Donald Trump’s lawyer revealed one truth about his indictments no Democrat will admit

Trump White House Archive, Public Domain, via Flickr

Democrats are throwing the kitchen sink at Donald Trump with an unprecedented legal onslaught.

The truth about their witch hunt is being exposed.

And Donald Trump’s lawyer revealed one truth about his indictments no Democrat will admit.

Former President Donald Trump could be forced to spend precious time in 2024 off of the campaign trail and in the courtroom.

The schedule for his bogus criminal trials is coming together, which will put him in the court during important days in the election.

Trump’s attorney and legal spokeswoman Alina Habba told Newsmax that the lawfare being waged against the former President is about “tying him up” to keep him from campaigning.

His upcoming trial schedule and the growing number of charges are impossible to manage, and that’s by design, according to her.

“The reason they keep filing [charges…] is because they don’t really care if they win,” Habba said. “They don’t really care if these cases have merit. They care about tying him up so that he can’t be out there doing what he needs to do on the campaign.”

Trump’s trial for the January 6 case in Washington, D.C., was conveniently timed to begin the day before Super Tuesday next March, when over a dozen states hold their GOP Primary contests.

“And if we look at the trial schedule that we have coming, it’s literally impossible. It’s not about the legal team,” Habba continued. “It’s just the people that need to be there—the witnesses, the depositions […] it’s impossible, and that’s by design.”

Trump’s legal team has pushed for his trials to be held after the 2024 Election, so they have enough time to prepare.

“But you know, they picked the wrong guy,” Habba added. “He is resilient, he is wealthy, and he is strong—and he loves this country, and it only motivates him and his base.”

Trump used his mugshot in Georgia to turn in his best single day of fundraising for this election cycle as his supporters rallied around him.

Habba warned that the prosecutors would keep coming after Trump even if they lost their cases.

“It’s just so obvious what they’re doing,” Habba explained. “I think they will never stop pushing because they can’t control President Trump. They see people who are Republicans as a threat to the Constitution in our country. But I’m pretty sure that these individuals don’t love our country. They cannot possibly love our country because they’re dividing it.”

She said that Trump has a good chance of winning his cases in part because the Justice Department isn’t good at its job.

“I don’t know what’s going on in the DOJ’s office,” Habba said. “They are making a lot of their mistakes very obvious. And they’re making blatant errors in terms of what they are and are not producing and then that comes out in public records and that’s going to be problematic for them.”

Democrats are using the courtroom to beat Donald Trump because they fear they can’t beat him at the ballot box.