Donald Trump’s lawyer just got some very bad news

Anti-Trump journalists and politicians have one last hope to remove the President.

They are hoping Trump attorney Michael Cohen flips on the President due to the legal problems he finds himself in.

And now Cohen just got some very bad news.

Cohen’s home and offices were raised by the FBI after special counsel Mueller referred his findings about Cohen’s business dealings and possible campaign finance violations to the Southern District of New York.

Cohen was not involved in any collusion with Russia and this move was a desperation bank shot by the special counsel to put the squeeze on Cohen.

Now Cohen is telling associates he expects to be arrested in short order.

The New York Daily News reports:

The longtime attorney and personal fixer to President Trump expects to be put in cuffs any day now, possibly opening up his top client to legal complications, a person familiar with the matter said Tuesday.

Cohen has been telling friends he fears his arrest is imminent, the source told the Daily News. Cohen remains under federal investigation for bank fraud and campaign finance violations, potential offenses that resulted in FBI raids at his Manhattan home, hotel room and office in April.

Cohen, 51, did not immediately return a request for comment.

Anti-Trump pundits and politicians believe Cohen holds the key to taking down Trump.

As his “fixer,” Cohen is supposedly privy to all of the President’s secrets.

But the likelihood is that Cohen doesn’t have any evidence of Trump wrong doing.

The idea Cohen will reveal all the skeleton’s in Trump’s closet about collusion with Russia are the stuff of fever dreams from journalists who cannot accept the results of the 2016 election.

The legal jeopardy Cohen is in is very real.

But the idea he holds the key to nailing Trump on colluding with Russia is fake news.