Dr. Fauci delivered one message that stopped Americans in their tracks

Dr. Anthony Fauci is America’s leading expert on infectious diseases.

In recent days it appeared the coronavirus was overrunning America.

But Dr. Fauci delivered one message that stopped Americans in their tracks.

Americans are looking for good news and reasons for optimism as this outbreak spreads across the land.

In an interview with CNN, Dr. Fauci noted there was a glimmer of hope out of New York that the lockdown was working and the rate of increases in new cases was slowing down.

Dr. Fauci stated:

“What happens is that it occurs in phases. If you look from day to day of the cases of new cases that require hospitalization, when you’re really going up exponentially, it increases from day to day. Once you start to level off, then you’re going to have less people that are going to be going into intensive care. And then later on, because it always lags, you’ll see a decrease in deaths.

“What you’re starting to see right now is just the inklings — and I don’t want to put too much stock on it because you don’t want to get overconfident, you just want to keep pushing on what you’re doing —  You’re starting to see that the daily increases are not in that steep incline, they’re starting to be able to possibly flatten out. Again, you look at it carefully and hope it’s going in the right direction, that’s what we really are trying to attain.”

Dr. Fauci’s message of hope came on the same day that President Trump prepared Americans for the harsh reality that anywhere from 100,000 to 240,000 Americans could ultimately succumb to the coronavirus over the coming months.

That harsh truth had many Americans wondering when the outbreak would run its course and the lockdown would end.

Dr. Fauci suggested that by following mitigation methods and social distancing the American people could break the back of this outbreak.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Fauci is one of the Biggest Frauds To Try And Promote His Lie And American Citizens Trust And Believe This “Little” Wannabe Somebody, POS!!! Can’t Wait For This Little Backstabbing POS Is Found Out, Then Kicked The Hell Out Of Our Country For Good!! Fauci, Nothing But A Thief And Liar!! Fauci Wants To “BE SOMEBODY” So Bad, He’d Do ANYTHING!!!

  2. In 2014 Dr. Fauci broke the law by funneling 3.7 million dollar Grant to the Wuhan Laboratories for maybe the purpose of Weaponizing it. That would mean Dr. Fauci paid for the DAMN VIRUS. “THINK ABOUT THAT”

  3. Fauci and Birx are frauds and do not care about the USA citizens. Their interests are the pharma companies. Always have been. Research their careers. We need to be listening to people like Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. A man with 4 phd’s from MIT. One of which is in immunology. All Fauci and Birx speak of is vaccines. Have they ever given any advice about how to strengthen your immune system? Think about it. We are being duped. They “virus” is real. The response is fraud.

  4. How much money is pelosi. schumer aoc Donating to the people that are out of work especially the Bartenders just like AOC
    all they have done is complain and make things worse but they are not contributing anything to this country

  5. I would care less if I read in the paper Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Good riddance..

  6. This is how it works…if Trump shuts everything down and it isn’t as bad as reported it’s Trump’s fault. If the virus is worse than what is recognized and Trump opens everything back up then he is to blame. The only option he has is the safe one…shut it down. Blame China for lying!

  7. Stop look around- you see Good people trying to do good things.. Support our PRESIDENT- He is trying to make the BAD GO AWAY. He is not a Republican Not
    Herself and then every other country in the WORLD

  8. You can’t believe anything this Dr. Fauci says. I read him s a LYING democrat. He can’t and won’t even say how and what is the treatment for the virus. All he says is NEGATIVE. I see him as a Democrat working against America

  9. These so called “Models” are no better than the information that they put in them. And most of the time they are wrong. Polls and models are most of the time wrong. The people the take these polls and make these models can make them give the results they want by the Information they put in them. One has to remember GIGO when trusting these models.

  10. I use to be a Democrat but changed to Republican. I can not believe how low the Democrats have stopped. I would totally be embarrassed to be called a Democrat. Thank God Trump is our president.if it would be a Democrat we all would be doomed.

  11. China lied about the virus. If they had been truthful the world would have a better handle on the virus. The US debt to China should be null and void. We need our medicines made in the US with reasonable pricing.

  12. Dan Tyree , I agree NUKE UM and be done with it they have been trying to kill us for a long time now, we did to stop ALL business dealings with them before they do get it right.

  13. It seems lot people like blame Trump for all of America’s problems, I think if China would have been honest right from the get-go and notified the rest of the world we would be way ahead of the ball game right now. so I going place blame on China and Vote for Trump 2020 MAGA

  14. Obummer is a Communist…forcing someone to pay for something Obummer care that they don’t want and then penalizing them when they don’t want it. Yea the great Obummer could do no wrong. All of the restrictions he put in place is why you lost all those jobs. Even the ones he claimed you would never get back. Right….Obummer is why the economy turned around. Trump is also to blame for a virus that came from China while China lied about it. Trump could make it rain gold and the Trump haters would complain it wasn’t platinum. How fking delusional!!!

  15. Justice, Trump is a mobster? He doesn’t smoke or drink or do drugs and neither does his family. They do pray. How about putting accusations where they belong? Godfather Joe and his son and brother have for years operated an international cartel. You, like so many other leftists, sickeningly always accuse the right of that which you are guilty.

  16. Dr. Fauci and other medical experts should realize that 21 to 30 days of this extreme shutdown and social distancing is a good start to begin the decline of the spread of this disease. Beyond this time, they should begin to find out and suggest that selective quarantines would best service the public. Both Mark Levin and Michael Savage on their podcasts both suggest such practices. Dr. Fauci using such high numbers of deaths seem to not be accurate but rather use prior numbers and empirical facts than forecasts that can be in error. Also extended shut downs beyond 30 days are unreasonable and unnecessary. These doctors should also understand the economic, political and social needs of the society beyond those 30 days. Greedy evil politicians are using these extended months of shutdown for tyranny and suing by the hundreds of millions of citizens who cannot bear beyond this time.

  17. They can’t help it because they love the ex- Chicago Shoe Shine King. He was their first hope and will be the last.

  18. justice and James, you are both extremely sick liars and have no concept of the truth. You just spew your sick hate. Nothing you say is true. You both really need Jesus to set you free from your hatred. Pres. Trump is very fortunate that JESUS will be his judge and not you. Jesus loves him and He even loves you, too

  19. The fact American citizens medicine was being supplied to US all from CHINA a communist country is enough proof Democrats HATE US all Americans. They will go to jail for the rest of their lives. God Bless America

  20. Trump the mobster has blood on his hands, just a few weeks ago he said we had 15 cases, all would heal, and the virus would go bye-bye. This is the arrogance and idiocy we have seen throughout his whole term, hiring and firing, not listening to experts, fighting people on Twitter over trivial slights he feels, alienating our neighbors, bragging all the time, dissing Bush Jr, Obama and McCain, men far greater than he could imagine being, and bragging about an economy that did better under Obama than under him. Yes, he could kill someone on Fifth Avenue and you cultists would justify it somehow.

  21. Everyone is blaming everyone but who we should all be blaming China. China lied about this from the start and W.H.O. believed everything the Chinese told them. China is now going right back to opening the wet markets selling animals again. When will we stop all trade with this commie country and not allow people to travel back and fourth to this area. They are a bunch of cruel sick people when he comes to animals how they slaughter them and eat them. They younger generation in this country thinks this is all a joke they are spreading it and New Yorkers who have the money to travel are spreading it to Florida and Martha vineyard where they escaped New York.

  22. I can’t believe the idiotic comments that have shown up in this post so far. Most of you do not have a clue as to what you are talking about when it comes to this subject. Do some research into how this situation developed, how potentially serious it is, and how we should react to its danger. Also, leave the politics out of the discussion. The President was a little slow to recognize the serious nature of the threat that the virus presented early on, but that is mostly because the Chinese were not forthcoming with accurate information about the serious nature of how contagious and virulent it is. However, when he became aware of the seriousness of the situation, he took immediate steps to do everything possible to decrease its spread. Grow up and recognize the danger this presents to yourself and others, and do what you are instructed to do, to stop this as soon as possible.

  23. The dislike of Democrats by ignorant Trump lovers is Trump’s life goal! Trump is the most corrupt narcissistic evil person that hatred for all but himself! Needs admiration at all times,of not he becomes angry and hatful, becoming unable to think, just reacting harshly, being nothing but an asshole!!!

  24. We have a President whose hatred of Obama caused the removal of the task force on pandemics he commissioned in Jan. 2017 with Trump’s team! He dismissed them in 2018 as not needed by him! There also was a scenario, called “cfrimson Contagion”,imaglnlng an lnfluenza pandemic, exercisesran from Jan. 2019 to Aug. 2019! In a draft report on Oct. 2019 it was marked “not to be disclosed”!why was this the case? Trump’s uneducated ignorant decisions Trump’s fear of being unable to be reelected caused this painful result, just because of Trump’s mismanagement !

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  26. Susan Shedlow, Have you stopped to think that ALL of the cruise ships have been docked? I doubt that your job is any more at risk than anyone else’s who works in the same industry. Not many people are working right now. This thing is not the cause of a person! It is a virus! Everyone is in the same boat as you are (forgive the pun). When this thing is over everyone will be back to taking cruises and I’m sure they will contact you to come back to work.

  27. FluffyPillowFive, I couldn’t agree more! But, the two together are too much for us. The only thing I could think of to rectify it is out and out war, but who could predict the outcome of that?

  28. I agree Alan. I understand that Hilary was almost as bad a choice as Trump and we all should have tried harder for an honest candidate like the Great Barack Obama but if the Republicans had an ounce of honesty in them, they would have had the courage to stand up to Trump in the primaries and save us this scourge on mankind! I understand that you all have to change everything you’ve been brainwashed into by Fox and Company! We had a good run as a country before we were torn apart by Rush and Sean and Carlson, et all. Maybe the next generation will give us a George Washington type leader who will make our world unite and be ONE GREAT COUNTRY CALLED THE UNITED STATES OF EARTH! Let’s all pray for that and yoU all can certainly pray for me! Thank You, in advance! And remember, BE NICE AND SMILE – GOD LOVES YOU!

  29. Nancy and her commie crowd are forming an oversight committee to see that the stimulus money is spent right. Lol!!!! The commiecrats wanted to raid the money for their pet projects like the green new deal ect. Are these people serious????? They don’t give a damn about that money. They just want to waste it. Sit back and watch. They will use their “committee to try to redirect much of that money to support their commie causes.

  30. “…all they saw was impeachment”.

    Mike, It’s all they have! They know that they cannot beat Trump any other way.

  31. I am a moderate Democrat. Since this lockdown began I have not worked in a month. It is time to phase out these economic and socially destructive restrictions. I am fed up with being imprisoned in my home. I lost a job that I love working with cruise ship passengers and crew members and ground staff at the Port of Los Angeles.

  32. Is this the same Dr. Fauci who was and possibly still is a strong admirer of Hillary Clinton? If so, I’m unsure whether to believe in his good intentions. Hope I am wrong …

  33. a farce! Open up the damned world already. Sickly older people die every day Chi_com virus or no. It is very possible, even probable that millions die from this assault on Capitalism!

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  35. The hatefulness of the Left, has really surfaced, to be the evil side, that they are. How sad for them to be so hateful, that they put Everyone at risk, with this virus. Their hearts are empty of love, for their fellow citizens of this country, and full of evil. How very very sad…Prayer is the only thing, we as a nation, can do in hopes they will soften and realize, they are hurting themselves also. GOD is in Control, and He does hear our prayers, of the heart, coming to Him. PRAY daily, that His grace, once again, will come down on this great country, He has so much cares for, we will see the heeling of this virus. Amen……

  36. Forget about the Chinese. The democrat party is FAR more dangerous than the Chinese right now. Just look what they’ve done for the last 3 years. Just look what they’ve done during this recent crisis. Just look what they’re trying to do to this country.
    Our enemy is RIGHT here amongst us. It is the democrat party.

  37. It is about the right time for it to start peaking. Yet if it is like the the Spanish flue or the Swine Flue, the worst is yet to come.Are we going to be prepared for the second round in the Fall? Is the panic going to be over or is it going to reoccur? Is the media going to continue the hysteria or is it going to fall into the old news category.

  38. China has caused directly or indirectly the last several viruses unleaded on this world and then lied about it! Now we know what president Trump meant when he said we need to quit depending on the very nations that are screwing us! He was way ahead of the curve on that one wasn’t he!

  39. Here we know now that the Chinese are to blame! Their doctor died that told the world! Only 35 years old! Was he execute by China police force? I believe that the leader knew about this coronavirus. Reason he didn’t tell us sooner was he wanted to take out those that call for his head! After he saw the effect it did. He waited until most Americans who visited China go home. Then he announced it! Knowing these people are carrying the coronavirus with them! We also heard that Nancy Pelosi when on Jake Tapper show and made a comment that she knew about it in January! But didn’t want it in the way of the IMPEACHED! So she refused to work with Trump and the Senate to protect the country!

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