Dr. Fauci got one coronavirus scare that no American could believe

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s controversial performance directing the coronavirus response has many Americans on edge.

Fauci’s lockdown plan led to 33 million Americans losing their jobs.

And now Dr. Fauci got one coronavirus scare that no American could believe.

Vice President Mike Pence’s Press Secretary Katie Miller – wife of top White House advisor Stephen Miller – tested positive for the coronavirus.

Fake news reporters actually cheered this development because they thought it boosted their campaign to scare Americans into keeping the lockdowns in place through the election in order to tank the economy and help Joe Biden win.

So-called “journalists” could not believe their good fortune when Dr. Fauci announced he would enter a modified quarantine after coming into contact with Miller.

“Dr. Fauci has tested negative for COVID-19, and he will continue to be tested regularly,” a spokesperson told National Public Radio. “He is considered to be at relatively low-risk based on the degree of his exposure. Nevertheless he is taking appropriate precautions to mitigate risk to any of his personal contacts while still allowing him to carry out his responsibilities in this public health crisis.”

Dr. Fauci clarified that statement to mean that he would still appear in public, if need be, but would otherwise try and isolate as much as possible.

Fake news CNN reported Dr. Fauci told them, “To err on the side of caution, Fauci said he is doing what he calls a ‘modified quarantine,’ meaning he will stay at home and telework, wearing a mask continually, for 14 days. He said he might also go to his office at the National Institutes of Health where he is the only one there. He also will be tested every day, he said, noting he was tested yesterday and was negative.”

The latest fake news media narrative as the country begins to reopen the economy is that Americans cannot feel safe leaving their homes because two White House staffers – Miller and one of President Trump’s valets – tested positive for coronavirus.

Fake news reporters understand that the economy recovering will boost the President’s re-election chances.

And they are determined to brainwash the American public into thinking that not even Dr. Fauci and the White House is safe from infection to frighten the public into grinding the economy to a halt by continuing to shelter in place.

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  1. ps. Sharon. Did U see Pres/Fauci Fri 15th ‘brief on vacc’s…
    Fauci stood Behind Pres w/a ton of ‘illuminatti’ Hand Signals___
    Wanted to throw up. I Stop-framed by the second ALL the Signals…

  2. Dr. Fauci’s figures don’t add up correctly. Sweden never shut down their economy and their death rate was approximately .0003% of the confirmed cases. America shut down the economy and our death rate is approximately .0060% of the confirmed cases. Reopen the economy and forget Fauci.

  3. julio…the virus don’t care??? Really? PLEASE take an English course. Your ignorance is showing again

  4. W&G Holleman…Yes, it is all part of the dems evil agenda to take over this country. They will do anything they can to take control. They are very evil, as they have thrown God out and follow satan

  5. I want to KNOW
    What’s in this NWO Vaccines? MSM never ask important questions.Queen of England involved.Five Eyes.Megan & Harry ARE MULES sickos.Canada Banned Guns.Watch Amazingpolly she shows paperwork on this take over.

  6. China removed their people from home or welded the front door to stay in side.USA now trying to do same thing.Contact Tracing hiring people to come to your house take blood samples.Communisam.Gates Vaccines implant MRNA changes your DNA.Bobby Rush House Bill HR 6666.(Dem) Vote them out.We do not consent.Jesus Help Us.Coumo in NY kills Babies & Gramma & Pappa in rest homes Sick.Murder

  7. Well, ‘fake news’ is for libturd ‘consumption’ Nobody cares if they ‘die’ from Covid or from eating ‘$#!+’…they can stay under their ‘beds’ till November!

  8. “Modified Quarantine”, Rite. LOL.
    Who ? Will he Call, when At his 0ffice, /alone’…
    (comm w/ his ‘superiors? & receive Instruction,
    where to go & how to Handle ? Now That’ ‘the Scene’ Has Been Set…
    > I Call, Farce 0n fauci…

  9. Dr. Fauci should be fired and literally thrown out the doors of the White House and declared not allowed back on the grounds he is a dam china supporter and helper

  10. I’ve been hearing and reading things about Dr. Fauci. He needs to be investigated for some corruption with the Chinese.

  11. My bet is he’s faking it. Don’t trust that man for a second. He was involved with the release of this virus along side the democrats.

  12. Remember,Obama just stayed that the rule of law is getting out of hand with Flynn being set free..Benghazi,using the irs as a weapon against is enemies,and fast and furious are just A ok!!!lHe who lies with a straight face is dangerous.wipe your chin off Scott,your kenyan needs another bj so he can continue his lies

  13. Democrats prayed to Satan for a miracle to help them get creepy Joe into the white house, and Satan answered their prayer with COVID 19.
    Remember how Pelosi said she prays for the president all the time?
    Well now you know who she’s been praying to.

  14. Wish the bastard would keep himself locked up forever! He is such a little liar – in it for the money and believe he has already made a bundle.

  15. It’s a terrible situation that the commiecrats are trying to tank our economy because they want a retard in office. But he would be a puppet instead of a leader.

  16. President Trump needs to investigate the ties this man Andrew Fauci has to Pharmacies, Bill Gates and the money that was given to China for research at labs located a stones through form wet markets. These people are interested in making more money and starting the one World order. Fire Fauci NOW!

  17. I think the biggest problem is living in lock-down and breathing our own germs and bacteria. Now we have the kids getting sick and dying because our and their immune systems are compramised. It’s not normal to stay closed in for such a long time. What will happen when we go back outside, get colds and pneunomia.??????????

  18. We agree wholeheartedly that this whole virus thing is a fake story to scare people out of living normal lives. A lot of people are scared but we are not. We must remember that God is in control and we do not need to be afraid. His plan is a good plan. I wish the democrats had the faith that President Trump has. They would realize how foolish and wrong they are to try to terrorize the whole country.

  19. In my opinion, Dr. Fauci should retire. All his predictions were not professional, erroneous and were not confirmed. He will be safe and secure at home. And the country, at this time, will come out of the crisis and rise, without interference.

  20. Those who believe the lies can stay home and hide. The rest of us will be out and about. My state has opened up. Thank God we have a governor with common sense

  21. The politicians have their gathering that are way more than 10 people, but they tell the rest no more than 10 can gather together-The true, real & professional hypocrites is what they are. Vote out the damned Washington insider of House Dictator Nancy Piglosi, Senator Chuck Idiot Schumer of New York. The damned NONVOTERS are the ones who kept them there by not voting & doing 99% of the constant complaining.

  22. The media and Democrats want to see this country remain shutdown. They believe this will kill trumps chances to be re-elected. They are actually cheering when one of Trumps advisors becomes infected. People are really sick. So many media lies out this weekend on talk shows. Chuck Todd caught editing tapes on Bill Barr’s interview re Gen Flynn’s dismissal of charges by DOJ. We do not have news anymore just personal opinions of media personnel, which are mostly lies a way. I know longer watch or listen to the news but do my own research.

  23. Everyone really needs to stop and ask themselves why the MSM and the Democrat Leftist are cheering on new cases of COVID-19 and openly wanting the US economy lock-down to continue? Why has hoping more Americans die and that 30+ million Americans not returning to work anytime soon become the Leftist political platform? Has 50% of this country really gone MAD? Let’s pray not and only hope the Fake News Media is doing what they do best and that is lie about the number of Americans wanting this Country to fail!

  24. Here is a thought, since the democrats failed with the Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, the Ukrainian issue, etc… with nothing else available to try, could this virus be a deliberate act by democrats to dethrone our POTUS? I would not put it past Pelosi and co. to do so. They are evil and the truth is not in them.

  25. Why would the white house be safe from COVID? Don’t they have 100s of people going in and out of there every day? Don’t politicians meet and greet people all the time?
    Don’t they sit together in their meetings? Don’t they meet with their lobbyists?

  26. Listen up all of you whose minds are in a perpetual state of being scattered across numerous planes of existence with absolutely no grasp on any one reality, ween yourself from the vaporized Dimethyltryptamine you are inhaling and cease sucking up all the lies disseminated by the Bobblehead commentators, get out and live your lives.

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