Donald Trump won a major voter fraud court case in this key state

The Fake News Media and Democrats have falsely claimed President Trump has no evidence of voter fraud.

That lie just collapsed.

And that’s because Donald Trump won a major voter fraud court case in this key state.

Joe Biden supposedly won the state of Nevada’s six Electoral College votes by about 30,000 votes.

But the Trump campaign alleged widespread fraud and irregularities centered on Nevada’s shady scheme to mail out unsolicited ballots to every voter on the rolls.

On Wednesday, the Trump campaign won a major victory allowing the Trump campaign to present evidence and depose witnesses to make its case to prove voter fraud in Nevada.

President Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows announced the good news.

President Trump’s campaign alleged voters not living in Nevada voted, dead people voted and others voted multiple times.

The campaign’s lawyers claim once they can present their evidence, the results in Nevada will be overturned and Nevada placed in President Trump’s column.

Many in the Fake News Media dismissed the President’s lawsuits claiming the President’s lawyers never presented any evidence of voter fraud.

But in many of these cases, hostile judges threw out the lawsuits in order to prevent the campaign from making their case about voter fraud.

On December 3, the American people will get their first chance in court to see the Trump campaign’s evidence of fraud.

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