Donald Trump’s plan to build the wall left Chuck Schumer blindsided

Building a wall on the Southern border was the signature campaign promise made by Donald Trump.

But Democrats have blocked the funding at every turn.

Now Trump and his team have come up with this plan to build the wall.

When Trump revoked Obama’s illegal DACA amnesty in September, he kicked the decision to Congress.

It is up to the legislative branch to decide the nation’s immigration policy and Trump followed the rule of law and separation of powers when he undid Obama’s executive order.

Congress was determined to pass legal status for the so-called “DREAMers” and even immigration hawks supported the move provided they get significant concessions in return.

And the White House’s “ask” for legalizing the so-called “DREAMers” is money for Trump’s border wall.

Chief of Staff John Kelly presented the plan to members of Congress.

Politico reports:

“At the Tuesday meeting, Kelly and other administration officials went into detail about how much of the southern border is currently fenced and how much more the White House would want in exchange for a DACA deal, according to people who attended.

Senators also pressed the White House on other immigration demands, such as an overhaul of the nation’s asylum system or a change in policy toward unaccompanied minors who are apprehended at the southern border, and whether they needed to be included in the current DACA talks.”

Securing funding for the border wall would be another win for the Trump administration.

2017 was a year packed with significant victories.

Starting 2018 with a victory by busting through the Democrats blockade on funding for the border wall would help energize Republican voters heading into the 2018 midterms.

Chuck Schumer and other Democrats thought Trump would fold on DACA and agree to meaningless “border security” provisions.

But that does not appear to be the case and Trump even announced he would take a trip to the border to examine prototypes for the wall.


  1. Greetings, President Trump and Fellow Americans:
    All the freebies (welfare, food stamps, section 8 housing, free education, free medical care, etc.) apparently is the magnet that draws these illegal immigrants to come here to have a better life!
    Trouble is tax payers are having to pay for all these freebies the illegal immigrants come here to get, which often helps them live higher above the poverty level than many natural born American citizens are. Americans are tired of learning that it is more difficult for American citizens to obtain the same help so readily handed to these illegal immigrants as soon as they come into the country. Yet when American citizens hit hard times or become disabled, who have worked most of their life and paid into the SS system, often find it impossible to obtain the help without hiring a lawyer to fight for what is so easy for non citizens, who have not paid into the system are readily signed up for. We are constantly told social security is broke. We are also told that the SS fund we have paid into our entire adult life is an entitlement – what this translates to is the SS Plan has never been more than a Ponzi scheme to increase taxes without calling it a tax. The same amount paid into an annuity retirement plan would have paid far more than the average SS payment.
    Allegedly our separate SS fund was doing fantastically well until the federal government began borrowing money from it to pay for all the magnet social programs bringing these illegal immigrants here for a better life at American citizens expense.
    Cartoon character Maxine was right when she said if we want to get rid of all the bird poop on our homes, yards, cars and drives – REMOVE THE BIRD FEEDERS.
    So if we want to remove the problem of invading illegal immigrants and build the wall to end the problem – IMMEDIATELY STOP ALL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HELP FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO ARE LIVING OFF AMERICANS AND SENDING MONEY BACK TO THEIR HOMELANDS!!
    President Trump, have someone write up a more specific petition and place it on the WH site for people to sign specifying that all federal assistance for illegal immigrants are to be stopped immemdiately and no future federal funds for any non citizens.
    Further stipulate that all funds saved from the welfare, food stamps, health care, education, section 8 housing, etc., go into a special fund to pay for our border walls, whether northern or southern, first. After the border wall (Trump’s plan, not democrats deep state establishment’s) is paid for the funds will then go back into a separate social security fund until the fund is no in danger of being broke and all funds borrowed from SS to pay other federal purchases until LBJ shifted the SS fund into the general fund to cover up that nothing much was left in it besides IOU’s from the federal government, which has never been repaid, nor ever likely to be repaid.
    After this is done. the savings should go into a border wall maintenance fund and a pay off the federal debt fund and not to be used to make our nation go further into debt.
    Federal spending is totally out of control when the last 2 presidents ran up more debt than all the presidents before them added together did.
    Time to reign these legislators who can’t resist spending everyone else’s money back to living within a budget, just as we have to do, because we don’t have a nation to increase taxes on to live so far above our resources.

  2. Great! Navy Seabees could do it and as a VIET NAM Veteran, I think this idea is great! Maybe other Service construction elements could be utilized as well?

  3. Build the wall. Use the United State’s Navy’s Seabees. They have or can get all the equipment necessary and can build anything any private contractor can. That should be easy to initiate. On top of that using the Bee’s would probably prove much less costly and they can provide their own safety while building it.

  4. Isn’t it amazing, that they want to stay here, and yet, do not take time to become American citizens. Of course thw answer is, it is all the free stuff they are getting from you and I.

  5. You are right Nancy. But how can us conservatives ever get rid of Schumer, and Pelosi?
    We can take care of removing the other two. They need to go!!!

  6. It can be done , that is for sure. Proven on the NK SK border. But does take 38,000 soldiers. But , keeping illegals out would be am small price to pay .

  7. Guess what, America does not owe the world a living!
    Illegal is illegal and should not be tolerated a minute longer.
    Obama did this, and now he is out of office. Obama is an illegal.
    President Trump wants to do away with illegal aliens in any way,
    shape or form. How about doing something for legal American citizens?
    Build that wall, now! Send all these people back to their country of
    origin. Send anchor babies, back to where there parents came from.
    Send healthy, military aged males back to the middle east and all
    other Muslim nations of origin to fight for their own countries.
    No more lottery, DACA, anchor children, or chain migrations. Period.

  8. Send DACA individuals back to their place of birth. Let them assemilate with their own people and if they want to come to America do it legally.
    Build the wall with private funds and donations.

  9. DEMS PROMISED that wall back in ’86, if Reagan would just agree to amnesty the “3 mil” here then; he did, but NO WALL, and 2 more amnesties later STILL NO WALL! DO NOT agree to any amnesty or anything else until the wall is UP and functioning and all those here illegally have been departed; THEN we can talk about reforming the laws to meet AMERICA’s needs, not Dem/Leftist and foreigners’ wants!

  10. Chucky broke his nose, because he had it so up Nancy’s ass. PS Why are Nancy and Chucky worried about the all> Their constitutiants (sp) aren’t the illigals but the idiots dems who voted for them.

  11. Right on.
    Let DACA die.
    No more chain migration
    No Amnesty
    No more Anchor Babies
    No more visas just to get cheap labor
    Deport illegal at 100x the current rate and build the wall to keep them out.


  13. We do need a wall as as it takes a lot of Guards to keep people in , but it has been done since 1953 very well between N,Korea and South Korea , may be we could drain our Swamp into N. Korea , The Clinton’s gave 20 % of our Uranium to Russia , did it then Go to Kim Jung Um?

  14. It’s time for Americans to step up to the plate and kick all those people in congress who are more concerned with foreigners well fare than Americans out of office. Ask them just how much it is COSTING the American TAXPAYER to care for these people. It’s OUR MONEY not chuck’s , Pelosi etc. By the way chuck I’m a dreamer to I dream you are going to increase social security benefits by a thousand dollars a month.If you have billions to spend for people who have done nothing for our country you surly can find some for Americans. Especially those who served to keep you safe to secure YOUR future in ever way.

  15. In 2016, the Money from the USA sent back by Illegal Aliens was their LARGEST Source of Foreign Currency n GDP ! All President Trump has to do with an EXECUTIVE ORDER is levy a Fee on ALL Currency Transactions sent to Mexico, at 20 % , the Wall can be PAID for in 4 Years without Costing the American Taxpayers -ZERO, and Mexico PAID for the Wall !

  16. Well if you want to protect a Border just take a look at the 38th parrel , between N and South Korea ! How many have crossed that since 1953? Some tried and some Died !

  17. I read that 62% of illegal aliens are using our welfare system. How did they end up taking this money? Probably thru our existing programs, especially the Social Security entitlement program that are supposed to be designed as a program to assist the retirees at the age of 63.

    Sad that the liberals managed to find several loopholes to these benefits to assist the aliens. Aliens are NOT citizens. Obviously the Congress need to close these loopholes.

    It is a known fact that Mexico do not want millions of aliens to return. That’s wrong.

  18. In the sweeps, don’t forget the arrivals foem china whoo’ve turned many areas of California into their versions of china, with squid neighborhoods, filth and smells and in san francisco, they’re first in line for all the ‘freebies’ aka give aways: SNAP, WIC, food stamps and free healthcare all the while American citizens struggle with food shortages and finding affordable healthcare. Sick and tired of the liberals runnning this once great state into the ground, looking at the legal residents like their personal walking ATM’S with all their BUPKUS taxes that’ll be diverted to pay for all this BULL**IT! and in San Francisco, they’ve been successful,unfortunately!

  19. Send them home, we owe them nothing. They have used us, cost us billions, stolen our jobs, slowed down our schools, used our entitlements, and demand and demand more. They commit crimes without facing punishment, they have killed our citizens and demanded citizenship. If 15-20 million people invaded any other country it would be seen as an act of war. They need to go!

  20. Here’s how to understand it.

    If we cancel DACA and deport them all and NO BORDER WALL is built, then THEY WILL ALL COME BACK.

    Since they keep blocking the Border Wall, Trump is simply using DACA as a bargaining tool to get them to fund a Border Wall.

    It would be best if we could have BOTH – deport them all and build a Border Wall. But that will NOT happen with Congress blocking funding.

    So, what is the better choice here:

    1. Spend billions deporting them all and then they all come back illegally because we cannot stop them at the border?

    2. Let the children born here stay, build the wall, and deport everyone else and then they CANNOT COME BACK too easily.



  21. Kotok, Mountaine and Man From Grey, I read in an article not too long ago that the cost is more like $135 billion a year to provide for them. That much money could build a really nice Wall and still have plenty for infrastructure and other items on the Presidents agenda. By the really like the ideas of Kotok and Mountaine.

  22. Edward, I really love this comment. Now if Trump could get the Wall built, we could all dream of a much better life for all Americans. I also like the idea of the go fund me way to raise money for that Wall.

  23. Dennis and John, Definitely get all this illegals deported, as fast ICE can deport them. That means all of them, however they got here. No more Anchor Babies, no more “I have family there”, no more visa lottery. No more DACA or any other type of initialized program.

  24. DK, I like that idea. It would save President Trump from having to negotiate with Schumer, McConnell, Pelosi and Ryan for his Wall, which they have no intention of letting him have. These 4 really need to be replaced the next time they come up for re-election, and we definitely need more Senators, and House members elected that support our President and are willing to help instead of hinder, or keep illegal votes for their part.

  25. John, Very true, they followed the fruit and grain from state to state picking, and they went home during our winter, came back the following spring and worked through fall.

  26. Gene, that is what I keep saying. Deport them and any family they have here. If they paid attention in school they are educated and can use that education in their home country to fix those problems and quit trying to demand that we change the USA for them.

  27. No. We don’t want them made legal under any circumstances. If we absolutely must have the illegals shoved down our throats, then they must be extremely vetted and not be allowed anymore of the “free benefits” they have been on since they got here for a minimum of 5 years, no crimes before or after, and become a citizen in 2 years

  28. I do not understand all of this banter and Bull S..t….they are illegal.So now that we know that, isn’t the solution rather a simple one? Just DO it…..simple enough and since WE HAVE EDUCATED THE FOLKS THEY MUST KNOW WHAT ” ILLEGAL” means?

  29. He is the deal, By executive order, President assigns 1 illegal immigrant to each democrat that votes against the wall and the would be responsible for them, just like family. This would not only include Mexicans but any illegal crossing the border. The could be Mexican, Syrian, Iranian, whoever, just as long as they are illegal.

  30. I’m old enough to remember the Bracero Program where Mexicans would come and work the seasons then return to their homes. They didn’t bring their wives nor did we have anchor babies and we never had a problem with them.

  31. They can get legal working papers and work for five years (succesfully I hope and pay taxes) and then apply for citizenship. Do we want them voting before actually showing they can support themselves?

  32. a simpler way to get rid of them , get rid of welfare and food stamps and they will stop coming and leave, they can work for a dollar a day in their own country

  33. Open up a GOFUNDME campaign to build the wall. We will help you raise that money. Thank you President Trump for all the good you bring to our country. The wall is needed.
    Merry Christmas to all

  34. As far as I’m concerned we traded the life of my son
    for three illegal aliens during a home invasion robbery.
    In my book that wasn’t a fair trade!!!
    Build the wall and deport all the illegals!!!!

  35. Mr President, throw out every last illegal and there familys. They can come back the legal way like the legal people do it. Please build the wall already. What the hell is going on?? Other countrys have built walls and they seem to work. We are counting on you to get this wall built.

  36. DEPOT THEM ALL……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Any Dreamer who is over 18 years of age, was educated in this country for free since coming here and has not used that free education to apply for citizenship after age 18 and 6 months has no right to stay here. Sorry, common sense does not come in a bottle or a pill. You forfeited your entitlement when you did not do what is right, apply for citizenship, your education taught you to do what’s right. See ya!

  38. Way more than is spent on our Veterans and homeless CITIZENS! But then those two groups usually will not vote for dumbocraps anyway, so what do they care about r=them!

  39. The 26 BIllinois Dollars is only part of what it costs for having Illegals in Our Country, as it amounts to lots more when it comes to all of the Language translations supplied to communicate with the Illegals….this adds up to Billions of Dollars each Year…
    Don’t forget to add this into what it costs us all taxpayers…..

  40. Well, perhaps it’s not the WALL we need right now, anyway. Perhaps what would go over a little better with the general public is to create a few hundred new jobs for people with guns to protect the border? Shoot at illegals, and scaring them away… not actually shooting them until they set foot on American soil? I would bet there would be a LOT of people applying for that job! Hee hee! Walls can be scaled or tunneled under… but try and get past a lot of pissed off Americans, and see what you get.

  41. Dear POTUS, while you’re at it. Part of securing the border is of course sending people back who came here illegally. So follow this logic for a moment please:

    Suppose parents steal a car and give it to their
    child as they become old enough to drive and they don’t tell them how the car
    was obtained. The child drives the car perfectly, no accidents and no tickets.

    Per DACA logic, the child had no fault in this of their own, they know no other car and have been a model driver so we should let them keep it. Original owner’s complaints be damned!


    Don’t forget, per the Congressional Budget Office DACA amnesty
    would cost $26 billion.

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