Donald Trump’s smokin’ hot lawyer uttered five words that caused Democrats to lose their minds

Democrats’ scheme to beat Donald Trump with lawfare isn’t working out like they planned. 

They were dealt another massive setback.

And Donald Trump’s lawyer Alina Habba uttered five words that caused Democrats to lose their minds.

The Supreme Court handed former President Donald Trump a massive victory in a 9-0 ruling that Colorado didn’t have the authority to kick him off the ballot.

The decision, which came down before Super Tuesday – when more than a dozen states headed to the polls – shut down the most direct attack on Trump’s candidacy by the lawfare campaign being waged by Democrats.

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Trump was ineligible to appear on the state’s Primary ballot because they claimed he violated the insurrection clause in Section Three of the 14th Amendment for his role in January 6.

Trump has never been convicted of insurrection let alone charged but Democrat judges decided to declare him guilty without a trial or due process. 

That Supreme Court ruling stopped attempts by Colorado, Maine, Illinois, and other states to keep voters from being able to vote for a candidate of their choosing.

Democrats were enraged at the ruling stopping their trick play to win the election before it even happened.

“Donald Trump is an eligible candidate for Colorado’s 2024 Presidential Primary,” Colorado Democrat Secretary of State Jena Griswold reluctantly admitted after the ruling. 

Alina Habba celebrates the Supreme Court decision

Trump lawyer Alina Habba said on social media that the “voice of the American people” won’t be silenced after the Supreme Court ruling.

“The Supreme Court unanimously showed us today that we cannot silence the voice of the American people and stop democracy,” Habba wrote on X. “I’ve said it before – lawfare will not stand, due process will not be denied and We The People will make our choice at the ballot box.”

President Joe Biden and Democrats are trying to claim they’re defending democracy during the 2024 Election.

This blatant lie comes as they try to use banana republic-style tactics to kick Trump off of the ballot using the courts. 

Trump responded to the ruling on his Truth Social platform with four words.

“BIG WIN FOR AMERICA!!!” Trump wrote.

Chances increasing Biden can’t use lawfare to beat Trump

The Supreme Court ruling in the Colorado case shut down one avenue of lawfare for Democrats.

Their other cases are increasing in danger of collapsing or not having the trial begin before the election.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is facing potential disqualification from the Georgia case for an improper relationship scandal.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s criminal cases for January 6 and alleged classified documents are increasingly looking like they won’t happen before the election.

Now Democrats will have to beat Donald Trump at the ballot box if they want to win the election.

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