be fixed by education – maybe then you’d be able to make intelligent responses, and not expose the lack of it!

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    • “Can you give me an example other than Donald Trump where the Justice Department determined that an investigated person was not exonerated because their innocence was not conclusively determined?” Rep. Ratcliffe asked. “I cannot, but this is a unique situation,” Mueller responded. “It doesn’t exist,” Ratcliffe continued. “Nowhere does it say that you were to conclusively determine Donald Trump’s innocence or that the special counsel report should determine whether or not to exonerate him. It’s not in any of the documents, it’s not in your appointment order, it’s not in any of the special counsel regulations, it’s not in the OLC opinions, it’s not in the Justice manual, and it’s not in the principles of federal prosecution.” “The bedrock principle of our justice system is a presumption of innocence,” Ratcliffe added. “You wrote 180 pages about decisions that weren’t reached, about potential crimes that weren’t charged or decided,” Ratcliffe said.

  6. Why am I sick the public discourse in this country has fallen to a new low an both sides arena to blame. Democrats and RepliTHUh

  7. Let’s hope our majority in the Senate will prevail and win his candidate confirmation. He certainly showed his competence during the Mueller hearings bringing stinging criticism about Mueller’s 2nd volume and the word they used in the last page 2nd to the last word written exoneration. That word should not have been written nor for that matter the whole 2nd volume should have been written at all. It was not Mueller’s job to exonerate the President, if he didn’t have the proof he obstructed that should have been the end of it no volume two plain and simple. That word has given rise to another Democratic Communist attack against Trump and is a ruse. We need this confirmation to get to the bottom of the whole hoax being perpetrated on our good President Trump. God Bless Him and Go 2020.

    • Tim, if God decides that Mr Trump needs another term, then he’ll win. In spite of the wide spread cheating that Dims will try. There was no way anybody thought he’d win before, but God had other plans. HE knew that Mr. Trump would be the man with the guts to declare Jerusalem the capitol of Israel, & that he’d move our embassy there too. So whoever God wants, is who will win. Either Mr. Trump will win, & we’ll have another chance to slow down the decay of this nation, or the Dims will win, & it’s all over for America, or at least the America that we know, & love.

      • I wish, Sharon, I had as much faith in God as you do, but his thoughts and mine, don’t always seem to agree. Ergo, I’ll follow the road that I can see, and hope its the same one God sees.

        Best of everything, ma’am, and — as we used to say in ‘nam — “keep your damn head down!” (No disrespect intended.)

    • I couldn’t agree more, Tim, and it stands to reason that if its that important to Trump, the Crats MUST have a different opinion and will do whatever is necessary to stop it. It most certainly will be a knock down/drag out!

  8. It would appear that the “SWAMP DWELLERS” (Democrats) are finally going to pay the price for their corruption and lawlessness! I would love to see all of them, including the Republican Turncoats, behind bars.

  9. Has any of those pieces of trash like Bill Maher or Michael Moore ever apologizes tonTrump for being judge and jury and then they’ve all made a mistake. Infuriating part of the populace as if trump was going to strip them of every disgusting sin Obama backed. Legalizing marijuana (gateway drug idiots), abortion, faggot marriage. Trump is fixing the real problem then next term he may worry about social things that really do t matter but the snow flakes need reassurance. Anyway, all of that late night trash should apologize but they won’t. Most got their cues from higher offices. Hopefully they die a long and painful death right before they enter hell.

  10. Betty, How can you look at yourself in the mirror & tell such lies without cringing at your own stupidity. The evidence pointing to a result opposite of your comments is overwhelming, yet you insist on doubling down. If you were playing poker you would be broke within minutes. Can’t understand why you can hate someone so much that you will embarrass yourself with the many stupid & ignorant comments you make. Someone rich, successful & self—confident in your past must have hurt you very badly for you to be so bitter & vile to a man you do not even know. You must be a very lonely & unloved person to spew so many lies & so much anger & hate.

  11. Be sure you stay strong, remain resolute and above all be patient. The ‘Swamp’ is still a dangerous place. Also, be sure to tighten you chin strap. Things are going to get real dicey.

    • Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…that is if you are the Hillary-witch, or Obama, or one of his flunkies who drank the Kool-Aid and did the dirty work for any of the swamp creatures!

      • Linda he did not win the popular vote he only won because of the electoral college. Plus if you look at vote totals why did 40 house seats change hands. Your side was out voted by about 8,000,000 votes.

        If tRUMP is so great why the flip. Plus you have to remember the red teams base is shrinking as older rural whites die your voter base shrinks. The outcome is is all in the demographics it is inevitable.

          • Clarence what clause do you want me to read. I did not dispute the fact he won what I said is he did not win the popular vote he did not win the electoral college. Now the other point is the red team was beaten by about 8,000,000 million in the midterms.

            I did not pull these numbers out of the air it’s all out there. My second point is this the base of the Republican Party is either mega billionaires who have no allegiance to any country the second is the rural non college educated whites older generally.

            So as a base the pool of voters is shrinking as the old whites die the question is who replaces them the millennials over all do not support the red team the minority’s typically don’t support red team.. So the as red team shrinks and who replaces them. It becomes whiter and older unless they can attract minority voters.

            Texas is already turning purple due to the fact Latinos are now the majority in the state if they are organized they can take the power away from the whites. So really the question is how many more elections cycles can the red team win in reality one maybe 2 after 2028 the number should flip The demographics don’t lie suburban/urban whites don’t like tRUMP so you are more dependent a shrinking older white base. Demographics don’t lie they are like a wave beating on a rock eventually the rock tumbles that is the ultimate way the red team goes.

            So what are you going to do then from many of the comments I see here it sounds like you would just as soon get your guns and shoot the Democrats because they don’t agree with your ideas.

            All I know is my ancestors decided to do that 159 years ago and we all know how that turned out. So if we go that route may our high power help us because it will not be like one our next civil war will make Syria look like a walk in the park. Now ponder that awhile.


        • Well moron, oops, I mean monty, take a look at all the ILLEGAL votes: Illegal aliens voted, dead people voted, many DemonRATS voted twice or more under assumed names, recounts by the lying DemonRATS where they suddenly “discovered” thousands of uncounted DemonRAT votes and I’m sure there was much more DemonRAT voter fraud that has yet to be uncovered. If our voter base is shrinking it’s only because morals are no longer taught, responsibility for ones own actions is no longer taught, lying is encouraged and racism against Caucasians is glorified. That’s alright though moron, I mean monty, we on the RIGHT know how to FIGHT and we don’t do it with rainbows and dildos.

          • So you are willing to go to the street and kill people because they don’t agree with your politics. Is that what I hear you say so assume 50% were illegal as you say you were still outvote.

            So you are willing to kill and I assume in put people camps that don’t agree with your politics.

          • I am trying to have an intellectual debate name calling is what tRUMP does a hell’ve lot better than you

          • I am trying to have an intellectual debate name calling is what tRUMP does a hell’ve lot better than you .

          • Monty, it seems that no one has ever told you that using your name (I) and intellectual in the same sentence, is an oxymoron. Sorry, but someone needed to tell you.

          • I’m willing to do whatever it takes monty. It isn’t because I disagree with certain political views, it’s because I hate communism. I hate those that attack our Constitution and our FREEDOMS that so many have fought and died for, including many in my own family, just so morons like you can sit in your mama’s basement and complain about how bad you have it. You worthless pieces of crap have never had to sacrifice anything for the freedom you bitch about. The best thing that could happen to you idiots is for the government to restart the draft. Yes, I’m willing to protect my freedom.

          • Monty, what part of ILLEGAL do you not understand???? They are breaking our laws, they have NO BUSINESS being here!!!!!1 But you are a sick lib and laws don’t mean anything to you. You have no morals. sad

          • Monty, that is your mistake. You are not intellectual, so cannot have an intellectual debate. First you have to have a brain. Yours has been corrupted by the dems.

          • Mark actually I spent 10 years 1980-1990 working and building F-16 fighters for the war machine.

          • Just because you may have worked on F16’s doesn’t make you a patriot, obviously. I’ve worked all over the country under military contract, my older brother was a green beret, my dad was a fighter pilot and there are several more in my family that were in the service. As for the “war machine”, there has been war and will be war as long as there are humans; mainly because of idiots like you that want to take away our freedom. I’m free and I will die free. You are already a subject (slave) in your own mind.

        • To: monty jackson and rest of the undereducated blue team. You and your blue team keep referring to the popular vote.
          Thank Jesus Christ and the Founding Fathers for the electoral college.
          There are 3141 counties in the United States, Trump won 3084 of them, Clinton won 57
          There are 62 counties in NY State. Trump won 46, Clinton won 16. Clinton won the popular vote by approximately 1.5 million votes In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Richmond)
          Clinton received over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton won 4 of these counties, Trump won Richmond). Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country. These 5 counties comprise of 319 square miles. The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles. When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those that encompass a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.
          Thank GOD for the electoral college.
          GOD bless the United States and especially our Great President Trump.

        • Monty, He did not win the popular vote because of DEM CORRUPTION!!!! Take out all the illegal votes, dead people votes, and those who voted more than once, and Trump won by a landslide. The dems are very corrupt and don’t care how they win.

  12. Betty, Betty, …

    Obama is not that smart. He did nothing for America while Trump did everything for America. Big, big difference. I mean very big!

    Obama is utterly worthless. Eight years of worthlessness.

    He can’t be American … who is Obama? Really …

  13. Looking at the above photo of d trump, somebody needs to Wipe the SELF SATISFIED, SMUG, STUPID, SELFISH SMIRK OFF THE FACE OF THAT PILE OF WALKING, TALKING SEWER SHIT!

      • Right On, paul, What goes around does indeed comes around. & one day If Americans everywhere has any brains, so will Two Piles Of trump TRASH & all of their republican RETARDS, d. trump’s Asshole Kissing Supporters by losing next year’s election!

    • Sorry, but remember all the mocking he got from nearly everyone in the Media. Hollywood. Movie Stars and majority of Media outlets. It is Trump’s turn to mock, let him.

    • Wow, Betty you also need to buy a one-way ticket out of the USA. Trump is a fantastic President when is your Eye and Ear appointment you do not see the good he has done for our Country. What a waste of time Obama was and his wife. We now have an elegant 1st Lady.

      • You got that right. Obama was not born here for sure. OBAMA fulled americans for 8 years and still he is trying to keep fulling. But I think, thanks to Donald Trump and the good Republicans behind him (not the traitor republicans) all the swamp will be behind bars and crying for help for the rest of their days Here on earth and then in HELL were
        they all belong

  14. muellers only job was to see if mr. trump was gilluty of interferace in the election, and nothing more. so it should be totaly dropped, but the democrats have to keep stirring it to keep mr. trumpfrom looking into them. we all know hillary and obama had the bought and paid for,so its amazing mr. trump won aganist all odds , so what will the democrats try in the 2020 election. hopefullyhillary ,obama and more will end up behind bars. trump 2020.

          • Concession speech NOT the night OF but a day LATE by BOTH Obama and HRC (loose quote) > wanting Trump to succeed as President and will do everything they can to make that happen. Liars THEN liars NOW! ONCE a liar ALWAYS a liar! And anyone denying THAT truth is lying to HIMSELF! Democrats’ JACKASS logo is MOST appropos > could have ALSO been an OSTRICH with its head buried in the sand!

          • Dan, you can’t fix stupid…let the bitches rant – they only continue to expose their own ignorance, and the proof will be when our President takes the White House again in 2020! May God put His mighty hand of protection over our legally elected President and Vice President, and I know that anyone with a hint of intellect will continue to pray that our country remains in the hands of those who love and honor it!

          • Dan, please don’t insult dogs, I like animals. The dems have their “squad” and we have our “twits”, Betty and the Alaskan moose.

        • The two of you betty and alaska woman are nothing but a couple of whining crybaby liberal that can not see past your own hate. The only two that will be seeing and taken out in handcuffs will be obone head and the corrupt clinton. Oh and one more thing we HAVE A MOST BEAUTIFUL/ELEGANT /WONDERFUL FIRST LADY IN MELANIA. Now go and mix yourselves some whiskey and koolaid and get yourselves another BUZZ.

        • You’ve got that one right. That day will come and will be the biggest shocker in this nation (long overdue) when those three are led out in cuffs. Our A.G. Bill Barr will see to that. AMERICA will then throw the BIGGEST BLOCK PARTY that you can imagine.

      • Hey Alaska Woman , any facts or you just mouth off ? Well , let’s see about law breaking examples , shall we ? Obamination ( Obama ) lying about his birth certificate ( not US born ! ) or why he surrendered his license , Hillary and her little uranium deal , Maxine’s money laundering scheme with her daughter and I can go one for a long time …. Get a dose of reality before you embarrass yourself even more ! And try to educate your new found buddy , Betty , just as delusional as you !

  15. I have been tell my family and friends the OBLAMMER administration MAY be going to jail(I PRAY) and that’s why the DEMON RATS are CIRCLE THE RACE BAITORS!!!!

    • In kingdoms, the king owns his countryman, and they’re called subjects. President Trump would never want to own the American people, and he would REFUSE a crown. Besides, would you want to be the subject of a successor?


      • Hi Betty , happy to see that your mouth diarrhea is still going strong ! On the other hand you are too stupid to insult , would not understand it anyway …. Still no facts , just pure uneducated hatred , you must be very proud of yourself !

      • Obozo and Hillary will be in prison by 2024. Obozo and his tra**gender “wife” are scum of the earth. Demoncraps are full of themselves.

      • Oh now you are definitely referring to both obozo and mickeydoodle. Talk about WORTHLESS. betty…betty…you have to stop with your ranting and raving. It’s gaining you not one thing….well except your own babbling on and on…GROW UP LADY.

    • Also for aiding and abetting known terrorists( both domestic and foreign)! By leaving the southern border open for all to cross, they are allowing ISIS, and other known terrorist groups to come into our country and kill our citizens!

  16. It’s all No Nads Nadler. He’s still holding a grudge against Trump because Trump wouldn’t develop a section of Manhattan the way Nadler wanted. At the time No Nad Nadler was obese and as Trump does best used some choice words describing Nadlers large overweight physical appearance. In other words No Nad Nadler was a fat pig and he’s never gotten over it.

  17. As it has been said more than “once” by the democrats no one is above the law. I want Obama prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Include the clintons. Our politicians (both sides) are out of control and corrupt. Think about the millions of taxpayers dollars that the normal American citizen pays, the politicians spend it like a never ending source. Their life style and riches are are on the backs of American citizens.

    • Hanna B, you are absolutely correct, and I hope that AG Barr gets to complete his investigation and is able hold the right people accountable for taking us through this spectacle (Even if it goes up to ex-President Obama)

      Hey Hanna B, who do you pick?

    • Our country was never designed to have a ruling class, yet that is exactly what our politicians believe they are. They go to Washington poor and leave wealthy due to the rampant corruption and payoffs within our government. We now have a President that is not part of the club, and they hate him for it. We need TERM LIMITS on ALL positions. Career politicians should become a thing of the past. It is We the People that are supposed to be running this country. OUR politicians have forgotten that. They need to be reminded forcefully.

      • well stated the democrats HATE our President because he is not a part of the Washington Club, he cannot be manipulated, paid off, threatened to do what “they” want him to. Our great Presidents wants to do what is best for our country and the legal citizens who live here. God Bless our President and may he protect him from the evil of the Haters (demorats) in this country. 2020 President Trump.

  18. “Can you give me an example other than Donald Trump where the Justice Department determined that an investigated person was not exonerated because their innocence was not conclusively determined?” Rep. Ratcliffe asked. “I cannot, but this is a unique situation,” Mueller responded. “It doesn’t exist,” Ratcliffe continued. “Nowhere does it say that you were to conclusively determine Donald Trump’s innocence or that the special counsel report should determine whether or not to exonerate him. It’s not in any of the documents, it’s not in your appointment order, it’s not in any of the special counsel regulations, it’s not in the OLC opinions, it’s not in the Justice manual, and it’s not in the principles of federal prosecution.” “The bedrock principle of our justice system is a presumption of innocence,” Ratcliffe added. “You wrote 180 pages about decisions that weren’t reached, about potential crimes that weren’t charged or decided,” Ratcliffe said.

  19. The DumbocRATS will be accusing President Trump of revenge. Well maybe he is looking for some, I think that he is more interested in not allowing this corrupt government from returning in the future.

    • I agree Earl. And there must be justice for all who deserve to pay for crimes against the American people. For too long many have looked the other way perhaps because of race or possible retaliation. But this cannot stop justice. It is appropriate because we have more evidence to prove the crimes committed. It is a shame we have to do it, but we need to do it and make America better for the future. President Trump is correct in stating that no other President should have to ever go through what he has. And this is why we need to nip corruption in the bud.

  20. The Democrats are like wood worms, who screwed themselves into the fabric of our Gov’t, and started to tear apart all the goodness out of our values.

    • What about the all of those republican RETARDS with Their Constant ASSHOLE KISSING of that Oval Office ORANGUTAN APE, that MENTALLY ILL MONKEY & His Latest Legalized Brainless BIMBO?

      • Betty, it is very obvious that you do not even know any republicans. I know HUNDREDS and ALL are much more intelligent than you are. They are also much nicer than you. You are a miserable creature.

      • Betty: You don’t show any respect to ANYONE. Especially to our President and his lovely wife.What is wrong with you?? If anyone has SEVERE mental problems it’s you, and your side kick Alaska Woman.You both have garbage mouths and your constant rants show just how intelligent YOU both are.Again, your evil, corrupt Queen lost. THANK GOD!! Now get over it. If you can’t, stay off these sites because you have nothing to contribute, except your hate!!!Which none of us are interested in hearing…..

      • Betty I hate to inform you but it seems that you have an advanced stage on mental retardation or a fatal case of dementia there is no sane person that would utter such stupidity about our President your disrespect is repulsive and it offends all rational citizens

      • Thanks someone needs to give you a tour of s chicken farm & syick you head first into a huge pile of chicken $hit.
        You would stop running your really nasty mouth.

  21. It could be a deep state/times two.
    Everyone here is out in the open, especially obama.
    It’s coming together, actually kinda coming together.
    Others are definitely involved, the people involved
    now are politically motivated.
    It will probably steer clear of the known political
    movement, and start to expose the globalist that are involved.
    People like Epstein. Can’t name anyone else for fear of retaliation. These people are very resourceful, and dangerous.

  22. There is one too many African people in Government office will be a biggest problems. Every thing we do African peoples never appreciates anything U.S.A. DOES. Always play Racist Cards,that all they only know Sham on you. We are not Racist only African Blacks peoples is.GOD BLESS U.S.A.

  23. These morally corrupt creatures will immediately start throwing one another under the bus, and in the pile will be the Liar in Chief Obama. He created the divide in the country with his race-baiting. It’s very sad that this creature could have been a very good President but he choose the ALINSKY method of LYING SPYING & DECEIVING.

    • Obama said he was Muslim he attended a radical church was befriended by a radical terrorist and hated Jews and he got elected twice by people who hate this country and wanted the world to be muslin .he believes government should run the country when in fact they cannot run the post office

    • Obama said he was Muslim he attended a radical church was befriended by a radical terrorist and hated Jews and he got elected twice by people who hate this country and wanted the world to be muslin .he believes government should run the country when in fact they cannot run the post office

  24. @ Art Ward: I believe that Obama was the beginning of the end of America, that God’s judgment was started. BUT~people all across this country were praying, & even some in foreign countries were praying for us~that Hillary would lose the election. And, by some miracle, she DID lose. I’m positive that God took over, & allowed Presiden Trump to be elected. However, if we DON’T stand up for what’s right,in the face of opposition, we’re in danger of losing America. We may have it rough for a while, because there WILL be a Civil War. But, with God on OUR side, we can turn this country around! Everybody, that legally can, needs to get out & vote next year. And, with all the cheating that the Dims do, it’s gonna be a hard fought battle. I say we need monitors,during the voting, AND the counting!!

    • I believe that the nation’s demise was sealed when Roe vs Wade was passed. Legalizing the crime of murder of innocents has vastly sped up our deterioration. Just look what’s happened since then! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

    • Seniors are still the largest population. Take a senior to vote with you. Don’t assume they have a ride. A lot stayed home because they did not have a ride. Early on make sure they are registered. If not take them the form . Check back make sure they mailed it.
      Every vote counts.
      I am helping several. Going to make sure they get to the polls too! Doing all l can and l am 70 yes. Old!
      MAGA 2020

    • TZotally agree. Wr are in danger of losing this country to a point of no return. Especially if all illegal immigrants are allowed to vote fradulant with Democrates cheating.

  25. Unless you’re one who’s been wandering somewhere out in deep-space since before the 2016 US Presidential Election and, you’ve recently landed back in the good ol’ USA .. here, in the once “United” States of America, the once considered “peaceful transition of power” is no longer the norm

  26. He needs to make sure everyone responsible is made to pay. This cannot happen again, and it will if they get away with it.

    • Exactly! This black eye Obama gave America will take decades before there can be trust built back if those RATS are not served the severe justice they more than deserve.
      And it all stands to be repeated as there will be nothing done to the corrupt.

      • The Memories of All OF THE “BLACK EYES” trump gives America in The World’s Eyes Every Day Will Last For The Next Five Thousand Years!

        • Betty is a hoot. Calm down Betty, May I call you Betty? You know this period in time will be over one day in January 2025. Betty, that’s a long time! Five plus years is probably too much. Betty, you can stop the pain. It’s your life to do with what you want and Betty it would be just like your Baby Murdering party wants you to do. Your just a little bigger baby but Betty, never forget suicide is an option. It can be painless and if your in California they still help you accomplish that. It’s not unlawful there Betty and your people would shout your name longer than Trumps. You would be made a martyr with all of the other freaks out there that are Muslim. Consider it Betty and do the right thing for America. Thank you Betty!

        • Betyy, (your spelling), Pres. Trump has done nothing wrong. You can’t name even one thing that he has done wrong. And trust me, this world is not going to be here another five thousand years.

    • Where are all the indictments that they had prepared did they DISAPPEAR?? Accountability needs to be addressed and the DEEP STATE TORN APART AT THE ROOTS WE ARE NOT PLAYING GAMES THIS IS REAL TIME…

    • You do that Monty. You must be a Democrat, if you think spending your money on a flag, only to burn it, is smart! You just proved why America doesn’t need Democrats running our economy. But I don’t think you have the money to buy a flag to burn. So that just makes you a liar, like the Democrats are being shown to be.

      • Maybe he plans to steal one to burn.
        A liar will steal from you and a thief will lie to you.
        To put that in context, the lying looney liberals WILL steal from you.

        • Of course libs will steal. They have thrown God out and have no morals. They don’t believe in right and wrong. They are very sad creatures.

      • Honey trust me I have the money to buy a flag. Tell you what I did to my last after I beat it off my flag I threw it on my garage floor wiped up the oil stain then I whipped it out and pissed all over it then took it to the street and threw in Recycle bin. Thinking I need to do it again have some more oil on my garage floor.

        • Hey Monty , you must be very full of yourself ( or something else ) ,a great example for your kids ( hope you don’t have any ) ! If you have no respect for the American flag why aren’t you moving to a better place ? Try entering illegally any country and see the warm welcome awaiting . Seriously ,why don’t you ? I dare you !

          • No Richard but when I was ten people were burning flags in the streets because we were in a immoral unjust war. Which we lost.

        • Monty Jackson;That’s not oil on your garage floor. That’s the venom dripping from your fangs! What a hater you are! PLEASE take your hate to another country since you hate the USA so much.May I suggest North Korea? Try burning their flag and see what happens to you…Idiot….

          • Monty Jackass, take what is left of your flag and tell your friendly neighborhood Marine what you did!!

          • Linda I am a hater look at all the hate you folks are spewing on this blog if you hated President Obama so much why did you not move when he was president. I mean duh folks.

        • Monty, you are extremely sick and need a lot of help. This country has done so much for you. But YOU need to move. Try a muslim country or NK and see how you like it there. You will come crawling back, fool.

        • Monty your full of camel Crap , you haven’t got the balls to piss on the flag or wipe up oil with it , your just running your chicken shit mouth Punk , trying to sound all tuff , put up a picture of yourself doing just that , dumbass liberal camel Sucker , that’s just what you are !

          • Why are you a meat gazer I have no problem pissing on a flag that really gets under your skin why do you even care you are not pissing on it I am last time I looked it’s still a protected form of free speech. Am I right unless their as been new Supreme Court ruling. So I guess I can burn or piss on.

        • Monty Jackson; You asked me why didn’t I move when Obama was president? Because I knew the American people would wake up and see what a failure, racist and hater of this country he was and and vote him out.And every time YOU disrespect our flag, you are clearly stating you hate this country.Not the sitting president, but our country.Yes, it is your right to do it. But don’t come on these sites and brag about it.And further sir, I served our country.Did you? Just like another vet told you, don’t try pulling that nonsense in front of him or any other vet.
          I have lived longer in this country a lot longer than you have been alive.So I’m not going anywhere.As as much as I disliked Obama and how he ruined this country, I did not disrespect him publicly.And I certainly did not start burning the flag! Not like you haters do.And if you think that corrupt, evil Clinton would have done anything good for this country or it’s people, think again. Just like her corrupt husband that shamed our country as well. And why are you on this site anyway? It’s called RenewedRight. Not Anti-American Leftists..So go ahead and burn a flag if it makes you feel like a big man.But we know otherwise…..

        • don’t need guns or any weapon to put you where you belong.
          all and any of you, come out to Long Island NY, see if you make back off this island

        • Tuff guy Monty , so you’ve been buying guns n Ammo have you Monty , well well , daring somebody to come and get you , what are you hiding Monty , the fact is your the terrorist Punk Monty , look in the mirror Monty that’s you liberal traitor , any time jump when ready punk

    • Monty , Your day of reckoning is coming , burning the American are you now , A Liberal Nazis , you are that Monty , , that smartass mouth of yours is fitting , for a liberal puss such as you , have a nice day !!

  27. Obama was simply a player from Central Casting! He had done virtually nothing in his lifetime that would ever qualify him for any real job anywhere, leave alone the job we know as POTUS! The word incredulous comes to mind! This was surely one of the lowest, ugly, and dishonest, moves that the Deep State clowns ever put together. The simple truth remains-Washington needs an enema! Are we ever going to learn or are we likely to just stand by and continue to let these clowns continue to slowly steal our once great country from us?

  28. Draining the swamp. The swamp is deep, wide and filled all the way to the bottom with scum. Clinton, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Brennan, Comey, Mueller, Sztrok, Page, Orr, Amash, Tlaib, Cortez, Pressley, Omar, Maxine Waters, Nadler, Cummings, Sharpton and a few hundred other names just keep adding to the scum.


    • You are exactly correct on that, Art & Sam. And GySgt Lew, you are correct on Nazi Soros & Son. Drain the swamp, now.

  29. Yup funny how all who will tell the truth re clintons and Obama’s die suddently
    Wonder why no one investigates the authorities are afraid but now Ted Gowdy and Epstein
    they better put him in a safe house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • gloria, the Demonrats won’t investigate their own and would fight to block anyone else from doing so. Look at the way they fight our President over illegal criminals…

    • Brenda:
      Best not to reply to people like “Betty” and others as they are mentally disturbed and don’t deal from a full deck. I stopped replying to them long ago as when doing so brings me down to their level.

      • Greg, you are correct…baiting idiots is a waste of time and energy. Monty, Betty(who seriously needs her head examined) and the dumb broad from Alaska don’t have the intellect to figure out that the criminals in the previous administration WILL pay for the sins they’ve committed against America, and all of the blowhard, spouting-off that these three have been spewing truly is the hot air Obama inflated himself with – and I can hardly wait to see his bubble burst! Let freedom ring!

        • AMEN! I agree with you Sue, 100%. We will get our freedom back (some states have succumbed to communism), but it’ll be a rough road for a while.


    • Petrea, it’s strange how whenever someone is going to tell the truth about Okenya, Hillary and the whole administration they turn up dead. I lost count but, I think the last body count was 6???

          • Hey Jack…not sure where you are getting your count, but it’s waaay under the real number, which is definitely around 70, and more than likely, much higher! The Clintons have been in the conspiracy-to-kill racket since Bill got into politics…Hillary’s daddy taught her most of what she’s been practicing, and their daughter is a chip off of the two blockheads – she has swindling, lying and theft down pat! That’s just the Clinton gang…it’s hard to say when Obama started – most of the details are still buried, but with luck, the draining of the swamp will reveal all the skeletons in their closets! I’m praying Bill Barr will help pull that plug…and won’t there be a celebration to end all! God bless President Trump, and our great country!

    • Obamas own Grandmother said he was born in Kenya !! Thats why she was quickly whisked away back to Kenya and never heard from again.

  31. YUP go get that Obama miserable person who thinks he needs to have clones made of him and his wife yak yak yak we need to get them sent back to Kenya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    or dressed in orange!

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