Dr. Fauci is headed for a Supreme Court showdown that will change your life forever

Dr. Fauci refuses to give up the near unlimited power he seized during the COVID pandemic.

Americans thought they were done with Fauci and COVID.

And now Dr. Fauci is headed for a Supreme Court showdown that will change your life forever.

Earlier this year, a federal judge in Florida struck down Joe Biden’s mask mandate for public transportation.

Videos soon emerged of passengers cheering as flight attendants and pilots announced that they were no longer required to wear masks on airplanes.

But Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden are not about to give up that easily.

The Biden administration just announced it was appealing the judge’s ruling, putting this case on course to eventually show up at the Supreme Court.

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto, Dr. Fauci stated that the administration appealed the case so the public health bureaucrats could maintain unchecked power to shred the Constitution, mandate masks, and close down businesses during so-called “public health emergencies.”

“One of the issues … it’s less about mandates on the plane than it is about who has the right and the authority and the capability of making public health decisions,” Dr. Fauci told Cavuto. “And I believe that the Department of Justice is operating on the principle that decisions that are public health decisions belong with the public health agency — in this case, the CDC.”

The mask mandate was set to expire on May 3 – over a month ago – so Dr. Fauci reiterated that this case was more about the government maintaining unlimited power during public health emergencies than currently looking to reimpose the mask mandate.

“So it’s more of a matter of principle of where the authority lies than it is about whether or not there’s gonna be a mandate on a plane or not,” Dr. Fauci added.

Cavuto pressed Dr. Fauci on if he still wore a mask when flying, and naturally, he admitted that he did.

“I do, I mean the CDC continues to recommend that when people fly, that they wear masks,” Dr. Fauci responded. “The mandate has been pulled back on the decision of the court, but that does not change the recommendation of the CDC, Neil, or my own personal preference.”

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