Dr. Fauci just admitted the one investigation that has him sweating bullets

Fogarty International Center from Bethesda, MD, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

One of the targets of upcoming Republican investigations is Dr. Anthony Fauci.

This clearly has Dr. Fauci nervous.

And Dr. Fauci just admitted the one investigation that has him sweating bullets.

The evidence is piling up that Dr. Fauci lied to the American people about the origins of COVID-19.

For three years, Fauci falsely claimed the virus originated in nature.

But now, the Department of Energy and FBI believe the virus leaked out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Critics suspect Dr. Fauci sought to cover up the lab leak theory to hide the fact that Fauci and the National Institute of Health funded gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Republicans are set to hold hearings on the origins of COVID and are set to introduce Americans to the evidence of the lab leak theory for the first time.

This led to an increasingly hysterical series of media appearances by Dr. Fauci.

In an interview with News Nation’s Chris Cuomo, Fauci claimed he could not understand why Republicans thought he was lying to the public.

“I think it is pretty clear it’s politically motivated. I don’t know what they’re talking about, ‘covering up.’ I have been totally transparent throughout,” Fauci began.

That answer is easy.

Dr. Fauci testified that the National Institute of Health never funded gain-of-function research.

That is simply not true.

The National Institute of Health laundered $600,000 to the Wuhan lab through the EcoHealth Alliance group.

Fauci then falsely claimed Republicans campaigned on executing him and blamed all of the criticism of his actions during COVID were the fault of Donald Trump.

“I’m not sure what they’re talking about when they say cover-up. I mean, it’s no secret that almost all of the Republican politicians that were running and those who are running for the first time had interspersed in their campaigns, ‘Fire Fauci,’ ‘Indict Fauci,’ ‘Hang Fauci.’ It’s a political thing. I don’t know why it started, but I’m sure it was that back during the Trump administration,” Fauci added.

Fauci then claimed he never enjoyed contradicting Donald Trump, but during the pandemic Fauci certainly enjoyed appearing on every media outlet possible criticizing Donald Trump.

“In order to preserve my own personal integrity and fulfill my responsibility to the American public, I had to tell the truth when the President was saying things that were just not true. Things like ‘hydroxychloroquine is a cure. It’s going to fix everything.’ ‘The virus is going to disappear like magic,’” Fauci continued.

Fauci then claimed the only reason he now came under fire was – not because the evidence and science clearly showed Fauci lied throughout the COVID pandemic – but because the 2024 election season was kicking into high gear.

“I was not comfortable having to get up and contradict the President of the United States. Of course, I have a great deal of respect for the Office of the Presidency as for all of the institutions of a government, but I had to do that. And that triggered a degree of hostility in which I became a target, and it’s gotten worse and worse as we got deeper into the political season of the elections and now is continuing now, even since then. So I mean, I’m not 100% sure, but that’s as good a guess as any as to why I’ve become a target,” Fauci concluded.

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