Dr. Fauci just helped China cover up this terrible coronavirus crime

Dr. Anthony Fauci is increasingly under fire for trying to undermine the President’s plan to reopen the economy.

But now Dr. Fauci has crossed one unthinkable line.

That’s because Dr. Fauci just helped China cover up this terrible coronavirus crime.

The Fake News Media wants to blame Donald Trump for the entire coronavirus outbreak.

That’s why so-called “reporters” slammed President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo when both stated there was strong evidence that the coronavirus outbreak began after the virus escaped from a Wuhan laboratory.

The Chinese government dismissed these claims as “conspiracy theories” and the Fake News Media was happy to side with America’s enemy against the President and other high-ranking administration officials.

But in an interview with National Geographic, Dr. Anthony Fauci also undermined President Trump while promoting communist Chinese propaganda.

First, Dr. Fauci dismissed any idea the virus was manmade or engineered in a lab – which is a claim the President, the Secretary of State never made.

“If you look at the evolution of the virus in bats, and what’s out there now is very, very strongly leaning toward this [virus] could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated—the way mutations have naturally evolved. A number of very qualified evolutionary biologists have said that everything about the stepwise evolution over time strongly indicates that it evolved in nature and then jumped species,” Dr. Fauci told National Geographic.

Then Dr. Fauci dismissed the idea that the virus escaped from a lab as irrelevant.

“But that means it was in the wild to begin with. That’s why I don’t get what they’re talking about [and] why I don’t spend a lot of time going in on this circular argument,” Dr. Fauci added.

The Chinese could not be happier with this interview if government propaganda officials scripted Dr. Fauci’s answers themselves.

Intelligence community officials strongly believe the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology through sloppy security.

This is key to making China pay for the worldwide devastation this outbreak caused.

And now America’s top infectious disease expert is throwing China a life line by parroting their disinformation and talking points.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. How the virus was made is irrelevant. The Chinese govt. knew it was dangerous and easily transferable. They would not let people from Wuhan go to Bejing, but, they let them go to the rest of the world. Making sure China was not impacted but that the U.S. and every other nation was on their death list.

  2. The attacks of Fauci on here and other right wing rag sites by Trump brainwashed fools is pathetic. He has devoted his life to research, integrity and the helping of mankind and all Americans in battling various diseases. You who criticize him are, yes deplorable, none of you have his education, patriotism or dedication to the improvement of our great nation.

  3. Vasu Murti You are a lying lib and spreading false tales just like the MSM does. Fauci is one of you. He is a Demoncrat through and through and has only one purpose and that is to try and bring down Trump just like the rest of the blooming idiot libs. Ya’ll are disgusting and have no business living in America. Why don’t all of you pack up and move to China or Iran or Argentina where you and your ideas will fit in perfectly. You and your remarks sure are not welcome here.

  4. Dr. Fauci isn’t to be trusted. Back in 2014, the Obama administration prohibited the U.S. from giving money to any laboratory, including in the U.S., that was fooling around with these viruses. Prohibited. Despite that, Dr. Fauci gave $3.7 million to the Wuhan laboratory. And then even after the State Department issued reports about how unsafe that laboratory was, and how suspicious they were in the way they were developing a virus that could be transmitted to humans, we never pulled that money.

  5. Americans should trust Dr. Fauci over Donald Trump. Trump’s inaction got us here. On January 24th, Trump said, “It will all work out well.” On January 30th, Trump said, “We have it very well under control. We have very little problem in this country at this moment –five. And those people are recuperating successfully.”

    On February 10th, Trump said, “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, this miraculously goes away.” On February 26th, Trump said, “I don’t think it’s going to come to that, especially with the fact that we’re going down, not up. We’re going very substantially down, not up.” On February 28th, Trump said, “This is their [the Democrats’] new hoax.”

    And on March 4th, Trump said, “Based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this, because a lot of people will have this and it is very mild. They will get better very rapidly…”

    Again and again, Donald Trump denied, deflected, and dismissed the idea that COVID-19 was a real threat to the health and safety of the American people. As a result, we are now weeks — if not months — behind where we need to be to adequately respond to the growing COVID-19 crisis.

    At this moment, nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers still lack basic personal protective equipment like gloves and masks, and a national testing program to identify and treat people with the virus is yet to be developed by the Trump Administration.

    With the amount of ground we need to make up to get ahead of this virus, we need bold action from the Trump Administration right now. And until they institute a national shelter-in-place order, develop a national testing program, and get doctors and nurses the masks, gloves, and personal protective equipment they need to fight this virus, we will not stop pushing them to do more.

  6. I guess now with all the rioting, we don’t need to “social distance” ourselves from one another….. Since most of the country are rioting & within a foot or less of each other. In fact, why should those of us who try to follow the law continue a “farce” put out by Cal., NY, and any other state that is allowing all the burning & looting follow any laws!

  7. Trump 2020

    The Democrats along withFauci are all scamming they are all together with China,the Democrats are on China’s payroll
    They already gave the majority of the country to China, that’s why we need President Trump another 4 years

  8. what was proven was the Democrats are useless and spread it thru cities with terrible accuracy of what NOT TO DO.

  9. What no one is talking about is Joe Biden isn’t even competent enough to be running for POTUS.
    POTUS TRUMP is such a small part of this whole equation, folks are so blind to what is really going on.
    Here’s a hint, who owns the USA?
    Second: What was proven during this crises?

  10. When reading through a number of the comments I arrive at the conclusion that all the writers of these comments live on another planet ruled by an ignorant sycophant.
    The right place for deplorable clodhoppers fed by hatred and suffering from a new form of mental illness. The good news is that coming November the not very supreme leader will be replaced by a democrat and life will become better and you will be forgiven
    for your sins and stupidity

  11. So my question is, we know he is pushing this very expensive drug. We are also know he is In China’s back pocket. Why are we listening to him and why isn’t he fired already ??? He is Clinton cronie. He funded millions of US tax dollars to this lab in China. And he is still there. I am like WTF

  12. The 1st “funneled” $ Load thru Fauci = re 3.4 Million.
    >I’ve read a #2 0ccurred… Total = 0VER $7 MILLION
    “funneled” thru Fauci… To Wuhan Lab.

  13. To Robert L Cook: per M. Savage.
    if i recall correctly: Back in 90’s,
    ppls similar to Fauci & his KrAAP: In
    France Did The SAME re HIV/AIDS.
    They Were Indicted & Imprisoned.

  14. WINNING!!!!
    another Obama hold over thrown out!!!
    Trump commercial on Biden is incredible!!!!
    Sleep Joe cant talk beyong 7 mins…campaign will then cut him off!!!
    LONG ISLAND??? protestors FOR Trump attack Fake News reporters to their face!! God Bless!!!
    Verbal jiu jitso on stupid women reporters in Rosa garden…LMAO!!!!

  15. Hey AMERICA !!! Chris Cuomo doesn’t know that his big brother is guilty of negligent homicide in the orders making nursing homes take covi19 cases back into the homes filled with the elderly !!! He’s giving Joseph Mengele a run for his money !!! Way to carry big brother’s water Chris ,Cuomo you talking neck moron !!!

  16. To nelson: You NEED MORE ‘education’.
    Perhaps ‘get 0ff’ this Site & DO > DD.
    (Due Diligence, in case U don’t Know what that means’…)
    > To Ross: Yes, E’1 ‘entititled’ To 0PINE, But Many Are
    NOT ‘EXPOSED’ TO the ‘FACTS. Got that ? hmm
    > HI ” Long Time BUTCHY” … God Bless. 🙂
    > Hi Will Penny. A ‘rusty’ Ball-peen Hammer Remains in Performance.
    (No prob.) Just Keep ‘the Wood’ GOOD… lol

  17. Ask yourself why has You Tube taken down Dr Judy Mikovits video down. Fauci is a traitor and msn is covering up for him.

  18. hey mr turnbull! they made a movie about lynch and slick willie meeting on the tarmac! it was called “snakes on a plane”

  19. Obama is now showing his ugly head over this. His tranny wife was opening her mouth a few weeks ago. Now hopefully the panic is setting in over Flynn acquittal….and now its a game of who knows what. Loretta Lynch knew nothing??? really??? Sally Yates already spilled the beans that she heard Comey and the Muslim speaking in Oval office about Flynn targeting. To fire Fauci will cause a Fake News fire storm….. best to fade him away as general public like him.

  20. Nelson, how can you not see the new world order in this?? China is our communist enemy that doesn’t deserve to be defended.

  21. Nelson……I knew a gay bartender named Nelson….is it no trannies in millitary that has you so Rachel obsessed about lies???? The Russian collusion Rachel preached for 3 yrs was one big lie.

  22. How funny you People don’t believe anything Dr. Fauci say’s. But you Believe everything LYING Trump has told you in the last # year’s.. WAKE UP AMERICA we are making this Country a laughingstock, because of LYING TRUMP.. so let’s continue making America a Laughingstock, LYING TRUMP ASSHOLE.

  23. The cameras and the limelight has gotten to Faucis’ head . Now that he’s running the gambit on fake news cnn and msnbc , he thinks he’s a star . He should pull his head out of his ASS and they should start looking into the W.H.O .

  24. China dismissed their propaganda wing of their government!why pay when they have Scott,Gail the whale Jacobs and pelosi doing it for them first free?

  25. Dr. Fauci is “the rat” in the White House that some prophets have been shown.
    It is high time that he is exposed for who he is and what he has done

  26. Someone suggested Dr Oz, he is an entertainer and salesman certainly not a source of valuable info!

  27. Dr Fauci is not a person who should be contributing to policy. People like him who are “one track” as he is fail to see all the aspects of an issue, his should only be one source of info NOT a decision maker and should NOT voice his opinions in such a way.

  28. Fauci has to support the CCP version of it being a natural virus. He is personally responsible for giving them millions of dollars in NIH grant money to experiment on the Coronavirus even though it was and still is illegal for ANY U.S. funds or personnel to be involved in Coronavirus research! Fauci paid the CCP to develop this virus as a bioweapon and he is absolutely terrified that it will be proven and he will go to prison for the rest of his life!

  29. All I can say is why does FB, Youtube and wikipedia always side wirh the lies? IF something is wrong, peove it don’t just remove it. BRAINWASHING at its best! By the way…the fact checkers are paid off by the liberals, they also never prove it.

  30. Everyone is entitled to their opinions..
    even if they are nothing short of conspiracy
    I believe that Obama. Fauzi. Gates..and
    China vere complicit in the creation and
    spread of the cirua..
    So much is coming out about Obama knowing
    all along Trump and Flynn were innocent..
    but still were involved in a coup of our
    President..The second is fact.
    If you love your country you will support
    President President Trump and allow him
    to take out the trash in D.C. Pelosi..
    Waters. Schiff..Nadler..schumer and others
    along with the entire squad and their
    terrorist loving agenda.
    This is no longer a matter of party affiliation..but a matter of standing up. Being an American and putting Americans
    before ILLEGALS..

  31. Just under two years ago, a Chinese Scientist was caught coming into the USA, with three Vials saying, antibodies on them. After the Vials were examined, they found out that they were Mers, Sars and E-coli!!!! And Now the New Virus Coronavirus!!!! Plus, when this broke out with the Coronavirus, China Stopped All Airline Flights to Their Own Airports in their Country, But, Let All Flights Going To Other Countries To Go!!!! If This Action Alone Isn’t Enough For Any Sane Man or Woman To Believe That This Communist Country Never Had of Any Plans To Try And Take Over The World, Then You Are All Nuts!!!!!

  32. My girlfriend for more then 10 yrs; lives in Shanghai. She has been to America many time and I’ve been to China several times. From the beginning we both agree, the Chinese don’t eat bats! I told her before the virus became world wide, that China was using the virus to control the uprising in Hong Kong. My girlfriend disagreed, She told her aunt, who lives in Hong Kong and guess what? She agreed with me 100%! I think the Chinese government saw how it controlled the protesters, decided to unleash it on the world. Except for Hong Kong, Shanghai and the Beijing two of the largest mainland cities, have very low cases of the virus!

  33. This O’homo buddy must know by now, that ‘there’s’ a nasty damp ‘cell/hole’ in Gitmo, with his name on it, if Trump wins?

  34. I don’t think it was man-made either. I think they were messing around with a natural virus, it got away from them and when they realized what had happened they used it by sending people around the world with it and lying to us and the gullible WHO about how bad it was. The world should stop doing business with them because they will probably cost the world 25% of its GDP.

  35. This scum bag should be executed for treason. He is one of the lowest SOB`s that ever lived. He is leading a coup against America. The rotten bastard is working wit Gates and China, UN and God only knows who else. I forgot George Soros!

  36. Fauci gave $3.5 million to Wuhan Lab ! He is an avowed democRAT! He is an Obama and Clinton supporter! He has vaccine which will make billions for him !
    Fire his LYING butt! He is a TRAITOR

  37. Fauci gave $3.5 million to Wigan Lab ! He is an avowed democRAT! He is an Obama and Clinton supporter! He has vaccinewhich will make billions for him !
    Fire his LYING butt! He is a TRAITOR

  38. Lets see here the bats that carry the virus is over 50 miles away. Yet there is a biotech lab in the city! I guess that someone found a bat or 2 that had the virus brought it to the Wet market there to sell. PS Patient 0 was a fish peddler! and roamed around for weeks because she was told nothing to worry about!

  39. CHINA is NOT to Blame for the virus it started in Bats we have bats all over the U.S.A. as far as who to blame for the “LOOK OUT”!!! everybody stay SCARED!!! is once again the LYING DEMOCRATS!!!!!!

  40. Fauci is a terrorist menace and should be fired as soon as possible. Odds are, if a thorough investigation is ever done, he will be found to have a hand in the virus’ conception and gave it to the Chinese for further research and weaponization.Good thing it escaped the lab before they were through with it.

  41. Physicians must never lie to other physicians. If this were to occur you have a disaster. I suspect Fauci was believing this law of medicine. Obviously Chinese physicians who believed in it were killed or shipped away. Those willing to break that law stayed. From this point on Chinese should not be believed in anything. Sad but they caused it.

  42. I am wondering if Wondering Woman is 150, 250 or dare I say…300 pounds? Such fat-girl TrumpanSHE mastabatory conspiracy ramblings!!!

  43. I am a Trump supporter but fault hm for listening to Facui in the first place. Facui has to go but it is a month too late. Although I fault Trump for listening to his “expert”, given the choices, Trump has my vote.
    The democrats are a bigger threat to our country than the “Wuhan Coronavirus”.

  44. Is Dr Fauci another Hunter Biden? Someone needs to investigate him – hopefully not someone from the deep state.

  45. Even with all the hoop-la and awards this man has I have no faith in his ideas and opinions as to things that have happened or may happen. He MAY know medicine but his grasp of the realities of national and global politics renders him dangerous!

  46. To Wondering Woman: So glad U Read Nat Geo int/view !!! wow …
    >As Bad as [Faust/German] fauci is(Italian) let us add Mussolini…
    > FurtherMORE : That ‘man’ IS JESUIT___ Capish…
    > Let’s Go Further In the Deep = ‘reptilian’.

  47. “But in an interview with National Geographic, Dr. Anthony Fauci also undermined President Trump while promoting communist Chinese propaganda.
    First, Dr. Fauci dismissed any idea the virus was manmade or engineered in a lab – which is a claim the President, the Secretary of State never made.”

    Anyone else wondering why Dr. Fauci jumps in to deny accusations that haven’t yet been made? I believe that is called damage control, which the one world global government, aka the new world order and deep state establishment INSIDERS have gotten very good at because they have to do it so often.
    It has already emerged that Dr. Fauci, as Director of NIAID had a study going on coronavirus 2, from which the covid 10 came from, in a NIAID Laboratory in Texas and was told to shut it down. Instead of shutting it down, he broke the law and sent it to Wuhan labs, along with $3.7 million dollars for them to continue. The same labs Bill Gates & Melinda Gates Foundation sent $499,994 dollars in Nov. 2018.
    Didn’t work Dr. Fauci, now that the above truth has surfaced it makes it obvious you are trying to cover up the creation of another
    biologic WMD for the new world order to use to decrease worldwide population. Unfortunately it isn’t the first one. However you managed to get yourself into a position of offering deliberately faulty advice on how to handle it and you are still giving faulty advice, just like all the congressional member INSIDER traitors are.
    Your and your statistics furnished to President Trump has already been proven to be wrong. For anyone to take your advice on any matter whatever is sheer idiocy. Your denial of charges that no one had voiced makes it obvious this is a man manipulated WMD and it appears you were the one who engineered it.
    That isn’t the only thing you are on the hot seat for. You are also chief of the NI Laboratory of Immunoregulation, which says you are also connected to the vaccine program and the CDC. You probably are the one who retaliated against Dr. William Thompson when he blew the whistle on the CDC knowing there was a connection between the vaccines and autism. e know the connection is still there and worsening with every new vaccine because the autism rate is soaring. Since then there have many vaccines added to those foisted on our children and each appears to add more & worse adverse effects, including death.
    It also says that when the CDC finally removed the mercury derivative from the vaccines, you are probably the one who replaced the mercury derivative with an equally, or worse, monosodium glutamate (msg) which has been called an excitotoxin for decades now, as is aspartame, which is also harmful. You can’t be ignorant of the fact that MSG was known to cause mental retardation back in the 1940’s. IMO, you have gone far astray from the Hippocratic oath “FIRST OF ALL DO NO HARM” that all doctors are said to take.
    IMO, A G Barr needs to appoint a special counsel to investigate you and you connections to the all the other INSIDERS, especially Brennan, Obama, Holder, Lynch and the congressional member INSIDERS and the FDA.

  48. I won’t even call Fauci a doctor.
    He is a traitor, corrupt as far as I am concern.
    He should be investigated ASAP AND GET FIRED!
    How did he know there will be a SUPREME PANDEMIC?
    Answer: this was a plan by Democrats along with Bill and Melinda Gates
    to defeat Trump in Nov. 2020 Election! In return, it cost people’s lives. It is very obvious.
    I am sure Fauci is getting millions of dollars!

  49. Don’t be fooled by the soft husky voice and frail look of Fauci. He is as virulent as covid 19 or much worse.

  50. I agree Bob Jo es. Just like the swine flu under Obama/Biden wasn’t in the news. They didn’t bother to let you know over 12,000 died. 4 months for them to say anything.

  51. Dr Fauci knew in 2017 that there was going to be a pandemic along with Gates. How did they know? This was the democrats backup plan in case impeachment didn’t work. China was only too happy because they were going to have to pay the tariffs. That’s why the democrats don’t care where it came from just about Trump. They didn’t expect Trump to close the borders when he did. They wanted more devastation so the democrat run states can “rule us for our safety “. Make no mistake they are showing that only the elite will rule. Hence, why all the Hollywood people are for them. Fauci came to Trump. Trump should have gotten some of his own Drs not governed by democrats too. He’s a snake and can’t be trusted. I heard that he gave China 3.7 whereas others say Obama, either way they’re both toxic traitors.

  52. I have doubts about Fauci because his stance appears to be self serving/promoting. A physician ‘first do no harm’ would necessitate him to look at ALL treatments not just push new treatments that he may or may not have an interest in.
    He appears to ignore the studies that come from around the world as well as America’s practicing physicians reports. So the question is why. WHY ?????

  53. Fauchi AKA Dr. Dithers is a Deep State Swamp Creature who is doing everything he can without revealing his [already documented] affiliations with the ultimate Swamp Monster Hellary Clinton.
    He’s slow walking and blocking every way he can the efforts to deal with this virus in an effective and timely manner.
    It’s time to take him out by removing him from his position of authority, pending the completion of an investigation into his actions and affiliations.

  54. Why is it surprising that Dr. Fauchi is helping China hide this terrible crime with the coronavirus? Why is it not surprising that Dr. Fauchi helped China to receive a grant of $ 3.7 million to develop and receive this same – KOVID-19? Dr. Fauci, of course, refuted the idea that the virus came out of the Wuhan laboratory, only how would he explain why the first recorded cases of illness and death from COVID-19 came from exactly the Wuhan laboratory, and not from the market vet?

  55. fauci is a democrat like his wife and has an agenda and that agenda is to get trump out of office. the only way the virus will disappear is when biden wins the election and you won’t hear or see any more virus in cnn,msnbc,new york times or washington post even if 20 million american die,they will cover it up and won’t report the deaths.

  56. Nancy you say that Fauci sent love letters to Hillary. Damn!!!! The guy’s pathetic.


  58. My impression of Dr. Fauci…”The Mad Scientist” just waiting for Underdog to come along and shake him to the core. Involvement with Population Control people such as Gates, Deep State, etc. Shakes my confidence in him completely. I would not abide by ANY of his or Dr. Birx suggestions. They need real doctors who see what is happening on the case. Those who can also see plainly the propaganda of this entire ordeal. I am really surprised that the President’s advisors have not advised him to dismiss and replace these two with more in line with the Republican agenda. I pray that there are wise people investigating the true nature of how this happened. I will never believe it was just an accident that happened naturally…too many reasons why it looks like a scheme.

  59. Through all my following the news from many available source’s. One thing remains unchanged Dr Fauci was virtually unknown in the medical community until the transmission of COVID 19. I have said repeatedly he’s involved in this out break. He’s very misleading in his approach to the problem. News continues to surface his organization funded the laboratory in China. He should be prosecuted.

  60. This Fauci guy is not even a real doctor. He has risen to prominence on the tailcoats of other accomplished scientists. He is a phony anti Trump pro Obama skunk. He is a sawed off little squirt who wants to corner the market on a virus so he can make millions. President Trump should quietly and unceremoniously ease this turn coat jerk-off out the door. We don’t need people like this trying to “help” us, joke intended.

  61. Ok all of you communist liberals , payback is coming , because the Old Grim Reaper is going to come knocking at your souls door soon . Now you know you have to pay for your sins , so just get your butts ready for a ONE way ticket strait down to HELL’S KICTCHEN !!

  62. Anyone supporting the corrupt communist chinese government belongs in jail. Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg, and many others might look good in orange jumpsuits behind bars with jailers telling them what to do…and seizure of their asses would be appropriate….

  63. I agree with Brenda, Dr.Mikovits is good she has mentioned him many years back how he got the glory for researched she and others had developed he rides on others tailcoats.
    And of course you have the fake media all praising him.We as American’s are nuts not backing Trump, Ok he’s not perfect But he did and has been trying to control and provide us (USA) with what is needed to fight the virus that the CCP leashed upon our nation.

  64. I love to laugh at the fake news ! It’s amazing to me that all of these people meet trump and after getting to know his positions begin to lie about him! How many liars are there? A thousand+!!! Everyone one of them tries to write a book with alternate facts but websites like this just illustrate it perfectly ! I totally get it!!! It’s so fun to laugh at those liberals all losing to Trump!!! No matter what they write we already know it’s a lie ! We don’t even have to read it!!! What a shame! God bless!!!

  65. I just listened to an interview with Dr.Judy Mikovits and Dr.Fauci is as corrupt as China in the destruction of medical science. He has no concern for healing it’s all about money.I can’t verify the video – but it is on Google for now if you all care to listen.Dr.Fauci is at the heart of this virus and he is pushing his patent on the vaccine that will make him millions.

  66. This is rather simple;





    What more proof is needed?

  67. I haven’t liked or trusted Fauci since I first heard his name in connection with the pandemonium also known as the pandemic. Fauci has created most of the pandemonium in cahoots with the media and his love of anything democrat and Obama. What more is there to say. Get rid of him, Mr. President. He is a phoney!

  68. Dr. Fauci is a Crooked Democrat SOB and is working against Trump and the American people

  69. Once again we see politics entering into a discussion that should be based solely on scientific findings. Fauci has no knowledge of whether or not the virus was unintentionally released or was a natural occurrence. Neither does anyone else outside of the Chinese authorities. All of that is beside the point. The fact that the CCP kept vital information about the dangers posed by the virus, is far more to the point as to their culpability in allowing the virus to spread to the rest of the world. We KNOW where it originated. How it infected our species is a moot point. We also know why it was able to spread so rapidly around the globe, and that responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of the Chinese Communist Party. For that, they should be held strictly accountable.

  70. Here we go again, Beijing turning on their own people like Tiananmen Square & the protesters in Hong Kong. Now what are they doing, deep six of citizens who speak out about the virus, just like the doctors. We discussed these parasites for years in Army Intelligence & Special Forces on what could happen with incoming dirty nukes & Bio-Components coming in on cargo ships from China. The more I have thought about the problem, I don’t even completely blame China now, we’re to damn complacent with the corrupt establishment that America has created itself. When America Universities are funding Communist, it’s a big problem folks…

  71. Just to avoid confusion, Fauci was not hired by Trump; he has been around since the Bush The Elder administration. Fauci belongs in prison!

  72. Dr. Evil (AKA Dr doom and gloom) should be forced to retirement if Trump gets elected for the second term. Nothing positive, interesting, useful comes out of his mouth including all the models that he has come up with that have so far been useless. We still waiting for millions to die!

  73. I heard the research originated in the United States but Homeland Security put a moratorium on it in 2014. In 2015, Obama went around the moratorium by funding the research in China. WHY?
    Why didn’t Obama replenish the PPE after the SARS virus? It was recommended more than once to him and he ignored it.

  74. Dr. Judy A. Mikovits….Do some Research on what this woman has to say about the dr. Fauci…

  75. Dr Fauci is in Love with all the attention he has been getting and wants it to continue, watch him soon to become a celebrity doctor on one of these daily talk shows….

  76. Rudolph McNeill choses to be stupid. Some people just are more comfortable being stupid because it’s easier than dealing with reality. Nobody asks or expects much from stupid people.
    Rudolph McNeill; “Stupid is Stupid does”, Forest Gump.

  77. Dr Fauci is a fraud and crook , he has murdered millions of people on this earth a Dr Mikovits exposed his greedy plans to kill off the population on earth with his stolen vaccines that are making people sick and then die

  78. we are not the only country that knows that the virus came from China, they actually held everyone from traveling to the big cities of China, but they allowed them to travel out of the country to the US, and the UK, and Europe. As well as they scarfed up all the PE so that it could spread the virus with out delay and speed. Then they try to silence families in China from coming forward with the truth, and lied about how many of their people had died. Their crematory ovens were running 24/7 to get rid of the evidence.
    These are the same people that allowed only one child per family, and would kill newborns and throw them away with the trash. they did this until they all but killed off their society do to the killing of the girl newborns, because if you have no women you have no babies being born.
    they had to change that law to allow 2 children per family.
    They have no respect for human life, don’t be a fool to believe they are telling the truth, they are trying to cover their sorry butts.
    Please do the research and you will see what I write is true,
    We are the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we need no other country telling us how to live, and we surely DO NOT NEED THEM TO RUN THIS COUNTRY. we need to get away from depending on others for what we need, we were self sufficient for so long and we need to get back to that again.

  79. I believe China..Obama..Fauzi..and Gates
    were complicit in the creation and spread
    of the virus. This is a conspiracy theory
    that I should be able to post. No proof.
    Just opinion.

  80. Perhaps he’s running scared because he actually funded the weaponization of the virus at Wuhan through his CDC job? Is he actually the face of the enemy?

  81. Three times I attempted to voice my
    opinion. No cuss words..my opinion.
    And all three times you refused to
    print what I wrote.
    Are you biased enough I am not afforded
    Freedom of Speech.

  82. This little prick liar Fauci and Brix know they are liars and they know we the people of every country knows that every time they open their mouths it’s lies. Look into these people along with Pence and PEPFAR. they all three are not out for America nor do they care about us or any other country on this planet. They are eugenics. Look at their Agenda 21 and and Agenda 2030. thay are walking death to we the people.

  83. I don’t ever believe anything that comes from the conservatives trump followers or from 45. You people are just blind and shameless.

  84. so larry has he been to the lab that he funded?china was offered the cdc to come and help determine what the virus was but was never answered.same with the who and nih!i don’t care how smart he is he is going on assumptions and so is trump base on the intelligence agencies!they’re assumptions that’s all not fact!we may never know!fauci goes with the flow aand will say anything to make him more important than he is!

  85. “It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”
    Thomas Sowell

  86. Democrats and their operatives like Fauci are doing a small trial run on communism to see how Americans react to it. The virus is a perfect time for the communists to suspend the constitution to see how far they can go. Never let a crisis go to waste when you can use it to further your goal.

  87. If you read Fauci’s comments he talks in circles and makes no commitments. Basically I would say he does not know what he is talking about so he covers his A$$. He also has received some very bad information on projections of numbers of infections and number of deaths from coronavirus and not only one time but numerous times which has exacerbated the problem.

  88. “Dr.” Fauci should have never been put in charge of our economy. Since when do “doctors” run the government? THEY WERE NOT ELECTED! Get rid of him.

  89. Get this guy fauci out of here & get someone who president Trump & his team picks because these people are in deep with previous administrations so he can’t be trusted. We have so many smart biologists in this country let’s get them on board please .

  90. Hey, Larry. Dr. Fauci’s only solution seems to be “stay locked up in your house until we find a vaccine or a cure.” That DOESN’T appear to comport with the “evidence” that we have about the virus. Why do you think that Dr. Fauci is a “hero?”

  91. Larry you’re not smart enough to be involved with any smart minded people. An intelligent commiecrat doesn’t exist and is a figment of imagination. You people are the most deplorable bastards on earth.

  92. We all know he’s part of the Clinton, Obummer, China cartel. Why is he still around? Can’t be that hard to sh*tcan him!

  93. Let’s see, I need an educated, intelligent answer to anything, who do I pick? Dr. Fauci or President Trump? I think that one is a definite no-brainer! If the results are on renewedright, about 98% will pick President Trump . But anywhere else in the real world, the results will be reversed! Dr. Fauci is AWESOME and anyone who disparages this American hero should be ashamed of themselves.

  94. When I read that Dr.Fauchi liked h.clinton, i didn’t trust him anymore. He needs to be replaced.

  95. Fauci’s NIH donated millions to the Wuhan Lab under the Obama administration of course he will side with them, I think it is time for him to be fired and replaced

  96. China is responsible for this virus and China should be forced to pay us for all the damage done to our economy

  97. Is the culprit trying to help cover up his crime, he maybe fearing some repercussions by the State Department & Department of Defense… Gates has enough money to buy himself out of a conviction, what about Fauci???

  98. Open America back up to full capacity. Nobody will die if it’s not their time to go. This virus was brought on us by the democrats to weaken our freedoms.

  99. I am not surprised at this because I don’t trust the woman scientist either, they keep changing things every time they appear, I believe they are plants and for the life of me I cannot understand why we went so far as to go to chine to get these two. Whomever recommended them to Trump needs to be gone and punished. I feel sorry for the President because he has no one that he can truly trust except for a few on t he team. It is all political the dems want him to look bad so they plant these people and they give the president bad advice. Please Mr. President get a pencil and paper and write all the names of the holdovers from Obama and then start firing them one after another. They are not Americans and are used as pawns.


  101. Joe Biden is the weakest most pathetic candidate the democrats have come up with in the last 40 years, IMO. They have to do something to help him win, and they believe using the virus as an excuse to wreck Trump’s booming economy is the only way to do it.
    Mission accomplished. We are now in a recession. The democrats may not even need to engage in voter fraud this time but they’ll do it anyway. Just watch.

  102. Diane your right fauci is a democrap and an obama hold over who has never made a right statement since this whole pandemic began so why o why is trump keeping this little weasel on board and with this latest statement a china stooge

  103. Fauci is a big time CLINTON SUPPORTER! Even was Obama SUPPORTER! Trump need to fired him! Just a liar who pretend to be helping Trump!

  104. I have doubts about Fauci since he is a democrat who was part of the Obama democrat group.

  105. There is proof that the CDC has a patten on this virus right here in the USA the only reason China had it & the cure which already excised is because they didn’t renew the patent. There is a Lawyer with all of this info!

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