Donald Trump’s pollster made this astonishing claim about 2020

The media was buzzing over the weekend about leaked internal polls from the Trump campaign.

Surveys taken in March showed Joe Biden defeating President Trump in a landslide.

And then Donald Trump’s pollster made this one astonishing claim about the 2020 presidential election.

Much was made over Trump’s internal polling from months ago that showed Joe Biden with a significant lead in key states.

But the story was misleading.

Not only were the surveys misleading, they were done using a sample of “worst-case scenario” Democrat voter turnout.

Trump’s pollster John McLaughlin appeared on a local New York radio show and told the audience that the media was misleading because the polling community did not know how to accurately measure Trump supporters.

McLaughlin also stated that Trump was “on his way to re-election.”

Breitbart reports:

During Sunday’s “The Cats Roundtable” on New York 970 AM radio, President Donald Trump pollster John McLaughlin commented on the president’s chances in 2020.

McLaughlin told host John Catsimatidis that Trump is “on his way to reelection” in 2020 despite polls showing otherwise because pollsters “don’t know how to analyze” Trump voters.

“The polls, when they’re not done well, and they’re done as cheaply and inefficiently as they were done back in 2016, they’re going to be wrong again,” McLaughlin predicted. “They’re doubling down on poor science at the time. And they don’t know how to analyze these Trump voters because they don’t like talking to the media because they know the media is like 90% negative coverage of their president.”

He later added, “I truly believe the president is on his way to reelection.”

This flies in the face of the conventional media wisdom that Trump is doomed to defeat.

But with a roaring economy and peace in foreign affairs, President Trump will have strong tailwinds that could carry him to victory.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Depends on who is running the polls! I have voted and they don’t take my vote. I noted it was a Democrat poll against Trump and so when I voted yes for Trump it was not accepted.

  2. If one looks at videos of both Biden’s and Trump’s rallies and looks at the turnout. Trump’s rallies far outnumbered that of Biden. The Marxist media is trying to reverse the results of those rallies saying Biden beats Trump by double didget numbers to make people by voting for Trump is a wasted vote.

    • If you took all 20 of the democrats now running and look at how many show up for their rally’s and total them all up, you still wouldn’t match one Trump rally.

  3. George Sorors and his son should be run out of Dodge and Soros Sr. should be turned over to the other country that he’s wanted for the corrupting he caused with them.

  4. Oh, it’s way too soon to be calling these shots. Going out on the proverbial limb, I’m guessing that the late-coming dark horse Michelle baby will be trotted out for all to vote for. “She’s” just such a wonderful person. Has nothing but good thoughts for our country! (I have a bridge over the Hudson River for sale!)

    • Trump will win the same way in 2020 as he won in 2016, by the prayers and participation of America’s patriots. In 2020, he will win more electoral and popular votes and bring in like-minded candidates for the Senate and House. The House will be taken from the leftist lying obstructionists Democrats.

    • If GOD still controls this country, the very last thing he’ll do is place that WORTHLESS WORM & His Legalized Equally WORTHLESS WHORE back in the White House another Four Years.

      • Betty, it appears that you’re the whore. You obviously are willing to sell yourself to the liberal liars instead of looking at the facts. I know the facts don’t align with your opinions but remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts.

  5. No wonder that Pelosi and the (D) fascist PIMPS are all over TV making FOOLS of themselves…..MSM polls lied to these SCUM BAGS ! AGAIN !!!

  6. “Roaring economy and peace in foreign affairs”…fake news. Just what you want to believe about your orange leader. Or should I say, publisher?

  7. All of this biased poll results may be designed to dishearten Trump supporters but it won’t work, just as it did not work in 2016- we are not that easily led or misled. Dems, on the other hand, are lol and these polls actually help Trump as they lul the Dems into a false sense of security and the lazy under-30s will not vote at all, while many of the older ones will stay home believing it is in the bag. The polls though are irrelevant at this point if you want a real indication of who will win- look at how many people show up at rallies for Dems compared to Trump- right now you have people camping out for 2 days just to be at his first rally and about 100k ppl RSVPed for an arena that holds only 20k- Biden struggled to get 150 old hippy libs from who came of age in the 60s to show up at his rally. Nuff said.

    As Biden said- If you like me give money- if not vote for the other guy…well seems he has his priorities in order.

  8. It’s much too early for any kind of polls or speculation. Anything can happen between now and the election. I pay no attention to it at all. I know that I will vote for Pres. Trump and when the time comes I will go and do it.

  9. Trump landslide is a comin’. The negative polls are merely propaganda meant to dishearten Trump voters so they don’t bother to vote. The one worlders are losing worldwide and they are using all the fascist tricks to stop the decline.

    • If Donald Trump does win re-election in 2020, will the Republicans also win majorities in the House and Senate? Conversely, if the Democratic Presidential nominee wins in 2020, will the Democrats also win majorities in the House and Senate? Whoever wins the 2020 Presidential election will probably face a backlash in 2022, since that is what usually happens in midterm elections. Therefore, if our two major political parties and their Presidential candidates have any sense, they will campaign for as many seats as possible in Congress and state legislatures in 2020 in order to compensate for the likely backlash in 2022. This is one of the SEEMINGLY OBVIOUS lessons of Watergate.

      In 1972, Richard M. Nixon won a 49-state landslide, but it provided very little benefit to Republicans elsewhere on the ballot. Indeed, in the 1972 US Senate elections, Republicans actually lost seats. On the other hand, in 1974, Republicans lost massively as a result of Watergate, at least in part. In other words, the 1972 and 1974 elections were the worst of all possible worlds for Republicans in the non-Presidential elections those years. Similarly, in 1956, Dwight D. Eisenhower also won re-election by a landslide, but it also provided very little benefit to Republicans elsewhere on the ballot. Then, in 1958, Republicans also lost massively; also the worst of both worlds in the non-Presidential elections those years. In other words, it is clear in hindsight that the Republicans had absolutely no business celebrating their Presidential victories in either 1956 or 1972.

      Therefore, at this point, it OUGHT to be obvious to BOTH major political parties that it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that they campaign for enough seats in Congress and state legislatures in Presidential elections to compensate for the likely backlash in midterm elections. Unfortunately for BOTH major political parties, the Presidential elections of 1984, 1988, 1996, and 2012 make it abundantly clear that we cannot trust our two major political parties and their Presidential candidates to campaign for enough seats in Congress and state legislatures in 2020 to compensate for the backlash that actually happened in 2018, and for the likely backlash in 2022.

      It is a TOTAL MYSTERY to me why this SEEMINGLY OBVIOUS history lesson of 1958 and 1974 keeps being ignored by BOTH major political parties. I will COMPLETELY REFUSE to vote for Presidential candidates who neglect to campaign for the rest of the ballot, as happened in 1956, 1972, 1984, 1988, 1996, and 2012, even if I agree with them on issues. It makes no sense to vote to expose a political party to a midterm backlash, if the Presidential election is not going to provide adequate compensation. Also, it is useless to have a President appointing desired Supreme Court Justices, if the Senate will not confirm them.

  10. Geez if these are as accurate as the polls in 2016, Trump is a shoe in. I think one of my dogs could beat Biden. At least they have some energy. His “crowds” are the smallest I have ever seen. Give it up Joe before you absolutely humiliate yourself. You pretty much already have, but it could get worse then we will have to listen to you whine like Hitlary for the next century. Oh I almost forgot, she will be in an orange jumpsuit by then. How cute, and fat she will look in that.

    • If CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump does win a second presidential term, GOD SAVE US ALL From That INSANE IDIOT & That SICK MINDED, OVAL OFFICE PILE OF CRAP in (Human)? Form!

      • Betty tell us what you really think. You’re welcome to get your commie ass out of America. Cuba would love to have you.

  11. The polls mean nothing to begin with, the mainstream media in their desperation are once again misleading people just to try & discourage those that support our President. To the hell with the polls & mainstream media. I wouldn’t believe them if they said the sky is blue.

  12. I’m so sick of liberal media lies. Unfortunately, millions of Dem voters believe what they want to believe. Pull them away from liberal media. One step at a time. The light of truth will come out of darkness. Perhaps George Soros’ darkness. He is the head of the U.S. government’s international media networks) over 30 major international news organizations).

    Not good. We should demand his resignation immediately. Trump can fire him now.

    • Man From Grey: IF ONLY.I have been patiently waiting to see some justice against those within congress that have hindered President Trump at every turn.Never allowing him to preform his duties properly..Shameful!!

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