Donald Trump’s poll numbers left the media fuming

The fake news media has spent the last 18 months trying to convince the American people that Donald Trump is an unpopular President that Americans can’t wait to cast aside.

That lie just blew up in their face.

One new poll showed Donald Trump’s poll numbers compared to Obama at the same point in their Presidency and it was shocking.

To hear the media tell it, Barack Obama was magical figure sent from above who was universally beloved by Americans.

The kingly Obama was succeeded by a racist, sexist, xenophobic reprobate Donald Trump, and Trump is hated by Americans who can’t wait to undo the mistake they made in the 2016 election.

Poll numbers tell a different story.

The most recent Rasmussen poll shows Trump’s approval rating among likely voters is 50 percent.

That is five points higher than Barack Obama at this point in his Presidency.

Journalists have tried for 18 months to use fake news and lies to drive down Trump’s approval numbers and separate him from his voters.

Every effort has ended in miserable failure.

These polls numbers show the Republicans have a fighting chance to hold on to the House in November.

To be sure, the Democrats are favored to do well in 2018.

The party out of power usually picks up seats in the midterm elections.

But Trump’s rising poll numbers show Republicans may be more energized to turn out than the so-called “mainstream” media claims.

Some Trump supporters now expect the media to ramp up their lies and fake news about President Trump in order to drive down his numbers and depress Republican support.

The Russia coverage will get more hysterical.

And journalists will do their best to cover up any good news and conceal the truth from the American people.

We will keep you up-to-date in any new developments in the midterm elections.



  1. As far the Legal Law Abiding Immigrants are concern, Pres. Donald J. Trump, is a God’s gift & savior of American. Pres. Trump will MAGA. Remember, failed, corrupt, crooked, hungry of power & money, pathological serial liar Obama enriched other country and apologizes to the world. Obama and michelle never love America at all they are puppit of Soro & Russian. Thank God, we have Pres. Donald J. Trump.

  2. Why hasn’t someone with power and money paid to open these closed sites on Obama’s transcripts? Doesn’t anyone believe in the TRUTH anymore?

  3. Just heard McCain is on his way out! I don’t like to say what I’m going to say but it has to be said! Mccain was no american hero if you know his real history and he’s getting what he deserves.He was a lowlife scumbag to people who really knew him! Democrats are always trying to rewrite history!

    • Obama challenged McCains qualification to be POTUS, for being borne in a military hospital in Panama, where his father was the commanding Admiral
      It would have been easy for McCain to legitimately challenge Obama’s qualification, no paper or Dem. Party could have chastised him for this.
      In his arrogance he thought he did not need to.
      Had he not antagonized Conservatives, by reining in his running mate, Sarah Plalin, he might have had a chance to unite Conservatives behind him, but he muzzled Mrs. Palin
      He was the son of 4-star General McCain, commander of the US military control of Panama Canal, challenged by Obama for his qualification for NOT being borne Not on US Soil.
      As a soldier, he was more of a nuisance to the Air Force, damaging several fighter planes and an Aircraft carrier, when he started his jet, against Regulation, under Full Afterburner, damaging several other jets, killing other pilots and some maintenance personal, and taking the carrier out of commission for several months for repairs to damages he caused.
      As a POTUS candidate, he muzzled his VP candidate, Sarah Palinn, the only chance he had appeal to Conservatives.
      To round out his “accomplishments” in private life, he married a multi-millionaire women, who financed his run for Senator and POTUS, he had Zero credibility with real conservatives.
      I would never have invited this man into my house.

  4. Dear M: Many thanks for the “tip”. Part of my message erroneously repeated itself, but the gist was there. Per your suggestion, I removed my own “personal” history of expertise in discerning fake from real, and this seemed to do the trick. THANKS AGAIN.

  5. Regarding Obama’s FAKE or REAL birth certificate — I personally did about four months of research regarding its authenticity. In my opinion, it was a very unprofessional job yet still rather unremarkable as far as obvious detection is concerned, especially to the untrained eye. However, to me, it was a meticulously “sloppy” job in about seven different areas of detail in the actual “transport of information” from another person’s certificate Regarding Obama’s FAKE or REAL birth certificate — I personally did about four months of research regarding its authenticity. In my opinion, it was a very unprofessional job yet still rather unremarkable as far as obvious detection is concerned, especially to the untrained eye. However, to me, it was a meticulously “sloppy” job in about seven different areas of detail in the actual “transport of information” from another person’s certificate to make the original Obama certificate, which is quite evident to those of us who are extremely skilled at, let’s just say, the transformation and/or creation of documents. Personally, I’m absolutely 99% sure the answer to its authenticity is a resousounding and absolute “NO”.

    • If Obama’s mother was a U.S. citizen at the time of Obama’s birth, he would have automatically been an American Citizen no matter what country in which he was born. Where I question his citizenship is knowing his mother terminated her American citizenship. I have not been able to find out what year she denounced her citizenship and gained citizenship of, I believe, Kenya. If she became a citizen of Kenya prior to Obama’s birth, then he would not be a U.S. citizen. Since his presidency is past tense, I’m not certain whether or not he was a U.S. citizen really matters.

      • Obama’s mother was not yet 18 years of age at Obama’s birth, the minimum age she needed to be to convey her American Citizenship to Obama.

    • it had one major mistake in 1960’s the term for race would not be right it was not used as such for years to come

    • The Birth Certificate supplied by Obama’s brother & Grandmother is the one I feel to be authentic……Hillary herself was the one that stated she pulled up Obama’s BC on her computer that stated he was born in Hawaii………

      Obama is Kenyan born & muslim…….He was an ILLEGAL CIC…..

  6. Please folks, stop replying to the fake “Diane”. There is no Diane. It’s a paid troll that goes on different sites to stir up emotions and gets paid for every reply to the nonsense. The only way to stop it is to ignore it. Read it if you must but laugh and move on. Don’t contribute to the leftists.
    Eventually, Diane will become someone else if it hasn’t happened already and continue to spew the BS and stir up anger.

    • Many people, gillyanne, have run into the same problem at RR. Try rewording your message and make sure it doesn’t sound like a personal email. Tips from my experience.

  7. My issues with Obama have nothing to do with race, after all he is bi-racial, he is as white as he is black, black as he is white. The open question, as stated by Hillary Clinton during her run against Obama, is his place of birth, citizenship and religion. If the truth be told, he owes everything to his white family, starting with his mother and grandparents and family, they raised him. His black family contribution was limited to a sperm donation. His muslim Father left the family to return to his other wives in Kenya. Obama’s Mother than Married a muslim from Indonesia where his available records indicate his religion as Muslim. Many of Obama’s records are sealed for some reason and tens of thousands has been spent trying to gain access and also to keep them closed. The questionable document presented as live birth has been discredited as a forgery by numerous document experts as on a number of levels and issues, both technical and content, such as the Hospital name stated did not exist at that time, but came later. He has a Social Security number issued in Conn, a state he never lived in. Why are they sealed, what is so serious and unavailable. Than he applies to Occidental College as a foreign student and gets admitted. If he was a US Citizen he would state such. He was lying than or lying now, again records at Occidental are sealed. He states He and his mother were on welfare & food stamps. Who paid for his College, and later Columbia Univ. and that Harvard, he would need a few hundred thousand in student loans. He wears a muslim ring, his wife had a 250,000 no show job at Cook County Hosp. while he was in the Senate and on and on. Congress held a committee on John McCain’s citizenship, with his father & grandfather being Admirals in the USN, but not a word about Obama. its MSM all over again, where is the outrage, the questions, where are the defenders of the truth.

    • Read “The Manchurian Candidate” by Richard Condon – Soros’ (and others) packaged puppet. They can’t let any of the truths out.

    • I agree wholeheartedly the others are all Democrat Secular Progressive Humanist Propaganda Media’s and would not know the truth if or bit them on the butt.

  8. FOLKS….please quit replying to DIANE. She’s a PAID TROLL
    and the posts are deliberately written to make “her” $$$$$.

  9. All you true American patriots, listen up, please! Diane is not real but is a commie Dem lib paid troll. Every time you reply to it, it is getting paid. Diane is flying through websites making rage in people so they will reply and it gets paid more $. Ignore and it will go away to where can make $.

  10. We have a “real man” in the White House and the pedophiles, media whores, and sexual deviates can’t stand it. This is a business man; not a double taking lawyer trained in negativity and opposition, to finding flaws in everything.

    Meeting President some years ago, I knew he had that personality to preserver is what ever he choose. I did not believe he would waste his time and energy in helping the people; to “Make America Great Again”. Most truly successful business men would not join the government; not Trump. He a special person who knows what life is about. We, the people, need to support his efforts; the elitist will not; that would bring them down to the level of the people. Their cry is “People, we ain’t people”.

  11. The media sucks! The likes of Acosta and Chuck Todd are enough to make most Americans throw up! As for the NYT they can take their wench anmd stuff her!

    • The journalists efforts were miserable failures but more important, the journalists, themselves, are miserable failures. including the MSM that they work for.

    • MSNBC is just as bad as CNN for that Rachel, and O’Donnell for they are nothing but a bias station and have been bashing Trump since the beginning and have been doing it for 2 years!!! Their reporting every day is Trump and it is all time a breaking report just came in and yet it ends up being nothing, for these stations are not going to be happy until they get Trump impeached and they are going to lie lie lie until he is gone!!!

  12. The conspiracy theorist group AGnon has been showing up at Trump Rallies lately. Following Trump’s inauguration, the term was widely adopted among partisans alleging that there exists a deep-state conspiracy to delegitimize the presidency and thwart Trump’,s policy goals. It sure seems that way to me.

  13. TRUMPET 2020 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  14. I am proud of all you Trump lovers. Hoping every Republican
    Gets out and votes. We can’t drop the ball in the middle of a great run. 2018 and 2020. Yay!!

  15. I love it!!! One more slam dunk FOR Pres Trump and AGAINST the MSM. I bet their therapists have doubled or tripled their income since Pres Trump was elected. Personally, I’m no fan of secular therapy, many are fruit loops with foolish methods. Frankly, prob their means of therapy is to further mess people’s hesds up and convincing them to return over & over again. Right or wrong, the MSM & sufferers of TRS, well, it couldn’t happen to s more disgruntled group of morons!!
    EVERYONE GET OUT AND VOTE IN MIDTERMS. Maybe our voting will send some to a psychiatriactic hospital, for good!!

  16. Can you imagine what Trump’s poll ratings would be if he were not in an all out 24/7 365 day vicious attacks by the left?

    • Obama always said the right things but usually did the wrong things While Trump often says the wrong thing but usually does the right thing .So what would you rather have done ?

      • Kind of Biblical. There is a story in the Bible of two men. The owner of the farm told one to go out and do a job to which the man told the owner no he could not do that. Owner told the other man to do the job and he readily agrees. The second man doesn’t do the job but the one who at first said no had a change of heart and did it. The Bible asks which was right. In actuality the men who are talked about were brothers but in the final analisys that has little to do with facts. One talked about it and the other did it.

  17. Apparently this site is NOT going to let me post my original lengthy response to Man’s question — so here’s the short version: Ir’ve done extensive research and I’m 99% sure the answer is a RESOUNDING “NO”.

    • I want Obama to answer this question directly without resorting to his lawyers: are you a legal US citizen from birth? Yes or no?

      • You WON’T get a direct/clear answer to that question because Obama has TO MUCH TO LOSE FROM TELLING THE TRUTH (like his $200K/year retirement pay from being elected President).


          • Come on, not Russia, Russia, Russia again. Anybody, even the Trump haters will tell you there is no evidence that Russia did anything to change ONE VOTE in the 2016 election. That old garbage is all you have. If you have evidence they did, why don’t you tell Mueller. He has spent 2 years and over $20 million of taxpayer money and found nothing. If there was anything, a 6 years old with help from 17 lawyers would have found it by now. Your comments are pitiful.

          • Breaker 19 – And your denial is not only pathetic, it’s ignorant as well. We don’t know, yet, whether the Russians hacked in to change votes, but it’s pretty clear that Clinton was ahead, by a lot. She won the popular vote by 3.2 million more votes. Either way, he wouldn’t have won without Russian interference. Mueller’s gathering information to nail 45’s a** to the wall! Guess it’s not good enough, for you, to have 38 indictments on 32 people plus 3 companies, 5 guilty pleas from his corrupt administration and Manafort on trial as we speak. Soon he will indict Roger Stone, Donnie Jr., and Jared Kushner! Then on to the big fat crook himself! He’ll have to resign (just like Nixon) or face jail time. Can’t wait!

          • Either way, he wouldn’t have won without Russian interference. Are you high or something? face it no none made vote who i wanted to but myself. she won the popular vote by the illegals in CA, and NY, otherwise she lost around the country this is already fact and old news Those indictments your speaking of are all from business dealings they had way before the election! get your facts straight! were you born stupid or do you have to work at it? you’ll be waiting a long time for an impeachment since that won’t happen since there is so far nothing to be impeached for, if you have this trove of info maybe you should contact Mueller i’m sure he would like to see what you uncovered that he and his team of lawyers over looked .what a yo yo you are,

  18. I’ve lived 75 years – and I must say, I’ve never befpre been what you’d call “completely ashamed of America”. But in the last two years, I’ve become so ashamed of half this country that sometimes it’s difficult to breathe. But breathe I WILL- and AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!!! So You GO, Mr. President. We love you, love you, LOVE YOU. And You’re SAVING this country that we love so much.

    • “m” – I’m here. Just got back from volunteering. What did you do today? Sit on the couch visiting right wing websites? You going to believe one poll? Most polls show this moron at 40% approval rating. That means (knowing your math challenge) that 69% disapprove.

      • Oh Diane, rub your sleepy eyes again. 40% is higher than Obama the rescued fool at the same time in his disruptive hateful attempt to look important at, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at 38%. Also again you show your idiocy. Even if it were 40% you seem to only have taken math in 1st grade. If you take 40 from 100 you get 60 not 69, so again Diane, be quiet and thought a fool rather than what you do, opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

        • Jhn – Not that I ever have to explain anything to you, the 69% was a typo. I’m sure that you, thinking you’re the smartest one in the room, has never made a typo, right?

      • Proves how stupid you are believing CNN and MSNBC for truth on poll ratings I put Trump at 60 percent 15 points above your criminal Obama do nothing but stealing from Americans an saleing out are country.

        • Michael – Then you’re living in an alternative universe. He’s never going to be at 60%. Oh, wait, he IS! 60% of people disapprove of him.

      • Diane, you are a 1st class asshole, just 2 days ago you said DJT had only a 30% approval. Do your facts change as the drugs wear off and change again when you take another shot?

      • If you go by the last presidential election the polls said Hillary was winning, which means that All the polls at that time were inacurate. So to believe the poll that Trump is at 50% approval, that would mean that Trump’s approval numbers are actualy at around 80 or 90%. So go sit on your moms washer in her basement and have a orgasim, You need some stress relief along with a lobotomy.

    • I second that motion Matt!! In November, we’ve all gotta get out and vote in enormous help the greatest President ever, President Donald J. Trump!!! It is crucial that the Repubs keep their majority both in the Senate and the House. Hope we can take seats away from the Dems. That’d be awesome!!! We have to make sure the Dems lose big time. President Trump will then be able to carry on his great policies and do even more good for all of us. BUILD THAT WALL!! GO PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

  19. I repeat: Lie-beral demonocrats are suffering from the insanity of satanity whose only expertise is bullshitology under the cloak of self righteousness. They have been idiotized by Lucy Furr and knowingly or unknowingly, they are part of the push for the ‘New World Order’. Lie-beral demonocrats are anti-Truth, anti-common sense and anti-Christ.

    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies !

  20. Poorly written article. The kingly Obama was succeeded by a racist, sexist, xenophobic reprobate Donald Trump, and Trump is hated by Americans who can’t wait to undo the mistake they made in the 2016 election. THIS IS NOT TRUE! If you are going to use paragraphs separated by line spaces…then make sure you qualify the statement. WHY…say, TO BE SURE the Democrats will pick up seats? There’s nothing to substantiate a TO BE SURE statement.


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