Donald Trump’s jaw hit the floor when a member of the Bush family made this shocking statement

The Bush family has been some of the biggest Never-Trumpers in the Republican Party.

But change could be coming as the next generation launches their political careers.

And Donald Trump’s jaw hit the floor when a member of the Bush family made this shocking statement.

The Bush family has been furious with Donald Trump after he ended the political career of Jeb during the 2016 Presidential race.

George and Jeb still hold a grudge against Trump to this day.

In Texas, Jeb’s son, George P. Bush, is running for the state’s Attorney General office.

Bush is in a runoff election against the current Attorney General, Ken Paxton, who is backed by President Trump.

Texas became ground zero for the border crisis caused by Joe Biden.

With Texas flooded with illegal aliens, the state government, led by Republican Greg Abbott, has taken unprecedented action.

Texas has stepped up while the Biden regime ignores the law with a massive border security effort.

The state has started construction on its own border wall and deployed thousands of Texas National Guardsman and state troopers to assist with border security efforts.

Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed 11 lawsuits to get the rogue Biden regime to enforce the law.

Unlike the rest of the Bush clan, George P. has said he supports President Trump.

Now he’s made a jaw-dropping announcement on what he wants Texas to do to tackle the border crisis.

Bush is calling for a declaration of invasion in response to the border crisis.

A declaration of invasion would let Texas use its Constitutional powers to secure its border after the Biden regime failed to do so.

By using this power, Texas authorities would have the ability to deport illegal aliens.

Currently, only federal authorities are authorized to handle deportations.

Bush says the state can invoke Article IV, Section 4, and Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution to use wartime powers to defend the state.

In announcing his support for the move, he explained his rationale.

“Joe Biden has abandoned the state of Texas, leaving our communities to suffer the crippling effects of a mass invasion perpetrated by known terrorists, drug cartels, and human smugglers,” Bush said.

“Texas has been left with no choice, we must assert our sovereignty and immediately declare an invasion of our state under the U.S. Constitution. Texas National Guard and DPS troopers are already deployed to the border yet are handcuffed by our current federal policies,” he concluded.

This is a major change for the soft-on-border-security Bush clan to have one of them support a strong action against the border crisis.

Declaring an invasion is an idea gaining steam in border states.

Former Trump officials, Border Patrol leaders, and a growing number of state officials have been pushing the idea.

Biden’s border crisis is even making one of the Bush’s a believer in America First border security.

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