Dr. Fauci had one message for a Hollywood star that will leave Donald Trump seeing red

Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to skate on thin ice.

Fauci’s strategy to lockdown America to stop the spread of the coronavirus failed.

And now Dr. Fauci had one message for a Hollywood star that will leave Donald Trump seeing red.

Dr. Fauci is still going around trying to scare Americans to stay indoors and never leave their houses.

Even though studies by J.P. Morgan showed that lockdowns failed to stop the spread of the virus and that states that opened up saw declines in cases, Fauci is still spreading discredited doom and gloom propaganda to keep the lockdowns going.

Appearing in a video conference interview with A-list Hollywood actress Julia Roberts, Dr. Fauci once again tried to throw cold water on reopening the economy even though he admitted his lockdown strategy failed.

“The scientific evidence clearly indicates that physical separation has worked, but not completely,” Fauci told Roberts. “If you look at the curves in our country, it isn’t like everything is dramatically going down. I mean, New York got hit very badly. But they’re starting to come down now. Now is not the time to tempt fate and pull back completely.”

For good measure Dr. Fauci even tried to cancel summer fun for the American people.

“People say, ‘Do you think we’ll be back to normal this summer?’” Fauci added. “And I say, ‘You know, I don’t really think so.’ Because it may be a new normal, but it’s not gonna be the way we had it before.”

Every step of the way Dr. Fauci got the coronavirus pandemic wrong.

Fauci is just another one of these discredited experts who refuses to admit their error and advise the President how to best re-open the economy.

Instead, Fauci is still spreading his vision of viral apocalypse that is simply fake news.

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  1. Just like to know Fauci’s political registration ?
    My bet says what we all think..DEMOCRATIC.
    And in case he’s. Closet Democrat we need to drag him out and let him stand and be counted as an Anti Trump Liberal Democrat!

  2. The COVID deaths in America are not nearly as high as what is reported. Deaths in hospitals are all reported as COVID because the hospitals get paid for each one.

  3. Mr Trump
    Get rid of Fauci NOW.
    He is a looser for sure. He is not a bit good for this country.
    He should be a kindergarten teacher at best!

  4. That’s 30% not 40% … typo. So how do you explain 4% world population but 30% of the worlds Covid cases and deaths?

  5. Ok extremists, how do you explain USA having 4% of the worlds population but over 40% of the Covid cases and related deaths?

  6. Gbs God doesn’t like fags. The Bible calls it an abomination Queers are either demonic or have a mental illness. Perhaps both.

  7. Joe, by your attempt at an insult, right wing morons like you don’t like gays. Not surprising.

  8. This Dr Fauci seems to be playing a double game. His ‘predictions’ have been wrong too many times.He shud stick to strictly medical knowledge and opinions and not be involved in political decisions that are not his to make.

  9. Doc is an inside Obama fan. I truly believe he’s trying to kill the economy, so Trump won’t get elected. There no reason to close the economy when things can be done to open it safely.

  10. This winter we will find Fauci right and I hope you have the grace to apologize for your dangerous nonsense. Brazil believed what this article says – see where they are. Same with UK, Russia. I am all for reopening but the shabby way this president is doing it is going to all but ensure disaster.

  11. Marvin don’t listen to the fag message written as if I wrote it. It’s written by an evil sick coward too afraid to use their own name.

  12. Lying Donkey you are such a sexy donkey and do great at lying too I want to ride you all night long. Call me!

  13. ” Trumps inaction got us here” did your mother drop u on your head????
    Id say it was Shiff& Pelosi’s obsession with impeachment & ignoring the virus in Dec ,that got us here!!! But what do I know-

  14. Interesting, I wrote a comment, kinda long, and it’s not here. Got a message when I clicked submit that I’m commenting too quickly. It was the first one of the day. What’s up??

  15. NEW NORMAL is a brainwashing tactic. We will do things as we have done before don’t let anyone foist this NEW NORMAL CRAP on you.

  16. I don’t pay a lot of attention to Vasu(aka; Hajji the troll) He spreads Liberal propaganda while living under the nut sack of a Brahma bull. The little flea works for one of George Soros propaganda networks on the Potomac…

  17. With the death toll due to coronavirus in the United States nearing 100,000, I would trust Dr. Anthony Fauci over Donald Trump! Trump’s inaction got us here. On January 24th, Trump said, “It will all work out well.” On January 30th, Trump said, “We have it very well under control. We have very little problem in this country at this moment –five. And those people are recuperating successfully.”

    On February 10th, Trump said, “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, this miraculously goes away.” On February 26th, Trump said, “I don’t think it’s going to come to that, especially with the fact that we’re going down, not up. We’re going very substantially down, not up.” On February 28th, Trump said, “This is their [the Democrats’] new hoax.”

    And on March 4th, Trump said, “Based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this, because a lot of people will have this and it is very mild. They will get better very rapidly…”

    Again and again, Donald Trump denied, deflected, and dismissed the idea that COVID-19 was a real threat to the health and safety of the American people. As a result, we are now weeks — if not months — behind where we need to be to adequately respond to the growing COVID-19 crisis.

    At this moment, nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers still lack basic personal protective equipment like gloves and masks, and a national testing program to identify and treat people with the virus is yet to be developed by the Trump Administration.

    With the amount of ground we need to make up to get ahead of this virus, we need bold action from the Trump Administration right now. And until they institute a national shelter-in-place order, develop a national testing program, and get doctors and nurses the masks, gloves, and personal protective equipment they need to fight this virus, we will not stop pushing them to do more.

  18. Of all the comments so far, none have stated the fact that it was Fauci who gave the Wuhan lab in China $3.6million to continue Fauci’s work in the U.S. in developing this virus. Just think, if he did not do so, there would not be this current pandemic. Keep in mind that Fauci predicted a pandemic to occur during President Trump’s term, circa 2019.

  19. Fauci — a little demagogue (or demo-god) as some doctors view themselves. He said on TV several times….that in his career that his first 10 patients died….seems he would have changed his protocol after one or two deaths!! Don’t trust him! And, he patents vaccines (profit). Seems to be a conflict of interest involved.

  20. Fauci…the Deep State & Gates lover…cannot be trusted!! Sorry, a majority do not trust a doctor in bed with de-population controllers.

  21. For goodness sake stop with the doom and gloom. This is not Nazi Germany and we don’t need it to become a police state country. If you are scared, i have a good remedy for you, don’t go out! Otherwise those of us that have brains and/or common sense will not be allowed to use them and choose what we would like to do. Lots of us will die this year, but from what no one really knows. If your time is up your time is up. Besides which i am very adept at screwing up my own life, I don’t need you to do it for me.

  22. I can’t imagine why anyone would believe a single word from Fauci, Gates, Soros, or any of the Democrats who support abortion and eugenics in general. Their ultimate goal is to murder 6.5 billion people whether through disease, vaccines, war of by other means. They are not our friends.

  23. Tempt fate???? You’ve already give “fate” a lot of rope to strangle us. You mishandled this whole thing/ One week you would say don’t wear masks, more recently to wear masks, stay home, well some people thought you meant that you couldn’t go outside at all. That was a big big mistake. You said to wipe every surface down in the house. People sanitized the crap out of their homes, and then you said the virus can’t live on surfaces. Every bacteria or virus that we are ordinarily in contact with become opportunistic because of the resistance we had before lockdown has degraded.

  24. You have a rabid democrat and Hillary lover in Fauci, and you think he is not biased as he//? Faux is taking orders from the demonazis and Soros. The corona virus spread just like any other flu and there is nothing you can do about it. It was too late when the first person caught it. China delibertly spread it. The communist leaders let it spread to kill off their own weak and disabled in their own overpopulated country.

  25. What we’ve had (and are still experiencing) is much closer to a “panicdemic” than to a “pandemic”.

  26. Marvin you be hood rat likes bes to ands wes love our sewage system, it’s names after our great leader Obsmagate the king of the gateway to 💩

  27. The good doctor is in all likelihood correct. Events in the evolution of mankind tend to repeat themselves. It is exactly 100 years ago we had a similar event that began as a concern and were dismissed over the summer. The Spanish flu then reemerged nearly forgotten over the summer to devastate the world with 50 million dead. As we lessen the restriction I’ve noticed a lax in social distancing and refusal to mask. I for one will not forget and will continue to distance myself heeding the good doctors words. The forgetful will fall prey to the epidemic in fall/winter 2020 just like they did exactly 100 years ago.

  28. 100 years from now Dr.Fauci will be remembered as man who tried to save American lives. Trump will be remembered as one of the worst Presidents in American history. Hospitals will be named after Dr.Fauci. Sewers and garbage dumps will be named after Trump.

  29. Those doctors should be put in exile. Leave Trump alone to handle the pandemic so that we all can be free. Let’s all celebrate and end the lock down. There is no longer any reason to stay at home.

  30. I must have bad eyesight every time I look at Dr. Fauci all I can see is a great big Rat that wants make trouble for America

  31. Would anyone care to bet what his recommendations would be if (God forbid) a Democommie President should be elected and a severe annual flu epidemic should commence? I’ll give odds that closing down the country would NOT be among them.Can anyone say… PURELY POLITICAL? Remember “love letters” to Hillary?

  32. If PRESIDENT TRUMP don’t do something with this JERK he is asking it. It is a none fact this jerk is a damorat so what does he expect. Send him on his way There has got to other doctors that could take his place.

  33. Fauci, Gates, W.H.O., CHINA, AIDS,SARS,N.W.O. nuff said. Let’s get all of the seditionists now!

  34. Due to his actions in this event and his constant fear mongering he should be considered as a domestic terrorist and now with the revelations of his association with the lab and the Chinese government, he should be removed and prosecuted for treason.

  35. Fauci is almost 80 years old. He should have retired long ago, but he can’t give up that government power, salary and all the bribes.

  36. Dr. Fauci is abusing his advise that he is giving to President Trump and Vice President Pence. He needs to go now for good. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I never liked him from day one. Dr Birx is more, let’s say, credible. Turn him loose pres Trump and OPEN OUR ECONOMY.

  38. Dr. Fauci has abused the trust of the American public by his constant back and forth change in position over the last 5 months from saying the virus is not a real threat to NO hand shaking ever and continued house arrest lockdown for a year. His advice is back and forth and NO longer deserves a voice in ANY media or government outlet anymore. The bible says in the Multitude of Counselors there is safety. A wide council and consensus of other medical professionals without a political media position instead should advise the President correctly and consistently.

  39. Every medical specialty has an art and a science that need to be taken into account in decision making. In my 38 years of practice (Anesthesiologist) Science has moved further away from the art of my specialty although still relevant the art utilizes science but adds practicality, anticipation and reason that prove invaluable in practice of medicine. Perhaps Dr Fauci has clung to numbers, grafts and charts but since he has been practicing politics not infectious diseases he does not have the art of medicine to guide him. Sincerely, jjpMS(hphys)MD

  40. Dr. Fauci is not skating on thin ice. Slimy snakes SLITHER ACROSS thin ice without breaking through.

  41. I feel that Dr. Fauci(sic) is in cahoots with his good friend Hillary Clinton to keep the country in lockdown so that the democrats can win the election this fall. Let’s investigate him and his ties to Hillary Clinton. A dead or dying economy is one of the things that may allow the democrats to win. I feel that this Clinton serving doctor should be replaced by one who believes in our country and will work for the betterment of our country.

  42. Fauci doesn’t deserve the title of Doctor. He’s nothing more than a propagandist for the liberals. And specifically for the Clinton Crime Clan. He works directly for Hillery the head of the Crime Clan. He must be replaced and soon. ALL of those bought and paid for people put in by the Clinton Clan must be replaced by good Christian men.

  43. If he has ties to the Clintons, I wouldn’t believe a word he says. The president is yhe one eho says when we can start opening up the businesses and trying to get back to some semblance of otder.

  44. Fauci doesn’t care about AMERICANS! He in the pocket of COMMUNIST and Democrat in trying to DESTORY AMERICA! I have not believe a word he said! Because he has been showing his support to DESTORY AMERICA. Put into office by the Clinton when Bill elect Hillary to lead the Health care Department! She wanted to put in place to control the people. Especially the elderly people! Not thinking one day she would be part of the elders population! Obama contain him and during the SWINE FLU. He did nothing about finding a cure! His mouth is his lying weapon against Trump and AMERICA.

  45. Why Trump ever listened to this democrat shill is beyond me. His connections with the Chinese on virus studies and funding of their work led to my suspicions about him. Add to that his close ties and support for democrats running for office gave me shudders.

  46. Foolio, administer some Crazy glue to your lips and purse them together to prevent yourself from vomiting anymore total drivel.

  47. Yet my sister and brother in-law say Trump will not cut Fauci loose because the members of the Communist party and their mouthpiece deceit disseminating data source Bobblehead commentators will take him over the coals if he does because after all the POTUS is not allowed to fire those he hired just because he disagrees with the way they have been doing their job.

  48. I don’t listen to Fauci – too many bad predictions. Dr. Birx is more credible, at this point.

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