Dr. Fauci is panicking after this FDA official was caught admitting one fact he wanted to keep secret

Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to be caught in lies.

He clearly doesn’t want Americans to know his real agenda.

And Dr. Fauci is panicking after this FDA official was caught admitting one fact he wanted to keep secret.

Since day one, the government’s response to COVID-19 has been shady.

After closing down almost the entire country for over a year, they announced a vaccine purported to end the pandemic.

But since then, those who are “fully-vaccinated” have continued to get the virus.

In fact, countries like Israel, which is celebrated for its high vaccination rate, have had the biggest increase in COVID-19 cases in recent months.

Despite this, Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci have been pushing for more vaccinations, with government mandates attempting to force most Americans to become vaccinated or lose their job.

But while that vaccination scheme may seem tyrannical, as it is, it doesn’t even come close to being as crazy as what one Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official is proposing.

Taylor Lee, an FDA economist, was caught on undercover video released by Project Veritas which shows him calling for a “Nazi Germany”-style registration of those who are not vaccinated.

He further calls for vaccinating African Americans with blow darts, due to the high amount of vaccine hesitancy in their community.

“Census goes door-to-door if you don’t respond. So, we have the infrastructure to do it [forced COVID vaccinations]. I mean, it’ll cost a ton of money. But I think, at that point, I think there needs to be a registry of people who aren’t vaccinated. Although that’s sounding very [much like Nazi] Germany,” Lee said.

“Nazi Germany…I mean, think about it like the Jewish Star [for unvaccinated Americans],” the FDA economist continues.

“So, if you put every anti-vaxxer, like sheep, into like Texas and you closed off Texas from the rest of the world, and you go, ‘Okay, you be you in Texas until we deal with this [pandemic].’”

Lee further complains about black Americans not taking the vaccine at the same rate as “wealthy white people” who are more “educated.”

“I think that a lot of the time — so there’s also this issue of — I remember reading about how with COVID [vaccine] trials, they were having an issue recruiting African American people,” Lee said. “It was because of a different medication the government tried to do that was specifically designed to kill African Americans.”

After the undercover journalist said, “Yeah. Can’t blame them,” Lee responded “I can’t. But at the same time, like, blow dart. That’s where we’re going.”

There are clearly officials in the government who will do anything to force the vaccine on those who don’t want to take it.

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